Friday: Tigers at Twins

The mystery position for Ryan Raburn is left field, giving Brennan Boesch the night off against Minnesota left-hander Brian Duensing. It’ll be Raburn’s first start in left since May 31, which was also against the Twins, though at Comerica Park.

In addition, Miguel Cabrera gets a game at DH, with Victor Martinez starting at first base. Hey, if Joe Mauer can do it and make a diving play …


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Ryan Raburn, LF
  3. Magglio Ordonez, RF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, DH
  5. Victor Martinez, 1B
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Carlos Guillen, 2B
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Wilson Betemit, 3B

P: Max Scherzer


  1. Ben Revere, CF
  2. Alexi Casilla, 2B
  3. Joe Mauer, C
  4. Michael Cuddyer, 1B
  5. Jason Kubel, RF
  6. Danny Valencia, 3B
  7. Jim Thome, DH
  8. Delmon Young, LF
  9. Tsuyoshi Nishioka, SS

P: Brian Duensing


And Leyland wonders why everyone questions his lineups? Raburn hasn’t had an AB in a week (last Friday) and he’s 2 for 16 lifetime off Duensing, yet he hits second just because the guy he’s replacing hits second. I’m all for getting people playing time but these lineups border on child-like. I’m going to assuuuuume that Boesch comes in later for Raburn.
When does Avila get a blow?

Not crazy about it, either. And, why can’t he move Jackson down in the lineup? Maybe he’ll go 5 for 5 since I said that.

AJ goes from good to bad at the plate so fast doesn’t he?
It would be a good time to give Avila a rest–for sure. Boesch might be a better idea against Duensing than Avila. Tonnes of flexibility as to moving a guy in to DH.
Carlos is really getting good wood on the ball.

Rich, I was wondering the same thing about Avila that is. My recollection is that he has caught every game since the allstar break?? Kinda meakes me wonder if something is slightly wrong with V~Mart that would keep him from being able to catch?

Not a good time to be tinkering with the line-up. I can’t believe the Tigers have won 10 in a row against the Twins. That streak could end anytime and putting Raburn in the 2nd spot might hasten that end.
Did you see where the Marlins might be interested in Inge? That team has always been more interested in the bottom line and Inge’s contract just doesn’t fit that plan. Now if we could get a starting pitcher from Florida and pay some of Inge’s outlandish contract, it might be worth a shot.

Real creative managing by Leyland. Boesch was batting 2nd and playing left so just put Raburn in the same spot since he’s playing left. Why would you give him the chance to get more at bats than Guillen or Peralta? (or anybody for that matter)

Not to mention he gets burned in the outfield more than any other major league player I’ve ever seen. Could be interesting tonight.

I don’t know why Frisaro wrote that bit about Inge and the Marlins. It doesn’t make sense. Don’t they have a youngster who’s doing well at third?
I think Raburn needs to get some PT, yes, but we have our two weakest hitters in a position to get the most ABs in this game. I can’t fathom that. Oh well, maybe it all works out. We don’t seem to have much anybody with good numbers against Duensing for some reason. I just think it’s funny that JL got all bent out of shape over having his lineups questioned without considering why he may be getting those questions. Avila could have hit second as far as that goes. Betemit. I do like the 3 through 7 setup.

Just read the profile of AJ on Gameday—says he likes to face the knuckleball and hates to face the fastball.
Those preferences ain’t gonna get a .300 avrage anytime soon.
AJ is suddenly going bad after looking good just a couple of days ago.

That a boy Max—get ot in front of these hitters. Makes like a lot easier.

Nice Raburn!

So I gather from this game, we either strikeout or get a homerun?

Well appearently we aren’t going to get good Max tonight?

Max—you ain’t so good in fastball counts. Get it together or you are gonn wast the good stuff you appear to have tonight.

well from what I can tell,he is getting ahead of the hitters in this inning, picking around the plate and then he is having to throw one down the middle and bam!! Does he strike anyone out anymore? He isn’t the same guy he was last year. He is disapointing to me this year, not what I expected at all.

I think Max has realy good stuff tonight. Just can’t get himself into predictable fastball counts.
His slider is biting very hard. He’s all over the map again though with his fastball.

We just don’t go 1st to 3rd very well. Even AJ is not good at it.

Going 1st to 3rd, what’s that?? Lol

Jhonny has been awesome,

Mr. Reliable.

That is why , usually , teams dont do interdivisional trades. Goood

Your exactly right GK. He does need to pitch backwards more. Get right after those guys with a high fastball on 0-2 instead of messing around with the strike zone.

jhony just made a nice play too!!

He’s been really good for us ever since we got him a year ago. Pup calls him Mr Reliable and he is that.. On offense and D. If the bll is hit to short you have a 99+% chance he’s gonna take care of business.

Cuddyer coming up—this guy brutalizes us. Need a shutdown inning right here and now.

Really high pitch count for Max he needs a couple of quick innings if he is going to make it through 6.

I can’t believe Casilla almost made that play, and with that crazy throw I can’t believe he didn’t throw it away.

Gage reports that Benemit bats 217 against the Twins, and 395 against WSox.He came 4 days too soon.

Both Boesch and Peralta have been outstanding but nobody notice them.

Good running for Raburn, he kept the inning alive for Peralta.A pair of homers , and he can be added in the pack for a starter

Max had a great inning there in the 4th. He is key to this team’s success so it’s good to see so far today anyway/
VMart seems to have a problem in those DP situations. We’re a bit lcuky they didn’t go for 2 there as VMart is so slow he would hve been doubled up had they gone around the horn. as i wa he should hav e made it 2nd on that ensuing rundown. Cost us a run.

Wow—Carlos, nice job with that stick.

He was always clutch. Those bad knees, he was injured in Seattle, kept him from a Magglio or Abreu like career

Oh-Oh. I can hear the chatter already with Betemit striking out THREE times tonight.

Burnett has just won many fans in Detroit

ok, 8-1 . Put the ball in play and finish this. No need for bordering the strike zone

Fun fact! Gerald Laird has more homers at Target Field than Joe Mauer!

Let me say I do not think much of bringing valverde in with a 6 run lead..

After all that chirping from me and many others around Tigerland regarding the lineup, it worked out just fine. Gotta love this game, anything can happen.
That was a nice bunt Jackson put down. I’d like to see more of that, especially when he’s not hitting the ball sharply. Started a big inning, too. That’s being a leadoff hitter.
Max did what Max does. Seems to be struggling but is piling up the outs. Good one tonight.
So…….Peralta is leading the team in hitting? Who saw that coming?
We’re not going to keep beating the Twins forever. We got two, let’s make it three. After the way they used to torture us in that horror-dome, I’m enjoying this. We always had the better team but they had that abomination of a ballpark.

Rod did address the comment from last night (I didn’t hear the comment) regarding latin food. Your voices have been heard.

Leyland went to some lengths tonight talking about using all the players on the roster. Speaking for myself, I don’t have a problem with using everybody. In fact, one of my lineup complaints earlier this evening was that Raburn hadn’t played in a week. And I’m still waiting for Avila’s day off. I guess this falls under the dreaded “resting players” category, but I’m in favor of using everybody.
Looks like Ozzie took a foul ball to the eye last night. Some would say he had it coming, I guess, but he was handed the obligatory catcher’s mask to wear on the bench tonight. Won’t beat that military issue helmet the Yankees gave Don Zimmer a few years ago after he took one to the head while sitting on the bench.

I’d think that Avila would get the day off Sunday against Liariano. Anything else whould not make much sense.
Peralta is giving Cabby a run for his money on team MVP.
Think we’ll see Dirks play today?

I believe JL indicated last night that Dirks would replace Jackson today. Ordonez and Guillen to play today, Raburn tomorrow if I remember correctly. Matching Raburn against lefties is a good way to get him in there.
Barring a trade for a starter on schedule, Below gets that start on Monday in Chicago. No pressure, kid!

Jhonny is doing tremendous, he must have liked the change of scenery when he came to the D. What a great trade that was for us.

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