Alburquerque unavailable, to be checked out Thursday

While Chance Ruffin was warming up in the Tigers bullpen during the middle and later innings Wednesday, some were wondering why Al Alburquerque wasn’t, since he hadn’t pitched since Sunday. But a glance at the bullpen showed Alburquerque wasn’t out there.

The answer after the game was that Alburquerque wasn’t available. He played catch before the game, head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said, and was unable to go.

At this point, that’s about all that’s known. Manager Jim Leyland downplayed the situation, saying Alburquerque should be available for Thursday. Rand said Alburquerque will be re-evaluated by the team’s medical staff on Thursday, and they’ll know more after that.

It’s unknown whether it’s the same problem that was bothering Alburquerque last month, landing him on the disabled list July 1 to rest his elbow. He came back after the All-Star break and has pitched well since.


Oh, no. Terrible news. Sure hope he’s OK, but we need him.

If Q is out they have to re-prioritize their needs. Arguably they need another solid reliver anyway but doubly so if this situatio deteriorates.
As to getting a starter here is a clip from an article I read tonight from ESPN’s Jayson Stark:
” … An executive of one team that has spoken regularly with the Tigers predicts they’ll eventually trade for Kuroda or, if that falls through, for Jeremy Guthrie. While they’ll monitor Bedard’s start Friday, he appears to be just a back-burner option for Detroit. Among the prospect names Detroit is said to have made available in the right deal: Pitchers Andy Oliver, Casey Crosby, Chance Ruffin and Bruce Rondon. …”
If they can’t get Kuroda,Harden, Shields, Jimenez or Bedard, then I would just limp along with Below/Furbush/Oliver and beef up the pen so it is competitive.

Not Guthrie.

Leyland needs to listen, perhaps to himself if he refusies to listen to others or reason.

He said today: ““We over-swung all day long, and we paid the price for it,” Tigers manager Jim Leyland said. “We had opportunity after opportunity. … It was a little disappointing, not because we got beat, just because I thought we had some poor at-bats with runners in scoring position.”

Dude! If you see your team doing this why don’t you get them on track? Why don’t you make them sacrifice with 1st and 2nd and nobody out instead of going “greedy”?
Why don’ you take the bull by the horns and manage your hitters to tenth of the over-managing you do on your pitching?

Who the hell is in charge here anyway?

Didn’t see the game yesterday, but looking at the box, aside from 4 walks looks like Max did well. 4 walks but only 2 earned runs. A positive is Max only giving up 2 runs, he did his job as did Coke.

Ok, let’s look up the definithion for blame. Things will not change in the best baseball city until there is a new manager. How can you start Raburn and not Boesch? Oh yeah, lefty, righty. Danks struggled early in the season but has been hot lately. OK guys, Danks is hot, let’s not overswing. We need to hit the other way, and make sure you are really focused when men are on base. We must have this game. Let’s show Chicago who has the better team. I am sure that was the speech that the SOC gave. I am optomistic that we will take 3 out of 4 from the Angels. Confidence. Is it September yet? We will see. Go Tigers! –Dave

We’re not getting Kuroda, I’d bet my truck on it. The last thing we need is Guthrie, or any Guthrie clones out there. That would be a foolish move, as it wouldn’t do a darned thing to help us win this year or any other year. You’re right, Dan, about relief pitching if any is out there to be had. Someone that JL doesn’t have to match up. Of course, we’ve already acquired one reliever, the inimitable David Purcey. IMO, there’s not a credible trade that would do us any good. We’ve got to find ways to win games, not lose them, and no trade will help with that. DD can just say “we had a lot of irons in the fire, but just felt that the right deal wasn’t there.” Simple as that.

Truer words were never spoken, Rich. We’re not getting Kuroda. We very well may not get anyone..

Here we are trying to coax a .529 team into the postseason, and Selig wants to EXPAND the playoffs? Is his goal to drive everyone nuts? Following a mediocre team day by frustrating day for six months in the odd hope that they make the postseason? Are you guys ready for that? Or do you ignore the entire season until September in the interests of your own sanity? Anybody think of it in these terms or am I being overly dramatic?
Have you ever read a post made up entirely of six (now seven) questions?

That’s a good point – could drive some ppl nuts. I think it might help yourself if you focus more on the fact that the season is long and you don’t win every game. Shit you don’t win any pennant on July 27th – that is for sure!

You don’t win every game? Gee thanks. 🙂 My point was that it just drags more mediocre teams into what passes for a pennant race and that the desired result may backfire and cause less interest, not more. I think people may not want to get involved in a “race” where the contenders lose as much as they win, especially since it’s on a daily basis, unike the NFL. There will always be those who go to games just for the fun of it and don’t much care who wins, but it’s the TV revenue that can suffer if fans just aren’t into it. Nobody wants a carrot dangled in front of them that isn’t really attainable. Or obtainable.

Sherzer is dealing now – he’s only given up like 6 runs in the past 4 games. And last night’s game was NOT JL’s fault – but if you MUST blame a coach go ahead and blame Lloyd. Hitting was unclutch – that’s it.

I think Dombrowski should investigate what it would take to get Mike Adams (not Heath Bell) from the Padres. The guy has been phenomenal this year and the Padres are dangling him and Bell. This guy seems to excel in a setup role so there will be no conflict with any “who should be closer” issues. It would mean that either he or Benoit would pitch the 7th primarily though. Both of them might look negatively on that. The 7th inning is crucial for us, we have starters that find it difficult (other than JV) to pitch through that inning and turning the game over to Furbush, Ruffin, and OMG, Purcey, is a craphoot. Even Coke is not dependable.
This Adams is nails and he can get LHB out as well. This would legitimize the bullpen.

Ruffin and Raburn or Clete Thomas for Adams. At least it’s a start. Pick up the phone Dave

Mike adams is the answer – at least that’s what I came up with after talking to my grandparents in san diego

Unfortunately, the Padres know the answer as well, he will not come cheap.

Good things aren’t cheap. Lost pennants, and lost games and lost ballplayers do.

I mean “ARE”!!

I’d like to see some good back-to back-to back at bats this series but it would aslo be great to see Boesch or Cabrera lift this team on his shoulders and jack his team-mates up so they can start believing.

How come when I hear the broadcasters mention like today the angels are only hittin .207 as a team I get nervous? Seems to me I heard that when we played the giants thr mariners and oakland? They always wind up getting several runs. Those “light hitting teams always seem to murder us. And now we start with a bunt sngle.

And now caught stealing. Yes

great lead off ab by Austin???? NOT

ooof mags

Our starters are becoming experts at giving up the 2 run dinger. That’s 4 of them now in the last 3 games.

Great 2 out pitching eh?
I sure like that Trumbo.
Penny has been doing this lately. A really atrocious inning then he seems to straighten out. Hopefull that is the case today.
The Angels like to hit against us I think.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to put some men on against this guy?

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