Turner moved up in rotation at Erie

It’s an off-day for the Tigers, who worked out tonight at Comerica Park, but it’s still a news day. It’s also a game day for Double-A Erie, where Jacob Turner has rejoined the club after pitching in the All-Star Futures Game Sunday at Phoenix and the Eastern League All-Star Game Wednesday in New Hampshire.

When Turner talked in Phoenix, he said his next start for Erie was slated for July 18, giving him some extra rest. That plan has changed in recent days. Turner will start for the SeaWolves tomorrow (Friday), despite pitching an inning in the Eastern League All-Star Game two days earlier.

Coincidentally, the Tigers have an open spot in their rotation five days later, the normal time between starts. But it’s difficult to see a pitching prospect being moved up two days in the rotation by a team with an open spot as a coincidence.

That doesn’t mean that Turner is the choice to start next Wednesday. Charlie Furbush started Thursday for Triple-A Toledo, and he remains a strong option to return to Detroit. Duane Below, who takes a 9-4 record and 3.06 ERA into his start for the Mud Hens on Friday, also appears to be an option. There’s also the trade route, though it would be difficult to line up somebody from another team’s rotation to come in and start on that short notice. There are no indications yet that the Tigers have set their plans for next Wednesday.

Even if Furbush starts next Wednesday, that doesn’t necessarily solve the issue beyond that. By moving up Turner, the Tigers put him in line with that fifth spot for the foreseeable future. If Furbush has another rough outing, the Tigers could take the chance and start Turner. But if the Tigers go to Turner, it isn’t likely to be for just a spot start. That’s where this juggling act gets tricky, and why the Tigers are taking their time on this. If Furbush starts and the Tigers later trade for a starter or opt for Turner, Furbush can go the bullpen. They won’t do that shuffle with Turner.


How about pitching JV every 5 days durning the 2nd half ? I know Leyland doesn’t believe in skipping starters but he has a horse in Verlander and should ride it.

Curious why you think that if Turner comes up it won’t be for only a spot start? They have a history of bringing their top prospects up for just spot starts in the recent past (Oliver and Verlander come to mind…) especially in the middle of the year like this.

This move also lines Turner up nicely to be promoted to AAA in the event that Furbush or Below are considered the Tigers permanent solution (or even brought up for a start or two then moved to the bullpen if a trade is completed), but I think I move to AAA is less likely than a spot start.

I watched Below pitch last Wednesday in Indianapolis for the Mud Hens. He looked pretty good. Not overpowering, but he placed his pitches well and kept his composure after the umpires screwed up a call leading to a run. He was way more impressive than “Saran Wrap” Guillen….so for a spot start, why not give him a shot? The Indians had Pedro Alvarez in the line up, and he handled him without issue.

Justin doesn’t have it tonight at all. He go nickeled and dimed in the 3rd, and rror and a hard hit bal in the 5th?? Well its appearently not in the cards tonight.

Duds, tonight, except for Cab’s HR.

This bullpen is a joke. Nobody can throw strikes. Maybe we should fire the bullpen coach. Oh wait …. we promoted him to the pitching coach. The Pittsburgh Mafia cannot be fired fast enough IMO.
I am with you Rich. There is nothing I see from this group that makes me believe this 2nd half will be any different from the previous ones. They will probably stay in it only because the rest of the division has warts as big as ours.
— Bob

Hitting is cold, pitching is cold, defense is………well, same as usual. Can’t run either.

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40 consecutive 100 plus pitches games for JV.That will haunt Tigers in years to come.Anyway the lost was almost due. He was unbeaten since september 2009 against Chisox so, soon or later, he was due to lose, the three HRs in Chicago were a warning
During the Hernandez tenure every starter but Verlander and every reliever went into dl. But with him gone Valverde, Alburquerque , Jackson and Verlander have been overworked.
Now, Turner is on line to be the next Andrew Miller. Nothing surprising, since Jl said that he liked the Twin system of puting there the young arms to see if they thrive. It worked so well with Liriano that they will do the same with Turner

BTW: lousy defensive , raburn again,is not the way to suport your ace.
And someone must tell cringe that you dont swing for the fences in a 8-2 game. You need to be on base .The run that counted was Magglio´s and he was well far at the moment

there were way bigger reasons they were never in that game last night. A lot of blame to go around starting with Justin himself, he was yes nickeled and dimed a bit with some cheap hits, but they were still able to get wood on the ball. They were fouling a ton of pitches off of him, Verlander ala 2006-2010. The hitters with really just a few exceptions was poor, when it would of mattered. It was a pretty lazy effort all the way around. Remind anyone of anything?? When they came out of the break last year maybe??? Lets hope it stops here instead of continuing to go on.

Guillen and Alburuerque back. Perry and Worth demoted. raburn and cringe 211, 184 keep their posts

We need to hit more homers. It’s as simple as that.
It was rather distressing to see Oliveres and Purcey pitching in the 7th inning of a semi-important 3-run game, and realizing that this was about all we had.
Despite currently being in a 3 for 28 funk (with 2 of the hits homers), the Sizemore deal could possibly end up as one of those albatross around the neck deals for DD.
After going through what passes for a slump from Cabrera, it would be good to see him get hot while we play these divisional games.
Victor has been everything I expected and more except………I would have expected more than six homers by this point in the season.
It will be interesting to see if JL really does change his playing time pattern for Avila, or if he was just talking.
Guillen came back from an injury a few years ago with a spate of longballs. Sure would like to see that again.
What happens to Raburn and Inge now?
I’m blacked out today, but instead of getting the expected Phillies-Mets game, I’m getting Red Sox-Rays. That doesn’t make sense for this area.

Sorry to hear you are blacked out, Rich. Here in NW Illinois we are getting the Tigers’ game. Unfortunately you are not missing much yet. Sox ahead 2-0. Max is pitching well, but the Tigers can’t drive a run in for nothing. They’ve had 2 runners on in a couple of innings but the next batters can’t get that clutch hit. Same old, same old. Unless they start hitting, they are headed for their 2nd loss after the ASB. This is the same story as last year when they lost the first 6 games after the break. Two runs in 14 innings is not going to cut it.

Now it’s 15 innings. They left 2 more runners stranded. Total of 7 now. Lovable Lloyd is doing his job.

This is painful and I have only seen the last few innings? Geez

16 innings. Another runner stranded.

17 innings. Still down 2-0. V-Mart hits into his 2nd double play. In the last of the 9th it will be Peralta, Guillen, Avila and Kelly to try to turn this game around. Looks like E Jackson will be going for a complete game.

This team of allstars isn’t looking so allstarish is it?

Why do I even waste my time watching this crap? If they don’t give a crap why should I? Would be nice to see a bit of effort, just a little.

Now it’s even worse. JL in all his glory brings in VV in a non-save situation.
Score now 5-0. VV will leave the mound. How many times have we seen VV not pitch well in this situation? JL just never learns. NEVER! Now he brings in Alburquerque.

Rod just said the tigers lok flat coming out of the break. I will add they look flat yet AGAIN coming out of the break.

Say something good…..say something good…..Guillen fielded 8 balls cleanly today. Maybe they have a better 2nd baseman defensively. But 5-0 in the bottom of the 9th? Need a miracle.

I may or may not (probably not) watch this game later, but I’m gathering from the stats and the radio broadcast that it’s a repeat of the opening of the Cleveland series last year. ABs being mailed in, team half asleep, Jackson with 87 pitches through 8 innings, etc. It also appears that the umpires did a makeup call on Beckham leaving early from thirdbase, as Dan and Jim said the the secondbase umpire indicated that he missed the steal call on Pierre, who ended up scoring the second run.
At any rate, now we’ll need to win the next three games in a row to make up for this. Anything less is a signal of another death spiral. Sorry to say.

Couldn’t agree more. Although rod called the leaving 3rd base as soon as it happened. I couldn’t tell other than it was close. What a huge disappointment.


I just tuned in thinking the game started at the regular time, Now, that ought to tell you something. Fire ’em all.

And tomorrow we are actually facing their good pitcher. Doesn’t. Leave you very hopeful does it?

The Tigers are now 0-11 and counting coming out of the break over the past three seasons. How can that even be possible????? Zero and eleven?
My flabber is gasted!

And in those 11 games, we’ve scored a total of 21 runs. 1.9 runs per game. This is amazing stuff.
Overheard in the visitors clubhouse last Sunday:
“Okay fellas, enjoy your break. You guys going to the All Star game have fun. Remember that we’ve scheduled a team-wide hitting slump beginning on Friday, so be prepared for that. I don’t want to see any of you clowns driving in runs when you get back here, okay? That’s all I got, take off guys. Anybody seen Lloyd?”

Can anyone explain how this team with four .300 hitters can be so inept scoring runs? Boston only has 2 everyday players above .300 and Philly only one!!! This team just defies logic.


He would cost Oliver, Furbush and some field player

Well, I do not waste my beautiful summer days watching the Tigers. These games are just filler until September. We need to win them though. One last time and I promise I will not mention it again. Why did we trade Scott Sizemore?

Don’t. You get sick of it when our local analyst continue to make excuses for our hitters when they are bad and say whoever the opposing pitcher is was unhittable? It’s amazing how every crappy pitcher has his best game against our hitters? So sick of it!

What a great first inning for TIGERS HITTERS????

second inning I can see this is already a freaking waste of my time today again. It would be more fun watching paint dry!

Been on Holiday at aq music fest in beatuiful Nakusp BC. Saw Kevin Costner there–perhaps I should recruit him for our rotation.
Unbelievable problems with our hitting. The Jekyll and Hyde scenario with our hittting continues. The 2nd half flop is (and has been) very old. I attribute this to a team that is not fullly and properly motivated. Remote control cars in the clubhouse might be amusing but the lack of “baseball chemistry” is apparent on this team. Perhaps this is part of the mercenary era of baseball but other teams seem to gel, why don’t we?
If I am Illitch I have to be thinking that my upper management has failed.
My only hope for this team is that Leyland gets canned. He does not deserve to be able to sit back, lose, and then talk down to fans and media as he does.
I see Carlos is back. Whoopee.
I think I saw that Perry was demoted? Is Oliveros that good he beats out Perry for a job in this bullpen?
How did Carlos look? Sorry—not paying much atention to to this series, (fortunate for my frustration factor I guess). Again, and I know this is repetitive, how can we look so bad at this time in H-U-G-E series at home against a division rival?

Sunday. Here we go again. No matter who the Tiger pitcher, the Sox just seem to hit at will. Meanwhile the Tiger batters get a hit here and there but can never get the hit to drive a runner in. Rich pointed out the 0-11 post-ASB record the past 3 years. Why can every other team win even just one game while the Tigers go 0-for-11? If you can’t say the Tigers just have a lot of poor players, then it has to be the mindset and preparations made by JL and the coaches. In spite of the havoc and chaos it might create, and a possible tumble in the standings which happens every year anyway, I am in favor of changing the manager and coaches RIGHT NOW!!!

They just did it again in the 4th inning. Maggs doubles. Nobody out. Cabrera, Martinez, and Peralta all impotent. One of the sponsors on TV is Viagra. Can they share some with the Tiger batters?

Good one! And, I add an “amen” to that.

Better add Cialis. One day isn’t enough.

I feel like I am talking to myself here but one more time and then I’ll go away. DD has gotten some very impressive players for the Tigers. Pudge, Maggs, Rogers, Cabrera, Sheffield, Valverde, Damon, Peralta, Martinez to compliment the ones from the farm system. Some more with great potential like Ajax, Boesch, Avila, Sizemore, Alburquerque. They come to the Tigers and fall into the same habits that have pervaded other Tigers. When Granderson, Polanco, Damon, Joyce, Jurrjens, Sizemore leave the Tigers they suddenly become better players. This has been a 6-year pattern. Who or what is causing it? Your answer is……………..

Well I some was I agree with you, but Polanco I s no better now than he was here. Granderson still has about the same BA he did here, but he is getting more RBI’s because he isn’t leading off, he is hitting more homers partially because of that park he plays in, and quite a few of those AL east parks are homer friendly. I don’t think Damon like a lot of guys adjust very well DH’ing right away. And a lot of people are upset about Sizemore and I don’t quit get that he is hitting 20 points bettr than he was here, but it isn’t as though he is setting the world on fire or anything, to me atleast to this point it isn’t that big a loss. Only time will tell. Jurrjens to me is the big regret!

Fire the pitching coach. Isn’t that what makes sense?

I guess I am the only person who didn’t have a problem with Knapp being fired. As bad as the hittting has been at times, the pitching other than Verlander had been horrid. That doesn’t mean I am opposed to Llyod leaving but the pitching was wayyyyyyy underacheiving

Big guys finaly came through with a few runs. About freaking time!

Benoit had a really nice inning

Caby hasn’t looked good today at all. Hope his side is ok!

That’s Cabby

Well here comes Lilibridge. Papa Grande come on dude!

Valverde has just not been crisp lately. I don’t know, I’m no expert, but he isn’t using his splitter as effectively or something. Doesn’t seem to be striking people out like before.

By the way I also think peralta could of gotten the out at 2nd. Lucky it didn’t come back to haunt us.

Okay they dint go gang busters, but a win is a win and I will take it. Penny started out shakey but hunkered down and got the win.

Oddly enough, Tigers could end the day tied for first.

Tigers DO end the day in first. Thanks to Carlos

Just back from a vacation so missed seeing the games since the break, and from what I can tell I think I’ll skip on reading up on them. Now that I am back to watching, please guys, find your bats again.

I DVR’d the game today because I was at a show. Anybody seen “Rock of Ages”? I just got done watching the game in “live” fashion, meaning I didn’t know the outcome in advance and soldiered through it like the rest of you did.
You rarely see a game where everyone on the field had a big hand in the win. You can go right down the lineup from Dirks with his hustling double to Inge with some sharp picks at third. During the rally, it was an enormous advantage to have that extra veteran bat in there, and Carlos got the extra hit that put us ahead. The importance of that can’t be overstated. Penny went away from a curve that wasn’t working and was effective with well placed fastballs, a real veteran performance. Alburquerque got the biggest out with Konerko, and Benoit and Valverde did what they’re supposed to do. I’m going to enjoy this one for a couple of days. The collapse that may yet be coming (I’m a realist) is temporarily on hold.

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