Thomas outrighted to Toledo

In a move you could see coming, the Tigers closed out Brad Thomas’ rehab assignment at Triple-A Toledo and outrighted his contract there, taking the lefty reliever off the 40-man roster.

Thomas has enough service time that he can decline the assignment and become a free agent if he wants, and he has 72 hours to do so. If he does that, however, he forfeits the rest of his Major League contract with Detroit (he signed for a reported $800,000, so he has just under $400,000 coming to him). He’d be taking a chance he can get a better deal somewhere else. He could pitch in Japan or Korea, closer to his home in Australia, but it’s pretty late in the season over there to find a deal.


Making room for Carlos

Didn’t have to. By my count, they weren’t at 40 anyway. But with Thomas’ rehab assignment up, they had to make a roster move with him.

Talks about Beltran to the Tigers is heating up – but the mets indicated that they will keep the slugger until they get exactly what they want (a top prospect). Maggs seems to be back to a hitting form – but still a liability in the RF. Boesch has def. earned a LF position.

So y would the tigers WANT to give up a prospect for Beltran? He’s getting 10M + a year and it doesn’t solve the 2B/3B issues.

Lots of teams would have interest in Beltran for a deal similar to what the Mets took for K-Rod. Giving up actual prospects for him is a different story.

I hate to say it because I like Brandon, but we’re going to need someone to play thirdbase. I can understand trying to keep him there until the two kids in the minors were ready, but I don’t think it will work. Other than a strong throwing arm, Raburn has nothing to bring to the position. We could try Worth, but his hitting as an everyday player is a question mark. I think Kelly could hold down the position, but I doubt they want to go there. That leaves a trade…….for somebody.

Why DD signed Inge for that 2 yr contract is a mystery. I mean, did he think Brandon was more popular than Grandy? Brandon may not have wanted to play for any other team, but if the Tigers had let him go, he would have played somewhere else and maybe not liked it cause he probably wouldn’t be playing very much. They could have given that $$ to Polanco for chrissakes. Water over the bridge. Don Kelly plays a nice 3rd base as does Worth and they both hit better than Inge.

Tigers need a backup closer. Someone they can use in the 8th reliably and use in the 9th in case Valverde gets overrworked like he did prior to the All-Star. Jim said numerous times Valverde was unavailable on Sunday and then used him anyway because he just doesn’t trust his other arms in the pen. Closing games requires a different mentality and he doesn’t see anyone else down there who has it. Heath Bell or even Leo Nunez would work perfectly. They also need another starter. The kids in the minors aren’t ready yet. Carlos Zambrono and his 18.5 mil salary might be somebody to look at. If the Tigers are willing to give up a “B” prospect and take on some of that cash, I’ll be the Cubbies would move him and his attitude. DD isn’t known for trading for big names in July, but it might be time to step up. This division is just begging for someone to put the pedal to the Gas.

@Rich – Tigers have a top 10 offense in all MLB categories. The kids they have now (Kelly, Worth, etc.) can platoon with Brandon. The offense isn’t the issue. Its the pitching. PHI has around the 20th ranked offense in MLB and are currently 23 games over .500 because of their pitching. Its all about pitching.

@ Randy – They are also #1 in the NL in fielding percentage. Its all about pitching and defense.

I know some good defense always helps our buddy Porcello out…..

If I was DD I’d probably try for a starting pitcher, somebody for the BP and then a positiion player. But, he may not be able to get anyone depending on what other teams want. The Brewers sure didn’t waste any time. Rodriguez was a coup for them, imo.

Good pitching=good defense and vice versa. Can’t have one without the other. Unfortunately, the DD era has been built around offense and big arms, which may explain why we’ve only won the one wild card. My favorite squad was actually the 2009 team because they played sound defense. Seemed like we were winning with mirrors when in reality it was defense. Not coincidentally, that was Porcello’s best season to date. I’ll admit to being somewhat confused over the way DD built the 2011 team. Not enough defense. A good offense will get shut down on any given day, but a good defense (with decent pitching) is constant.
I think Benoit is the backup closer, as it should be. He most likely would have closed Sunday if Inge’s error didn’t require him to come in and finish the 8th. I want no part of Carlos Zambrano. With the way we play defense, we’d have the first ever murder on a ballfield. Noooo thank you.

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