Tuesday: Tigers at White Sox

Delayed on the lineups tonight, but better late than never.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Brennan Boesch, LF
  3. Magglio Ordonez, RF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Carlos Guillen, 2B
  8. Wilson Betemit, 3B
  9. Alex Avila, C

P: Justin Verlander


  1. Juan Pierre, LF
  2. Alexei Ramirez, SS
  3. Paul Konerko, 1B
  4. Adam Dunn, DH
  5. Carlos Quentin, RF
  6. A.J. Pierzynski, C
  7. Alex Rios, CF
  8. Mark Teahen, 3B
  9. Gordon Beckham, 2B

P: Jake Peavy


I never thought I would hear myself say this (atleast lately). But Raburn is really one of our hotter hitters and hs a grand slam against Peavy, why isn’t he in? Betemit along with several others have horrible numbers agains him.

Aj Pierzynski is horrible at throwing out baserunners and bang? Although they thought it could of been a missed hit and run?

Milt Wilcox, one out short of No hit , no run.16 wins in 1984

AJax, please take note.

seriously not feeling good about this game and then an almost homer to Konerko and a freaking bomb to that waste of space Dunn. Appearently th good Justin isn’t showing up tonight. Maybe this is all starting to go to his big head.

Well, Ruffin can take confort

Oh,, I got faith in our guys.

Keep the faith for both of us, because in my opinion Peavy in the 1st few innings is making our hitters look bad, and history says Peavy has their number.

Pretty annoyed right now. And yes I know it is early. But our hitters look pretty bad so far and Verlander isn’t too sharp.

Our hitters are still pathetic here in the 3rd.

Cabrera needs to show he is the man here. He has horid numbers against Peavy

Too bad Magglio didn’t tag ujp he would of scored on the single. This station to station basebal is annoying. The extra base hits have come to almost a complete haiult??????

Well I just discovered I was posting on the wrong subject. That’s about as stupid as our hitters have looked and how stupid breenan was in swinging at pitch a foot inside and then 2 feet high.

The old Verlander. Lost concentration because of Pierre´s bunt then allowed the homer. And now, too many pitches , too early.

Again, Halos allowed the tying run to go on base with no outs.

Rods exactly right if they dnt get it done against Peavy it isnt going to happen. Their pen has been too good, and our hitters bad.

My over used point on the other thread was that I was very disappointed in JV tchoosing to hrow fastballs to Dunn with 1st base open and RHB on deck. Dunn was sure to get him and he did just that. Other point was that this (the arrogance of JV) is the only obstacle to greatness.

The Indians are likely to win in the bottom of 9th AGAIN.

Indians now have the bases loaded and nobody out. They have some major mojo, something this teams doesn’t have which is late inning mojo.

Big beak in Clevelan—a bases loaded 4-2-3 DP and now there are 2 out 2nd & 3rd.
The rookie who won it last night is up again.

Nice bunt by Boesch

Whew—Trible lost. Weaver won his 14th 2 to 1.

Indians lost to Halos.Umpire wrong call loaded the bases, Callaspo misplayed it.Dp and so for the rookie heroe of yesterday.

What was the wrong call?

Two on base. Bunt . Catcher threw to third. It was out, looked like out. Callaspo failed for not extending his body.

Yes Cleveland lost, blew a bases loaded nobody out, thankfully

what’s happened to our extra base power?

AJ is killing us. He’s lost in crucial at bats. He doesn’t have a prayer of squaring up, especially in clutch situations. You throw him down and away and he’s Dunn.
I’m dead serious about swapping him for Wells. He needs help and McLendon is incapabale of helping him. He is the one project that Lloyd should work on –perhaps exclusively. He makes the team dangerous and he is nowhere near that capacity right now.

Can’t groove one to Konerko, someone just blew it for himself big time JV not so Cy Young tonight!

The Sox have a hex on us. They often will make mistakes pitches count as 2 or 3 runs. We don’t seem to be able to do the same. It takes us 10 hits to score 2 runs most nights.
JV threw a bad pitch to Konerko, but he threw the wrong pitch to Dunn. 2 mistakes and 4 runs.
meanwhile we foul the mistakes thrown to us back on ths screen.
The hitters just have to clutch up and start being powerful again.

I don’t know if I am imagining this, but we always here about what a homer friendly park this is, but not us, I don’t feel like we hit many here??? Does anyone else think that’s true

poor at bats by Boesch and Cab, again. Cab took a gimmee fastball right down the middle from tis have nothing southpaw. You throw that pitch to Konerko, quentin or even Dunn—it’s gone.

Well Justin has nobody to blame but himself. His team gave him a lead and he blew it, 4 runs should be enough for him to win.
By the way their pens is good, ours isn’t and I don’t believe is JV tonight. Hope I’m wrong obviously. I will be glad to be wrong.

White Sox bullpen has been terrible most of the year.

They are 5-4 against WS for the season till today

Did. Anyone notice that Inge had 3 hits, including a double and a homer, for 4 rbi’s. He’s. Figured it out in 1 day. Haha. Ps not a fan of Betemit at 3rd. Very little range it seems.

Also Schlereth has a .77 era and Perry had a 2 inning save.

And Verlander had 7 or 8 victories streak against them until the last game. In the first if the season he allowed 4 run. But he won at pinball park.

Our whole infield is a range restricted zone.
The main thing is handle the balls hit to you and thrown to you and make good throws on every throw.
JV has pitched well. He’s had one mental mistake and physical. We should be able to compensate for that..

Who are the magicians at Toledo? First Scherzer and Porcello, now Inge. Call them up. I mean the coaches

Pinch run for VMart. No doubt in my mind about that.

I see the logic behind it, but I hate to have one of my best hitters out.

Poor Seattle lost again, hard to believe this is a team that killed us for many wins and tons of runs.

No team is as good as its looks when is winning not as bad as its looks when is losing

This game doesn’t look like we’re in it. We just seem flat.

They’ve 10 hits and 2 walks, I don’t know if flat is the right word, but they certianly have not hit for extra base power. A lot of station to station ball. Verlander to me is the one who didn’t take care of business like he is capable of. Of course our hitters could hit more, but still they weren’t terrible.
As I type betemit just got an rbi to go ahead.

Smart move by Ozzie.
Betemit would do well by Tiger fans by delivering here. All the Inge lovers will be saying Brandon would have come through here if he doesn’t.
This game just doesn’t feel good. We don’t have that Mojo and it is evident.

And the worst two batters in the team by now could be oppening the 9th

Where is Raburn?


Well that was clutch. What he heck is JL gonna do in the 8th?

Avila is batting 179 in July. He has become an easy out as of late.

Its a mater of two weeks or less before Magglio´s avg surpass his.

Jv needs to lock it down here, can’t let what happened last time happen again

Did Benoit worked last night?

Walked Ramirez???? On pitches that weren’t even close.

JV is getting fastball arrogant again.

Now that is the way to pitch Dunn. The ump missed the previous pitch–I swear it has something to do with dunn’s season, his size and his demeanor. I honeslty think they subconciously are somewhat reluctant to punch him out on the close calls.

Are they starting to pity him?

Bruney looks like a bigger uglier Schlereth

Okay its Pappa Grande time.

Blood Pressure time. Valverde will be throwing the 9th I presume.

Alright Pappa

Told ‘ya I had the faith in the fellows.

That was a fortunate outcome. BTW what has happened to Valverde’s splitter?
I’m concerned.
Fought through this one. This team is still not a cohesive unit but they fought through it.
Lefty going tomorrow ottherwise I’d yank AJ out of that lineup.

BTW–Schlereth and Perry pitching well in Toledo.
Not sure what the bb.K ratio is for Schlereth but the ERA is excellent. I hope he can effectively pitch up here for us at some point. Ditto Perry.
Fancy Raburn as a defensive replacment for Boesch.
All the games now are important. A Max Effort tomorrow would be just great.

All I could think was that if JL sent Verlander out for the 8th, don’t yank him at the first sign of trouble and go to Benoit. JV walked Ramirez, JV stayed in. Thank you, JL. He manages better for JV’s starts, doesn’t he? 🙂
That was a huge hit from Betemit. No way I’d want Inge up in that situation. Good move to PR Dirks, and he looks faster than Jackson to me. Nice steal to set up the game winner.
Verlander pitched a good game, they just hit a couple of homers and those loom large when we can hit nothing but singles. I was okay with JV’s approach to Dunn in the first inning, but he threw that last fastball right where Dunner likes ’em. Seen him hit that ball out of the park many times. You elevate that heater and Dunn is toast. That’s how you get him out, he feasts on hangers. Speaking of hangers, that’s exactly what Paulie went yard on. Just bad execution on that one.
I’m wondering if that injury Valverde had last year cost him his splitter? He’s getting by on the fastball and experience.

I actually switched over to the Cleveland game to watch the miracle. Not tonight, Tribe, not tonight. So here we are in the same position as at the beginning of the week, with two more days off the calendar. Guess that’s one way of looking at it. Usually, first place teams inspire a little more confidence in the fanbase.

I should add, first place teams that are more than 7 games over .500.

Nice win. JV didn’t have his best stuff but the team got what was necessary. He is going to have those days and to have an off day by his standards and still get the W is huge to me. Valverde is money in save situations, I have no fault with him at all. He doesn’t do well in non-save but a lot of closers have those problems, that is why they are closers, they do better with the game on the line. His pitches were moving nicely last night. Saw the last half of the game, and heard I missed a bunt by Boesch? Wow!

Saw the first half of the Mud Hens game, my kids are too little to stay the whole time during the week. Brandon received a nice reception for his first game. Saw him double but missed the homerun which I am very disappointed. We realized just how many guys are there right now he knows well – Schlereth, Perry, Wells, Rhymes, Thomas, Villarreal. Villarreal was the starting pitcher and his first 3 innings were terrific – threw just over 30 pitches in those innings. The 4th he gave up a bunt single, then 2 steals and he just lost his control after that, having a hard time finding the strike zone. He physically looked different, his body language showing that he just isn’t ready for the bigs if he gets easily rattled like that. He did however lose the mullet – not sure I like the new look.

I agree on the coaches at the Hens – it is either the coaches there or the low key atmosphere and less pressure of playing in front of 9000 fans. I love minor league ball – where else can you watch people play those silly games on the field in between innings or watch the ground crew dance to Miley Cyrus while doing their work?

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