Verlander named AL Pitcher of the Month

Surprise! With a 6-0 record, a 0.92 ERA, a shutout, two complete games and an average of better than eight innings a start, Justin Verlander is now a two-time winner of AL Pitcher of the Month honors. He also won it in May 2009.

Perhaps the surprise was how many others received votes. CC Sabathia did, but so did Yankees rookie Ivan Nova. (Can’t explain that one.) Jered Weaver and Carlos Carrasco also received votes.


way to go JV – well deserved

Well deserved. You probably can understand those misplaced votes coming from biased media I suppose.

What I want to know is how this wasn’t just a two man race between JV and Cliff Lee. WTF have any of the other pitchers done to even compare to them?

Cliff Lee isn’t in the AL?


I’m nervous.

How do you spell Dirks?

Guillen did play tonight (2nd Base). Went 1 for 4 with a solo homer.

Uh-Oh. If the top of the 1st is any indication at all of anything we are in for a frustrating night as Tiger fans. poor swings bad ABs.

Congrats to Verlander and his ex pitching coach who deserves some credit too for helping Justin get to the next level.
Too bad that when Verlander gets a Cy Young award Knapp won’t be around to enjoy it too.
Leyland should be ashamed he keeps Mclendon around since ’06
with how bad our young hitters are yet finds some reason to get rid of Knapp.

Austin is lost at the plate.

It seems to me the only guy who is really stroking the ball is Peralta. MCab, every now and then.
Austin is not hitting, Ordonez not so much, Boesch not as much as he was, VMart is looking like he is not swinging hard to me. Peralta is stinging the ball, Avila is off and we all know how the 8 and 9 guys have been going.
Not sure how JV is gonna be able to keep his streak going. Quite a few of these guys have hit him pretty hard throughout his career.

Boesch is batting 400 from the beginning of June.
Dirk has a hr every 15 at bat but must sit.
Magglio is back on track like he showed on sunday.
But Cabrera andmartinez are batting 30o but isnot easy even for them to keep the pace when they go with two out almost every time

Bad break on the infield hit. Shouldn’t a been. But what is wrong with the infield on that play? Someone’s gotta be yelling on that play.

Bad play is cotagious. I hope these guys can play a good one today.
Peralta’s throw to get Kendricks was a bit lazy I thought. VMart appeared to come off the bag on the lob throw but not till he had caught the ball. The ump missed that one but the reality is it shouldn’t have been that close anyway. I’d give Jhonny an error on that one.

One of the worst games of Verlander´s carreer was in that stadiumAnd austin jackson must bat 9thuntil he recover his stroke. He is to valuable to sit. A team with 6 300 batters can afford a Gary Petis

Hard to believe that we hit a ball to the OF that didn’t get caught.

2 out, 1 on.

A little tapper.

I’m a big Alex Avila fan but it looks to me that he is not right. My guess physically. He is not squaring up on balls and looks more tentative than he did a few short weeks ago.

What happened to Boesch?

Foul ball off his right knee.


Those Angel OFers having way too much fun out there.

Wouldn’t it be a treat if we could score a run like the Angels did?

Mr. Reliable.

I repeat, I’m a little concerned with the way Avila is swinging the bat.

For cryin’ out loud. Hopefully we can get out of this with only 1 run and then wait for JL’s plan to unfold.

If Justin gets out of this, his teamates better get this win.

Amen pup, If you can’t get your engines revved up after seeing your ace pull that one off then you have some serious problems turning momentum into moment.

Haren is making our hitters look pretty lifeless. Didn’t even bat long enough to give JV a blow.

No All Stargame for JV. He must pitch on sunday and perhaps on short rest after ASG

2 games = 15 innings = 1 run. Pitiful. Is JV the only one who wants this game? he had bases loaded, no one out abd got out of it.

So lack of fundamental is not only a Tiger´s thing. Nobody told Inge and Wells to wait until the ball is out of the infield to run to third?

We’ve had some breaks this game too. That line out DP was smoked and could easily have been an RBI single or worse.
Wells just missed a HR by inches his previous AB
At some point your offense has to respond to this effort.
If your pitchers don’t pitch you fire your pitching coach, Does it follow that
if your hitters stink you fire your hitting coach?

Rodny,the rollercoaster is still there?

They don’t need a reliever tonight. Our guys won’t be able to touch Haren if he threw 13 innings.
Not looking forward to seeing the bad ABs from the top 3 in the 9th.
Feel bad for JV. Obviously it is a shame to be so inept at the plate when you get another great game from yur Ace.

Silly to let JV keep throwing. They are gonna score a couple off him here in the 8th. He’s spent and our manager is McLendon now.

Uh Oh, Vernon Wells up and he has been tearing it up.

I know he pitched a great game but why blow out JV’s arm with these 120+ pitch games. This offense is so impotent that I don’t think a heavy dose of Viagara would even help. 17 innings = 1 run?

18 innings = 1 run.

The Angels’ run tonight was a gift from an umpire who made a wrong call at first. Besides poor hitting and firing their pitching coach, the Tigers also have no luck at all.

Kinda agree with you illinois. The anser of course he is a horse, of course. I’m surprised they pulled him after the Branyan walk beu he was clearly done after being ahead of him 0-2, and whiffing him all night long.
I have metnioned this is a Jekyll and Hyde team–especially their hitting. We have a dickens of a time against opposing starters.
When your team can’t win, can’t play well and lose even when your best is on the mound, you have some serious concerns.
It does not feel like we are going to get out of this funk anytime soon. We keep losing series after series. Not sure what our record is the last couple of weeks but it must be dreadful.
We lost this game because their defense outplayed ours. The run that beat us should not have been allowed to scamper home so easily on a simple base hit to right. Either Magglio missed the cutoff or someone failed to have that ball cut. Either way it is the little things that beat you.

The only run of the game came from a bad call at firstbase by Joe West. Then Joe and his partners ejected what, five guys? That’s the worst crew in the major leagues right there, just ask anybody. Ask Hawk Harrelson, who is going to have a stroke screaming at Joe West one of these days. I had the dubious privilege of watching that crew work the doubleheader in Washington on Saturday, too. And tomorrow, “Country Joe” will be behind the plate.
Haren killed us with that cutter.
We aren’t hitting well for the past week, so should we fire McLendon?
Our defense is bad, so do we fire Belliard?
Kevin Rand?
Heather Nabozny?
This is a bad stretch by a dysfunctional organization.

This team is in serious trouble…. Things are starting to fall apart quickly. We have now lost 5 of our last 6 series. Usually Leyland doesn’t let this happen until after the All-Star break, I guess we are a couple of weeks ahead of schedule.

How many other teams in MLB have their 2-3-4-5 hitters go o-for. I told my wife the score would be 1-0. Not claiming to know anything. Just know that we are in a heap of trouble right now. All of our hitter look totally lost. Maybe they thought Knapp was the hitting coach, and they’re in deep mourning over his departure. But relax guys. You’ve still got Loyd with all the answers. I hate myself when I sound like a cynic. Somebody, HELP this team get a hit!


Your avatar, Dan, I remember that picture. Signed and sealed! Nice display.

I can’t even spell my own name.


They looked bad out there. Lazy plays, misplays, Ordonez so slow out there in right, Dirks totally misjudging a routine fly ball (Austin bailed him out). The hitting was horrendous, even with Haren being outstanding we found no way to threaten, we couldn’t take the “moment” out of momentum whenever we got the breaks, the bases loaded no out situation when Hunter crushed the ball for the final out. The line drive DP that snuffed another rally.
Good teams take those situations into the dugout and up to the plate. We don’t
That’s where all the vitriol we hear about JL comes in. For some reason he builds clubs like this. We can muck through 162 (or 163) game schedules year after year but I wold hope that someone above JL on the food chain has enough intelligence to eventually put an end to this perpetual disappointment. Call a spade a spade. The team is not winning enough.

Nice catch Greg!
Gotta give it to you folks back east. True blue fans to stay up past the witching hour evne when every lst one of us knew, like Greg, that we were gonna lose this one 1- zip. I said the same thing to my wife. She does put up with me.

First time in a long time I stayed up to watch a full west coast game, couldn’t stop watching Verlander, too bad his team couldn’t get any hits together for him, tremendous effort by him once again. Oddly amusing game, will have to read up on what all was happening with the base umpires.

This umpiring crew is horrendous. Two games in a row where Leyland is leaving the field and Country Joe follows him to extend the arguments. It’s almost as if he was baiting him into getting ejected. Then he ejects a pitcher leaving the game and another who wasn’t even in the game. When was the last time you saw one ump ejected 3 players from one team over the course of a game (when there wasn’t a fight)? And he has a recent record of doing this! When will MLB get these guys under control? Players and managers get fined when they’re ejected, but what happens to they umps for their contributions?

Umpires remind me of bad teachers, the Union protects them. Anyway, back to the coach that was fired. How many runs have we scored lately? There is talk that the manager and DD will be gone at the all star break. Has anyone heard from Mr I.? Greg, you are staying up late because it is summer vacation right? Call up Lil Will. I bet he can get 2 hits in a game and match our total from last night. –Dave

sounds like non-union umpires get the same treatment. They’re worse than ever.

Before MLB took over employing the umpires a few years ago, this kind of behavior ran rampant. Charging dugouts, extending disputes, power tripping, etc. Looks like there are still a few bad apples left, and I think this particular crew should be broken up. The thing is, this isn’t Billy Martin arguing just to get an “edge” or Earl Weaver arguing just because he was Earl Weaver. These days, the blowups occur over legitimately bad calls and those seem to be on the increase.

Is there anything “right” about the All-Star Game?
Between voting multiple times in multiple formats, marketing players by ad agencies, players not wanting to be there, major market vote stuffing,, deserving players left off, fans doing the voting, promoting a theatrical cliquy home run derby, playing a game for home field advantage etc etc etc. The whole thing is a travesty.
Why not just let the players vote a 1st and 2nd team, announce the results, don’t bother with the game and give the players and fans a true mid-season break.

Everything you said is true. I don’t much care what they do other than this WS homefield advantage business. Although not the most damaging, that may have been the dumbest thing Selig has ever done. If they want to hold a circus in mid-July fine, but it’s an exhibition game in the truest since of the word, and should have nothing to do with the “real” season. I was flabbergasted that so many people whined about the tie game a few years ago. It’s a tie, so what?
My worst AS Game moment was two years ago when people went to great lengths to get Brandon Inge voted onto the team, just to have Brandon embarrass all of us by entering the homerun derby.

Forgot this one last night. On Ryan Raburn bunting for a hit with a man on second and one out:
“I told him, ‘The idea might not have been the right idea, but at least you had an idea. You were thinking about trying to win a game and I don’t have any problem with that,’” Leyland said.
And my idea to get married at 20 years old may not have been the right idea, but at least it was an idea. And I do have a problem with that……….

Well, I have to give Raburn a little credit here – at least a thought managed to cross his mind at some point this season.

So David Ortiz gets to pick the guys for the HR derby. There are no ties (or crying) in baseball. With a man on 2nd, my idea would be to hit the cutter to right ffield and knock in the run. Was there always a player from every team? I just remember wanting to see a Tiger on the team, having an “all star” season.

Well well well – looks like NO MAGGS or Raburn today. We might win actually!

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