Wednesday: Tigers at White Sox

While the White Sox clubhouse was a cauldron Wednesday night with the trade of Edwin Jackson and Mark Teahen and the benching of Alex Rios, it was a laid-back morning on the Tigers side. Brennan Boesch is out of the starting lineup today, Leyland said, because he’s going to start all four games against the Angels coming up.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Ryan Raburn, LF
  3. Magglio Ordonez, RF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Carlos Guillen, 2B
  8. Wilson Betemit, 3B
  9. Alex Avila, C

P: Max Scherzer


  1. Juan Pierre, LF
  2. Omar Vizquel, 3B
  3. Paul Konerko, DH
  4. Adam Dunn, 1B
  5. Carlos Quentin, RF
  6. A.J. Pierzynski, C
  7. Alexei Ramirez, SS
  8. Alejandro De Aza, CF
  9. Gordon Beckham, 2B

P: John Danks


I have not posted for a while, for many reasons, including a self-imposed exile after defending Mr Selig’s decision not to overrule the Joyce blown call in ‘Mando’s perfecto last year. I still love this blog and read it almost every day. Thanks to the regulars for keeping up the constructive comments.
Went to the Mudhens game last night and noticed a few things:
1. It was B Inge’s first night back in Toledo. The crowd was polite and appreciative when he came to the plate the first time. He went 3-4, hitting the ball hard all 4 times. He knocked in the tying run in the 5th and hit a 3 run HR in the 7th that won the game. While 1 game does not revive a career or even a bad year, it does look like Bull Durham is ready for the show (at least to these semi-trained eyes).
2. Other former Tigers did not do so well. Schlereth had a hard time finding the strike zone early in his appearance, although he did not give up any runs. Worth came up twice with runners on and hit lazy, short flies each time.
3. Perry looked good in relief.
4. Villareal started and did well through 4 innings. He wilted in the 5th and was pulled. He works very fast and was throwing very hard (no MPH gun posted though).
September call ups will be very interesting.
AA Mark

Mark, I was bummed about that radar not working last night, was curious how hard he was throwing those first few innings.

Santana is throwing a no hitter against the Indians right now, although the indians did score a run on a couple of errors.

So AJ leads off the game with a stike out. Put him down in the order or send him down. I think Casper is a pretty good fielder and he can hit home runs. Dan, don’t they read this. We must get Austin some help.

O-2 count and yet another 2 run homer for the white soxs. He gets ahead and then our pitchers seem to pick just off the plate other teams foul off a ton of pitches. Same story different day.

Meanwhile the station-to-station Tigers get 3 hits nor uns and strand the bases loaded.

Let me guess, it was Raburn this time that struck out.

Raburn, yes but he has been a ton better lately. I really thought he as going to come through. 😦

Left 5 runners on in the last 2 inning pretty dang pathetic.

You are only as good as your last at bat🙂

Okay we got 2 more on and 1 out can anyone come up with a big hit?

Bloody awful. Danks is “sillifying’ our batters. They look awful.
I’ve always liked this guy and I think I heard that the Sox are looking to unload him?

He’s just mowing us down. Having trouble with my MLBTV. Anybody else experiencing difficulty?

Stranded 2 more excellent!! Way to go. And all 8 strikeouts have been swinging and a lot of them on pitiful pitches way out of the strke zone! Good grief this team is unnerving

Dunn on base for the 3rd time today that is just simply pathetic!

Yes–they have that incapacity. They can be hitting then all of a sudden a lineup wide slump with seemingly little potential to climb out of it. It’s hard to understand.

Let’s remind JL not to play Guillen next time Danks is pitching. He looks horrible agaisnt him today.

Stranded 2 more! EXCELLENT! Lots to be excited about today.
On another note it looks as though the Mariners will win finally. Hard to believe that is the same team that got us for like 54 runs in the games we played them and maked the Tigers look so foolish.

Anybody know how many 3 run homers we have this year? I’ll bet it is very few probably around the bottom of the league.
Funny though—Leyland manages like we do it all the time.

Not that I like to stick up for Leyland, but I’m not exactly sure what he could do about this, they are swinging at a bunch of crap out of the strike zone, seems to me there really hasn’t been any opportunity to manufacture any runs. To many bad ab’s

Danks is laughing at us, as he sillifies us again.

Okay austin now we need a couple more

Need to check out Cab’s stats this year compared to others. Seems to me he is striking out more.

This game is not (so far anyway) on Leyland. The hitters are on vacation for some reason.

Ok I misunderstood your comment.

K ratio for Cab is about the same as last year (after checking).

Cabrera was right, it wasn’t a strike. But I think both sides are probably frustrated. Like the 1st 3 pitches coke threw were al strikes, he has threw 6 pitches to pierre and all were strikes yet he winds up on 1st that’s amazing? Not really I expect nothing less out of umpires and think for the most part they are all crap. Heck you just had to see the winning run in the Atlanta/ Pirates game last night to see that. If that ump really thougt he was safe then he shouldn’t have a job because that was just one of the worst calls I have ever seen

Get Coke out of there. I can’t believe this guy was so highly thought of. I find him very ordinary, at best. I didn’t much like him in the pen last year and even less in the rotation. this year..
I think he is gonna hand the game over this inning.

Yep, but I like Coke. A couple of his base runners here are on because of poor ball/strike calls.

Dunn on base for the 4th time, although he was struck out, but what does that matter, like I said the umps strikezone is perculiar in my opinion. Not onesided but perculiar

Our big guys have done nothing today, absolutely nothing. So far

Well we caught a break in the bottom of the 7th. Can this team hit enough to get back in it?
Coke leads the league in spitting.
Surprised Cab still in the game after his demonstrative arguing of the strike 3 call last inning.

Glad your excited about the catch by Quentin Mario! God he gets on my nerves

Sillification continues with a different lefty

Good to see Alex hang in there today against the leftys. Nice job–got robbed there by Quentin.
Gotta bring Boesch in to PH for AJ. If they don’t I lose all respect for Leyland. Santos will eat him up.

I watched the entire fiasco. Two quick points. If it comes down to a three game series with the Sox to crown the Central champ, we will be on the short side. The have our number again. Second, the clamor for pitching is getting rather hollow, when this “singles” team cannot get a hit with runners in scoring position for 4 straight innings.

One word PITIFUL.

Shame on our hitters for leaving their starter hung out to dry. Scherzer pitched well and a team in the hunt is supposed to win those games.
Sox keep bringing us back down to earth.
Leyland needs to recognize when his hitters are struggling and consequently have the foresight and courage to get these big guys to say one down and “sacrifice” for the team. It was clear they were going to not hit Danks. We had a 1st and 2nd with nobody out in the 4th and Peralta up (again) and he was not asked to lay one down when he was clearly outmatched by Danks. This was an inning after having the bases loaded on 3 singles with 1 out and coming away empty.
Leyland has to find a way to get this team to score a much needed run when they can’t hit. This is what makes a team a team. Make Peralta lay one down. Quit looking for the 3 run homer with nobody out. Probably wouldn’t have mattered anyway but if it had this is the kind of thing that picks a team up. Right now we have a collection of All Stars and not a cohesive unit. Same as the year they went out and got Renteria. How did that work out Leyland?
The blame for the loss is not on Lelalnd but the fact that we play predictably and in one dimension is.

Why does there always have to be blame? The other team was better than us today.

Well they couldn’t beat some so so pitchers, the pitching they are going to face in the Angels rotation, I don’t really expect a good weekend, then the rangers come to town and they have been hitting the snot out of the ball. Should be a disappointing homestand I think. Yes I have a bad attitude about this team.

Considering past history, going 4-3 in Minnesota and Chicago should be seen as quite an accomplishment. Unfortunately, we always come away with the feeling that we have a team that just….can’t……quite……drop…..the………hammer. I think that’s what eats at people. I doubt anyone has had a comfortable confidence in the Tigers since July of 2007. I know some readers here don’t understand this mindset, but trust me, it’s well earned. We let slip a golden opportunity today, and we did it with experienced and talented big league hitters overswinging like little leaguers. We’ve been in first place a lot in the past six seasons, but it never seems quite real, if that makes any sense.
I don’t have any game specific comments today. All I’ve got is this feeling I talked about above.

I know it must seem that way but the fact is Detroit is a baseball town with a proud history. The fans are as devoted as any city in both leagues. They deserve a product that borders on excellence every year. Instead they are subjected to managerial strategy (upper and field managment) that supplies an inferior product in terms of personnel amid the illusion that it is competitive.
2 to 3 million people through the turnstiles to see guys of average ability rewarded with contracts that anchor the team in mediocrity compared to their peers.
The payroll has been available to assemble a quality well balanced team for years. On the field the fans have to deal with a lovable, but stubborn old coot who also rewards mediocrity and mis-diagnoses players abilities for the present based on their past.
So when the team gets us close to that stage where we can dream again we do need someone to blame for the dream transforming into another nightmare.
I wiould like to see someone here who can build this team with a club philosphy that comes from the kind of ballpark they play in, the city they represent and loyalty to a fan base to do more of the right things, rather than piecemeal and patchwork. Kind of build a definition or identity of what a Detroit Tiger is. TheyYankees, the Red Sox, the Braves and even the Twins have been able to do this. Why not in Detroit?
I’m not sure these guys really truly click together and pick each other up. That’s what winning teams do. That’s what winning managers cultivate.

The reason there should be blame. Is because Chicago is looking for a reason to sell the season this week. If we manage properly, and play good baseball we most likely don’t have to worry about them in the race. But instead, they sweep the Indians and take 2/3 from us and they are still in the race.

We gave them game 1 by refusing to manage competitively. Almost gave them the game yesterday and today, the team just didn’t play well. This was an important series, we should of been going for their throats from the first at bat. Every at bat mattered. But in my opinion Leyland signaled that’s not true by the pitching decisions he made in game 1. Then he furthered the damage by blaming the umpires, who obviously weren’t great, but the other team dealt with the same umpires. After that, you had the team worrying about umpires instead of making plays the rest of the series.

The fans expect a division title, the owner expects a division title. So yea their is blame and someone is going to get it.

I could go inning by inning and blame one player or another for doing or not doing their job. But, at the end of the day, I was totally mystified that Leland ph Boesch for Jackson after he already had a HR and hit. It made me crazy.
We need another starter and a set up type guy. Both. Good luck, Dave.

Maybe we should go get Heath Bell instead of looking for a 5th Starter. It seems to me if we bring in Heath Bell instead of Ruffin we most likely don’t lose and set the entire mess of a series in motion.

The Tigs continue to muddle along and it is now five times over the past 6 weeks they have been unable to improve on 7 wins over 500.
Could not help thinking when the SOC brought JV out for the 8th how long he is going to be able to keep going to his favourite well and draw more water.
All of JV’s 2011 starts have been over 105 pitches and he easily leads MLB in total pitches being on track to go over 4000 for the regular season.
In 2010 he was a close 2nd to Haren with 3745 and his 3954 NP for 2009 was 285 pitches more than Wainright’s 3669 in 2nd.

Sorry to state the obvious but the Tigers need to go on a winning streak sometime this season if they want to win this division. It seems they win 2, lose 1. Lose 2, win 1. It just repeats over and over.

Pup, I think (well actually I know) that the idea was to have the lefty right matchup in our favour. Boesch has legitimate HR power. AJ doesn’t.
AJ hits against Santos and he probably ( 75%+ chance) goes down on strikes.
Boesch had a much better chance of running into one.

He maybe could have bunted. He was having a good day at the plate, so imo I would have let him bat. No way would I have put Brennan in there. Leland obsession with lefty/righty. But, I still would have gone for the hot hitter in that spot and Austin got hot yesterday.

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