New celebration in store for Valverde All-Star save?

Jose Valverde was talking today about what it means to come back to Arizona and get a chance to save a game, and he was smiling.

“This is where I started playing baseball,” Valverde said. “This is where I threw my first pitch in that stadium. I have good friends. I have exciting moments in that stadium.”

That, of course, set up the logical question: Did Valverde celebrate his saves the same here?

“I think I had more here,” he said. “I don’t know. You can ask my boy Tony Clark. He’s here.”

Clark is a former Tiger, of course, but he was also a teammate of Valverde in Arizona when Valverde first came up.

“He was consistent,” Clark said.

Valverde celebrated a bit in last year’s All-Star Game after he retired the side in the 9th inning with the American League trailing. If he closes down the game Tuesday — AL manager Ron Washington said he’ll turn to Valverde if there’s a save chance — he almost has to bring out his celebration. His former fans in Arizona would expect no less.

“Oh, yeah,” Valverde said. “I have a new one for tomorrow. I practiced it last night in the hotel. I have a new one for all my family here. I practiced it last night for two hours.”

Valverde tends to kid, to the point where it’s sometimes difficult to determine when he’s serious. He sounded serious this time, because he said the same thing to somebody else.


I’m not in agreement with Selig’s plan to expand the playoffs. I think he doesn’t understand that what makes baseball great is the six month daily grind of the regular season, not a glitzy “tournament” in October. It should be difficult to make the postseason. Have a great season or go home. Besides the fact that it’s logistically impossible to structure a 10-team playoff without major problems, it just drags on too long. By the time the WS rolls around, who outside of the participating markets even cares anymore? It’s not the fabled World Series of the past, it just becomes a final round in a long tournament.
It will become like the NFL where most folks can’t even figure out which teams needs to win what games on the final weekends to qualify. You also end up with too many clubs who have already wrapped up some kind of playoff berth playing each other in late season games that would have been for all the marbles, but is now just a tourney warmup.
I don’t understand why MLB doesn’t celebrate what makes baseball what it is, rather than trying to copy other sports leagues.

Rich, great stuff. The same guy that ended a game in a tie. I am for the best record gets home field advantage. I would not mind seeing the first round be a 5 game series. What does he want? A “Mr. December”? The dog days are almost here. I like to watch the intro’s of the players and want to see Avila bat. Not sure about the Twins but watch out for the White Sox. Go Tigers! –Dave

I can’t imagine a worse indidivual to make decisions for the Game of Baseball than Bud Selig.
Carlos DH’d and went 1 for 5 last night with 3 Ks

Other than George W

carlos isn’t doing well huh? damn!

I’d love a video of a grown man practicing his celebration dance. Love that guy, what a riot.

good luck tonight Tiger all stars

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