Saturday: Tigers vs. Giants

The temperature at Comerica Park currently reads 95 degrees just after 5 p.m. The flagpole shows a strong breeze blowing out to left field. Barry Zito is pitching for the Giants, and Detroit’s lineup has eight right-handed hitters plus Brennan Boesch. This should be interesting.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Casper Wells, RF
  3. Magglio Ordonez, DH
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, C
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Brennan Boesch, LF
  8. Ryan Raburn, 2B
  9. Brandon Inge, 3B

P: Max Scherzer


  1. Aaron Rowand, CF
  2. Emmanuel Burriss, 2B
  3. Pablo Sandoval, DH
  4. Aubrey Huff, 1B
  5. Cody Ross, LF
  6. Nate Schierholtz, RF
  7. Brandon Crawford, SS
  8. Miguel Tejada, 3B
  9. Eli Whiteside, C

P: Barry Zito


I am glad he made room for Boesch.
These lopsided lineups against lefties make me nervous. If we let them off the hook early, they tend to become another cy performance against us.

Yeah—that’s right—keep throwing Sandoval fastballs, that really seems to be working.

There we go again. Giants 2-0.

And Raburn continues with his stellar play.

Down 2-0 with raburn and inge in the lineup.Maybe next game they could win. Meanwhile Cleveland is sweeping cinci

Antoher error fo raburn.Many players were traded without a chance to play and this so called player is regular while Santiago is benched like Kelly

And now 5-0. Max is looking really good tonight.

Well………..that’s a lot to come back from even with 27 outs to play with.
No one really commented much about JL putting Oliveros in last night in a 1-0 game in the 8th. I felt it was disrespectful if not insulting to Perry and Benoit in particular. It certainly did not display much confidence in them from their manager.

Raburn cost us 3 runs that inning.

I think the usual second half crash is already here. No one seems able to pitch except Verlander. Andrew Miller is doing well so far with the Red Sox. No Tiger batter seems able to hit in the clutch. Can they take any advantage of Zito on 3 days rest?

Well we will see what this team is made of down 5 and following the heart breaker.
They fully knew Raburn had limited fielding abilities giving the 2 year contract early November and telling him he had all winter to get used to LF.
Having three or four DH’s if you include Carlos is not a well balanced side.

Good hustle Cabby!

Big help from Cabrera. Double play.

Good point Dave. (re the DH types). We have VMart, Maggs, and Guillen to fulfill that role. That’s too much because it indicates that you have older, slower players and nowhere to put them all.

Indians win. White Sox win. Twins already leading in their first inning. Only KC is not playing well. Until they play the Tigers, of course.

MCab has had a funny season. I know the numbers are extrmeley good as far as RISP and hitting from the 7th on and everything. But, He seems to have had a lot of clutch RBI situations this year. I don’t recall him coming up short on these type of scenarios other years as much as I do this one. There is the ‘spoiled” factor, which we are, but still–something is not quite right.

My oh my. If we can’t get Scherzer and Porcello pitching effectively this season will be toast before you even hear the smoke alarm.

Well—the best plan for this day will be for a rainout.

Verlander is being overworked, His arm will be broke like Mike Norris at the current pace.
Porcello was pulled to early and to anwer the criticis he has been too long since then.
Scherzer was lucky and run out of luck
Coke was not allowed to recover in full.
Perr?? He failed worst than Galarraga but he has been allowed to fail once and again.
Alburquerque was overworked reckleessly
Penny was supossed to be a 5th starter and he has been one.
Furbush deserved the chance to startand Oliver got the undeserved chance.
Raurn does not deserve a place in a baseball team
Neither Inge.
Jackson must be batting 9th
And JL is an under 500 manager and must go

Interesting observations.
As a pretty serious Tiger fan I have to say it is very disappointing to waith for the game to start (every day) and then to be subjected to inferior play.. Repetivie mistakes, poor managing, lacklustre lineups, lousy pitching and all or nothing hitting.

I agree with all you say, jkl. Verlander needs to be cut off when he gets to 100 pitches whether he likes it or not. Maybe he will learn to use fewer pitches to get the job done and save his long-term career. If the bullpen can’t save a game for him then you need a different bullpen. If Porcello and Scherzer need to go to Toledo to fix their mechanics again or a batter needs to work with the hitting coach at Toledo, then JL, Lloyd, and Knapp are not doing the job. If those Toledo coaches can fix these guys in Toledo, then why aren’t they in Detroit instead of who is there?
Unless they win every game now before the ASB, I say use the break to bring in a new manager, new coaches, and DFA Raburn and Inge at least.
I realize this is a radical approach but

…..we can’t keep going through this breakdown every year after year. I think some changes need to be made even if they win a majority of games before the break. Can you all live with Santiago or Rhymes at 2nd base? How about Kelly or Worth at 3rd?
Oh, well, a rain delay. Maybe a rain-out if they are lucky.

No I can’t. I can live with a platoon of Kelly and Inge for this year ony, provided we pick up an all-star calibre 2nd baseman.
I don’t see a major advantage going after a 3rd sacker since Martinez could be ready next year and Castellanos the following one.

I can’t believe Jim Leyland still has a job.. This is pathetic. IF he doesn’t win the division this year and is given another contract, there will be a lot of p*ssed off fans. A majority right now want to see him gone. Too many questionable decisions. One, for consistently running IngeBurn out there. Obviously DD is involved in this as well.

Not watching game, just checked in, well al I gvot to say is glad I am not watching

There is something wrong with a team if it is chronically in a Jekyll and Hyde mode. There is more wrong with this team than just Jim Leyland. Dave Dombrowski has accountability as well. They have made reciprocal CYA mistakes for the last several years. Leyland plays Dombrowsking bad contracts and Dombrowski keeps hiring Leyland.

Bet everyone wishes the mercy rule was in play. Just what they need – a very late night before a day game and west coast trip with no breaks.
I can’t remember which game but sure hope Pup was going to Sunday’s game and not tonight.

Has anyone in ML caught and pitched in the same game? This could be ugly with the weather no longer an issue.

And Leyland acts once again as if his name is PT Barnum. We would be better off if Kelly managed not pitched or caught.

What a disgusting mess.

Boesch is hitting over 350 against lefties and still doesn’t play everyday. Sizemore was up over 370 making their haste to move him sure open to theory.
Sure hope we are not finding out what the team is made of. Brave person to say we wont be in third place by the break with Chisox now only 2 games back.

Oh my lord 15~0??? Talk about Raburn, Leyland and. Inge all you want. The real problem here is the pitchers and maybe its time to do something about a pitching coach. This is completely unacceptable.

Welll that certainly has been a problem. Double digit games are becoming pretty frequent.
I sure would like to know what DD’s motives were to trade Sizemore for Purcey. My guess is Sizemore was a constant reminder of the Polanco fiasco and the Sizemore annointing at 2nd. Anyway, that was yesterday and today is, well today is worse!!

Dave B—yes there have been several players to have pitched and caught in the same game–alll those guys like Campaneris, Tovar, was it Shane Halter too? I think there was another guy from the Tigers who did this too. Guiterrez?
Gotta look it up.
Well this season could digress into mindless trivia soon enough.
I will say one thing, I think there are a lot of relief pitchers that are not particularly fond of Leyland. He doesn’t throw Benoit, Perry or Purcey for that matter, in the 8th yesterday when the game was on the line, but he expected them (sans Benoit) to feel good about being asked to pitch in a fiasco?
For a guy who has been labeled a baseball psychologist of sorts, JL doesn’t have a clue some times, I swear.
I don’t think he trusts anybody out there really, other than Q and Valverde–probably in that order.
The major concern though is the rotation. Without Porcello and Scherzer, we’re done. I hope Furbush can surprise but we need more than surprises to win this thing..
Go after Wandy Rodriguez. At least.

I think Dan your circus quip pretty much summed up the past week of starters sans Justin and the managing of some light relief.
I have a feeling though Mr I has bought (just with show me in 2011) DD’s master plan that just wait until the pitchers on the farm come through to go with all the high paid offense.
Pretty hard for DD to now say the cupboard is bare and we have to shell out for pitching. I doubt Mr I. will shell out any more for this season with the current management team. Definitely not if we are behind Chisox by the break.

I’m afraid that Pup did indeed attend this game. Well, that’s our example of the loyal Tigers fan being let down once again.
I went into Washington to see the Nats-Pirates doubleheader. Needless to say, when I got home I DVR’d through this mess quickly.
Everbody points to a different problem area because there are so many problem areas. We just pick our favorite problem. I said several weeks ago that we’d already blown it at that time, and it holds true. This thing is over, no matter what they do.

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