Latest bullpen shuffle: Schlereth back, Ruffin down

Five days after the Tigers called up Chance Ruffin for his first shot with the big club, they sent him back down.

Meanwhile, a month after manager Jim Leyland said four left-handed relievers was really too many for his bullpen, he’s back to four for now.

By optioning Ruffin back to Triple-A Toledo, the Tigers made room for left-hander Daniel Schlereth, who was called back up to Detroit. With the Mud Hens at home this week, Schlereth had just a short drive to get to Comerica Park in time for Friday’s game against the Angels.

It might well be a case for the Tigers bringing up a fresh arm for the bullpen for this weekend after  burning through their relief corps Thursday and having Al Alburquerque’s elbow checked out Thursday. Or, it could be a matter of the Tigers needing a left-hander they can count on while David Purcey works out his command issues. The fact that the Angels don’t have a lot of dangerous left-handed hitters would strongly suggest the fresh-arm scenario.

By sacrificing Ruffin’s spot for Schlereth, the Tigers put themselves in an interesting situation with their bullpen. Until Alburquerque is available again, the only right-handers available in Detroit’s bullpen will be setup man Joaquin Benoit and closer Jose Valverde. Granted, Phil Coke has a track record of retiring lefties and righties alike, and Purcey’s numbers are actually stronger against right-handed batters, but the Angels bat six points higher against lefties for the season than they do overall.

Ruffin had an ill-fated major league debut, entering with the bases-loaded in a tie game Monday against the White Sox and ending up with two runs on three hits over 1 2/3 innings. But his two scoreless innings Thursday kept the Tigers close against the Angels until Purcey came in.

Schlereth, meanwhile, fared quite well in Toledo, allowing a run on six hits over 11 2/3 innings with five walks and 18 strikeouts.


11 innings and 5 walks? Wow. Maybe we were counting on Zoom but I think we were counting on Perry. We need Perry. We miss Perry. The starters must do their job. Get us to the 7th inning. Wait a minute, is Purcey still in Detroit? I would rather have Ruffin. Mr I, I think you need to visit the clubhouse again, and don’t tell Jim.

Purcey is garbage. Schlereth looks ready to come back up and fix some of this bullpen bleeding. I don’t think COKE can pitch to RIGHTIES tho, their BA is .324 and OPS is .814 against RIGHTIES (LEFTIES = .183/.518). IMO this indicates we have a righty coming from elsewhere.

Does anyone have an update on Zumaya and Perry? Thanks!

Are flipping kidding me?? David gas can Purcey is still on this team. How can any general manager or manager look the team, the fans or the press in the face?? Unbelievable. Going to game tonight and wil be watching other games always and if I see Purcey put in a game I will lose it!!! I don’t think Ruffin is the answer either but he was a hell of a lot better than the pitcher they chose to keep. My respect for Dombrowski has evaporated!

They keep Purcey because he has no options. If the DFA him then they could lose him to a waiver claim and get nothing back. DD would not like that sequence of events (leading up to getting Purcey and getting rod of Pucrcey) to be rehashed publicly.
It brings up the loss of Scott Sizemore. (the guy that plays 3rd and 2nd)
it brings up the faith they had in Scott Sizmemore. (Including handing him a job as a major leaguer without everhaving seend a MLB pitch and having a broken ankle)
It brings up the loss of Placido Polanco (because they had faith in Sizemore) without even going to arbitration thus losing a 1st round pick.
So, you see there is another “litany of lunacy” scenario here that DD would just as soon everyone forget. Sweep it under the rug!!!

Perry’s numbers in Toledo are good. They are not superb but actually very good and very encouraging. His BB/K ratio is good, his saves, his bat avg against, 1 HR in 15 innings. less hits than innings.
I think he has pi$$ed off his manager too many times and they are gunshy with him.
He should be here over Purcey—without question.

Peralta is on my fantasy team and it says he isn’t playing tonight in favor of Santiago?? Really, we need a win and you have your most consistent hitter right now sitting tonight. You want to sit Guillen, fine but Peralta NO..
Purcey doesn’t have options? Who freaking cares, if I see his sorry butt on he field again I’ll scream! He hasn’t been in te league that long are you sure he doesn’t have any options?

Mr. Sizemore recently completed a 4 for 42 stretch. That’s Inge territory there. Neither he or Purcey are exactly valuable commodities. Seems like they’d bring up Perry just because he’s righthanded, if nothing else. Maybe there’s a deal in the works.
I give up on trying to figure out these moves. It’s not worth it. It seems like we’ve made a ton of roster moves that haven’t been caused by injuries.

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