Waiting for update on Alburquerque

The Tigers medical staff checked out Al Alburquerque this morning at Comerica Park, but no information was available as of game time. He was at the ballpark this morning, but disappeared into the training room area of the Tigers clubhouse. So at this point, we’re hoping for an update after the game.

Two interesting factors to consider:

  1. The immediate concern is how long, if at all, he’ll be out, and how long the Tigers can go without him before they have to consider calling up somebody. From a numbers and workload standpoint, the Tigers bullpen is fine. But take away Alburquerque even for a day or two, and as Wednesday showed, it leaves first-year pro Chance Ruffin as the only right-hander available before the eighth inning.
  2. If Alburquerque’s elbow has resurfaced as a concern, do the Tigers have to look into more relief help before Sunday’s non-waiver trade deadline? Even if it’s a short-term absence, the off and on issues make the elbow a longer-term concern. The Tigers popped up in rumors about Orioles reliever Koji Uehara the other day, and that was before this issue. Detroit wouldn’t necessarily need a setup man as insurance, but simply a middle reliever might end up being something to consider. That said, the Tigers have seen Phil Coke as an effective reliever against left- and right-handed hitters alike. The two options for right-handed help from the farm would be Ryan Perry and Lester Oliveros, but Detroit essentially said Ruffin was a better option than Oliveros when making Sunday’s move.


1st & 2nd nobody out and AJ up. You damn well better bunt Leyland.

Well that was a very poor bunt attempt. It cost us dearly that inning. The bunt gets down–Dirks doesn’t get thrown out.
The lack of fundamentals on this team is staggering.
Who’s fault is that?

That is Austins fault in my opinion, hehs shown the ability to do so and he failed. That being said it looked as though the umpire botched it and to me it looks as though he may of been hit.
I hate to be a downer, but what does it matter about trades this team isn’t good enough not even close. Why give away the farm for this crap. Oh ya the angels don’t hit!!!

If he attempted to bunt and was hit.It is a strike . It is not a hbp.

Penny has nobody to blame.but himself. Your throwing the pitches dude, your grooving them suck it up.

Maybe we need TWO starters and a reliever!
Penny is awful. Boring and awful. Will he even get another strikeout?
Now he is calling out VMart on the field!! Do you believe this guy?
Ship him out immediately. We don’t need that behaviour and attitude here in this clubhouse.

Dead serious. The only this club gets the playoffs is if they play as a team. The last thing it needs is a has been oaf creating problems with his team-mates.
Trade him Dave. Get what you can and you’ll still be far ahead.
The Angels are embarrassing us here. Furbush has no clue how to pitch with a man on.

Seriously Chance Ruffin? Just when you got back into this thing? Geez

Dan, not watching the game. What happened with Victor, did they have a disagreement on pitch calls?

Seems to be, I think that Penny was probably frustrated and if I had to guess was maybe blaming victor a bit for his crappiness!!

TG—I think so. Either that or Penny threw him a pitch he didn’t call for.
Anyway VMart walked out to the mound (after Penny was getting tagged mind you) with his arms outstretched at his sides. Penny kinda got in his face a bit. Carried on a bit after a visit to the mound too.
VMart is the leader of this team. He has a reputation of being a great person as well. Penny is a belliegerent ornery character which is OK if you direct it at your opposition. But not at your clubhouse leader and certainly not on the field.
Maybe he though VMart was showing him up but I just don’t see Victor being the villian here.
I think they would be better off without Penny around. He can’t throw the ball past anybody and gives up runs in bunches. There will be those that will defend his medicocre stats this year but I sure won’t be one.

Still pretty much a singles hitting team today, Cabrera the notable exception. These guys sure aren’t hittting for much power lately?

Meanwhile JL is waiting for the elusive 3 run Home Run.

ah Carlos, the fun of rejoining is waning and your average is down to .282 – let’s keep it there and no lower please! I am your biggest fan so I want to keep defending you!

Quality at bats by Magglio today. He has come up at times where a single could of driven in a run, instead he hasn’t hit it out of the infield.

Yippie Purcey!! Really?!!!

As I suspected a seeing eye single and a 5 pitch walk and nothing was even close I hope like hell they got somebody up in the pen! This is ridiculous. There has to be someone in Toledo better than this? How much moree opportunity are hey going to give this fool? And why was he in this game to begin with! At best he is a mop up guy! Whas this McClendons brilliant idea to bring Purcey in? He appearently isn’t any better of an acting manager than a hitting coach! Honest to god.

Magglio has been shooting blanks lately You beat me to the comment GK. He has not been doing the job with RISP.
Next year should see us with a little more dynamic OF.

If Purcey walsk even one stinin’ batter he should be pulled immediately.

Purcey is gonna put this game out of reach.

Another one of Dombrowski’s glaring mistakes. He just wanted a left arm without realizing the idea is to be able to throw the ball near the plate/

Tough position for Coke.

You can’t have this level of incompetence on your roster and you certainly can’t be throwing it in the 7th inning of a 1 run ball game.

Shame on Lloyd for letting walk more than ONE batter. It sure feels like a team that doesn’t know how to win right now. 4 games on the roadstand notwithstanding.

Send purcey to the minors!! Honestly I think if I see him enter 1 more game I wll lose what sanity I have left!

Ok, so it wasn’t the last time I would say this. We traded Sizemore who was our second baseman of the future. I used to think DD knew what he was doing but now he can go with the SOC. Let’s see what our hitters are made of in our next 2 innings.

May as well go on record again for being a Pepsi guy and not a Coke guy. Never have been. Over-rated–got lucky against the Sox in his out yesterday.
No way I ever want to see him in the rotation again.
Trumbo is a good lookin rookie isn’t he?

Phil threw something other than Coke on the fire.

I think it is high time that the GM and manager and staff sit down and figure this out.
There are guys on this roster that don’t belong.

There is absolutely nothing enjoyable about watching this team. Even when they win they are stressful. Dombrowski is the biggest idiot of them all. The dude has almost been given a blank check and he seriously has made more poor trades than good. Its embarressing. I had no problem with hem getting rid of sizemore, but for that poo excuse of a pitcher? I swear if I don’t hear about him being sent down or let go, I will lose it!! Do your freaking job dombrowski!

Now we have our hitters just trying to get the game over with.
Great atmosphere of spirited baseball that has been created here.

Hey AA Mark, I think I will take August off and see where the Tigers are in September. GK, you are right, boring and not enjoyable. Maybe I will only tune in when JV is pitching.

I’m waiitng for the time someone lofts a high fly off Coke and he is on the mound in triumph pointing emphatically to the sky in personal admiration of eliciting a pop-out–only to watch the ball carry over the outfield wall.
It will happen.
I wonder how many pitches it will take to go out in the bottom of the 8th?
They don’t have a prayer of doing anything against Downs.

Trouble in TigerTown?
Purcey simply can’t stay.
Schlereth was demoted with a much better ERA when he couldn’t throw strikes.
Unless they get somebody for the pen the only option is to recall Schlereth and/or Perry.

Why is it that so many fans can see the writing on the wall before management?
Oh yeah, right, I forgot, it’s about saving face. They hope things can return to normal if you wait it out.
“The trouble with normal, is it always gets worse”

You can’t count on Furbush and Ruffin. No way. Not in pennant drive.
Purcey is obviously almost worthless. Yes, you could keep him him here to pitch when your 8 runs down, but how many times can we afford to see that happen and still be in contention.
Purcey belongs on the 2003 roster not the 2011 roster.
Not much to be upbeat about today. One might say AJ squaring up on the ball better and legging out a bunt hit. But the fact is the key to the game may have been the poor non sac bunt in his 2nd AB.
Of course it was predictable suicide bringing Purcey in in late innings of a 1 run ball game. The argument will be they didn’t have anybody else. That’s my argument too, Why is that? Get somebody else. Anybody else. Don Kelly can throw strikes.

Alburquerque injury would mean that the trade partner would be O´s? Guthrie and Uehara?
Dodgers want Castellanos for a rental
Harang pitchs in the most pitcher friendly in MLB
Wandy has been overlooked because of issues, Zambrano like.

I keep hearining about these light hitting teams and it seems as though they always tag our pitchers for a ton of runs. I just ran through the games and came up with a few figures.
Yankees 33 runs in 7 games
Boston 29 runs in 6 games
Orioles 17 runs in 3 games
Toronto 20 runs in 6 games
Rays 9 runs in 3 games
Indians 25 runs in 6 games
Kc 34 runs in 9 games
Twins 33 runs in 9 games
W Soxs 42 runs in 12 games
Rangers 23 runs in 6 games
Mariners 54 runs in 10 games
Angels 22 runs in 4 games
25 runs in 6 games
Pittsburg 16 runs in 3 games
Dodgers 15 runs in 3 games
Giants 22 runs in 3 games
D~backs 10 runs in 3 games
Rockies 19 runs in 3 games
Mets 32 runs in 3 games
That’s how it has gone down so far. The fact of the matter is we are a few pen guys and a few starting pitchers away from contending for anything. People wanted to talk all about how poor Brandon was (and he was bad). But he was hardley anywhere near the problem on this team! Pitching Pitching Pitching Pitching Pitching Pitching!!!!!!

Still they won the season series against Y´s and were swept by Boston . And have swept Twins until now.
But you are right, is 80% of the game

But good pitching needs a good defensive. And they are near the bottom

Why they played at noon after a trip?

Quite a 3-ring circus today. Ringmaster Leyland gets ejected from the big top yet again, the Amazing Vanishing Victor gets into a verbal altercation with Penny the Clown, and they end it up with a fiery and unexpected performance by Purcey the Wildman of Borneo. And peanuts were sold in the seating galleries. What next, elephants?
Penny had a verbal sparring match with Avila earlier this season, again on the field in front of everybody. Might want to take that to the dugout, Brad? There’s no way Victor is the bad guy in this.
Purcey has been allowed to lose us two games in the last 8 days by being used in the 7th inning of a close game. That’s inexplicable. Coke is not the greatest option, but he’s better than Purcey and both are lefthanded. What’s up with that? It’s entirely possible we could have gotten to the 8th still in the game and Benoit to pitch that frame. Strange stuff.
Well, you don’t win every game.

How come I haven’t heard that Purcey isn’t being sent down??? I thought it would or should have been done immediately.

What has been interesting to me is how badly the SOC is handling the pressure of having to perform this year for his Contract.
Yet he willingly throws call ups and rookies to immediately take the heat and deliver in pressure situations and basically shrugging his shoulders when they fail saying they are in the big leagues now.

I would imagine Purcey has no options.So does tha mean we should too?

I’ve got an option for Purcey. It’s called the clubhouse door, the one that opens on the street. Imagine trading Sizemore for a guy who was DFA’d a couple of weeks before. We’ve got Jason Grilli II on our hands here. Whoever even heard of a pitcher being lifted with the bases loaded and a 2-0 count on the hitter? And it was a good move!
This is why fans never seem happy. It’s not losing a game, it’s the way it’s achieved.

Right on Rich.
It’s been a “Litany of Lunacy” for years now.
Neifi, Grilli, Jacque Jones, Freddi Dolsi, and a whole raft of guys in and summarily out, of the pen.
It’s been ridiculous.
Go out and get the right guys every time. Quit looking for bargains and hope & dream projects.
It’s been said the money is there and it has been. It’s been mismanaged.

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