Turner jumps up prospect rankings

I’m off for the next couple days and will be on MLB.com’s All-Star coverage in Phoenix, starting with Sunday’s Futures Game, so I’m not on the Tigers for a while. But I wanted to keep posting with Tigers-related all-star stuff in the coming days. And while I was studying up for the Futures Game, I came across Baseball America’s midseason top 50 prospect rankings, where Jacob Turner is 11th.

Turner went into spring training ranked 21st on Baseball America’s preseason top 100, so there’s a big jump there. A lot of that jump comes from high-ranked prospects getting called up to the Majors and thus dropping off the list, but Turner also passed up a couple guys who had some growing pains at higher levels.

Turner is scheduled to take part in the Futures Game on Sunday at 6 p.m. ET on ESPN2, as is his Erie SeaWolves teammate Francisco Martinez.

The next logical question for Tigers fans, of course, is when Turner might make that jump to the big leagues himself. As things stand, I don’t get the impression that move is close. Charlie Furbush is starting again Saturday, and team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski said Wednesday he would anticipate Furbush will be in the rotation coming out of the break.

“It’s really in his court at this point,” Dombrowski said of Furbush.

But Dombrowski also made the point that Furbush is going to have to put up results to keep that spot. In so doing, he gave the impression that it’s going to be a tough environment down the stretch to show a lot of patience in young prospects in geral.

“You’re really not in a development stage,” Dombrowski said. “You’re not really in a situation where you can hand [Furbush] the ball the rest of the year. He’s going to have to produce.”


yea, DD and Leyland can’t have anymore scapegoats. That has already been given to Knapp. Only other scapegoat that could happen is the old injury excuse. DD/Leyland will have a short leash with Furbush because they know they have 70 games to win and if not, Leyland goes packing

“You’re really not in a development stage,” Dombrowski said. “You’re not really in a situation where you can hand [Furbush] the ball the rest of the year. He’s going to have to produce.”

Too bad he didn’t have the same philosophy with Inge.

Inge = under contract for the next 3 yrs

Um, no. Inge is under contract this year and next. Club option year after that.

my bad on that. I guess my pt. is the same – Inge is making money regardless – so it’d be hard to be demand brandon bat .250+ . besides, they already used the “mono” excuse – what would it be next time?

And the quotes keep coming:

“We’ve got two righties the next two days. I’ll probably play him three straight days,” Leyland said. “I’ll probably give him the night off, then play him three straight days.”

This is JL speaking about playing Boesch. He keeps playing up the lefty/right thing but the fact is brennan is hitting .351 with an OPS of .878 against LHP.
So to take credit for the managerial brilliance of playng himagainst RHP falls very hollow indeed.

That’s fine Evan. Perhaps we should make him earn that contract by being promoted to hitting coach. The poin is expectations of production. I could care less if Inge has a thousand years left on his contract. That doesn’t mean you have to play him—only pay him.

Pay him – and PLAY kelly/rugburn/worth at 3B? Ugh – that’s bad D and bad O

Both Kelly and Worth are better than Inge. Kelly has been a extremely valuable player. Worth was batting near 400 when demoted to make room for the mendoza´s stepsons. BTW: Mendoza played 8 years in MLB because he was an outstanding fielder, a real one not a third base with 25 errors by season

Jacob Turner. If anyone has the chance to tune into the Futures game, do so. I think you’ll be impressed. I lucked out in ST because I just happened to be at the Dunedin game that Turner started, and he looked good. We may see him up here next season, if not a spot start this year.
Playing Boesch against lefties. This might be a rare occasion where I sort of see JL’s side of it. If you think of it not so much as Boesch sitting out, but as getting one of our RH hitters a game in the lineup, it makes some sense. Some sense. Not saying I’m jumping on the bandwagon with it. It appears that Jackson won’t play anymore in this series, at least starting, so we’ve already got the other OFers in the mix. That part of the knee where Boesch got hit is dreadfully painful.

When Inge comes to the plate, I usually leave the room. Dumbest hitter I’ve ever seen. All that athletic prowess but no capacity for thought. He should have played basketball.

inge can’t hit yet this year yet tho

2 yrs. ago we were frantically voting Inge in the AS game….not cuz he was unbearable to watch at the plate either. Never forget that HR Derby – Never.

I don’t want to turn this into yet another “IngeFest” but, up until this season, I was pretty much behind the guy for the most part. Now his athletic skills are diminishing with age and he never learned to think his way through a game. That’s why he’s always clueless at the plate, checking his swing because he’s ready to hit every pitch with no thought to what the pitcher may be throwing him. It doesn’t work anymore. This really goes on Leyland for continuing to run him out there. I wasn’t kidding when I said I’d have DL’d him for six weeks. As I’ve also said before, I can teach a dog to sit.

eh, fair enough assessment – however, i’d like to see him suck for a whole season B4 we look for his replacement.

I jus heard D. Jeter isn’t doing the ASG this year. Does this mean Peralta is likely going? He’s batting GREAT lately too….(unlike avila)

Cabrear is also hurt so Pwralta has a chance.Cabrera deserved the spot over both

Lineups posted again seven MLB players and a squirrel

Wells is the CF. He is the outfield captain. If he says mine , is his.The LF or the RF must back off,.Off course, MLB players know that since raburn is none , he does not know and almost take out of the game another player

Detroit´s nemesis died yesterday. He bet Detroit in 1967, one game advantage. 1972 against Billy Martin. But lost to Detroit in 1984. One of the greatest managers of all times

I looked up the starting pitchers for this KC series. Scherzer 9-4, 4.90 vs Duffy 1-3. 5.09…Porcello 7-6, 4.96 vs Davies 1-7, 7.77…Furbush 1-2, 3.08 vs Hochevar 5-8, 5.17, Verlander 11-4, 2.26 vs Francis 3-9, 4.69.
If the Tigers pitchers can hold down the KC hitters and the Tigers batters can take advantage of the poor KC pitchers statistics, you would think the Tigers would come close to a sweep. Then again this is only on paper. If the Tigers continue their poor hitting as we watch almost everyone’s BA go down, can we expect a change in the hitting coach? Maybe the bat boy could move up just like the bullpen coach did.

Uh, duh. I just looked up the Tigers batting order. The KC pitcher is RH. What happened to the righty-lefty SOC stategy? Inge and Raburn are in. Kelly and Santiago are out. Of course Raburn is now carrying the team but what about Inge? Can KC count on him to be the automatic out? Was this JL’s great plan for Inge? Run him out there daily and run the team down the drain?

Inge playing ahead of Kelly is ridiculous. Kelly has 3 times as many HRs in probably 3 times less ABs.
Inge’s fielding is nowwhere near as excellent as it was.
And in answer to your premise that he should be given a full year—are you kidding. he’s been given a full decade.

The lineup

1. Andy Dirks, CF
2. Brennan Boesch, LF
3. Magglio Ordonez, RF
4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
5. Victor Martinez, DH
6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
7. Alex Avila, C

Second homer since he returned from DL.Het is the needes upgrade in the offense

Brook Inge did it again. But dont worry , he is there for his defensive skills

I don’t get how awful some our pitchers can be when they get ahead 0-2. Penny was wicked bad for awhile, Scherzer and Porcello has not been able to put people away all year.

Not the start we were hoping to see from Porcello, they are bleeding thru the infield and let’s not forget the error by everyones favorite?
Not a good throw to 3rd on the double steal by KC, Alex hasn’t looked as good to me lately.

Time to get a few back.

I think there may be something physical that Alex is dealing with. He has not looked good to me either.
This Davies is a guy the Tigers should pummel.

I think so too unless he is just tired, his batting average was up above 300 not that long ago.

You can’t even justify Inge because of his glove, he just isn’t making the plays like he used to, that error aside, he just doesn’t seem to get what he used to? My imagination??

1st & 2nd nobody out??
We know he won’t be bunting but realistically it is pretty dumb to expect Inge could do anything with runners on 2nd & 3rd anyway.

Intent walk on disguise to pitch to the pitchers

Inge–1st pitch pop-up with the friggin’ bases loaded against a guy who is struggling. Smoot move Leyland. You don’t prefer the LHB of Kelly in there.?
JL drives me crazy.

Inge so far has cost his pitcher 2 unearned runs and pops out on the 1st pitch and possibly cost us getting more runs, excellent, get him out of there, how much longer can he justify him gettng a bulk of the playing time?

Inge flipping pop ups on the first pitch. Nice slide by Raburn to keep out of the double play
Bases loaded and nobody out and only 1 run that is pitiful.

Whoa—Porcello comes back and fans the side!!?

Inge has not been the same defensively all season. At least they had to pitch well to Raburn in the 3rd, against Inge happy just to throw fastballs over the plate.
I can’t get angry with the SOC anymore, no question his smokes are contributing to onset of early dementia with his lineups and inability to articulate any logic with reporters.
Would you want to win this three legged Central division race if it meant another three years of the SOC??

They aren’t hitting aything hard just everything finding a hole.

Of.course with an infield with the range of ours well, not shocking!

Anyone betting the Twins can’t come back from 2-5 tonight being on a crazy 29-7 and 8 straight run against Chisox.
Even with an 11 pitch inning, Rick will be lucky to make 5.

Maybe this inning we will see Dr. Jekyll. We’ve seen Hyde twice.

Oakland sure think a lot of Sizemore now batting #5 in the lineup. Apart from his 313/374 pace since the move, he is hitting .414/.528 for RISP and .389/.421 for LICG.
Shouldn’t be a surprise given he was hitting lefties .381/.480 before the Tigs moved him.

Not wrong Dan- 20 pitches for 2 innings, 59 the other two alternating.

Boy, that was a bang bang play, 2 views I thought he was out a 1 I was not sure?

Right on cue. BTW the Jays are ahead of the Tribe 9-3 in the 8th.
Davies has been let off the hook, typical of what we do with starters.
VMart has lost his way lately.

Ya but that still wasn’t a strike.

Victor wa squeezed on that strikeout, or the ump is feeling sorry for Davies getting booed by his home crowd?

We have let KC feel they are still in this game. Bad idea. The way we play on the road and the way we have been playing I am concerned.
Arrgghh. Avila thinks he is Ricky Henderson and spoiled a nice hit with an easy out at 2nd.
This game has a long way to go.

Brad Thomas won’t be returning anytime soon after his effort tonight – 1 out, 3 hits including a HR, 1 wild pitch and two walks including a bases loaded for 2 earned runs. Schlereth saved him getting two SO’s with bases loaded to clean up the mess.

Anyone notice how the indians are trying to make yet another comeback? It is now 9~4 they have the bases loaded and nobody out?

Tying run at the plate now.

Another quality ab by our 3rd baseman?

If management can create the right environment, anything is possible with the Indians making the lost of what they have.
The air is so thick around the Tigs and we haven’t even reached the break.

Been watching that one. Those Indians are nasty right now. It’s 9-6 in the top of the 9th now.

Not wild about taking Porcello out here. He has handled the bottom of the order thus far and is in no trouble.
Sometimes JL tries to be the genius that he isn’t.
I hope he’s right this time.
Purcey’s problem is putting men on at the worst time possible. Watched him with the Jays for a while. I am not sold on this guy coming here.

The Tribe lost–that usually means we do too.
Purcey is gonna hand this game over.

It’s those bloody walks. Purcey did this over and over at Toronto.
JL is right to take him out but Oliveros? What kind of message does that send to Perry?
I just don’t get Leyland. This guy is a rookie with no experience and you bring him in to face Billy?

Mr. Reliable!! Go Tigers!!!!!!!11

Unreal. I don’t know how Peralta made that play. I thought Butler could run better than that.
We got away with one there.
Can this offense do anything now?

VMart leadoff hit—PINCH-RUN!!!!!!!!

I must say, I am completely unimpressed with our lack of consistent and timely hitting.
If this game gets to Valverde and he lets anybody on he damn well better hold the runner..

Can’t belive with that horrible davies pitching we didn’t get more runs than this, if we win it won’t be easy. Our big guys really aren’t hitting, thought it was just the stellar angels pitching KC pitching is doing the same thing?

Leyland needs to get Santiago in for Raburn after this inning.

Great to hear that Peralt amade the All Star Squad. he actually deserves it.

Congrats to Peralta, he really deserved it.

Brennan didn’t do much in terms getting hits today but he did have a nice AB off a tough lefty to get that 6th run in. And he made sure by really hustling down that line.

Well, this ending is gonna be tricky. I don’t like to see Papa pitch in so many consecutive days. Good luck, Papa. Go Tigers.

I said the same thing, actually I was thinking it last night when he threw so many pitches. He was squeezed last night and it is goining to make it trickier tonight. That’s why I was hoping we wouldn’t need him tonight and we would score more runs. Keeping my figers crossed.

Boy, we could use a DP and a popup.

Pitching on fumes here….

Dam, walking Cabrera, now Gordon….

I just can’t stand this.

Awe crap

That’s too many pitches for him.

Hell that 1st pitch to butler strike

Who does Papa think he is Rodney or Jones?

Dan and Jim said he was gettin squeezed. He delivered.

He thinks he is Rivera.
Hint: He’s not.
Boy it just amazes me what he gets away with. He hardly ever mixes his pitches. either he thinks his fastball won’t do it or he thinks his splitter won’t do it and almost exclusively goes with the other. A very frustrating individual.

And my man, Mr. Reliable, Mr. shy-guy, is an All-Star. Congratulations, Jhonny. You deserve it.

You know, ALL the pitchers were not getting the high strike or anything on the 1st base corner of the plate.
Our offense is very scary right now. When Raburn is the guy that is leading the way (except for Jhonny) it gives an indication what the state of affairs is.
There is no possible way Leyland has the audacity to play Inge tomorrow against Hocheaver.

VV’s pitches don’t dance they like did before the break last year. Now increasingly like Rodney’s miraculous 2009 year with his 37 saves from 38 opportunities despite having a 4.4 ERA.

Maybe we should all get Twitter accounts.
Fun game tonight, enjoyed it. A little dicey at the end, but it was a nice presentation and a good time. Andy Dirks wowed his friends and family, Peralta made the AS team, Ordonez ripped a homer, and we won our third in a row. Good entertainment. I saw all the bad stuff too, rest assured. I’m kind of glad that Valverde doesn’t force things by throwing a splitter that obviously isn’t working for him. I’m hoping he gets it back. It’s also a continuing source of amazement that we don’t score more runs from game to game. Some of these wins shouldn’t be this close. Hopefully, we’ve got a boatload of runs to help Furbush with tomorrow night.
That tragedy in Texas is probably the saddest thing I’ve ever seen in baseball. A six year old boy at the game with his dad, dad tries to get him a ball, and is suddenly gone. How does that little guy ever get past this? It’s just not right, not right.

Ever notice how the Red Sox only get into fights at Fenway?
A lot was made of how tough it is to play 38 games in 39 days, so what do we do but send five players to the AS game so they don’t get any real rest. Maybe our people should say thank you then opt out of the game. Rod Allen thinks Jeter is some kind of hero for doing that.

It sure did feel like Jones or Rodney out there last night – he doesn’t do as much dancing in those instances! Good win guys and good win Blue Jays

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