Monday: Tigers at White Sox

Back to work for me, and back to third base for Ryan Raburn. He hasn’t started there since 2009, though he was an in-game substitution there twice last year.

Why Raburn, you ask? Well, he’s heating up at the plate, and though his 6-for-26 numbers off Mark Buehrle aren’t that impressive, his two home runs against him are. Wilson Betemit, by comparison, is 1-for-6 with four strikeouts against Buehrle.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Brennan Boesch, LF
  3. Magglio Ordonez, RF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Carlos Guillen, 2B
  8. Ryan Raburn, 3B
  9. Alex Avila, C

P: Duane Below


  1. Juan Pierre, LF
  2. Alexei Ramirez, SS
  3. Paul Konerko, 1B
  4. Adam Dunn, DH
  5. Carlos Quentin, RF
  6. Alex Rios, CF
  7. A.J. Pierzynski, C
  8. Gordon Beckham, 2B
  9. Brent Morel, 3B

P: Mark Buehrle


Crazy. Just………………….crazy.
Juan Pierre should be bunting Raburns way from his very first at-bat.
I can’t decide of Leyland is a genius, or something quite worse.

My only question would be, has Raburn been working out at thirdbase? You can’t just stick a guy somewhere, and that holds true for all of ’em, not just Raburn. Without the answer to that, I can’t comment. I am well aware of Ryan’s odd dominance over Chicago pitching.
I thought Below and Ruffin made it worth tuning into tonight’s game, but this has become can’t miss TV now.

He keeps the creative juices flowing when it comes to Raburn.
With Betemit considerably better against RHP, probably worth a game to see if Raburn can handle 3B, though not listed in the position on the Tig Depth Chart, doubt he has much prior knowledge.

And Benemit is 395 lifetime against Chisox.While 191 against Twins

I have always contended I would rather see Raburn be given a chance to play 3rd instead of the alterntive (Inge). I think he has quick hands and good reactions, good arm and it is a postion where you don’t have to overthink a play. He could do OK there if he was groomed properly—this is not grooming him properly, but let’s give him a chance. And maybe a 2nd Chance in the later innings on the mound?
Big series, important. Let’s go Tigers!

So our “everyday” 3rd baseman gets his second day off in 5 games and we replace him with the human disaster. Time for Leyland and DUMBrowski to go and please take the rest of the INEPT coaching staff with them.

Well both teams were lucky in the tp of the 3rd. Us for the unearned runs and Buerhle for having Boesch and Peralta go deep but foul and for Raburn just missing one with the bases loaded.
We’re lucky to be ahead here but the Sox are lucky they ar not behind by 5 or 6.

Man that damn Pierre seems to always hit against us and always with 2 strikes.

I’ve said it before and will say it again, Raburn started his professional career at 3rd and was so bad they moved him to 2nd. He is not good at any position.

No way do I pitch to Konerko in that situation—we’re lucky we’re not behind now. Dunn up with an absurd BA against LHP—c’mon JL—you walk Konerko. You got away with one there.

Konerko was the advantage run and The Book says you dont put on base the advantage run. Even with their so machine.
Some bloggers said that was the right man for Detroit.

Boesch has had some good swings.
When is MCab going to start mashing the ball?
Austin is lost again—Lloy-at least have stand closer to the plate. He can barely reach anything down the middle (not that he would swing at them) and he simply can’t reach the outside corner.
Raburn has looked fine so far out there.

Bad defense—no way that is a stolen base–that is an error on Cabrera allowing Tiger Killler Pierre to get to 2nd–he was a dead duck.
JL true to form has the raw rookie warming up. He likes to throw them in the fire.

They lose with the run in second . So he puts Konerko on base to go for the forced out

Talking about fire baptism

Well Belows done a pretty good job up here. He has not had good defense both times he’s pitched. I really feel they should give Cab an error on that pickoff.
Anyway, I don’t like complaining about balls and strikes but I think Below had Dunn struck out on the 1-2. That pitch had to be a strike I think the ump may have been intimidated in calling the big guy out again. Tough break.
Tough position for Ruffin. Actually not a bright move putting him in here and now.
He’ll probably walk the 1st guy on 4 or 5 pitches.
Sure hope I’m wrong

The same happened to Furbush. He was robbed of a so against his first batter

I would disagree on Cabrera. He should’ve gotten off a throw, but Below’s low throw to first didn’t give him a good chance at a clean grab.

Too bad the umpire didn’t call out Dunn on that pitch he should of? What else would I expect out of a stupid umpire, heaven forbid he do his job correctly?

And now that 5th pitch is a strike to Raburn, figure it out you stupid freaking umpire. God I ahte umpires

Halo´s rookie pitcher failed too. Cleveland tied 2-2

Umpires and weathermen 2 professions that can consistently do there job wrong without any consequences what so ever..

10 hits, some extremely well hit balls, no extra base hits, poor defense, bad call on the strikeout that cost us two runs.
Frustrating game.

It was like Rodney, Jones , Farnsworth and Valverde together and Halos dump the game in the 9th

Nice second pitch strike to Magglio~ yes I am going to complain about umps Dan even if you won’t! Haven’t seen a lot of this game, but what I have seen has been aweful

Well ,Cabrera delivered

The gap between Magglio and Jackson is seven points.And you cant move AJax to 9th. Because Avila is already there

I’ve been asking for the same thing for weeks now. Drop him in the order!

Do we only have rookie relievers? Below did a hell of a job in my opinion with a couple of bad breaks at the end. But you’d think we’d be able to bring in someone other than rookies to bail him out.

Pretty unimpressed collectively tonight. What is with our pitchers even worrying about pitching to Dunn?
Go after him. Totally ridiculous.
Ruffin was thrown to the wolves. They are praying they can find a dependable reliever down on the farm. Meanwhile Ryan Perry waits his turn as does Fu-Te Ni.
Bad baseball, bad managing. The only right thing JL did was getting tossed for arguing the non-strikeout of Dunn..

Couple of thoughts, this seems like it was managed as a throw away game. Seems like these pitchers were brought up for auditions for trade bait. Maybe they are trying to package Below, Furbush, and Ruffin for Jimenez.

If so, it seems like you might want to put these guys in better spots. And maybe not in such pressure situations in an important divisional game.

Why does the Tiger defense and offense collapse when that 5th pitcher is on the mound? Coke, Furbush, and Below have all suffered from errors, bad plays, and poor at-bats. What pitcher can the Tigers get that wouldn’t suffer the same fate?

I too was surprised that JL brought Chance in with the bases loaded. On top of it Chance did not show what some fans here thought he was capable of doing.

Let’s not take any more chances. As bad as Oliver.

The umpiring was not good but we simply did not play well.

You can’t count the Sox out of it yet. They still have some good players and pitchers. Kind of a crazy night.

Well definately bad, but that pitch to Dunn was a game changer plain anf simple, it was simply horrible and it cannot b tolerated. It wasn’t as though it was a borderline strike it was below the belt right down the freaking middle of th plate. Infact Dunn should of ripped that thing out of here that’s how much of a trike it was. Unacceptable as far as I am concerned..
I cannot comment on a lot of the game as I didn’t see the first 4 plus innings, but I am disappointed for sure. Lots of singles hitters tonight.

I guess I shouldn’t sound like it’s over with our 2-3-4 guys coming up but I don’t see us pulling our heads out of our butts tonight.
Also, if I’m Leyland I am watching Jackson and if he goes south with a tonne of K’s send him down for Wells and let Bull Durham work with him because McLendon is accomplishing nothing with him—absolutely nothing.

why didnt santos get te save tonight?

It did look like we were sacrificing that game so we’d have a rested bullpen tomorrow for Verlander. Whatever.
The Dunn call was a game changer and yes, why are we pitching to him like he’s Babe Ruth?
I thought Below’s throw to Cabrera on the Pierre pick was bad. So did Duane himself, as he indicated fault on the throw.
If we hit any 3-run homers at all, we’d probably be dominating the division. If it takes 10 hits to get 3 runs………well. Can anybody even hit the gaps?
This season, we’re making Juan Pierre look like Lou Brock. Seriously. That guy is all up in our stuff every game.
Does anyone in power even consider Wells over Jackson? How did Austin grab such a stranglehold on the position? Good kid, good future, but we’re better off NOW with Wells. Casper out-hit Jackson even though he didn’t get near the reps he needed.
No point in us getting all up or down over any one game, as this thing is going to drag on to the final week of September. Nothing wrong, however, with the tone of the comments matching what happens on the field on any given day.

I’ve kind of wandered myself why Jackson is just given the starting job when he really hasn’t been very impressive this year and has very little power. You would think as much as JL and DD like power guys they would give Wells more of a chance. More power and you don’t lose much defensively. I would at least give Dirks more starts against righties.

Look what we went through with Brennan last year would be my answer to that question. I don’t think Casper can hold a candle to Austin’s defense.

Did anyone watch Keating’s interview with Verlander and Kelly? I’ve never laughed so hard in my life last night when Donnie Kelly’s sock was set fire by some mischievous fellow player. Looks like Justin may have been the guilty one. Such silly but hilarious antics.

Yes pup, but we need to be concerned about this year. I don’t doubt we will see Austin become a good and essential ballplaayer. I also feel he is indeed the spark we need to ignite the engine. But he has to hit, he has to get on base, he has to drive the ball to the wall. In my opinion he does not have the winner mentality. When he refuses to be struck out, when he dives for a ball in CF, when he learns the art of stealing 3rd and even 2nd vs southpaws. Then he will be ready to ascend to the next level where he is hopefully destinted to go. That’s the Austin Jackson we need, with fire in his belly and a little trepidation in the mind of the opposing pitcher instead of saliva.

He did all those things last year and he didn’t have to throw his body all over the place because he doesn’t need to. He needs to be placed lower in the order, imo and have said that many times. We all watched BB after the all-star game completely crash his offensive game and his defensive game but Jim stuck with him, much to the consternation of many fans. I don’t care if he hits for power, just get on base.

oops missed the end of the sentence………”instead of salivating over facing him”.

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