Saturday: Tigers at Twins

Austin Jackson gets a day off despite his 5-for-11 history off Twins starter Scott Baker. That gets Andy Dirks a game in the lineup for the first time since last weekend. Don Kelly, 2-for-4 with a home run off Baker, gets a game at third.


  1. Andy Dirks, CF
  2. Brennan Boesch, LF
  3. Magglio Ordonez, RF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Carlos Guillen, 2B
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Don Kelly, 3B

P: Brad Penny


  1. Ben Revere, CF
  2. Alexi Casilla, 2B
  3. Joe Mauer, C
  4. Michael Cuddyer, 1B
  5. Jason Kubel, DH
  6. Danny Valencia, 3B
  7. Delmon Young, LF
  8. Trevor Plouffe, RF
  9. Tsuyoshi Nishioka, SS

P: Scott Baker


As far as I am concerned Leyalnd should give Lloyd ONE job and ONE job only. Fix Austin Jackson. PERIOD.
If he can simply do that he has earned his salary this year.
Jackson makes our lineup work. When he is gettting on and es-ecialy when he is gettting extra base hits, it ignites the rest of the team.
He’s a can of Sterno right now without a match in sight.

There are a lot of guys hitting .245 these days but yes, you’re absolutely correct. If Jackson got it going, we’d have a lineup that one could hardly pitch through. Wouldn’t that be fun.
I have no complaints with this lineup. Should I make that announcement? 🙂 Thanks for getting these posted, Jason. You didn’t make this trip, right?
Blacked out again today. I’ll catch up with the replay tonight, late.

I’ve lucked out and the game is avaialqble on FOX HD for me out here, Usually I watch on MLBTV, so this is a treat on the large screen and direct broadcasting

Just realized this is the same umpiring crew that pissed me off in Colorado a few weeks ago. Porcello won’t have a chance tomorrow like a few weeks ago if they don’t call the low strike. Time will tell I guess.

Well the plate ump is very generous to both pitchers so far. In fact I’m PO’d at Penny fro throwing a ridiculous curve ball that could be hit at all on an 0-2 pitch. He has had a lot of difficulty with that curve ball recently. Almost to the point where he should consider not throwing it in certain situations.
He humg that one to Cuddyer and there was no need to do that on an 0-2 pitch and Avila behind the plate.

Agreed. I know it is early, but I don’t feel real good about this game.

Avila really scuffling. Just doesn’t have an aggressive swing right now and everything is going to center field.

He isn’t finding many holes that’s for sure.

I know I’m not supposed to complain about the strike zone, but has Pennys strike zone become a little tigher this inning?

Sorry not happy at al with this strike zone. For sure now that I am seeing some of the pitches this guy is giving to Baker.

Penny doesn’t have it—at all. Get Frurbush going in the pen.

I agree. I thought he wasz getting squeezed in the 2nd, but he looks just aweful here in the 3rd inning. Some really crazy looking pitches.

Got away with it in the 3rd. Just not confident with Penny. Way too hittable and the curve is atrocious.

Get him out of there, he doesn’t look any better here than he did in the 3rd in fact it is worse. Just gave up a double and I don’t feel like our hitters have much today. Might be difficult to get back into this one.

I don’t get it. Why doesn’t Leyland see what is right in fron of his face?
DD better work on getting 2 starters not 1.

I’m momentarily listening to Dan and Jim. They don’t pull any punches, do they? Nothing like that Disney-like production that FSD puts out there.
I’m wondering why you leave a pitcher with nothing out there until the game is gone. Vintage Leyland.

Yes, they are definitely a little more real. It’s why I listen especially when the team seem to be scuffling. They question and point out something if they think the Tigers muffed a play. Not afraid to say why did so and so do this or that. The first inning disappointed me today and then they just kept leaving guys on base. Finally, Avila gets a day off. Should of had one of those 2 weeks ago, imo. Go Tigers! Let’s get out of Minny with 3 wins.

Hi Rich. Missed what Dan and Jim said. Care to share?

Failed hit and run? 4-0?? Stealling or hit and run both are wrong by far

Ridiculous. Leyland running 4 runs behind when you need runners and running with a guy who does not run well and coming off a serious injury. Puts Avila in the hole because he gets behind 0-2 protecting the runner.
Not bright.

That ab not avilas finest moment.

Avila is going through a downdraft lately. Not swinging well at all.

Well I suppose it doesn’t matter how many runs you give up if your teammates don’t score any runs. Please don’t put Penny back in?

I’d bring Frubush in–certainly not Benoit (who was warming up).

Pitch he just called Cabrera out on not even close to a strike!

Good example of Dan and Jim happening right now with Purcey out there. Purcey shouldn’t even be on this team, much less pitching in a 3-run divisional game. They’d have done better just releasing Sizemore outright.

5 of 7 batters walked ? I guess that is why the team with too many pitching is looking for a lefty reliever

This team is perpetually looking for a left-handed reliever.

I mean this time at least makes sense. One month ago, the problem was that the only righ hander available before the 8 inning was Alburquerque

The lineup is unusual. Since Avila is struggling and Guillen needs rest, for real, there will be no weird sunday lineup.So JL personal mark is absent today

in no way am I complaining about what Victor has done, but it shocks me how few homers he has hit. Does is surprise anyone else?
Chance to get a run there and V~mart weakly grounds out to 3rd???

Here we go again with Ricky. He’s not getting the ball down where he needs it and he is eminently hittable when he can’t do that.
he gives up so many base hits.

Bugs me when he loses guys (Casilla) on 0-2 counts.

But when it’s working!!!he gets those DPs. He has good enough stuff to k guys–I know he does and I think he needs to cultivate that ability a bit more.

According to Wilie Hernadez to throw sinker efectivelly you need to be tired. It makes the ball sink more.So he supposedly need to go deep in the games , JV like.

1st and 3rd 1 out come on Jhonny!

That stolen base is the weirdest since Fielder stole one. ( Our Fielder)

I know we got 3 runs that inning, but it would of been nice to get a few more, allb singles no extra base hits. Pretty greedy of me I guess

I don’t think you are greedy, I think you are frustrated w(along with many of us) at the lack of good base-running and station-to-station mentallity that is prevalent on our ball team.
Our big guys have not been nails latley, Boesch Cab and VMart–have all kinda been shootin blanks in clutch.

Boy completely frustrated with this game so far. Yes I know we are

Boy completely frustrated with this game so far. Yes I know we are winning, I just felt like we needed to do more against Liriano, let’s just say I am not comfortable. Their pen is better than ours and I m sorry I just don’t rust Ricky to keep it right here, and I don’t trust our hitters to necessarily get anymore. They squandered the opportunities to blow thisi open and I fear it wiil come back t haunt us.

I like Ricky. I think he is close to finding his way to becoming a better than average pitcher. That being said, he has to stop making so many mistakes and he has to hold this 3 run lead.

Maybe Don Kelly will score the winning run since he has “feet of fire.”:)

Not often you see the twins gift us as much as they have today. Unfortunately we have not punished them for it as much as rolling with the gifts and minimal damage.

Here is the formula now. Benoit in the 8th. Will he break our hearts again?

Feel a litle more comfortable after getting through the 8th. They did hit benoit pretty hard but right at people.

Tough part of the order for Papa. We’ll probabley see a walk a runner or 2 getting defensive indifference and a number of Tiger fans taking their blood pressure before it’s all over.

Very important win. There are some things we have to fix but at least we are starting to win again.
No walks but we did get the dreaded indifference.
What I hate about the play most is the fact that you are giving the other team something they don’t deserve. It also removes the DP or the force out with 2 outs on a diving stop by a middle infielder. It can give the other team another AB and you never know what can happen with another AB. I just hate it and the fact that JL seems unwilling to take any measures to change it. It’s gonna burn us before too long. Guaranteed.
Another thing, with Ricky, he really has to learn how to hold runners on–primarily because he lets so many of them get there that combined with the fact he is a ground ball pitcher it is imperative he keep that runner on 1st.
Great game today by RP and he didn’t give up a bunch of hits this sunny Sunday.
Another game on the Indians and the Twins–now it is up to these guys to take a couple against the White Sox.
Let’s get Boesch Cab and avila hitting again. I don’t think Alex has drivne in a run this month.

Guillen is filling the void for him. 5 rbis in the week.
Boesch was batting 400 in the last month. He is regresing a little
Cabrera is 333 for the last 7 days but you are right only 3 rbis
Raburm meanwhile is batting 444.

Amazing progress for Chance Ruffin in his FIRST year of Pro Ball. Getting called up to be ready for the White Sox—Oliveros sent down.
This kid is 22 and may end up being the real deal we expected when Perry was being hyped.

Been away for a few weeks with the family to see a bit of the Oz outback.
Looks like I haven’t missed much with all Central teams continuing their muddling pace and no one having the $$$ to land some big fish needed to make a difference.
Great to see the return of the prodigal son and join the hope and prayers that Carlos can stay healthy.
Glad to see they dealt with the 3B issue with Inge finally seeing reality and showing his class. Contract player performance issues have previously not been addressed – almost as bad as not handling them well.
Have to wonder what drives management most – winning or getting contracts renewed.

This was a productive weekend in the north country. While a split wouldn’t have been surprising, it really would have been a disappointment. This time we actually did what the matchups said we should. I was antsy with today’s game too; I thought we let them off the hook. The positive side of that is that we did go ahead and win it, rather than falling to what loomed as a predictably bad outcome.
Porcello is pitching very well. This series was a perfect example of how he’s the key guy in the rotation. Verlander and Scherzer get wins, Penny doesn’t, but Rick wins the swing game.
I’m seeing Benoit as a setup guy who has to be handled as you would a closer, that is, he needs to start his own inning. I think he can get out of most messes he creates himself. It shouldn’t be too difficult to use him that way, either.
As great as he’s been, I’m surprised at Victor’s HR total. His average is some 20-25 points above his norm, so this looks like it’s by design. Maybe he figures with Comerica being his home park, there’s no point in tailoring a longball swing. Not a bad way of thinking. It would be nice to get a little more pop from him down the stretch, but we really can’t complain with what he’s doing.
I don’t know anything about Chance Ruffin, other than he has an old west gunslinger’s type of name. From his numbers, he’s been missing a lot of bats. This will be very interesting, very interesting.

I agree on Benoit, he seems to do better with a clean slate.

Nice to see us up 2 games, let’s keep ourselves an arm-length from the rest of the division. See how Below does tonight.

I really like this team now that Carlos and Maggs are back. They seem to be swinging the bat well. Maybe Austin Jackson should ask Dan and Jim for some help at the plate. If AJ gets it going, I think we will be in the hunt. When you are up with the bases loaded and one out, you can not hit a weak grounder to 3rd. Our pitching was good, even with Penny giving up 4 runs. The Tigers scored more than 4 in each of the 3 victories. Now for the 5th starter. Did anyone see the D-Train pitching for Cincy last night? Go Tigers! –Dave

Yes, he kept Cinci in the game. They won in the 9th. 4-3. He alowed 6 h, 3 r, 3 w. And so 3. 6.1inn. And yes, he was anxious.

Still some time to pick up a quality starter. As I have said before, to simply pick up[ a back of the rottion guy (Marquis, Guthrie, Harang) is not good enough. We will be frustrated with that type of pitcher along with the one we already have (Penny).
We need a #2 or #3 guy, minimum. A Shileds, Jimenez or even Kuroda. I really think you can get away with a little less in looking for a southpaw, which we don’t have. Wandy Rodriguez or Bedard. would round out the rotation nicely.

Kuroda. 6 millions and Raburn is the surest shot. Dodgers wanted Raburn last year and Detroit said no. He would be back in LA at the end of the season so they can not ask for more than salary relief.

Bedard is on DL and Wandy has issues.(Is a Zambarano in the making)

Zambrano. And Kuroda has a full no trade clause

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