Thomas having elbow examined

Brad Thomas is back from his rehab stint for the time being,  but he isn’t back from the disabled list. For that matter, the Tigers aren’t sure if he’s actually healthy after two weeks of pitching at Triple-A Toledo.

After speculation about what the Tigers might do with the left-handed long reliever, they’ve sent him to a team doctor to have his elbow checked out. Thomas was scheduled to make a relief appearance for Triple-A Toledo Tuesday night, but felt some stiffness in his elbow when he warmed up in the bullpen, head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said Wednesday afternoon.

Thomas was supposed to be re-evaluated after that Tuesday outing, according to what Mud Hens manager Phil Nevin told the Toledo Blade last weekend. Instead, he’s set to see team physician Dr. Stephen Lemos to see what, if anything, is going on with the elbow. At this point, Rand indicated they aren’t expecting anything major.

It was elbow inflammation that led him to the disabled list in mid-May.

“It’s precautionary and preventative,” Rand said.

By recalling him from his rehab assignment while he’s being examined, the Tigers stop the countdown towards decision time on whether to activate. Pitchers can stay on a rehab assignment for up to 30 days, and Thomas has been with the Mud Hens for about half that.


Absurd. Leyland putting Kelly in just destroyed what pride Purcey had left. I didn’t see the game and I am hoping Kelly was brought in because of an injury or ejection. If not then, well, like I said, absurd.
Why is it that some of us here knew without doubt some time ago, that Coke is not a starter?
The team is reeling now and Leyland mocks the game by bringing in Kelly when he doesn’t need to?

If you watched the game, you would have understood. Purcey was getting roughed up and his pitch count was over 40. Bringing in Kelly was not the problem. The problem was Purcey throwing slop down the middle and the Mets crushing everything. The score was out of hand, bringing in Kelly made sense. Other managers have brought in position players under the same cirumstance, it was in no way mocking the game.

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