Below, Furbush called up; Wilk, Wells optioned

The Tigers announced two moves after the game — one of them expected, one less so. Duane Below is being recalled from Triple-A Toledo in advance of his Major League debut as Wednesday’s starting pitcher. But in addition, Charlie Furbush — who was the Tigers’ other option to start Wednesday — is coming up to handle long relief, which would suggest he’s no longer a starting option for the Tigers, at least not in the near futures.

Heading back to Toledo are left-hander Adam Wilk and outfielder Casper Wells. The latter comes about because the Tigers had an extra position player on their roster while they didn’t have a fifth starter.

“It’s a shame, because he didn’t really deserve to go down,” Leyland said. “He’s played well. He’s done a good job. I just felt like — we felt like — if we rest Magglio against the righty, then we’d have Dirks in the outfield. And right now, he just got the short end of the stick, and it’s a crying shame, because he does not deserve to go down.”

Wilk will start for the Mud Hens Wednesday night in what had been Below’s rotation spot. Fu-Te Ni started in place of Furbush and pitched seven innings of one-run ball with no walks and four strikeouts.


Let Casper play a little 3B down there!!!
(Just kidding). JL is right about that–he doesn’t deserve to go down. One has to wonder how he might do with more PT. At least he’ll get that in Toledo. I think he has the ability to be a .280 + hitter with 80 RB & 20 HR potential. Combine that with his wheels, his glove and his panache and I would say he’s a keeper.

And I would agree with that assessment. I hate to see him have to go, but Casper has a future. He’ll definitely be back but meanwhile, he really could have used more PT. I’m kind of surprised he stayed with the club this far into the season.

Let’s just say that winning teams have guys like Casper Wells on them.

Lot of teams looking for relievers. Wouldn’t be too surprised to see a deal that includes Ryan Perry or Daniel Schlereth.

It really seems like the Inge era is coming to an end. Kind of sad but how much longer can you carry that average especially with him starting to lose it in the field as well. I think you could tolerate a .220 batting average with stellar defense but .178 or whatever it ended up after tonight is gonna force JL’s hand at some point especially if he’s serious about winning the division.

Would have been a memorable game to attend. I screamed out loud when Victor was called safe. Could see he was in trouble and was gonna be out but he fooled us all. A lifetime highlight play.

It was great to watch an entire game. It looked like the guys figured out Moscoso. Cabby looked mad or disappointed with some of his swings and then bam. Hopefully he is going on a tear. Do you think Carlos is a quiet leader? That is the line up we need every day except maybe platoon Inge with Kelly. It was a long stretch for Guillen but it sounds like everyone played it smart. We sure do need his bat down in September! Go Tigers! –Dave

It is a shame about Casper, I like that guy and I think he’ll do well, I like his power ability. I can’t decide between him and Dirks but looks like it is purely on what side of the plate he bats from. Mud Hens could use him though and that means I’ll see him play next week at the next game I attend.

I missed the Martinez slide last night but just saw the replay, that was too much. He never should have been sent but haven’t seen that odd of a play in a while.

I do not want to see Magglio in another uniform but how many more years can he play for the Tigers. Casper has a bright future in right field.

How about sending Raburn down? Santiago can fill in at 2nd for Guillen. Why does Leland continue his love affair with this terrible player??

It really is a shame about Casper. It is time to say goodbye to Brandon Inge. It is way past time to say goodbye to Ryan Rayburn. Can anyone tell me why we are still hanging on to him?

I am very disappointed that Casper has to go. He is a very talented player and I enjoyed watching him. Hopefully he’ll be back again soon!

Without doubleplays and/or labor, the word “induced” wouldn’t exist.
The same can be said about the word “ensuing” and kickoffs.
Wouldn’t you agree?

Keep your head up Casper…I know it’s hard but keep your mouth shut and do your job. You deserve to be up here and im sure it wont be long.

Glad to have Casper back in Toledo, but agree that he should have stayed up north. I’m sure that he’ll be back up there soon! I agree that winning teams DO have players like Casper on them. How bout lets’ work on getting a third baseman that can hit the ball. I’m a huge Inge fan, but I think he’s tired.

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