Turner on call: “I really haven’t even thought about it”

Jacob Turner had just landed in Phoenix Saturday night when he learned about Charlie Furbush’s rough start at Kansas City and option back to Triple-A Toledo. He was not thinking he might be next in line in Detroit, he said.

“I really haven’t even thought about it like that,” Turner said Sunday afternoon from Chase Field, before he pitched two outs in the All-Star Futures Game. “Obviously I saw that Furbush got sent down, but he’s done really well up there. I think he had one bad outing. Right now I’m focused on whatever I can do to get better. I think the rest will take care of itself.”

Turner’s next pitching assignment is on Wednesday in New Hampshire, where he’s on the roster for the Eastern League All-Star Game. After that, he’s scheduled to start Erie’s fifth game out of the All-Star break, which would be next Monday. The Tigers have a TBA listed for that Wednesday. So far, there’s no indication he’s guy to make that start.

Turner does watch the Tigers, but it’s mainly to watch who’s in the rotation now, especially the guy at the top of it, Justin Verlander.

“I think I’ve watched every time he’s started,” Turner said. “It’s unbelievable, really. I watched his last outing. The stuff that he has and the command of the stuff, it’s something not seen out of any other big league starter out there right now.”

Turner talked a lot about the adjustments he has made facing Double-A hitters. His consistency, he believes, is getting better. So is his changeup.

“It’s getting better,” he said. “It’s something that’s been a big pitch for me recently. If I’m behind in the count or even if I need a strikeout or an easy ground ball, it’s something I can go to. I’m still working on learning to control it as consistently as I can control my fastball, but that’s been a big pitch for me. Obviously, it makes my fastball look a lot faster.”


Hope he’s the new JV. Also glad he’s up because now all the “Turner Junkies” can either be vindicated or shut up.

nvrmind i thought he was up already.

Right Jake, like you “really haven’t teven thought about it”!
Some will argue it’s too soon. That may well be, but it will also be too late for the Tigers if they don’t find someone to plug in to that rotation.
We’ve seen other young guys step in ans shut major leaguers down. Maybe he can too. I don’t think he’s as ready as we would like, but he you never know, he could be “ready enough”.
I do know that relying on Andy Oliver is more than likely a mistake. Maybe Duane Below is a guy with enough toughness,. I don’t see Oliver with that quality at all.
As to the lineup after the break. I would not be totally surprised to see them experiment with Raburn a little at 3rd. I don’t think it would be successful because with Raburn you will always get someone with skills more suited to handling a jackhammer than a ball glove but I do think you can hide more at the corner of a baseball diamond than in the middle of it. More than likely though, Guillen will be given 2nd base and Raburn a seat on the bench. If we are lucky, and I do mean lucky, he’ll get us through this season and give the team a likft.
Presuming the “IF” part, Leyland has a bit of a conundrum with 3rd base. He continues to play Inge as though his name is inscribed on the wall in Center Field with the Tiger greats. Even JL cannot be so obtuse as to keep playing him. Likely he will go with Kelly and Inge platooning there (unless DD actually does his job and finds a necessary practical solution) and Raburn becomes the “super utility” guy on the bench.
My wish list is we find a solid, proven starter and a slick good hitting 2nd baseman..

Turner has a nice smooth delivery without a lot of moving parts so that’s a plus. Even looks like he could field his position. He also seems to carry a calm and cool demeanor, another plus. I did see him fool some big league hitters, but that was the second week of ST. I think he gets a spot start at some point this season and we’ll see how that goes. We could definitely use a “new sensation” (with no apologies to INXS who I never liked). I’m not ruling out Furbush after one bad start, but he needs to work on holding runners.
JL is a lot slower to act on things than we fans are. Understandable since he bears the responsibility and we don’t. That said, I think he’s a little slow to respond to trends. He knows Inge is failing miserably but seems confounded as to what to do about it. If nothing else, I’d at least give Kelly the starts against RHers. I don’t think Brandon is going to get it back at his age because those reflexes are slowing down. It’s a fact of life. You have to adjust. You have to solve the problem, not deny that it exists. That’s all I can say to Mr. Inge right now.

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