Saturday: Tigers at Royals

At the airport, waiting to fly to Phoenix, so why not blog some lineups? Dirks is back in leadoff spot, but this time in left. Casper Wells gets the start in center. Don Kelly gets the start at 3rd to rest the slumping Brandon Inge.

1. Andy Dirks, lf
2. Ramon Santiago, ss
3. Brennan Boesch, rf
4. Miguel Cabrera, 1b
5. Victor Martinez, dh
6. Don Kelly, 3b
7. Alex Avila, c
8. Ryan Raburn, 2b
9. Casper Wells, cf
P: Charlie Furbush


why if the hell is rug burn in the majors?

why is rug burn in the majors?

he bat .310+ last year during the 2nd half of the year. that’s why he was given a 2yr contract in the offseason. I’m hoping he repeats last year’s performance (even tho i realize he has gotten more AB’s this 1st half than last year’s 1st half).

Good job cross checking… Two in right field no one in Center. Maybe Leyland and you know more than the rest of us.

Grow up & show a little appreciation for all the info that Jason provides. He posted this from the airport even though he’s not covering this series and you criticize a typo. Nice.

Dirks is in center and Boesch is in left.

Victor is DH

The reason that there are two RF is because one is a DH. The Tigers play in the American League genius.

why is peralta not in and raburn in? this is ridiculous

get rid of woodpecker head Inge, he is worthless………….. & keep in Kelly…..

Raburn again!?!? Really!?!? Why not Santiago at 2nd ad perralta ss

Cetrainly agree about Peralta. We need him in the lineup. He’s 7th in the league for cripes sake!

JL does and says some pretty sensless and needless things.
“. Leyland said he would pull Jackson or let him bunt if his turn in the batting order comes this weekend.”
Why tell the opposition what you are going to do if you don’t have to?
Says he will not use Valverde the rest of the series? What if we need him on Sunday? OK I can see the day off today but an inning before the All Star break shouldn’t be demanding.
I know it is like knocking your ahead against the wall but I figure after only a little more head-banging even Leyland will soon ealize Inge is a defensive replacement/utility player. You simply can’t ignore .186-1HR-17 RBI

I’m thinking the Royals could look at Jackson’s wrist and figure out his limitations. This is not the material of some grand ruse.

Jason Beck quote, “rest the slumping Brandon Inge. ” Well put. Obvious. If there is a chance Ajax won’t be able to play for awhile, can he be put on the DL? Some of those 15 days would be eaten up by the ASB, wouldn’t they? In the meantime, get a fresh player to Detroit. Maybe a 2nd baseman? It sure looks like they are going to do or die with Raburn. I guess we’ll find out soon about his second half success.

Wells is in center and Dirks is in left. I put that up in the top paragraph but goofed it up in the lineup itself.

I disagree Jason. While it is certainly no “grand ruse”,, it’s a needless pronouncement to make to the opposition. Totally unnecesaary.
Kinda like saying, I hope they don’t throw Boesch down and in because he fouled one off his knee the other day and is really limited on those types of pitches.
Yes, the opposition picks up on things but how do you think they might pitch him if an announcement like that was actually made in the media?
My point is don’t say things to the media about your strategy even if it seems obvious. Let them find out the hard way. I would rather (and he probably won’t come to bat) they THINK he will PROBABLY bunt than KNOW he is

They hid it for several days until he couldn’t swing the bat anymore. If he didn’t say anything, he would be getting ripped for not starting Jackson with the all-star break so close.

so they knew his wrist was hurt and they kept him out there? Yea, they should get ripped.

Amazing how some of these posters follow the team so closely yet don’t seem to understand JL and his lineups.

Peralta seems to get rested against righties as much as Inge. Yet Peralta hits righties better than lefties this year with his .330/.373 to .268/.340.
Peralta gets rested way too often for my liking.

That’s not a very good start. Not that they have to hit or score but 3 outs on 7 pitches?

Boy the pressure our hitters put on Hochaver in the fist was amazing???

I think there will be added pressure on Furbush. KC knows what faces them Sunday so they will be trying extra hard against Charlie.

Furbush was squeezed in that AB to Melky Cabrera???

Man on first, a left handed hitter and he is almost on second base?
The ball found the hole? No, it found Raburn

Sure enough. He’s been squeezed at least 4-5 times already.

So appearently Furbush has to throw it down the middle to get a strike called, so they are probably going to be able to tee off on him pretty good. He may not stand a chance. We will see if Hochever the same strke zone. Our hitters didn’t give me a chance to see what it is against him since they were pitifully quick outs.

When will they remove all the clowns from behind home plate????

That first pitch to Francoeur was clearly a strike. Both Fox Trax and Gameday had it nearly right doen the middle. What does Charlie have to do?

Put it on a tee with a bow

First paitch to Francoeur was a strike too, he should of been struck out instead Dirks had to make a good play. Ok ump please don’t make me have to complain about he strike zone all night make sure it is even!

Got away with only 1 rund that inning. Though Charlie should have been able to be sitting on the bag for Santiago’s relay on the DP attempt. He must have figured it was going to be a ground ball to Raburn.
I seem to remember this Hocheaver throwing a really nice game agaiinst us recently—perhaps I’m wrong?

From Dan’s stats yesterday, only 2 regular Tigs in recent form – Peralta and Maggs…..

Boy I sure wish Peralta.was in the game, he is truely our only hitter that is still hot. Martinez just had a nice double but he, Cabrera, Avila and Martinez are in minny slumps for sure.

Not feeling real good about this but still hoping. They are teeing off on Furbush, he isn’t fooling anybody.

How did they screw up that pick off?

Yeah–it’s looking pretty dismal so far. This game is very close to getting away from us. we kind of do this over and over. creep within reach of Cleveland then let it slip away again.

Poor throw by Ramon.

Uh-Oh. Bases ;oaded and Tiger Killer Butler up.
If we get out of this one I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Looks like Andy Oliver will be calaled up (by default). He’s not ready IMO but he is readier than Charlie.

Gordon and Butler both guys had two strikes on them, he hits one and the other gets a single for 2 rbi’s. Other than the francuer hit nothing has been hit real hard, but as I said last night if your infield is a sieve, well then you are going to get a lot of that. I am smelling laugher here.

Raburn is no longer a certain out on pitches low and away.

Boy did Vmart just get robbed, Mario seemed almost giddy over it!

I am glad I have the KC feed. More balanced!!!🙂

Raburn is starting to hit a bit. The danger in that i that JL could use this as a predictor for sticking with Inge as he has with Raburn. I don’t think we can afford a struggling bat in our lineup when collectively our proven hitters are having a rough time of it..
Tough break on VMart’s liner. Would have put us right back in this one.


Good job Ramon ya idiot!!

Kiddie ball stuff letting them score at least one run in the third. The team is playing too relaxed after having won the first two.

Everyones sweetheart just cost this team 5 runs and probably the game????

Get Peralta in.

Pretty strong words GK for a pretty common occurrence in the game of baseball. Untimely, unfortunate, but not unusual and certainly not the result of being an idiot..
Furbush will be sent down after this. And rightly so. He is not a reliever and we need a starter. He can’t hold gouys on, he can’t field ground balls, he doesn’t cover 1st base very well and he pitched as poorly as you can.
Time to go.

Ya trong words but if it were Raburn everyone would be all over him. (Not that I would disagree but if it is good for one it is good for all)

And Charlie received NO HELP AT ALL from his teammates offensively or defensively, and very poor calling of balls and strikes by the umpire. The deck was surely stacked against him tonight.

It was abundantly clear that Furbush had nothing in the 1st and certainly the 2nd.. He could not concentrate on his job with the distraction of runners on base and this alone should have been an alarm bell. With Wilk not having pitched in a while it was an astute manager who might have obviated this by yanking him.

How does only one error account for five unearned runs? How could a homer be counted as unearned?

I’ms sure someone will say that it’s too early in the season to yank a guy so early, that you don’t want to overtax your bullpen. etc. etc. Well, Day after tomorrow all these guys are on holidays. No point keeping your powder dry now.

I think you all aren’t seeing the forest for the trees. Leyland left Charlie out there for 79 pitches tonight, even though it was obvious he didn’t have it. Didn’t lift him until the game was gone. In his last start, Charlie was pulled after 65 pitches even though he was doing okay. What master blueprint is Leyland following? It certainly doesn’t include trying to win games. Worst manager in baseball, bar none.

Did he have much of a choice? Pen is pretty used up right everyone has pitched a lot lately? That being siad if Ramon doesn’t botch a more than routine play, we culd very well be leading the game right now.

Come on Vamrt.

This Holland has really good numbers hopefuly kely can sneak something through.

No such luck

Jessica, those runs are considered unearned because IF Santiago had made the paly there would have been 3 outs and NONE of those runs would have scored. Gordon wouldn’t have even made it to the plate to hit that 3 run HR.
The Royals certainly earned them from the standpoint they took advantage of the opportunity, rattled Furbush and then hit the snot out of him, but as to the other traditional aspect of baseball (stat keeping) those runs are indeed, unearned.

Rich—I figure he should have been taken out in the 2nd inning.

It’s taken 2 hours to play 4 innings. And Benoit hasn’t thrown yet!

On a different note, has anyone noticed how many of the pitchers on the American leauge roster are pitching Sunday so they can’t pitch on Tuesday? Verlander, Sheilds, Hernandez and there are a few more that I can’t remember right now?
Casper isn’t helping anything tonight at the plate. I think we needed to do more damage against Hochevar, that’s why I would of rather seen Miggy and or Vmart hit rather than being walked.

This game, ever since the posting of the lineup has been one big head shake.

Well, good pitching beats good hitting. We need another starter, let alone a bp guy.

Leadoff single for Haffner in the bottom of the 9th in Cleveland. Here we are going into the top of the 6th and I think both of these games started at the same time!

Yes they did start at the same time! Its amazing isn’t it. Crap thr Indians come back and tie it up. They got the mojo right now. Extra innings for thr tribe and jays.
By the way this umps strike zone is one of the very reasons this game is taking so bloody long. Its really horrible.

Miggs batting used to be a thing of beauty. Recently no timing being totally out of sync.

Bautista just hit a homer to go ahead.

Frustration in Cleveland for the Blue Jays (and us) Indians tied the game after a 2 out double and an 11 pitch AB by Travis Buck. Rauch the closer for the Jays kept pouring strikes but hurt himself ticew in the prievious at bats. With 1 out the lanky righthander flagged a ball down that would have been a DP–they did get the out at 1st. Then the next batter hits one pretty much right to him and he fails to even look at the runner who would have been dead meat at 3rd. Two out now. Then the poor decisions to keep throwing Buck strike afte strike–giving him a good luck and he followed it up with a double.
GK’s favourite ballplayer,, Bautista,, just clobbered one in the top of the 10th.

He could be my favorite player tonight. Bautista that is. Haha, or as we commonly refer to in my house as toe tap, since that is what turned him into Babe Ruth,

Surely Bautista’s 2nd homer will finish off the pesky Indians??

oh Raburn

JL’s handling of Ryan Perry has not been very intelligent IMO. He has twice failed to use him recently in key situations deferring to Oliveros. For a guy who has the tools and arm that Perry has, the trouble he has had and rebounded from it surprises me that JL continues to show no confidence in him when it is clear that confidence is what he needs.

N.B. To Jessica. Raburn muffed a pop up. That would have been the 2nd out. Treanor’s Sac Fly would have been the 3rd. All these subsequent runs are technically unearned. I am looking at the box score and these runs are showing up as earned. i’m sure they’ll change that.

Ya they are givng an earned run to Wilk on that so far I hope they chane that.
Indians lost, mojo ran out

BTW, when we stink—we really stink.

Escobar’s triple shows what running hard can produce. Our slack base runnning alone cost at least two runs besides Raburn holding up from 2B on the bloop to RF.

Release raburn. 74 hrs and 184 rbi would not be enough for his iron glove.
And Perry.
And Inge

At least we don’t drop a game and a half behind as the Jays just beat the Tribe.
We have a very poor base-running team. Dreadful actually.
Kind of ironic that we have a club that plays in a spacious ball park built for extra base hits and DD has built a station-to-station offense.

good work by Wilks. He hold the game for the comeback

I do think our guys are pkaying fatigued. They would of been smart to maybe spread the makeup games out a little more if possible. The only bats that seem to be perking up are Maggs, Raburn and Peralta is steady. Hence the 8 unearned runs tonight. Theoretically we should be winning this game tonight, even with the bad pitching.

Casper your hit was a little too late, didn’t. Do it when it may of meant something. 8 unearned runs is just way unacceptable.

Mercifully going quickly down drain now.
The KC commentators pointed out how poor our base stealing record is. Then trying to be polite they said we made up for it with the 3 run homer, not realising we stunk with that record. They tried to get out of it saying we have the 6th best HR total in the AL.
Our 8 unearned runs is KC’s 2nd highest received in their history.

8 unearned runs????? Yikes

With the Tigs coming into the break with the SOC’s easily 2nd worst record in 6 seasons, 4 Central teams are within 7.5 games and is anyones for the taking.

Isn’t this game be shown nationally on MLB or something? Gosh, it’s been just awful. Furbush didn’t look good at all. I don’t think Oliver is even in the equation anymore. He was worse than awful. We have good hitters, but man oh man, you have to have starting pitching and a good BP if you want to win your division.

Oliver does have a mid 90’s fastball. For a LHP that is a very neat tool to have in your belt. His problem, as I seeit, is he is too placid, almost timid. You need to get a little angry and show some intensity. I don’t see that attribute in him. he also walks too many hitters. He is a very nice chess piece though. You might get something for him in a trade.
He has more upside than Furbush.
For all the stuff we hear about the “arms” in the minors that we have cultivated and signed, there is no one that is capable of stepping in. No one. Oliver is the closest and the 2 chances he has been given he has shown he doesn’t have it.
The Tigers have to find a starting pitcher. A reliable starting pitcher.
The best thing that can happen for us is for JV to throw a gem again tomorrow–get the win, take the series, and go home, enjoy those events and spend some time with your families. Come back and start all over again with a couple of key additions picked up over the break or before the deadline.
I know we all know that these deadline trades often don’t pan out. But this current squad is dead in the water.

Which side of the mouth did this come from:

Leyland said it is important to rest players before they start showing signs that they really need it.
“Sometimes maybe guys are doing good because they got rest,” he said. “You almost need to rest them before they literally need the rest, because you don’t want to get them into a slump or run them into the ground.”
Apparently that principle somehow has never applied to Brandon Inge.

I did see your post up there, Dan, about wanting to take Furbush out in the 2nd. Your original on the subject was written at the same time I was writing mine. It was at that time that I stopped watching. It appeared to me that Leyland had no interest in winning the game, so I had no interest in watching it. That’s a trend that will be on the rise. It does appear that Wilk was able to limit the damage enough to where we may have had a chance to win a game that didn’t look win-able. JL gets a big fail on this stuff. Yank Furbush at 65 pitches on Monday when he’s doing okay, but leave him out there in the heat tonight to get slammed for 79 pitches, and we did have someone in the pen who was brought in too late. Why does JL wait until after the big hit that everyone sees coming to change pitchers?
The 8 unearned runs sounds bad, but doesn’t let the pitcher off the hook. He still has to regroup and limit the damage. We played over our mistakes in the previous three games, all wins.
I do get tired of hearing the excuses. 38 games in 39 days is in vogue now. Come on, a team should be able to get through that. Certainly the manager should be able to handle it. If it’s that big a deal, perhaps our All Stars should opt out like some others have, and get all that much needed rest.
I’ve been wondering for some time now where are all those great young pitchers that we’ve drafted. One is in Atlanta, two are with the Tigers. Is that all we got from all those arms?
At this point, if given a choice, I’d take a new manager over players acquired in trades. You folks who think JL is doing a good job are just fooling yourselves.

Furbush did get sent down, as I thought he would. Mangement is very quick to cover up mistakes when they are easily covered up. Unfortunately when you hve players you have committed to that have no options and multi-million dollar contracts it’s a little harder to disguise.
Some times they surprise me and do the right thing. Like when they had the guts to release Sheffield. Other times they don’t surprise me at all like when the try to get people to forget about some of their most glaring and misguided mistakes. i.e the loss of Polanco with no compensation and the subsequent annointing of the injured heir apparent, Sizemore. Sizemore was supposed to make the fans forget about the Polanco stupidity. Instead DD had to try and make the fans forget about Scott Sizemore too. Sizemore will become a good MLB ballplayer. But that whole scene was doomed form the outset.
The next fiasco is going to be the installation of Carlos Guillen as the “new” 2nd baseman and salvation for the 2nd half of the season. He will make people forget about Ryan Raburn (and Will Rhymes) for awhile. Until he injures himself once again.
The problem with waiting for Guillen is that they are willing to pretend that he is an answer while any possible solution that is available will fall by the wayside and end up on someone elses pennant contending roster. We still need a 2nd baseman for next season–so if one is out there get him now.
I completely agree with Rich about Leyland. Time has passed him by. He has too many personal flaws that intersect his lineup decisions. His in game strategy is reactive, stale. Can’t seem to anticipate what is going on or if he does he is too stubborn to admit and and deal with it before it bites him in the a$$. I believe he plays favorites, I believe, for all the talk we hear about him being a players’ manager,t hat he holds grudges, and doesn’t know how to recognize the psychological needs of many of his players. Detroit needs a fresh approach, someone who doesn’t look like a deer in the headlights in the dugout during a game. For all the Marlboro bravado, I think we have a guy who is unsure of himself.
Pretty harsh assessment but I’m sure there are a few hundred thousand other fans who are pretty sure Jim Leyland will never bring them to the top.

I am certain Peralta gets rested as a feeble excuse to show Inge it isn’t just him sitting on the bench the odd game.
I am in two minds about DD, provided he is the soul survivor from the current management mafia.
DD cut Sheff only because it was the final year. He has never had the guts to bring to account his big contract failures before then including Dtrain and Nate.
DD’s cohorts then chose the lineups and roster based on salary instead of performance playing them ad-nauseum.
Is there any son of Detroit’s management team not playing in the Detroit farm system? You would think they owned the franchise and not MrI.

Our main man Lynn Henning has an article on Inge. After reading it carefully, can you tell me if this article is:
a) sad
b) disturbing
c) revealing
d) all of the above

No question d). Amazing the level of denial major sportsmen can go through particularly on the way out.
I didn’t comment at the time but early in the season when the SOC was singing Migg’s praises, he stated how Miggs was not just a gifted hitter but one if not the most inteliigent player he had ever had play for him saying he always new when he had made a managerial mistake in a game.
The SOC had better start reading a few forums to also get a grip on reality.

I’ve always thought Miggy is an intelligent player. He knows the game and reacts very quickly in almost all situations. Some guys are throwing to the wrong person, don’t understand base running, but Miguel knows the fundamentals very well.

I sure would be tired if I worked for more than a month with only one day off?? Heck I am tired if I work for 5 or 6 days in a row. With all the travel and playing everyday being at the park for 6 or so hours a day, I would think that it would be very tiring. It doesn’t matter if you make millions, you are tired. You all must have a lot more stamina than I do if you think that you work for that many straight days without a break. And I don’t vote for our players for Allstar, for that very reason I would rather they get rest and decompress for a few days.

PS Furbush was doing pretty well until he got moved into the starters positon, in the pen he was pretty good.

The 8 unearned runs sounds bad, but doesn’t let the pitcher off the hook. He still has to regroup and limit the damage. We played over our mistakes in the previous three games, all wins.
8 unearned runs not only sounds bad it is really bad, and while I agree that it doesn’t let the pitcher off the hook, he is young or maybe just doesn’t have the fortiture to buck up and bail his team out. But it cetianly doesn’t let Santiago off the hook either, there couldn’t have been anything more routine than that play and I suppose if it weren’t him there would be a lot more people on here bashing him today instead of putting it all on Furbush. Santiago makes that play it is a completely different game and he is out of it.

On that point, I think the only one that would have gotten bashed would be Raburn and possibly Inge. Not Peralta, Worth or Kelly. My point was you shouldn’t give up 8 unearned runs on two bad defensive plays. 8 unearned sounds like a club made 4 or 5 errors.

“I’m benching myself, permanently, Jim ,for the good of the team.”

Saw Oliver pitch last night for the Hens and he had a good game. We had the only real bad seats in the house – outfield picnic area which is not ideal for watching with kids, they don’t sit still so therefore you don’t sit and watch. Guillen played dh and you could tell they were testing him – 2 hits that were iffy for doubles that on the 2nd he never stopped, I think to see how good his legs would do. Slid into 2nd and didn’t get hurt – I get excited about the small stuff. He had 2 nice hits, a walk and a ground out I think.

If you are ever in the Toledo area, catch a game. They are not playing well this year but the venue is terrific and if you catch a fireworks night they are well worth the admission.

Tigerr Girl we were going to drive down to the mud hens game last night but by th time we thought of it and loked for tickets there was only standing rom only tickets ans I didn’t want to do that. Maybe tonight?

Francis is a good pitcher. Contrary to his record. He’s got good stuff and can give a team fits if he’s on.
Inge back in, I just don’t get Leyland. He is actually being irresponsible as a manager.You simply cannot be so obtuse so as to do something over and over and over till it works. It is not fair to his players, it is not fair to the fans and it is not fair to the history of the Detroit Tigers.
He damn well better play this game like he was managing in the NL. If he gets a cople of guys on 1st & 2nd with nobody out he has to at least consider a sac bunt. If Inge is up you make him him bunt even if there is only a guy on 1st with nobody down.
Runs may be at a premium with the way the middle of the lineup has NOT been hitting. With JV pitching be sensible enough to manufacture a run here and there.

Really important game as the Jays are giving the Indians fits.

Well here we go —–again!!!.
For some bizarre reason we have an offense that you can predictably say will not rough up an opposing starter. Francis is a smart pitcher, I kinda wished the Tigers would have gone after him, he would have been great in our ballpark, but that is no excuse for not having good at bats.

Cab needs the break as much as anybody. He’s up now here in the 4th and I bet he does nothing in this AB

Obviously such an importan cog in the machine, Cab is pretty much an average player right now and a below average hitter. What sucks about that is that when he hits, or at least gets on, so does Victor. When he doesn’t, sod does Victor. We really need this break—-big time.

Shame, shame, shame. Our offense is reprehensible.
We gave ’em a bunch of runs yesterday shoule we hire Knapp back?
Far more concerning to me is the fact we have guys who have shown they can hit but get into team-wide slumps with seemingly no egress from it. I blam, and I have for a few years now, Legendary Lloyd for this.

I was really hoping that our guys would give JV a little room to breath today. A bloop single, a wild pitch and there is a runner on third and maybe soon a tie gam. Maybe he can pitch himself out of it. By the way not a fan of the inconsistent strike zone mysel.

JV is one composed dude. This is the biggest change in his game ithat has elevated him to master status. He struck Escobar out with a fantastic picht but the ump saw it as a ball. Instead of reacting like the JV of yesteryear, he simply went o work, threw another quality pitch, and was just as satisfied with the weak ground out than an impressivbe K. Good on him and fantastic for Tiger fans.

EXACTLY DAN. That’s what is making him different this year and elevated his game

Two suggestion for our best LHB. Alex hit more to left, rather than left-center. And Brennan, hit more to right center than straight away center!!!
Can you imagine the damage these guys could do if they stayed away from these tendencies?

Wow—When JV can freeze Billy Butler–you know he’s on—big time.
Now it is incumbent on our offense to give Justin some room for error now.
Though I’m not sure JV just doesn’t pitch better when the game is on the line and close it is a lot easier on us fans!!!

Anybody noticing that Dontrelle is pitching rigt now? 6th inning, 3 hits 2 er runs, walked 4 stuck out 4 and chipped in with a double. He is winning right now. Go D~train!

I wonder if we can put Inge on the DL with a broken heart?
If we could it might follow that we could put Raburn on the DL with a broken brain.

Time to put Santiago or Worth in at 2nd. No point having Raburn there at this point—no point—no point at all.

Jays just beat the Indians. Without the 9th inning heroics of Thursday nitght they would have swept the series. Thank you Toronto.

Cleveland lost

This strike zone is something??

I want to see Kelly’s ground out again. That had to be really close.
Can JV hold on here? What is wrong , and make no mistake, there is something very wron, with our offense?

That damn Escobar—-he has had some really nice At Bats today vs JV.

Crap,, can JV get himself out of this? Or are they sunk?

Jv looks like he is having a hard time throwing strikes right now

Ok Gordon another big out.

No f—— comment re Inge.

Nice Inge, not only does his bat suck, he can’t even field anymore. I have always tries to stick up for him, I just can’t do it anymore. Sorry Brandon, your time has to come to end end.

I have a lot more to say about Mr. Inge after this inning.

It was wrong not to go with Benoit. 124 ? Does Mike Norris sound to JL?
Well done brandi, 9 errors for a player there for his defensive skills. Cutting him now would cost least than what they paid to Sheffield
Dontrelle Willis. 6 inn 2 er 4 walks. better than most performances by Detroit starters in last two weeks

Alright Benoit way to pick em up!

Let’s get a couple and a little breathing room

First things first. Huge props to Benoit to K a tiger killer ins a Tiger Killings situation. That was one of the biggest outs I have ever seen him get.
wit the way Valverde has been pitching I’d be seriously tempted to leave Benoit in for the 9th.
now–to Inge. I’ve been saying this for 2 years. He’s over-rated as a s 3rd baseman. Part of that is the fact that everyone looks for value in someone when they underperform in another area. Inge is the kind of fielder who out thinks himself when he has too much time to figure something out. An I’ve said that for way more than 2 years..
he cost JV a shutout, perhaps a win going for 20 this year and more importantly the chance to push this team into 1st place at the All-Star break.
Shame on him—and BTW–shame on Cabrera for looking like $hit the last 2 weeks.

I do NOT like the idea of bringing Valverde in. He’s been off and this is way too important a game. I’d leave Benoit in and the 1st sign of trouble I’d bring Valverde in.

Oh no lead off double, can nothing be easy?

1 down 2 to go

Oh boy, maybe Inge sold that? I Know it kinda loks like he blocked the plate???? Anyway ill take it.

What a break—Valverde is ridiculous with men on base. We looked like a minor league team out there in the 9th and still got away with it. Hosmer was safe at 3rd.
Huge Kudos to Benoit for getting the BIG out. A sigh of relief for Valverde who has been as lucky as a closer can be his last 3 saves..
JV is the best pitcher in the game right now. And there are so any excellent pitchers. Lee, Halladay, Weaver, Jurrjens, Hamels, Lincecum, Beckett etc.
Inge has to go. There is no question of that. he hurts this team when he plays. i actually feel more confident when kelly makes a throw to 1st than I do when Brandon does. his days are done and the all-Star break is a natural time for management to segue into the necessary change.
Justin Verlander nt only gets wins but he WINS games. The Tigers LOSE this game if he is not pitching. It’s not like they win by 4 or 5 when he toes the rubber. They depend on him to WIN the game for them.
Two young guys are responsible for the runs today, Boesch and Wells. Maggs had a big RBI too.

Dave Dombrowski should thank his lucky stars that this club is in 1st place at the break. Unfortunately, I fell he will pretend that everything is in control and not make the adjustments necessary to ensure that 1st plae is obtainable. Other teams in the central will make some moves. It is clear we need a starter, another reliever and a good hitting infielder.

I agree with you, but how do you propose he gets these players? Who is actually available that would be an upgrade? How do you get these guys, IE who do we have that people would want that we would trade? And how do you do this without increasing payroll significantly? I think, without some major shakeup we are going largely with what we have.

No question players need breaks. Any half decent manager though would read his players when they they are flat and need a break, not organise it 4 games ahead and not even a day game following a night game. Peralta gets the same time off as Inge.
Miggs needed a game or two off for some time and the team is improved whenever Maggs can play DH instead of RF.
In our customary first place at the break. The SOC’s managerial stats don’t give me much hope for the second half with his second half fades happening well before he came to Detroit as shown with the following stats:
First 7 seasons: H1 – 51.9%; H2 – 52.8%
Last 12 seasons: H1 – 51.4%; H2 – 43.96%
The SOC has only one contending team improve in the second half being the 1992 Pirates. What worries me more than the stats is the way the team is playing. Some teams lift with pressure. This team is showing all the hallmarks of a team already tightening up.

Another example of substandard umpiring today. HP ump Phil Cuzzi is the guy who blew the Mauer call in the 2009 playoffs that created the outcry for instant replay, so I guess it comes as no surprise. I can’t see any way possible that Hosmer was actually out on his steal attempt. It’s nice that we won, but this stuff was bad.
What Verlander is doing puts me in mind of the best pitcher I ever saw, and that was Sandy Koufax. Justin is that good right now.
This is the 5th time in JL’s 6 seasons that we’ve been in first place at the break, and it’s nearly unbelievable that we have yet to win the division. Tiger fans will have to be excused for not going all whoop de doo over our current position. Myself, I’m sticking with my call from about June 1st. Twins will win it. The other clubs aren’t capable of doing what it takes to win it, so it’s Minnesota by default. They’re five games behind us in the loss column. We’ve already blown our best opportunity.
Inge has become a serious serious problem for a club that’s supposed to be contending. Dan, I remember the thing you said about Inge out thinking himself in the field in 2006, so I can back you up on that. It comes down to are we trying to win this thing or are we following some formula for getting through a season.
I fail to see how the players can be physically tired. Mentally yes. A little banged up yes. As it is, we only had two off days taken away in June, so it’s the difference in 37 in 38 days or 35. I don’t like excuses. All teams go through the same thing. JL’s theories on resting players hold no water when he plays Cabrera everyday and Avila for too many consecutive days, along with the Inge business. We’ll pay for this down the line, but JL will be able to say he rested people.

They gotta do something with Inge. He’s killing the team by putting him out there every day. They need to do something with Jackson, too. Move him down in the order and get another lead off guy. Miggy does seem to be in a mini-slump, which is unusual for him, so let’s hope it’s only temporary. And, they need more pitching. As for Raburn, I don’t know what to tell ya. Carlos is coming back soon, also.

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