Guillen rehab transferred to Toledo

The Tigers officially announced Al Alburquerque’s DL assignment Friday afternoon, also with Lester Oliveros’ promotion from Triple-A Toledo, while also announcing the next step in Carlos Guillen’s rehab assignment. After four games at Class A Lakeland, Guillen is headed to Triple-A Toledo for what should be the final step in his road back.

Guillen batted 3-for-15 with two doubles and two RBIs with the Flying Tigers, splitting his time between second base and DH. Now that he’s back up to speed defensively, he’s expected to get the bulk of his time at second.

How much time Guillen will spend at Toledo is another question. His agent suggested to that he could be ready coming out of the All-Star break. Considering both the Majors and Triple-A have their break at the same time, it would make sense.


Anything before then would be ill-advised and desperate.
Be prepared for disappointment with Carlos.

I’m always prepared for disappointment with this outfit. How else does one survive?
Post-break, they can put Guillen at second and use that option on Raburn. By the time Carlos is injured again, perhaps Ryan will have gotten some of his act together. That may sound cold, but we have to deal with realities here. Is JL capable of making a move like that?

In a word: NO.
More likely we will see Casper Wells demoted.
We all knew this would happen. That we would not trade for a 3B or 2B and that Carlos was pretty much guaranteed a slot. Not saying it won’t work. It might.
One can hope and one can dream.
I just pray they don’t think the current situation is a practical one for next year.

I call it more like what is plan B. I will be disappointed if and when it happens. It would be cool if Carlos could finish this year. Listening to talk radio this morning with hints of a trade brewing. Maybe throw in Oliver and give Turner a turn to start.

OH boy we on the Carlos hate and he isn’t here yet.

and Casper could use a little seasoning! Certainly won’t hurt him

No hate from me. I’m looking forward to having Guillen back, as he’s alway been one of my favorites. I’m just saying the odds are high that he gets injured again. Realities. If he stayed healthy and we got .270-.280 with a few homers it would be a tough lineup to face. Switch hitter to boot.

No hate here either. I think Carlos Guillen is one of the finest people to ever wear a Tiger uni. I thought he was a very dependable shortstop with soft hands.
He hits better than average.
My concern is more for the pretense that management uses to portray situations as being ideal when they are not. Carlos is brittle, aged and coming off a long rehabilitation. His range at 2nd is poor, he is slow on the bases and will serve to add to the clog of slow baserunners (mostly his countrymen) in the middle of the lineup.
Perhaps he will be be adequate there or more than adequate which would be great—but he is not a solution for that problem next year.
Don’t make hate for healthy criticism.

well expecting to be disappointed with carlos is kinda harsh.. And don’t get me wrong Carlos is no solution for the future. But i don’t think he is signed beyond this year. If anything it gives the management time to look for that ‘right’ 2B everyone wants so badly.

just remember Carlos doesn’t like expectations. Remember when he complained in the press 3 years ago. Haven’t cared for him since. Hope he can replace Rabum though.

carlos was being a sheffield for a lil bit there – I gotta admit that. But I think he’s grown up a little since then – swallowed a little pride. I think have of that bad behavior was because his offensive numbers were dropping so fast.

I seem to remember the complaints in the press being over what position he was supposed to play? Wasn’t that over the move to leftfield after being replaced at short by Renteria, replaced at first by Cabrera, then replaced at third by Inge? Sounds like he had a complaint coming, but still played leftfield. Similar to the Michael Young case, hey?

no, that wasn’t it. Well before that. In 2008 when the Tigers started off 0-7. He had a interview with a magazine, talked about the Clubhouse, etc… and expectations. Sorry, don’t have the article. I am looking for it.

Did I just Hear you say expect disappointment from Carlos Guillen? LOL His leadership alone is worth having him on the field

also hes definately better than raburn who alone has cost the team at least 3 games with his putrid defense

So I agree that management doesn’t paint a picture with much reality in it when it comes to Carlos (and for that matter – most players). However, it’s just capitalism to market your product with as much lipstick as possible. Look what lipstick did for that lady gobble singer, and justin beaver, etc.

Carlos is a good guy – he’s trying – and more importantly he is being paid 13M REGARDLESS. And lets be real – he’s (lets say he bat’s .250) a step up from Raburn (.200), and hopefully a step up defense. (And the organization obviously refuses to give santiago a shot at a starting position)

am hoping Carlos is still in toledo next Saturday, we have tickets for that game. It is a matter of time before Guillen gets hurt again, but I for one welcome him back and will take what we can get, his range is likely not great at 2nd, but his hands will be.

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