Tuesday: Tigers vs. Mets


  1. Austin Jackson, cf
  2. Brennan Boesch, lf
  3. Magglio Ordonez, rf
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1b
  5. Victor Martinez, dh
  6. Jhonny Peralta, ss
  7. Alex Avila, c
  8. Brandon Inge, 3b
  9. Ryan Raburn, 2b

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Jose Reyes, SS
  2. Willie Harris, DH
  3. Carlos Beltran, RF
  4. David Murphy, 3B
  5. Angel Pagan, CF
  6. Jason Bay, LF
  7. Lucas Duda, 1B
  8. Justin Turner, 2B
  9. Josh Thole, C

P: R.A. Dickey


a) love when boesch bats 2nd – our 2hole men this year are never “get’m over guys” any how so you might as well put some pop in there (Boesch in 2 hole). Get’m Ricky!!

b) I’d like to see Inge tighten up that defense….

Can’t hit-can’t field at 2b again? Seriously? Does Santiago have some mysterious injury nobody knows about? Leyland must actually believe Raburn will catch fire sooner or later – the problem is he’s playing with wet matches.

Sorry to comment on last night’s game but I got to watch the whole thing! After not mentioning the manager’s name in a while I have to say, “Way to get em fired up Leyland! After that I said there is no way we are losing this game! About the call, if the home umpire has to follow the runner down to first, what happened on the Gallagraga call? Was there an appeal? Just askin’. Who said good teams find a way to win? Go Tigers!

While I think the Raburn business garners far too much attention (he’s going to play, deal with it), tonight with Rick out there I’d go with Santiago. Raburn can go against the lefty tomorrow, and on Thursday too, with JV pitching.
I practically never vote for the AS team, but I made an exception this year and put in my 25 for Avila. I don’t even remember who else I checked off on the ballot. And that’s a cute “political ad” running on FSD.

My only post during the game. Why is AJ not running? Oh yeah, back to the SOC!

That the problem when you open inning with an automatic out.
Magglio came back with glasses? he has been taking walk after walk and making contact. When he begins driving it . The Tigers will be a juggernaut

Will JL call the bullpen when the game became out of reach?

Maybe there is a problem with Rick’s pitches. He’s been getting bombed every start.

Well, this is embarassing.

So much for that game. I hoped they could come back being behind 2-0 but now 9-0? In order to break even this year in interleague play, they were going to have to take 2 of 3 from both the Mets and Giants. With the Giant’s pitching, I thought maybe they would have to take all 3 from the Mets and hope to get one from the Giants. But now…..
I haven’t read the blog about Brad Thomas yet, byt it looks like Schlereth may have just provided the answer.

Can’t throw strikes, Schlereth.

I can stomach Brad Thomas better than I can this guy. At least you know what BT will give you: mop up.

two grand slams in two innings? Why him and not Furbush who is supposed to be the long reliever?

At the game right now?? Now I’ve left the game. What a giant was of time and money. Didn’t even get the stupid giveaway hat.

Man, oh, man. Pitching is everything. Good pitching keeps you in the game. We got a couple of changes to make real soon.

2 Salamis in 2 innings? Mr Schlereth say hello to Toledo or worse. Brad Thomas isn’t even that bad. Going to Thursday’s game hopefully the worm turns between now and then.

Sincerely, the guy in the back of the room at the RISP challenged meetings.


Yes, changes. If Thomas has been pitching decent bring him up and send Schlereth down. He has not been used enough, he is rusty, he needs some help.

What’s this rumor about the Mets trying to move Reyes? That man is insane. Everything he hits has eyes. Let’s see what Furbush can do with him…………………….

LOL. Well, you have to admit. Walking him didn’t allow him to get another hit.

dangit- jim shoulda put in FURBUSH back in like the beginning of the 4th (when it was obvious porcello was toast). not daniel. ugh – we couldda came back.

Can Coke finally win a game Wednesday? Let’s hope so. Then if JV can extend his good outings on Thursday, the Tigers could still take the series.

Not much of a contest tonight. Sort of like a forfeit with statistics. JL tried to take the bullet for Schlereth, saying it was his (JL’S) fault for not getting him enough work. It has appeared to me that the circumstances were always wrong for Schlereth to pitch in a game and, when he did, was too unstable. I’ve wanted Daniel sent to Toledo for several weeks now. The kid needs to get in a lot of steady work in game situations. He still has a future, but we’re wasting a year of development for him by keeping him with the big club. If it means bringing back Brad Thomas for long relief, so be it. Porcello continues with up and down performances but that’s what you get from a 22-year old pitcher.
There is one facet of JL’s game management that bothers me, and that is not being proactive enough in getting a reliever warmed up for an obviously struggling starter. It looked pretty clear tonight that Rick wasn’t going to just suddenly get in the groove, so why wait until the game is gone or nearly gone?

Question: if you think Schlereth is wasting a year of development, do you think the same about Furbush? Furbush was leading AAA in Ks and pitching well as a starter, then gets brought up to be a situational reliever or mop up man? Send down Furbush, get him stretched out again and if Coke can’t start winning games, make Furbush the #5. Coke to the bullpen. Then you can take Schlereth or Thomas off the roster (AAA for Schlereth or DFA Thomas).

Yes, I said that a few days ago, in fact. I’d like to see Furbush get some starts in place of Coke. May as well see what we’ve got. It seemed odd that JL had been thinking of Furbush as strictly a reliever until a couple days ago when he suddenly decided Charlie could be a starter. Always slow on the uptake, ol’ Jim.

how much do you think it’s a DD think, as opposed to a JL thing? I mean, DD told JL Coke was going to be in the rotation – and JL now puttting Furbush in the rotation would be JL ending the Coke in the rotation “experiment”.

I think Coke is doing OK as a starter – but he might be more use to us in the ‘pen.

I’d look at it as a promotion to the bullpen for Coke for that very reason. I think he’s done as well as a #4 or 5 starter can be expected to. Actually, I think our rotation goes Verlander, Scherzer, then whichever guy can pull a good game out of his…….uh….back pocket for that time around.

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