Verlander is on another level

This is what Jim Leyland was talking about when he talked about Verlander meeting his potential for so many years, when he talked about how good he can be. He obviously wasn’t the only one.

Verlander has gone on tears during June before. He has said in the past that he believes he had better stuff in the start before his no-hitter in 2007, starting a stretch in which he won four straight starts with four runs on 16 hits allowed over 29 innings, and struck out 35.

This is something different. If not for a 24-pitch eighth inning, he would’ve had a chance at his third straight complete game and his third shutout of the year. He’s 6-0 with a 0.72 ERA over his last six starts, allowing just 26 hits and five walks over 49 2/3 innings with 51 strikeouts.

Stretch it out to 10 starts, beginning with the no-hitter at Toronto, and he’s 8-0 with a 1.56 ERA, 43 hits allowed over 80 2/3 innings, nine walks and 73 strikeouts.

He’s leaving hitters guessing whether they’re going to get a hard fastball or a curveball that he drops in the strike zone. And on Saturday, you can make the case that the curveball was the more dangerous pitch. He threw the curve for a higher percentage of strikes (19-for-25, 76 percent) than he did with the fastball (33-for-50, 66 percent), according to and Gameday.

He threw eight of nine sliders for strikes, and 16-for-25 changeups.

The run he’s on is better than any stretch Jack Morris had in 1984. It was better than Mark Fidrych’s eight wins in eights in 1976, though it’s hard to top an 11-inning complete game.

To get a stretch like this, you might have to go back to Mickey Lolich in 1972. From April 25 to May 21, he went 7-0 in seven starts with a 1.14 ERA, allowing 48 hits over 63 innings, with 15 walks and 48 walks. And even that might not compare.


After tigers live – I just turn JV games like that back on again. And no lie – I got it on again this morning. Guy throws smoke – and I know he’s a class act too.

Leyland on resting Avila today: “It will probably look stupid.” I don’t agree, I think it’s a good move under the current circumstances. If I’m gonna bust Jim’s chops when I disagree, I gotta give him props when I do agree. We’ll need Alex in the second half, he’s got a wrist thing going on, and had that brain blip last night. Time for a day off. We do have a couple of good lineup replacements for him with this lefty going.
Pivotal game today, or perhaps I should deem it directional. Which direction are we going?

Okay, that was kind of strange what I just said. I don’t agree with what JL said about a move he’s making that I agree with. Wouldn’t you agree? That it was strange, I mean? 🙂

I tought that giving rest for a day game to the catcher after a night game was close to mandatory

Beside been hit in the head by a Dodgers batter and then twice by his ownpitchers

amen (day after night game). especially after thinking about his wrist, and his jogging around 1st last night.

What about Doyle Alexander’s streak in 1987? Didn’t he go 9-0 in 11 starts, including 10 innings of a 13-inning game. He won the pennant for the Tigers that year by pitching incredibly down the stretch. That’s got to be mentioned if you’re talking about Morris and Lolich and Verlander’s streaks.

no, not ever dumb to rest your catcher, it needs to be done, especially a catcher who is performing well – we need him most days, not every day and then off for a month with injury

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