Wilk up, Villarreal down

For the second time in four days, the Tigers have to call up a pitcher from Toledo to serve as a fresh arm for a beleaguered bullpen. This time, it’s Adam Wilk, who was sent down just before this current homestand. He returns after the minimum 10-day stay in the minors. Brayan Villarreal, who struggled mightily out of the rain delay Saturday night, returns to Toledo after a three-day return to the Tigers.

Unlike when Villarreal arrived Thursday, the Tigers have a potentially serious need for a fresh arm. Rick Porcello has struggled and exited early in his last three starts, and he takes the hill Sunday. Justin Verlander pitched Thursday.


Just got home. Read everyone’s comments. It’s all true. But, you had to have been there. There were some things even in between the innings that were just unbelievable. I prayed for a rainout after the 1st inning, but everyone around me kept saying ‘no, no. They can still win. OMG, by the 8th inning there were about 5 to 10 thousand people there and we did the wave over and over. No one was watching the game anymore. Rich, you are so right. It’s over. I won’t attend another game with that jerk of a manager.

kudos to your Pup. I have tickets to one game this year… and will not waste them.But I will not go to anymore until this idiot of a manager is canned. Everyone needs to take a stand.

Good ‘ol Mr. Reliable, Jhonny, didn’t let me down with a homer. Since I rode a bus to the park, we couldn’t leave until the very end. Almost everyone I rode with was over 50, and we were all crying about our backs hurting after having to sit so long. Believe me, I would have been out of there as soon as the rain started it was so bad. The ultimate slap in the face was looking down and seeing Cabby replaced by Rugburn at first base. Unbelievable! 97 degrees at gametime and it felt like 107. I couldn’t stop sweating and my eyes were burning like fire. I will say one thing: the fireworks were much better than I anticipagted. No wonder the kids beg to stay,.

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