Guillen’s rehab assignment continues

The Tigers announced today what the Toledo Blade reported last night: Carlos Guillen’s minor league rehab assignment is going to continue, at least through Thursday. His rehab assignment was transferred today to Double-A Erie, which finishes up its first half Monday night at Akron.

That’ll be it for Guillen’s time with the SeaWolves, who are on break Tuesday and Wednesday like everybody else. Come Thursday, Guillen will be a Mud Hen again, joining Triple-A Toledo for the start of the second half against Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Thursday night at Fifth Third Field.

Nothing was announced after that. The Tigers will start their second half Friday night at Comerica Park against the White Sox.


Hi Jason! I have a Question… Why not Make a Deal? (Rayburn/Dirks/Wells/Jackson/Furbush/Coke/Perry/Below/Crosby/Smily/Strieby/Thorman) for the youngers proved players (Kershaw/Kemp/Eithier) from the Dodgers, Keep Turner’s formation in AA and Keep in the farm system 3B Francisco Martinez, Switch 3B Nick Castellanos to SS and Bryand Pounds to 2B, we’ll have 3B/SS/2B for the 2012 Season with a Verlader/Kershaw/Scherzer/Porcello/Turner Rotation.

That trade idea may sound great for the Tigers but I don’t think the Dodgers GM will buy it even though the ownership of the Dodgers is in a terrible mess. I think something needs to be done but I don’t have much hope due to DD’s conservative tendencies and you also need two to dance. The best thing that can come out of another second half collapse is the end of JL’s tenure as manager.

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