Coke to bullpen, Furbush to start Monday

The expected switch became official this morning: Phil Coke’s rotation stint is over. He’ll be back in the bullpen this weekend, and Charlie Furbush will be in the rotation starting Monday at Angel Stadium.

“It was not a tough decision,” manager Jim Leyland said. “It was a disappointing decision.”

It was one Leyland knew had to be made. He doesn’t know how Furbush will handle the assignment of being a starting pitcher in the middle of a pennant race, he admitted, but he knows it wasn’t working with Phil Coke.

The numbers from last night’s game recap tell the story. Add Wednesday’s damage to outings against the Diamondbacks and Rockies, and Coke has allowed 18 runs, 16 earned, on 22 hits over his last 13 2/3 innings. Though he tossed 6 1/3 scoreless innings against Tampa Bay before this streak, he gave up 10 hits and six runs, four earned, in five innings to the Rangers before that.

While three American League pitchers have suffered more losses than Coke (1-8) this year, they’ve all won more recently. His lone victory came April 14, and his stretch of 12 winless starts is the longest by a Tigers starter since the Tigers’ 119-loss team of 2003. Adam Bernero went 0-10 over a 17-start stretch that began June 15, 2002 and ended May 31, 2003. Just days before that, Mike Maroth ended his own 12-start winless streak.


Wow, it only took half the season to reverse an experiment that most fans were skeptical of to begin with. Now when will they remove Raburn from a starting position?

only when Guillen comes back. lol

Disagree, think the expirment was good and Coke pitched better than his record the first 2 months. However recently he has been bad, so the move needed to be made. Go get em Charlie!

Wherever he’s pitching, Coke’s comments are fun to hear. Phil is a piece of work. He should have more success now that we can match him up more. No idea what we’ll get from Furbush in the rotation.
We’ve spent nearly a decade drafting pitchers.

I agree until the last two starts Phil Coke had an ERA under 4 which was second best on our starting staff. His win loss record had little to do with his performances. With that ERA he probably could of won 5 or so games. Heck Scherzer for a better part of the season has pitched worse than Coke did, he just got a heck of a lot of run support to boost his win record, but look at how many runs he was actually giving up?? It had a heck of a lot more to do with blown holds in the pen and lack of run support.
I feel sorry for Phil he deserved a better fate than what he got.

PS didn’t Ryan have a homer and a double last night?? Maybe he is coming out of his early season funk?? We can only hope. We have plenty of offense on this team, that is not the problem. In my opinion with the exception of Verlander and Valverde and to a certian degree lately Benoit and Albaquerque there isn’t one person on that pitching staff that I have any faith in to get the job done. They have been horrible for the better part of a month, they have the ability to be a lot better and it has been embarressing what it going on the last few days.

Furbush has done a great job, he deserved the chance. Even if the above commenter is right. Coke era has been better than Scherzer most of the year. In his best game in weeks , Scherzer was unable to win. 9.1 run suport against 2.1

In the last five games, Raburn’s glove has also greatly reduced our chances to win two of them. Those were two important plays that needed to be made. The DP last Friday and the would be inning ending grounder last night that let in two runs, just when we’d drawn within two. I think of him in terms of hockey ratings, plus or minus.

How dark will the oultook be if JV starts to bump into some bad luck or loses his edge?

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Your right Rich Raburn has been somewhat of a liability in the field and I agree with you on those specific examples. But I wonder if his bat is coming around a bit and if his bat comes around maybe his defense will as well? He is most likey pressing on both counts and maybe one is affecting the other? Not that I think he is any great shakes in the field but I don’t think he is as bad as what he is showing this year?

Poor AB by Andy Dirks. We ALWAYS do this with pitchers on the ropes in the early innings.
After walking the bases full you have to make this guy throw you a strike before you start hacking.

Were is the I like button?

Not a good start to this we leave the stinking bases loaded and bam a lead off home for the Mets, honest to god are the Mets really this good or what?

Mets seem to find hole after hole, blooping and dinking us to death over the last few days?

Big spot here in the 3rd for Alex!

We start to get the pitcher’s pitch count up early, then let him off with a 6 pitch inning. Their bullpen should be a little short today, so let’s get the starter out and put some pressure on their relievers.

Not a great fan of the strikezone today, both pitchers are getting squeezed in my opinion? Verlander hasn’t thrown as many pitches as Pelfrey, but JV isn’t going deep at all in this game 6 maybe 7 if he is lucky

Regardless jv isn’t clicking on all cyclinders either?

Boy Benoit gets squeezed on what should of been a strikeout to murphy then gives up a double

It’s at that point where a well pitched game by JV is regarded as an ‘off day”.
He simply went to work after the tough break on Reyes single of MCab’s glove.
The guy is amazing.

I wish that Justin’s pitching would rub off on the other pitchers the way the batting seems to rub off on the hitters (with some notable exceptions).

AJ is doing some 1st pitch swinging today. His last 3 ABs I believe. It is important for him to not take too many called strikes (especially that 1st one) because he tends to really struggle when he gets behind in the count. I’m glad to see this recognition by him.

Not allowing Reyes got under his skin, like Gomez used to do, shows that he is really maturing

Boy at first I thought Duda was safe at home, but Alex did a great job of blocking the plate. Nice defense behind JV today.

JV has pitched 7 now and there is no advantage to having him throw another. Time for Benoit.

VMart has looked human the last little while.
Santiago has had a pretty good game today–nice to see he was struggling a lot at the plate.

Ok time to see if any other pitcher besides Verlander can keep their hitters down.

Those HBP were accidental or i miss something?

Oh I do think it was accidental. Just loked like something offspeed that got away from him.

If anybody deserved to get dusted, it was the Mets hitters after the last two days.
It looked to me like their hitters were just as on as the previous two nights, but Verlander was just that good to limit the damage.
I would bet money that any other manager in baseball would make Santiago his starting secondbaseman. His doubleplay in the first was the turning point of the entire game. Raburn doesn’t even catch that ball, much less whirl in the air and throw a strike to Peralta. Ramon doesn’t make that play, and the Mets are off and running again. JV could have been had today……..I think. Santiago saved the day.

Interleague record so far 6-9. Isn’t that the worst for the Tigers in several years? To break even they have to sweep the Giants. Can it be done? They don’t have to face Lincecum or Cain who have pitched the last 2 days. It will be LHP Bumgarner against Penny on Friday. Then we are not sure. Both RHP Vogelsong and LHP Zito pitched Tuesday in the Cubs’ double-header. Unless there is another starter, one of them would be pitching with just 3 days rest. What the Tigers need are good starts by Penny, Scherzer, and Porcello. Maybe the Tiger batters can get the best of the Giants’ strong pitching.

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Rayburn will hit like he did last year….IN THE SECOND HALF OF THE SEASON PEOPLE!

If his performance to date is any indication, NO HE WON’T! If anything, he’s getting worse, not better. Add to that his poor play in the field and he shouldn’t be playing, nevermind starting.

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