Guillen to start rehab assignment at Lakeland

Just when you lose track of Carlos Guillen’s road back, he progresses to the point that he’s now headed out on rehab. He’ll start Monday at Class A Lakeland at designated hitter, then start progressing at second base by innings — five starting out, then increasing from there. The goal is to have him playing nine innings every time out by the end of the week.

“It’s very similar to what we’d be doing in spring training,” head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said. “Basically, you’re looking at a guy who hasn’t had a spring training.”

The reports on Guillen are more encouraging now then they were earlier. The back issues have cleared up, and the work he put in to strengthen his knee while he was sidelined with back issues have paid off.

“The next step is, he’s got to play,” Rand said.

Most likely, he’ll spend at least this week down at Lakeland, maybe longer, and progress to another level up the ladder to continue rehab. It will not be a short rehab stint, but I’m not sure how long they can make it. The fact that the All-Star break comes up in two weeks — not just in the Majors, but also the minor leagues — could serve as a big dividing point.


At it’s most simplistic, if you get a Guillen that hits as much as .270 with some pop, it’s a huge upgrade. Of course, there’s nothing simple when it comes to Carlos. He’s one of the most injury-prone players I’ve ever seen and we’d need a plan B. I suspect the plan B is starting today at secondbase. Nobody said it would be easy.

Maybe management could package Guillen and Raburn in exchange for a trained monkey. The way things are shaping up at 2B, that would be an upgrade.

So far on my MLBTV broadcast I appear to be getting Dan Dickerson and Say it Twice Price as commentators. Interesting.
Ooop—back to the regulars now.

I don’t have a warm fuzz feeling with Penny today. He got 3 pop ups in the 1st but that fastball needs to be a bit more effective than 88

He did amp it up a bit in the 2nd. Fingers crossed. We do need some solid starts out of this rotation

Magglio is getting some good wood on the ball but I would like to see him finding the gaps.. He’s had little luck when he goes down the lines.

Pleasantly pleased with Penny so far.
Will Raburn or Inge get a hit today? How many K’s between them will we see?

Come on Tigers. Penny is doing well so far but I don’t expect him to shut out the D-Backs for the second day in a row. He needs some run support! This could be the first interleague series the Tigers win this year.

Uh-Oh. Not liking Upton up here with 2 men on

Some runs now please?

Saunders doing a good job. Penny is squeaking by. He is a gutty guy though.
This one may end up being the responsibility of our bullpen..
I’d like to see Penny get through this inning without problems.

Well it doesn’t look like that is gonna happen.
Wonder if Kelly would have had that one?

Well you could smell this happening. That Parra actually had a good day vs JV yesterday. Swings the bat really well—hurt us today with tht 2 out single.
Brandon comes up with that (yeah I know tough play–but we have seen him handle that before) and none of this happens..
We now need to see what kind of Mojo our hitters have.

There it goes. Just as I feared. Yes. Tiger hitters have to wake up or this will be the 4th interleague series lost by the Tigers.

Well they were working AZ and saunders pitch count in the 1st few innings. Then it just first or ssecond pitch pop ups or flyouts. Saunders ain’t all that either Tigers hitters are just that bad today.

Man what does it take for these guys to play ball? JV throwing every day? Brutal
The 7th inning was awful. The whole 7th inning actually. but our havlf was very poor.
I would not be surprised to see Gibson bring in his bullpen to face Inge and Raburn and Jackson next inning. Though, let’s face it, I’m sure Saunders can dispatch them all with relative ease today.

Q doesn’t seem to have Granpa Snappy with him today.

Time to put the hitting shoes on. This 4 hit onslaught just isn’t cutting it.

Don’t let Sparky’s fans go home disappointed. Let’s go you guys.

They wont it is like 1987 playoffor 1981 last 3 games leting starters too long

Pinch hitters? two

How do you spell Pinch Hitter(s)?

sorry, im a foreigner

OK Austin just don’t get caught looking. You take way too many pitches right down the gut.

Come on Casper

Your spelling is perfect–I just want to know if we were going to have enough sense to use one (or two).

Well Magglio—what is the team paying your for?

They are paying you for right now.

Come on Magglio

come on Miggy

Oh my was that 1st pitch to Miggy really a strike? Not even close, wow?

Way to go Cabby

Go V-mart. I love hime behind Miggy

That’s the way to play baseball.
Thank you DON KELLY for coming through again and creating the opportunity that the middle of the lineup cashed in on.
Somebody explain to me why Kelly shouldn’t be sharing playing time at 3rd.

For a big guy Boesch sure can hustle down the line

I would suspect JL will put Ramon in to play 2nd in the 9th. But why not Kelly?

Does kelly play 2nd?

Do you think they heard us SCREAMING at them? I’m so hoarse I can barely type. LOL A 7-run inning after 2 outs. WOW! Yes, I would have pinch hit Kelly for Inge and then Avila for Raburn. But it all worked out. Inge finally came through. Jackson 2 strikeouts in one inning? Bad.

Wasn’t AJ’s best day at the plate. Come on Papa nail it down.

Furbush had some bad breaks that inning. A couple of really close calls, Especially on Drew.
I like his range of velocity. I do think we will see this boy starting for us this year.

GK—a couple of points re Kelly at 2nd:
Why not?
He came up as a shortstop
If Raburn can, I’m sure kelly can.

Kelly is becoming this decade’s Gates Brown!

Kelly can play everywhere else couldn’t hurt to try him at second. At this point he is better than the alternatives!

Victor looked like he was reading the D-Back hitters minds back there, and Penny was throwing it right where he set up the mitt.. Brad started missing the mitt a little late, hence the two runs. Real good job by both of them. Nice to see Penny pick up the pace, too.
I’m not familiar enough with Gibby’s team to know, but he did us a favor by pulling Saunders. His bullpen let him down. You can’t manage walks. That was a good professional AB by Maggs in the 8th, taking the walk to set up Cabrera. After the 7-run inning, it’s important to remember that Cabby got the big hit.
Nice ceremony for Sparky. I don’t think Gibby and Tram expected such an ovation. I noticed that Kirk put on his sunglasses after that. Emotional moment. I saw Lou and others motioning for them to come out and join them, but I think they did the right thing by staying in their own dugout.

I think Kelly can play second, but it’s been a long time. My guess is that Guillen comes back if he survives his rehab, then they could option Raburn to Toledo to get straight, if he’s able to. That may be why they haven’t done it already.

Raburn’s days are numbered

What is Leyland’s great plan for Inge? So far he has played every day. How is that different than before he had mono?

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Thank goodness I knew the score before I was able to watch the game. Had to work and just about went crazy hearing the score went 2-1. What a special day.

Nothing’s different. He still has mono.

won’t hold my breath for Guillen but interested to see how this rehab goes. Take your time and see if you can salvage the end of the season before riding into the sunset.

the trained monkey is a bit harsh I’d say for both. I am no Raburn fan and am an avid Carlos fan but the real problem is Leyland and playing guys that just aren’t doing the job or Dombrowski for not getting the guys here that we need.

trade Inge, Rayburn and Coke to the Mets for Jose Rios

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