Cabrera update: Mild right soreness, should be fine for Friday

What initially looked like an All-Star panic for Tigers fans turned out to be a precautionary exit from the Midsummer Classic for slugger Miguel Cabrera, who left Tuesday’s 5-1 National League win with mild soreness in his right side.

“It’s nothing big,” Cabrera said as he left Chase Field. “I’m going to take care of myself and get ready for Friday.”

Cabrera had entered the game for the bottom of the fifth inning as a defensive replacement for starter Adrian Gonzalez. He grounded out to second base in his lone at-bat, ending the top of the sixth inning against former Tiger Jair Jurrjens. He felt the soreness during that at-bat on a checked swing, he said.

Cabrera pointed along his right side, near the oblique area, when asked where the pain was.

He came back out for the next inning at first base, but still didn’t feel right. Once the American League All-Stars took the field for the bottom of the seventh, Minnesota’s Michael Cuddyer replaced him at first.

Had it been a regular-season game, Cabrera said, he probably wouldn’t have come out.

“No, no, I don’t think so,” he said. “But the first thing is to keep safe today. You don’t want to come back hurt to the organization. You have to be smart in this situation. It’s why I told them I’m hurt right now. I felt something a little bit, so I want to make sure it’s ok.”

Any injury to Cabrera is obviously a serious concern to the Tigers, who enter the season’s second half with a half-game lead over Cleveland in the American League Central. He took a .980 OPS, 18 home runs and 59 RBIs into the All-Star break, all tops on the Tigers. His .311 batting average ranked second to fellow All-Star Jhonny Peralta.

Cabrera has played in each of the Tigers’ 92 games, starting all but one of them. He expects to be back in the starting lineup when the Tigers begin the second half to their season Friday night against the White Sox at Comerica Park.

“I expect to play,” Cabrera said. “Hopefully I take care of it tomorrow and the next day and be ready to play.”


Admittedly, I have been critical of Cab this season. Most of it stems from his behavior, which I find reprehensible for a MLB player and father/husband.
I’m sure no one on this club would dare criticize their meal-ticket/adolescent brother, but I think part of his problem has been the inability to handle the moey and the fame. I think he is out of shape, and I think his moods affect his play. These are all simply personal observations and opinions.
He does have good baseball sense, a love of the game, and a boyish charm. I just wish he would ensure his attributes would diminish his faults in short order. Given his skillset he needs to be a leader on this team and not a diversion. If he shows any sign of an unwillingness to really change I would seriously unload him and take in the cache that he would most certainly bring in return.
Now I don’t mean this year but I would not deem him untouchable this winter if I were GM.
There are only three guys I would not trade. JV, Avila and Boesch. A young LHB catcher who hits, throws and fields well is a rare commodity. Boesch has a swing, that if he could refine and be consitent with, could become an elite player. Chances are he won’t but you don’t come across players with strength, speed, intelligence, determination and integrity like that every day. JV is a no brainer. He is a great pitcher with a mental toughness that comes along only once in a decade. He is a student of the game, and smart enough to humble himself and respect those around him. He wants to succeed, I’m sure there is little thought that runs in and endless loop in his brain that is telling him he can be the greatest pitcher to ever play the game. I’m not saying he is or will be, I’m saying I bet he really believes that and that is one of the tihings that makes him the kind of pitcher who unbelievably seems only to have upside.
Will DD go out and get us a starter? There are a few Canadians out there that couldn’t hurt! Francis, Bedard, Harden. Granted all of them are injury risks as is another Canuck, Dempster. But every one of them has some tools and are smart pitchers.
I have my fingers crossed about picking up a guy that can play 2nd base for us for the next 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 years. Aaron Hill, Michael Young. The key to this is character—both of those guys have it. Could go after a young name like Danny Espinoza and let him grow iwth the team.I think it is far more imperative to get a strong 2nd baseman than a 3rd sacker at this time. If we had dependability and production from 2nd base we could support the weakness at 3rd—I don’t think vice versa is practical.
We have help on the farm at 3rd—I don’t see it at 2nd.
When the 2nd half starts I hope we see more of Don Kelly at 3rd. I’m sure we will. I also hope JL finds a way to boost the confidence of Ryan Perry who I see as a key to the success in the bullpen. If you can have your late inning guys keep it up and have a LHP and RHP that can work the 7th, you can be in pretty good shape. I know Q will be back but will his slider be back too? I see the failure of Ryan Perry as not being his problem alone. I do believe Leyland has factored into this failure as well.
I think the situation we have with Jeff Jones as pitching coach is not a particularly healthy one. So much depends on the starting rotation and we have a re-invented afterthought as the guy who is supposed to mentor and advise them. I hope I’m wrong.
As to our hitting coach; I’d like to see him him forget about Inge, Raburn, Dirks and Wells and concentrate on simply making Austin Jackson become an offensive threat. Forget about all this crap about his front leg kick and such and get him to recognize and anticipate. To not let fastballs down the middle go by without swinging. To lay off the balls around the neckline and bill of the cap. If Austin Jackson hits anywhere near .300 the rest of the way you have a potent attack again.
And to Jim Leyalnd, please take the rest of this season seriously and not stubbornly. Don’t keep regurgitating the same mistakes perpetually. Have the intelligence and the courage to make changes when necessary, not just when you have no other choice. And please don’t subject this team the carnival of playing Don Kelly at every position some night in September.

Cabby is in the best shape of his life, his personal life is his own business and I don’t see it affecting his performance. “any sign of an unwillingness to really change I would seriously unload him” – change into what may I ask?

While I’ve always loved Verlander’s pitching, I can’t really say I loved his personality until this year. Confidence in himself shines through and through. He’s more thoughtful in his remarks and takes responsibility. He’s also become involved in civic and community duties which I’m glad to see. He’s very comfortable in his own skin.
And then we have to look at who got away: Grandy. What a star he is not only in New York but throughout all of MLB. Doing commercials with the president’s wife, working with his foundation, learned how to hit lefties and a superb CF’er. That man is pure gold.

It should be pretty obvious. If Cab has more serious off-filed meltdowns then he shouldn’t be a Detroit Tiger.

My how things have changed since May 18th, 1912 – not that I support unruly behavior. I just support my baseball players – even if they get into a little trouble.

would you have traded the georgia peach dan?

You are comparing Cabrera’s DUI to a fully sober Ty Cobb going into the stands to beat up a physically and mentally challenged fan………………..?

hahahaha, yea – in my defense i felt like the ‘Cobb stats’ : ‘Cabrera stats’ ratio is similar to the ‘Cobb inappropriateness’ : ‘Cabrera inappropriateness’ ratio.

Cabrera is a team leader. You watch him during pregame workouts, batting practice, how he deals with young players after they fail and you see a leader. I think his lack of english keeps him from being interviewed more. Unless your at a game, you do no see most of these things. Listen to the other players and you hear about a smart baseball player who is a leader.

He has issues, to be sure, just like Tony LaRussa driving drunk and falling asleep at an intersection.

No negatives here but I think Cabby could lose some weight. Bat speed is more important than muscle. We trade Grandy for a pitcher. Curtis is having a great year. Will he continue to have them? Jurjjiens is also very good. It is the chance you take with trades. Can you say gamble? No one seems to bring up the untouchable players, Maybin and Miller. I say bring up Will Ryhmes. Why did we trade Sizemore? Go Tigers! –Dave

Oh, I totally agree with you regardiing his speaking English. I think he would interview more but the dumb interviewers ask questions over and over like: “tell us what kind of leadership Alex Avila displays behind the plate and what do you think his talent does for this Tigers’ team?” And then theyask him another question similiar. They need to keep it short and relative to something he did or another big play. Keep it simple. The guys who do the interviews drive me nuts. And its not like Miguel is the only player who is subjected to this. Its hard for all of them and some are better than others but I always hear a little Spanish and a little English but understand.

Dan, I have to say your description of Cabby was well thought out and clearly articulated. You don’t sugar coat your thoughts and don’t pull any punches. I respect that. There is a level of disappointment I reach, for lack of a better word, thinking about Miguel Cabrera’s “mistakes” and just wishing he had dealt with his problem the first time. (Realistically there are no easy fixes and it will be a lifelong battle) Now, before anybody takes me to task for being mean spirited, I’ll confess up front, that when I was young, I could have been arrested for DUI on many many different occasions. Either by stupid luck or divine providence I wasn’t. Doesn’t make me any less guilty. So at the risk of being hypocritical, I just want the best for Miguel, for his family, his friends and the team. I think it will be a tough fight for him, as it would be for anyone.
The fact is I really like Miguel. He has an unbelievable amount of baseball talent. He is truly blessed. With all the physical talent he possesses, he also has great instincts and mental presence on the field. As Dan described, he has that boyish, likeable spirit you can’t help but love. We are indeed spoiled getting to watch him play everyday. If there was one thing I’d like to see him improve in, it would be to develop more discipline at the plate. I think he gives away AB’s simply because his level of confidence is so high, patience is not part of the equation. Impetuous might be the word. I just think, imagine how good he could be. He could hit .400, he’s that good. He appears to be a great teammate, a positive player, always encouraging, and he can virtually lift up and carry the team on his back in any given game. But I’m not sure he will ever become that true team leader that has yet to emerge on the Tigers. And it’s probably unfair to expect that of him.
On a side note, I was at Yankee Stadium to see Derek Jeter hit number 3000. Honest. The first game I ever saw at either of the Yankee Stadiums. Talk about serendipity. I’ll explain later.

Wow, Marty. What a game to be at. I hope you got pictures.
Miguel seems to be in a slump recently. Either the pitchers have made some adjustments or else he needs to, and that probably requires more patience as Marty referenced. And, DB, I’m with you. I’d like to see Cab lose another 15 pounds. He’s carryiing around alot of weight on those joints. He used to be much slimmer, but I don’t know if it was the food/alcohol that made him blote up or not working out enough. He’d gain a little more flexibility if he shed a few more pounds. Peralta has definitely slimmed down and that reflects on the field. In my youth, I could have been arrested for many DUI’s. Loved to party back then, but I didn’t get into arguments or turn surly like Mig has been known to do. He has to be very careful. I love his playfulness and hope that never changes.

In Ann Arbor yesterday on business and I like to listen to 97.1, the ticket. A lot of talk about the Miguel “injury”. Hope it is not serious like they thought it might be. I think Avila can turn into the team leader. We sure do need one. Alex just looks loke he could get real mean if he had too. Real anxious to see what the staring line up will be for Friday. –Dave

IDK if anyone noticed by JL got some votes for MANAGER of the YEAR by

Dave Dombrowski:
“You have to keep a constant pulse on your club,” Dombrowski said. “And I think especially with our hitters, [we’re improving]. Magglio [Ordonez] has come back. He’s swinging better. Brandon Inge is back. Guillen at second is close.”
With those three guys you have to have more than a “constant pulse”–you have to make sure there actually is a pulse.
To think that 3 question marks with histories of injury, that can’t run, and combined are well over 100 years old are being relied on to provide the energy needed for a pennant chase is “Hope & Dream” Supreme. We’d be lucky to get a solid all around contribution from just one of those three.
Get off you duff DD and find something.

I think a case can be made for Inge playing good “halves”, and for that matter i am excited to see the impact Maggs has in the 2nd half. Guillen has always been clutch for that matter.

I expect this from them -> a combined 90 games and a couple pinch hit appearances.

I still think we have the players, we just need to play our best players. Do you want Beltran from the Mets? Who would you give up and would Mr I. write the check?

DD isn’t going to find much of anything, and we’ve already received the answer to his approach for the 2nd half; it’s in Dan’s quote above. Oh, he’ll make a small deal that nobody will understand and his stated reason will be prefaced, as usual, with those three words “We just felt….” You can’t bring in a Beltran or any other position player because how would JL fit his shiny new toy in among his various favorites? His head would explode. On the one hand, he plays a new person daily regardless of performance and, on the other hand, he MUST play Inge and Raburn and Ordonez and Guillen and Aubrey Huff and Matt Stairs and Neifi Perez………..whoops, lost it there for a minute. We can pick up some rag tag veteran starting pitcher who probably won’t be any better than the kids we’ve got. On top of this, so many clubs are “in” the race that most won’t want to “sell.”
This thing is going to drag on as it has been until the final week and that’s when the Tigers will lose a game or games they should have won. And that’s why I don’t pick them to win it.
Now fellas, please PROVE ME WRONG!!!!!

I sure hope DD proves you wrong. In my mind HE is the man most responsible for the fortunes of the Detroit Tigrs in 2011.
Not Illitch and his pocket book, not Jim Leyland, Not Miguel Cabrera, not Justin Verlander, or for that matter, Carlos Freakin’ Guillen.
This is Dombrowski’s time to make the right move. Without ithat I don’t think even luck can help.
It is time to own up to the horrible contracts that have hung like a noose around this roster for years. Have some guts, make the proper tradess and/or releases.
Get a starting pitcher–contrary to popular belife (excuses) they are out there.
Belaran is not a fix for this team, unless he can play 3rd base. And do something either about a 3 year plan for 2nd base or a 2011 plan for 3rd. I have no confidence he can do both but one move here is imperative. Revisit the idea of Raburn playing 3rd if anyone else in their demented mind wants Inge on their roster.

Raburn at 3rd? Hahahaha!!! Thanks for the laugh.

You’re right that DD is the man most responsible. I just think the time for club building was over the winter, not at the trade deadline. Now we’re in an awkward position for dealing. These needs should have been addressed last winter. Relying on Ordonez, Inge, and Guillen was very risky and now we may pay the price. Or not. Always the glimmer of hope that comes in dreams.
If money is that tight, perhaps we shouldn’t be paying a manager $4 mil a year when you can get one for less than a quarter of that.

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