Furbush looking likely for Wednesday start

The Tigers have not announced their scheduled starter for Wednesday yet, but the scene at Triple-A Toledo Sunday night suggests they’ve made their choice. Charlie Furbush, who started Thursday’s game for the Mud Hens, made a surprise relief appearance Sunday night for the Hens in the sixth inning. As the Toledo Blade’s John Wagner reports on his Coop Scoop blog, Hens manager Phil Nevin said after the game that he pitched Furbush an inning in relief at the Tigers’ request.

Nevin also told The Blade that Fu-Ne Ni is now scheduled to start for the Mud Hens Tuesday in the spot that originally belonged to Furbush.

Considering Tigers officials are now saying Jacob Turner is unlikely to pitch in Detroit this season despite the Tigers moving him up two days in the rotation at Double-A Erie, to a spot that coincides with the open spot in Detroit’s rotation, all this Furbush speculation could still amount to nothing. Or, it could mean he got an extra inning of work for Furbush to keep him fresh before starting for the Tigers Wednesday night against Oakland on an extra day’s rest.

It might well be a spot start until the Tigers trade for another starter, as Dombrowski admitted he’s trying to do in an interview with Foxsports.com Sunday. But for now, the best guess is that it’s Furbush’s rotation spot. Put it this way: The Tigers wouldn’t request an inning of relief for Furbush if he was being pushed back a day to take Duane Below’s rotation spot in Toledo on Wednesday.

One more thought on Turner: If the Tigers are determined to add a veteran starter, then it makes sense to have him stay in the minors rather than take the spot. Yes, Justin Verlander made two spot starts in 2005 before cracking the rotation the next year, but he was older and neither start went well. One advantage Jeremy Bonderman and Rick Porcello had when they made the Tigers rotation at age 20 was that they knew they had the patience of the organization on their side. If they blew up in a start, they’d be back out there in five days or so. This isn’t a luxury the Tigers have now, and having Turner reading the rumor mill while he’s trying to read scouting reports makes no sense for anyone. He probably has better stuff than anyone the Tigers can acquire, unless they pull off a deal for Ubaldo Jimenez, but it doesn’t matter unless there’s patience.


Furbush is a great young kid – he’s got the stuff and can locate it. BUT HONESTLY, I’m still hopin he ends up in the pen as a long reliever.

Ummm–why doesn’t Verlander just start Wednesday on normal rest?

They currently have him lined up to pitch against the Sox and Twins, which is arguably more important than starting against the A’s.

No arguably about it. Leyland is finally doing this right, and it’s about time. He’s got Verlander lined up to pitch in a ton of divisional series. He should have been doing this years ago.

Ahhhh a fresh new day – but where are all the Carlos doubters? Wait’n in the tall grass i’m sure…

Well, since in the standings a win is a win no matter who it is against then there is some argument for it, especially with JV having a history of not pitching as well when his normal rest is messed up.

And I understand the arguments for having him makes those starts…I just wanted to defend why I said arguably.

Actually, a win is better against a division opponent, since it guarantees that the opponent loses that day and thus gives you a game advantage in the standings. And vice versa for a loss. Pitch your best pitchers against the teams you directly compete with.

The way this plays out, Verlander will pitch on 7/21, 26 and 31. Then, it will be August 5 or 6, but it really doesn’t matter which, because of the way off days are set up and the rivals the Tigers face, he’ll definitely pitch the 11th against Cleveland and the 16th against the Twins, and this is because he HAS to pitch the 21st because that’s against a division rival, and if you move everything up a day before that, he’ll miss the Twins entirely, so then he pitches the 26th and the 31st of August.
This makes his next start September 5. Guess what, he misses the Sox in September. All because he was pushed back a day in July.
Then, he either starts the 10th or 11th vs the Twins depending on the off day.
This puts his next start on the 15th or 16th. Guess what, he misses the Sox AGAIN in September. Why? Because he was pushed back a day in July.
I’d rather he pitch against the A’s this week and not pitch against them on September 15. You run your best available pitcher out there whenever you can. There is no need for a 5th starter this week. Anything else is shortsighted.

I see your point on this, good research too, but I would make a few points here. First, your rotation might be in better shape in September than it is now, moreso for Porcello and Scherzer pitching better than for any trade. If it isn’t better, you’re probably not in contention in September. Second, Verlander’s 119 pitches in the heat in KC seemed to concern Leyland more than any other outing this season. Third, the Tigers would have to use a fifth starter at some point this week regardless. Would you rather have Furbush pitch at home Wednesday against Oakland’s offense, or on the road Sunday at Minnesota?

The only point I was really trying to make is that if you look a week ahead, you might as well look a month ahead. Obviously, it would be better to have Verlander start a day game against the Twins in Minnesota. We need to knock a team or two out of the race before it becomes a four-team tossup.

I was at that KC game. Actually, I was at every game of the series. Thought Friday was hot then Saturday came. Thought that was hot until I got there Sunday. Couldn’t imagine trying to do anything other than sit in those seats and drink water. It was ridiculous.

BTW, in that Sunday game, it was the first time in 30 years I yelled anything negative at the ballpark, and it was directed at the third baseman. No one heard me over all the cheering, but I know what I yelled. The heat must have got to me.

Where is Figaro anyway? Does he know Bobby Higginson? I am glad the SOC di not

we need a starter anyhow. “where is nate cornejo!?”

Sorry for my attempt at humor. My post did not even go thru. Carlos is my wife’s Tiger so I am optomistic that he will perform. We need a lead off hitter. And maybe Derek Lowe.

any suggestions on a 2B or 3B who can hit lead off – that we can get?

Looks like it was “arguably” after all, Mike. 🙂 That was a nice SP projection, Chris, good work. I think, however, that by September there will have been and will be rainouts and doubleheaders, so it might not project that way that far in the future. The rainout and subsequent DH the final week of 2009 had a lot to do with that result when it came to our starters that week.
Add to that the question of which teams remain in the race by then. I can see three, but not four. The Sox can’t seem to beat the Twins, and the Twins have taken 4 of 5 from Cleveland, leaving a big bunch of games to be played there. Meanwhile, we’ve done well against Minnesota…….so far.
I’d want to see how things look about six weeks from now before planning for September.

Will Ryhmes and Scott Sizemore.

what about sizemore?

It appears that top priority is a starting pitcher over an infielder. I can conceive of a deal for a thirdbaseman, but I wouldn’t bet on it.
I’ll take the opportunity to compliment Inge again on his fielding yesterday. While they weren’t diving highlight plays, those were some darned good picks on some hot shots that saved Penny early on. I don’t think many thirdsackers get all of those. Brandon has to at least give us that, and he did yesterday. JL did demonstrate that if Inge isn’t fielding, he’s not in the lineup. Good wake up call.

Thanks, Jim.

Wow! Cleveland beat Minnesota in 2 games today. Does that make the Indians a legit contender? Does that put an end to any hope for the Twins to get into the race? Or is it just 2 games in baseball and there are many more to play? Stay tuned!

The Indians were a legit contender before yesterday. Discounting them is a big mistake if thats what you were doing. Right now, I would say the Sox are my favorites followed by Det/Cleve

I have this gnawing fear that Dombrowski et. al. will go for the big trade and give up on Turner and one or two other good prospects for a stop gap starter. While this may make short term sense (ala Doyle Alexander) these deals really have a long term detrimental affect on the organization. What is your sense about the likelihood of the team selling its future for the possibility of near term success?

Help me out guys, who did they send down when Carlos came up? I looked at the roster and nothing is jumping out at me – I know I am getting old but can’t figure it out?

Danny Worth optioned to Toledo when Carlos came back.

Thanks mark, I forgot he was back up when I was looking at the current roster

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