Saturday: Tigers vs. Diamondbacks

With no Don Kelly to bat there and not a lot of confidence in Ryan Raburn right now, Jim Leyland takes his two third-spot candidates and pairs them up. Boesch moves up to second, while Magglio bats third.

1. Austin Jackson, CF
2. Brennan Boesch, LF
3. Magglio Ordonez, RF
4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
5. Victor Martinez, DH
6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
7. Alex Avila, C
8. Brandon Inge, 3B
9. Ramon Santiago, SS


I like this lineup – a lot. What could be said bad about this lineup?

Inge batting 210 against a pitcher with OBA by righties of 155

So what was this “plan” with Inge? To play him everyday? Kelly tonight and Inge tomorrow against the lefty would be my plan.

When Santiago bats 2nd in the lineup he is hitting .308, 12 for 39, when he bats 9th he’s hitting .149, 7 for 47. He needs to bat 2nd and play 2nd every day till he fails.

I think Kelly would be more sensible. Bat him 2nd play him at 3rd.
I don’t like the smell of Inge playing everyday.

Hmmmmmm… two short stops. An interesting strategy

I think they should move Santiago to 2nd. Having 3 people on the left side of second leaves way too much ground for Cabby to cover.

Mayo, your logic falls on to deaf ears. Those ears belonging to Ramon’s manager who will not offer the same opportunity to him that he does to Raburn.
I do see that JL wishes that RR can hit the ball over the wall while he adequately handles the routine plays at 2nd. Ramon can’t do much of the over the wall stuff, and he probably won’t ever play more than 2 or 3 connsecutive games at the position because of that.

That just underscores the fact we don’t have a second baseman!!!

Santiago plays second and is good at that

As much as I admire ramon and feel him to be a better alternative to Raburn, I must say I do not think he is the type of hitter we need to man that position.

He is there for his glove. Good

I simply can’t understand why our hitters are offering on the high fastball?

Wel all I can say here is “Magglio don’t hit into a DP”


Lucky the Dbacks are swinging pretty much at anything thru 3.
I find it hard to believe Raburn has an option left for Toledo. When he wasn’t hitting or playing LF well, he should have been sent down then to regain his hitting and get accustomed for either 2B or 3B.
Sizemore seemed the only guy who had upside at 2B and can only assume they were hoping Carlos was not far from returning.

Hard to say. The sizemore experiment may have been hanging over DD’s head and they might have felt a little uncomfortable with that whole Polanco/Sizemore/Injured ankle scenario. The 2nd time Sizemore failed was too much for them to handle I think.

Anyway, this offense has to score some runs. No way JV is gonna get through this game without giving up a run or two. All it takes is an error and a home run and we’re down.

Didn’t get time to comment earlier about the fantastic crowds for this series even before the big Sparky day Sunday.
No doubt DBacks tag Tig management team has been a big part of it. Their interviews have been a refreshing change.

Miggs and Victor might as well leadoff the way so many of our rallies start with them. Hopefully Jhonny and Alex can come thru again in the 4th.

Officially not worried about Alex Avila!!

These two just keep delivering. Avila is amazing.

Sure would love to be at the CoPa tonight.

I have stated often that I feel our most pressing need is 2B. Still do. If we find one, I figured we could get through the season with Inge/Kelly at 3B, This season–not long term. But, the key in that feeling is KELLY. There has to be a platoon of sorts with Kelly getting some starts against some RHP. Playing Inge out there the rest of the way is just going to put a black hole at the bottom of the lineup.

He ain’t the SOC for nothing.
Will drop Boesch even though he is +300 against lefty matchups. Kelly may drop a little in range but definitely has the stronger arm mono or not.

I hear ya Dave but JL has to be sitting boesch in those situation simply because it is a more ideal situation for Wells who needs playing time. I would be more inclined to sacrifice some of Ordonez’s PT for Wells. I don’t think Ordonez is going to be anywhere near the ordoenz we were accustomed to.

6-0. There was no need for 120 pitches.There was time to call the bullpen

OHMIGOSH!! JV entered a new level of pitching in his last start or 2. He somehow has found yet another level to aspire to. This guy wrote his script in the 8th inning.
JL—We love this, but you should take him out now.

No Rod—I don’t think alex hurt himself, I think he either figured it was out of the park or he had a gimmee double.

I’m surprised that Tommy Brookens wasn’t more a part of that play.

I hope Coke is watching and learning how JV just bears down when the going gets tough. Coke is no doubt heading to the pen, though he was fragile there towards the end of last season.
I understand Boesch, to a point. Just pointing out his total lack of rationality blinded by his favourites. Or is he scared of telling Inge his lack of offensive contributions now warrant platooning?
I suppose to be fair to the SOC, give Inge one weeks playing time back post mono and then make a move.
When your 4 thru 7 are all over 300, you can’t then follow with two 200 hitters.

Need to share a little love with Jhonny Peralta here. The guy has had some extremely timely and important hits. He can look bad and swing at crap down in the dirt but there is another guy who can bear down when the situation warrants.
His play at short has been so steady as to be spectacular in the sense of the lack of mistakes. He has made some nice plays there and we are very fortunate to have him.

I got tears in my eyes as Justin walked off the field. Wow, what a performer!

They need another starter to step up with a good game. I hope it is Penny on Sunday. He has a 10-3 record against Arizona. Scherzer has not been effective lately. Leyland shows little confidence in Porcello. It looks like Raburn’s error at 2nd may have put Coke on the brink of the bullpen.
The Arizona batters looked dangerous Friday. Only JV shut them down today. The Tiger batters need tp get dangerous. With a LHP for Arizona Sunday, I fear we will see Ordonez, Inge and Raburn in the line-up again. Also, I am getting frustrated with Cabrera. What’s the problem there?

Quite a show tonight. Those in attendance were very lucky and/or very smart. That 8th inning by JV was ridiculously good. Timely hitting and a crisp defensive game. The team needs to bring that intensity to all the games, not just the Verlander starts. Tomorrow, we’re back to the Brad Penny show. Bring something to read.
Looked to me like Alex thought the ball was over the fence. I suppose that info is out there but I haven’t looked yet. He got it pretty good from the guys in the dugout.
“Country Night” was………….what? Imagine a flash mob that breaks into line dancing and two-stepping. Loses something, doesn’t it?
Why is there frustration with Cabrera? I’m not understanding this.
You know Leyland is going to plug Inge right back into thirdbase forever, you can’t believe he’ll do it, but he will. This is nuts. And as I knew, Inge came back before he was fully healthy because, as he himself says, he’s a “big part of this team”. The rest of the article about short attention spans and all is what I always suspected of him so thanks, Brandon, for establishing that as fact.
About time for someone to remind us that we’re in first place so quit complaining. Whose turn is it?

I thought Boesch might have the highest team average against lefties with his .355/.417 from 62 AB’s.
Wrong – Sizemore from 21 AB’s hit .381/.480 and Worth from 16 AB’s .375/.412.

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