Wednesday: Tigers at Angels

Sorry about not posting the lineup last night. I thought I had, but apparently it only went in as a draft rather than going live. For some reason, posting from my phone seems to be a problem for that right now.

Brennan Boesch was originally in the starting lineup after taking a foul ball off the inside of his right knee last night. But he said a little bit ago that he can’t go, at least not anywhere near full strength.

“I just in there out of hope,” Boesch said, “but I don’t want to go out there at 50 percent. It’s not fair to Brad, somebody going out there [who can’t cover ground in the outfield].”

Thus, it’s a return to outfield duty for Don Kelly, and a shift to the third spot for Andy Dirks. Ramon Santiago, who was set to bat ninth, is now batting second.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Ramon Santiago, 2B
  3. Andy Dirks, RF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Brandon Inge, 3B
  9. Don Kelly, LF

P: Brad Penny


  1. Maicer Izturis, SS
  2. Torii Hunter, RF
  3. Bobby Abreu, LF
  4. Vernon Wells, DH
  5. Howie Kendrick, 2B
  6. Alberto Callaspo, 3B
  7. Mark Trumbo, 1B
  8. Hank Conger, C
  9. Peter Bourjos, CF

P: Tyler Chatwood



I’m curious why Leyland would replace Boesch with Kelly instead of Casper Wells. I’m guessing Chatwood is a righty and it’s Jim’s righty-lefty obsession.

You don’t bunt Dirks there in the 1st inning? Put two men in scoring position with one out and Cabrera and Victor coming up? With your team struggling to score runs?
This stuff just keeps piling up and results in a ton of losses.

we just said the same exact thing.

Here we go again. Leaving runners on, bad ABs, not hitting fastballs, no spark out there at all. Right now this team sucks.

Well anothers wasted opportunity by the big guys here in the first ining.

No way JL will ever bunt with his #3 hitter, no matter what. Brutal. He should have been bunting with Santiago too.

A few more hours of Rod gushing over Tori Hunter at least until we play them again!

I fully espect vernon Wells to tag a 3 run HR

Wrong again.
This is really digusting. Every facet of our game, other than JV, is skidding out of control.

How and why the heck did Tori get to 3rd on a shallow single ? Were was Kellys head unfreaking real!
Oh ya I have to listen to rod gush over vernon again.
This is going to be a long game, anyone smelling sweep?

0-2 pitch down the middle. Great pitching. Does Penny ever strike anybody out?

This game is over before it barely started. I always keep hope but I seriosly doubt we keep them down, and score 4 runs today. Heck these guys don’t need to go to the allstar game they need a break.

I like the bunt but I would not have my 3 hole hitter bunt. He is supposed to be your best hitter. Can’t wait to get out of work and watch the game!

Problem dirks is not the best hitter, he is a triple a call up, who is in because Boesch and Magglio are out today, he should of been bunting.

Another double play?

He should not be batting 3rd. Why not put Peralta in the 3 slot? Oh yeah, then we not have the lefty, righty, lefty, righty.

I agree I don’t think he should be batting 3rd.

We’ve got too many guys that are good at that part of the game GK. Inge seems to have a knack, But only half as bad as MCab though. Bunch of other guys on the club are around 6.
That’s what happens with a station to station slugs for runners team.

Ever hear of a hit and run? I like Dirks but batting 3rd and striking out in a crucial game? C’mon, some one hit a 3 run homer!

its about time someone come though with a clutch hit!

I wonder what game LaMont is watching? Even the lob throw in from abreau was in plenty of time..
True, Dirks was up next but that play was right to Abreau.

I guess you gotta be aggressive and the replay shows it ended up being closer than you would think.
Let’s see what the Angels do with turning momentum into moment.

Boy that Trumbo runs pretty good for a big guy.

My beter half is listening in the car to dan and jim and they thougt he was safe
Cabrera just made another easy out! Since that 2 homer game a week ago he has been horrible. He needs a rest and not to go to the sllstar game. He loks like he is either hurt or tired but he is just not having good plate appearences at all.

I know there is not a batting instructor in baseball than tell MCab anything but he would be better off doing some team situational hitting. You want to work a pitcher like this a lot better than 1st pitch swinging with nobody in scoring position. I know he is a comfortable 1`st pitch hitter but there are times to be a little more selective.

Oh no—Inge up with Avila on 1st.

Well we have 11 hits now this series. 3 runs. Nice job Lloyd.

Its been a power surge

50 QS for Detroit. 4th in AL. Three bad games , pitching coach fired.
Third most run by a team. Three bad games , no way he is fired

Boy did Abreau ever sell that one. This ump is a travesty. He’s been worse for the Angels than us though.

West screws up yet another call for the tigers, lucky that he was wipped on the double play

OK—Leyland you got another leadoff walk. What are you gonna do about it?

I’d steal first then bunt then PH for Dirks

Wrong again. Dirks did put together a solid AB there against this guy. Pleasantly surprised. Now can Miggy find his swing again?

There it is. He did find it.

I’d be tempted to leave Penny in. He’s throwing strikes.

Wrong again. I like this Trumbo guy. Well, not so much in the now.

Purcey, my unfavourite guy in now.

Purcey was doing ok until a few of those blowouts we’ve been involved in, the last few weeks or so and was doing well before he came to Detroit so hopefully he can get back on track.

C’mon Alex—-what happened to that confidence and that sweet swing?

regressing to the media

Nice to see Benoit look dominant like that.

A’s beat the Mariners 2-0 today. Sizemore had a HR and 2 hits and 2 RBIs
Now hitting 2nd in the lineup and a crisp .280 as their 3rd sacker.

There are other ways to get a guy down to 2nd base Leyland. Last I checked this catcher hasn’t thrown many out trying to steal this year.

I fell asleep early in the game after we looked like we were gonna get blown out of the water again. Just couldn’t take the stress. Woke up in the 8th pleasantly surprised. Dreamt I moved and Jose Reyes was my neighbor. Not kidding.

Finally I can give some positive comments since many of you have pointed out the poor managing job today. Good pitching by Penny. Good homerun by Cabrera. Excellent relief by VV, Benoit, and probably Purcey also. Six runs in 3 games means an average of 2 per game. Now if they could only find a pitcher who gives up only 1 run in a game. OOPS! They have one. Named Justin.

I really like Penny. He’s mature. Just goes to show you that some pitchers don’t necessarily have to have a 95 mph fast ball to win games. Just look at what Dan Haren did to us.

Funny how teams rarely deliver the killer blow for the sweep – most seem content after getting the first two.

I can understand the Reyes dream – just hope he was clad in a Detroit uni!!
Penny is what we have lacked since Kenny left – a mature experienced arm that can show these young guys how to make the most of your talent and grind a win. Apart from his willpower, they won’t learn from Justin as they can only dream what he can do.

Great game for AJax. A leadoff hitter is supposed to be on base and he was.
Cabrera wants a Golden Glove, today he played like a SS .
Well done for Penny, one throw away from the QS
Well done for Santiago. But you dont try to dragg the ball is your sacrificing because that can happen.
lazy last out for Cabrera, but the HR serves as an attonment

Actually, as this game got into about the third inning, it was looking like one the Tigers would win. We’ve been on the other side of that big early lead with a sweep a possibility and lost. Penny made the adjustment and held them down and the Angels couldn’t take advantage of their opportunites from bad calls, luck, and such. As JL would say, “this one didn’t smell good” but LAA was in that situation today. I would have gone through the roof if we hadn’t won this one. You have to at least win the predictable ones. The game, once it had developed, played out as expected.
These guys are going to need 3 of 4 in KC, if not a sweep. Heather Nabozny’s job depends on it…..

Sure would be nice if there was some way for both Martinez and Konerko to make the AS team. Both Victor and Paulie are deserving and good people.

Little Victor wants his dad to go so bad. I’ve voted at least 100 times but will add a few more.

Great end to the game as I got to watch it when I got home from work. How unpredictable is the SOC when he let Dirks hit against the lefty? Sorry to keep repeating but I don’t like the Sizemore trade. Hey Dan, I am jealous of the Kaline display. I do have the newspaper from Al Kaline Day and got to go to the game.but missed the beginning as there was a bad accident on the Lodge Freeway. Massive traffic jam and everyone’s cars were overheating…Ah, those were the days.

I at least got to see the second half of this game after coming home from work. Wasn’t sure if I really wanted to…… Well after the last two losses, Leyland puts in probably the best defensive combination he can field. And he should do it a lot more often. I do like Wells over Kelly though. You could see the difference it made in the table setting aspect of the game. How do you beat LAA? By playing the guys who can best duplicate their style of play. Soscia really has those guys playing hard and fast. They ran rings around us Monday night. Last night the offense was pathetic or maybe Haren was that good. Justin deserved better. That wrong call at first that led to the run killed him (I won’t say bad call because it was close but definitely the wrong call.
Peralta would make an excellent 3 hole batter but I guess Leyland doesn’t want to “experiment” at this point. I know Santiago will not hit like Polanco did but I think he is the best second base option in the organization right now (I do like Will Rymes). And even though Leyland says he’s a leadfoot, he still runs faster than probably half the team.
I love Carlos G. but I shudder to think what the basepaths will look like with Ordonez, Cabrera, Martinez, and him running. You’ll have to speed up the highlight film just to make them look like their running in real time. You can leave off the “in real time” part if you want. Anyway, again teams like the Angels will continue to dominate us except for the occasional night where the power is unleashed. This organization needs to start thinking speed and defense.
Two late nights in a row. I need to get some sleep……….zzzzzzzz Last night I woke up, looked out the window and there was Reyes barbequeing in my back yard. This is too weird Pup.

Any other manager and Santiago would immediately be the starting 2ndbaseman, Inge would be on the bench, Worth would be up and Wells would probably play much more. At least that’s what I think.
It’s very strange that, in this day and age of pitching, defense, and speed, we strive to put the biggest, most lumbering team on the field that we can put together. And in spacious Comerica Park. Doesn’t make sense. The kicker is we don’t hit enough homers to play that kind of ball. How many singles and doubles does it take to score five runs? If you don’t string ’em together, you don’t get there. I would have liked to see this outfit play in Tiger Stadium, though.

it is a scary realization of how slow our guys are, and all playing in order with each other.

Nice game by Ramone. I wonder what it is like for him, getting in every 3rd or 4th game, doing a great job and watching again the next day. I have so much more confidence in his at bats, I expect something productive, maybe not power, but we have power in the other guys, don’t need it from everyone.

Nice job Penny, well done and nice HR by Miggy, much needed.

BAHAHAHAH, Lets talk Ramon Santiago batting stats for a sec:
1. Ramon has never batted over .285 for the season – his average is .246 (what AJax currently bats)
2. Like you said, Ramon doesn’t hit for power – in fact he’s never hit more than 7 and averages 5 a year….that’s like Polanco!
3. Ramon’s OPS (look it up) is .647 on average, and only .578 right now.

Those r 3 good stats – and he’s below avg. on all of them – so you can understand why I laughed when you said you “have so much confidence in his at bats”

Marty, I agree with everything you said. Nice post. Santiago has made only one error in years at 2nd base. I just do not like a coach who plays favorites. I also think Dan Haren would look good wearing the olde english D.

I heard santiago is physically unable to play more than 3 or 4x a week, regularly. Stamina/Endurance issues. Seriously – and why the heck else wouldn’t he have gotten the starting job? CERTAINLY not because JL “doesn’t like him” and more probably because his bat isn’t very good – and never has been very good.

What you heard is the company line from DD and JL. You can buy into that if you like, but the fact is that Santiago hasn’t been played on a regular basis in EIGHT years. The “he wears down” thing holds no water unless proven.
Re his hitting, I can’t help but wonder what Raburn or Inge would hit if they played as sporadically as Santiago. My guess is about .140 for Raburn and .100 for Inge. So it sounds like you’d prefer one of those “mighty sluggers” in the lineup over someone who actually contributes to TEAM success.

Ramon is not one of the SOC’s “favorites”

This is a sad fact. JL has even come out and prefaced his comments with the above phrase: “he’s one of my favorites”. I have heard him refer to several players, Raburn being one of them, with that preface. Never Ramon.

Evan – thanks for the stats. Still doesn’t change the fact that I feel more confident in Ramon than I do Raburn and those are our alternatives at 2nd right now. The only thing Leyland says about Ramon is he does a good job at filling in the gaps for us when the guys need a rest. A good stat would be on the defensive side. Really for conversation sake we need to compare the stats of Raburn and Santiago, our 2 2nd base choices at this juncture, and they need to be a combination of what are they doing at bat and in the field for us – no real stat on how many runs their errors cost us and I can guarantee Raburn has many more of those than Santiago.

Well here are some stats for you (from

Clutch situational hitting (game tied or =/- 1 run)
Santiago: .314
Raburn: .185

“Them’s the facts M’am”

(should read +/- not =/-)

Those are career stats not just for this small sample of 2011.

still – you’re not going to see santiago be a full time player. any where.

and I agree with you the fielding stats are required for comparison – however, i still can’t see how someone would be confident in his bat compared to league average infielders.

I’m comparing his clutch hitting to Raburn’s. There is absolutely no comparison between those two when it comes to fielding.
Would I want Ramon as my regular 2nd baseman. No.
Would I prefer Ramon over Raburn? Yes

Yeah, that’s pretty much what we’re saying here, Evan. Ramon is a world class utility player, but should be starting with the roster we have right now.
The Polanco to Sizemore to Raburn thing has been talked into the ground, but man, that was a killer.

Let’s talk about the road. We need to win on the road. Why don’t we do it on the road. Kinda sounds like a song…….

We should let Tiger Girl speak for herself, but I’m guessing she’s seeing Santiago always give a 100% positive effort at the plate. Very smart ballplayer and knows what a situation requires.

KC just took two of three in Chicago, so we’re probably running into a hot team again.

Speaking of Polanco, I don’t think we’ve ever recovered from his leaving.

Another 7 players lineup for tonight.

The top of the order definitely hasn’t been the same, though DD got lucky filling the black hole SS position with Peralta who has had a new lease of life coming to a ‘contending’ team.
Its funny (in a sad way) how the SOC actually recognises what the team needs by the way he describes Austin as being the team spark plug energising the team.

1. Jackson, CF
2. Wells, LF
3. Ordonez, RF
4. Cabrera, 1B
5. Martinez, DH
6. Peralta, SS
Raburn, 2B
7. Avila, C
Inge, 3B

One of your two invisible hitters will hit a long ball tonight… Mark it down!

For Inge lovers only: (Perhaps JL is the only club member)

.192 Avg (batting his weight now)
1 HR
17 RBI
53 Ks in 198 AB
His WAR (Wins above replacement) -0.7
His RAR (runs above replacement) -6
RDRS (defensive runs saved) -6

Reyes to DL – all that Tig dreaming for his speed place too much strain???


Will this AAA guy make our major league hitters look that weak all night?

That first ab by Getz is Scherzers problem to a tee, gets 2 strikes on someone and can’t finish anybody off. Same old same old. I guess maybe he hasn’t fixed his problem yet!

Magglio is so slow out there in RF. Geez.
Here’s a hint for Leyland. Assign McLendon ONE job and ONE job only. You can’t fix Raburn or Inge. Inge wouldn’t ake advice from Babe Ruth himself.
Fix Austin Jackson.
And forget the leg kick crap.
Get him to not be fooled by fastballs down the middle. I have never seen anyone take that pitch as often as he does.

Two pickoff in a week without errors. Finally

Hey Victor , as we say here, why do you try to hit la piñata?

Cy Duffy is appearently on the mound tonight? Amazing that everyone else has hit him pretty well, and asi am moaning Raburn comes through.

So the squirrel found it,

So it’s not just my old eyesight? Either Maggs does not see the ball well,
does not get a good jump on it, or can only run 3-4 steps and has to let it drop for a hit. He must still be afraid of the ankle?

Wonder what’s up with AJ?

Sore left wrist.

This Duffy is all over the map. Very surprised VMart didn’t lay off his stuff. He threw 1 strike to him the whole AB.

Squirrel? What squirrel? I have a squirrel in my back yard with a white tail. And no, I have not been drinking. Maybe some of the Tiger batters look that way trying to hit Cy Duffy.

Sheer luck will keep him even more time on y¿the lineup in the spot of Worth or Rhymes

I was just thinking. Will 2 runs be enough? I didn’t think so and now the lead is down to one.

God it is a buzz kill running into outs at home plate! :O

Lamont sent him or was his mistake ? you dont run with the ball on the infield with runners in second and third, ceratainly not with the cleaner up hitter on deck

We better have someone poke a 2 or 3 run HR again because I swear this team cannot run the bases. Ordonez out there is like watching Steve Bilko run the bases.

Another inadequate output vs yet anotherstarting pitcher. It seems the only way we get to the pen is when the opposing starter throws 100+

I think with santiago he was going on contact, it is do or die! And he died, just one of those things.
We need a few more runs don’t feel very confident right now.

True enough, but it feels like this team CAN’T score runs any other way.
Poor Avila, been strugling but he finally squares one up and gets robbed.

Many of the Tigers’ batting averages are noticeably dropping. Cabrera, Martinez, Peralta, Avila, Jackson, Inge, etc. Time for a new hitting coach? Rrrighttt.

I’m waiting for Scherzer to implode. I wish I weren’t so cynical but I can feel it.

Ya I know

It’s terrible sitting here waiting for that other shoe to drop. And now JL takes Max out of the game. Not sure whether to cheer or cry.

Not quite a “Max” effort but pretty good. He actually got away with a lot that game. Certainly he did not have the ability to K guys as he has had in the past when he has pitched well.
Be nice to see Coke come in here and nip this in the bud.

I know I’m not allowed to complain about umps and calls on this blog, but I haven’t been real pleased with the home plate ump today. I really have thought that mr. Duffy had some genrous strike calls and well let’s say I haven’t been real thrilled.

Dan aren’t you in Grand Rapids? Crazy stuff going on there.

Worse than that has been the offense again. An unlikely 2 run HR supplying the entire output. Pathetic and I shake my head at the fact the McLendon escapes the wrath of the scapegoat while, Knapp, the new guy, gets the pink slip.
I will be surprised if the club is able to pull this game off. They just have not played well enough.

The team has been playing as if they don’t expect to win. Who’s fault is that?

Nowhere near Grand Rapids. British Columbia actually.

I thought for some reason that there we’re 2 dans on here and on was from Grand Rapids. Anyway there is a guy on a killing rampage who has randomly gone places and killed 7 people including 2 children. He now has two others hostage of a door at an apartment he kicked in.

Now doe it not make sense to have Kelly playing 3rd?
I just had a good belly laugh courtesy of the Royals broadcaster. Not Frank White but the other guy.
After Cabby’s easy ground out the guy matter of factly says the 1st out is obtained even with Cabrera running as hard as he can up the line. That was funny.

Hopefull Valverde is “on” because there are some dangerous dudes coming up in the bottom of the 9th.

What’s the chances of JL putting Dirks in to play LF?
He should.
Our offense looks awful at this stage of the season.

God I can’t stand Rod Allen, he seemed actually excited and said it was god for baseball to have the Indians win? Who the heck does he work for? I don’t want a complete homer like Hawk, but please show something Rod!
By the way that 3rd strike call on Raburn was crap!

Getting squeezed a bit!

tell me some of these pitches aren’t strikes??? Mr duffy got a lot of hose calls!

That’s a lot of those calls!

Well, it was way closer than the 2 he swung at previously.
Got the win and I’m not sure we deserved it.

Nice home run from Kelly. Good pitching from Coke and Benoit. With all the LHB for KC why couldn’t Coke have pitched into the 8th? Does everything have to be carved in stone SOC? The runner advancing due to defensive indifference nearly cost the game. Peralta would have had the 3rd out at 2nd base instead of the safe call at first. Scherzer did really well giving up only i run. Maybe he is back on track?

Things that drive me crazy about my Tigers:
1) Scherzer’s pick off throws to 1st. You cannot throw the ball any slower than that. He’s not much better throwing to 3rd.
2) AJ taking called 3rd strikes down the middle
3) Valverde with his absolut ignorance and disinterest in holding base-runners on.
Tonight was another example of the stupidity of “catcher’s indifference”. They had Hosmer easily picked off, he was 2o ft off the bag and all Valverde has to do is step off. Cabrera looked into the dugout and was waved back to his position. Why not take the easy out instead of giving the easy base? Then allowing Francouer to get to 2nd where he represents thetying run? Valverde will NOT even LOOK at anybody at 1st base. It’s ridiculous.
4) JL eschewing the sac bunt with menon 1st & 2nd and nobody out. He rarely puts it on.
5) Benoit taking 30-35 seconds between pitches. Some umpire is going to get him on that and we will see him being charged with a ball before the season is over.

I won’t go into the Inge thing as that one is pretty obvious.

Now these aberrations above can all be corrected. You can have your pitching coach work on Sherzers move. Have him spend some time with JV on this.
McLendon can teach AJ to prepare himself for a fastball and react to the off-speed. AJ looks “fooled” by a fastball. That shouldn’t happen. You might not be able to hit one but to be fooled by them is a whole different story.
Tell Valverde he MUST pay attention to base runners. He cannot be allowed to be a lone wolf and realize this is a team game. He owes it to his mates to consider the appropriate way to play the game of baseball.

Tell Benoit to take one or 2 grimaces out of his between pitch routine. I swear if he takes anymore time between pitches he’ll need to ice his shoulder.

Now—I’m not complaining after a victory, I’ve been meaning to post this before it just so happened most of these issues reminded me in today’s game.

He throws very slowly. You better get used to it. That’s the way he’s always been.

Hey Dan, I think Ordonez runs slower than SERGEANT Bilko! I used to say he ran faster than it appeared, but he’s really and truly slow now since the ankle.
So this umpire gives the borderline pitches to the rookie hitter in the 9th while our veteran All Star pitcher gets squeezed? Then Peralta can’t make the play and we’re all thinking the end of the world is coming up next. These wins are tough, man. Wells capped it off by cutting in front of Raburn on the final out. Casper, some of us are old, give us a break!
Okay, no complaining after a win. Scherzer pitched well and………that was about it. We needed the two unexpected homers to score any runs at all. Won’t do, won’t do. Inge still has mono. I would have kept him out for six weeks. It’s like having a pitcher in the lineup. I can’t stand to watch him up there. If he’s not embarrassing himself, he’s embarrassing me.
Do you believe what Cleveland did…….again? I see Manny Acta doesn’t hold back his troops from getting too high.

I complain more about the coaches than the players, but Inge has just been awful. He came back last year from that broken hand in 2 weeks after watching Jhonny make the plays and hit HR’s. Inge just shouldn’t play every day. A total black hole. I’m afraid he’s got terminal mono.
Cleveland has a great new manager and has the magic going for them. Will be fun to see how we do when we play them. Of course, we have 3 more games against KC, and we always seem to struggle with them… least since Leland has been manager. Lost the division in ’06 on the last day. Lost 4 straight to KC at home. I was depressed for a week. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah–I’d like to see that again. What was Casper thinking? I guess “easy out, game over, let’s party”. That was weird.
Take a look at the Hosmer leadoff if you can. That kind of stuff is just stupid.

He wasn’t thinking. I thought it was more showboating in case Rugburn couldn’t get to it. I know the CFer runs the show, but there was no need to step right in front of him. That could have been a real disaster and some of us might have had a heart attack. Rod picked up on it and remarked that Rayburn was a little irritated with Wells. That was right after he did catch the ball. They chuckled about it coming off the field, however.

Yea,, it’s been on the news all day. The guy just killed himself about 30 minutes agoKilled 5 women and 2 children. Awful, right in the heart of GR.

Well, I thought I was replying to gk re: the serial killer in GR. Somehow it showed up at the end of the remarks. Sorry.
I actually turned the game off during the 9th inning. My nerves were so bad, I didn’t want my bad vibes and anxiety on the airwaves. Silly, I know. Came back later and Valverde got it. Thank God. Scherzer looked much better. I almost cried when Jhonny, Mr. Reliable, made that error, but it all worked out.

Hey pup, they actually reversed the scorring decision and gave Francouier a hit. It was a tough play but I agree, it probably should have been ruled an error.
Raburn was not pleased that Casper came so dangerously close to him on the game ending fly ball. I would imagine JL will have a word with Wells about that.
Make it or break it time for the tigers this next little while.
I hope Dombrowski gets off his butt and finds a way to IMPROVE this ball club over the All Star break. BTW, shame that Peralt did not make the squad. Valverded has been on several and I don’t think he earned it like Jhonny has this yea and has never been on one. Love to see a last minute change.

He’s just not a flashy player. It’s not his demeanor. He plays real steady and probably is playing the best ball of his career going into his prime years. He can have a hot bat, too.

I live in Grand Rapids and had golf league last night. Our beer cart girl told us of this shooting. Where, we said? Met my wife at a sports bar on the south side. We were trying to watch the end of the game but the local news was on. My son, his wife, and their 2 year old daughter, live 4 houses down from where this was happening. I called him and they are safe but I could see their house on the news! And I complain on how the SOC manages! Went home and watched the 9th inning. Another roller coaster ride in the 9th. Agreed, why give the runner a free base? Aslo, man on 3rd, less than 2 outs, I am looking for a pitch up so I can hit a fly ball. Great win, now let’s score some runs. Go Tigers! –Dave

Well we are on to a new day for the Tigers.
Winning yesterday and the day before notwithstanding, the Tiger offense has to come out of its funk. Yesterday, as Rich pointed out, the entire offense came from 2 unlikely sources. The middle of the lineup has not been producing. yes, Miguel came through the day before but otherwise not much much happening from him. VMart has cooled, Avila can’t buy a hit.
Peralta is a leading the way in the last week hitting a modest .273
Other guys:
VMart. 208
Cab .130
Avila .063
Raburn .190
Inge .100
Dirks .083
Jackson .188
Ordonez .250
Obviously this has to change, Especially against the next 3 starters who toe the mound for the Royals. Some of them have been getting absolutley thumped lately.
Boesch really needs to play. He is the one guy who has kept hitting despite the team-wide slump.

How is Brennan’s knee? Who was the coach that was fired? Rick Knapp?

Nice article today on Justin Verlander is the USA Today.

Dan – that is scary stuff man. Just baseball we get worked up about – jolted back to reality.

woops meant Dave

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