Below to start Wednesday for Tigers

Duane Below will get his shot for the Tigers on Wednesday. He’s the scheduled starter for the two-game series finale against Oakland, the team announced Tuesday morning.

It’ll be the Major League debut for the 25-year-old Michigan native.

The announcement after Jacob Turner was moved up two days in the Erie rotation to coincide with the Tigers’ open spot, then Charlie Furbush pitched an inning of relief Sunday and supposedly scratched from his start for the Mud Hens. In other words, this move comes after no shortage of twists and turns.

The Tigers will have to make a roster move to bring up Below after tonight’s game. No word on that yet, though it’s safe to say the condition of Austin Jackson’s ailing wrist might play a role in that. If he still isn’t right, he could go on the disabled list to make room.

Of all the pitching prospects at Triple-A Toledo, Below has been the quietest, but he’s been quietly consistent. He’s 9-4 with a 3.13 ERA in 18 starts as a Mud Hen this year, allowing 99 hits over 115 innings. He’s unbeaten in his last four outings, allowing six runs on 20 hits over 26 innings in that stretch with 10 walks and 18 strikeouts.


Probably the right move, though I had wondered if they might try to showcase Andy Oliver. Oliver is probably the most important bit of trade bait we have. I say that because the amount of interest in him, simply because of his LHP, arm, fastball, and youth far exceeds his abilities IMO. The Tigers can almost pass him off as one of their hotshot untouchables without really believing it themselves. I do believe Turner should be cultivated and not traded.
BTW the Giants seem to have a ton of starting pitchers but are shy on hitting. Why not conjure up a scenario of Raburn, Santiago and a prospect for Jonathan Sanchez? I wonder if Clete Thomas has any trade value?
The Giants need help at short & 2nd and in the outfield. They are thin behind the plate too,? I think they could really benefit from a guy like Magglio but the problem is they can’t afford to play him in the field. Actually most managers would realize that.
Just idle thought—not meant to be debatable.

Unfortunately, the best way to showcase Oliver might be to keep him in the minors. Just to keep a positive outlook, sometimes it’s the Below types who turn out to be the better pitchers. We’ll see.

nervous about starting this guy tonight but I guess we have no other options right now. Maybe he’ll have a stellar first game, but we need bats and defense just in case guys.

Below starts wednesday – although i’m nervous about porcello tonight

oops, got my days mixed up!

Actually Raburn might be useful to the Red Sox too. You can hide him as a left-fielder there quite easily. Raburn would love that wall both as a hitter and a fielder.
Might do very well there. Less chance to misplay fly balls and with his arm he could learn to play balls off that wall very nicely. I’ll put in a good word to Terry.

Good Call – Very Interesting……

Raburn will not go the red sox unless he can play right field as the sox are set in left with Carl Crawford who doesn’t play right. I would love to offer him in a deal as he could help another club potentially and free up some money for Detriot

Below is as good an option as any I guess?

BTW, what is the word on Ryan Perry? They called him up after he spent quite a lot of time getting “fixed” in Toledo and then promptly demoted him again when they brought back Q.
I’m a bit surprised by this. Overall, he has been a disappointment but he does have the tools to be a very good reliever. Why can’t they get this guy figured out?
I see Brennan fanned 3 times yesterday to go with his dinger. I hope he’s not worrying about a 2nd half meltdown. The homer he hit was extremely impressive as he went down on a pitcher he often swings and misses on and tagged it pretty good.
From what I saw, that was as difficult a pitch to hit as any. I do think he has the potential to be a dominant hitter in the big leagues. I would like to think he is an untouchable on our roster. Avila too.
If DD acquires a a SP I sure hope he gets a good LHP. We need one of those in our rotation. Still think I’d take a gamble on Bedard–the guy is crafty and even though he’s coming off an injury, it is a sprained knee and not his arm. I know some will point to Jarrod Washburn as having a similar circumstance but Washburn is no Bedard. Bedard could help this team for a few years as opposed to going after older guys like Lowe or Kuroda.
One thing to me is crystal clear, Dombrowski will make some moves in the next week and a half. His job is only slightly more secure than JL’s

Good point Jared. Crawford has been injured a bit and I actually forgot about him.

A question for Jason:
Is there any plan in the organization for Ryan Strieby? He is blocked here by Cabby, doesn’t really play the outfield and seems to be withering on the vine at Toledo.
Would you think he would be a likely trade candidate?

1. Austin Jackson, CF
2. Brennan Boesch, LF
3. Magglio Ordonez, RF
4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
5. Victor Martinez, DH
6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
7. Carlos Guillen, 2B
8. Alex Avila, C
9. Brandon Inge, 3B (zero for his last 20 AB; he is now 2 for July–his last hit coming on July 3)

Something must be in the works as they will need to send someone down to fit Below in. I thought they might DL Austin Jackson (which could have been back-dated) but now that he is in the lineup it means someone has to go-Oliveros or Wilk?

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