Leyland on Raburn: “He’s pressing”

Ryan Raburn has established a pattern over the past month, ever since getting his average back over the .200 mark on June 4. He’ll hit his way close to .210, fall back to around .200, and then hit again. He has been up and down about three times now.

His average is now back at .201 after his 0-for-3 performance Friday night before Don Kelly pinch-hit for him in the ninth, and he’s in an 0-for-10 slump. His manager, meanwhile, is trying again to get him to loosen up.

“It’s obviously at the stage now where he’s pressing,” Jim Leyland said after Friday’s loss to Arizona. “I talked with him today. We had a good chat today, and I think he’s obviously pressing at this point.”

As Leyland pointed out, his 0-for-3 really had next to nothing to do with the way Friday’s loss unfolded, though his error certainly didn’t help. Still, if Raburn’s in a slump, the question about his role is certain to come up.

Raburn started all six games on the Tigers’ recent Interleague road trip, in part because his ability to shift from second base to left field made him an easy double-switch maneuver. It also allowed Leyland to insert Ramon Santiago in the middle of a game where he saw fit, as he did quite a bit on the road without a DH. Now that the Tigers are back to American League normalcy, it’ll be interesting to see how the mix changes.

Santiago’s switch-hitting bat and sure glove could be back into a mix. Don Kelly is back at utility work, as you might have heard, but he literally hasn’t played a single inning at second base since 2009. Danny Worth, of course, is back at Toledo. Will Rhymes, the opening day starter at second base for Detroit, is batting .294 with the Hens with one good small-ball numbers, though he has been struggling lately.


Ryan Raburn does not belong on the roster right now, let alone in the starting lineup. Even if he did hit, he is not an infielder. In his limited time at 2B in the major leagues, there is not a 2B in the entire American League with as many innings at 2B with a worse UZR/ 150 than Raburn, He’s awful at the position. His time in the minors showed that also, and he had not played in the infield for a year and a half before Leyland put him back there one fateful day in Anaheim. The Tigers lost that game 10- 1 and it was all downhill from there.

Bottom line: Leyland has no excuse for running Raburn out there day after day. Dombrowski has no excuse for not upgrading the team at that position. They should not have given up on Scott Sizemore. He should not have shot the payroll so badly that he could not even offer arbitration to Polanco. They both have messed this one up beyond belief. Time for a change. Put in Santiago, Worth, Rhymes, Kelly, convert another outfielder, make a trade, SOMETHING. Anything but Raburn at this point. Send him down until he gets his head right.

I completely agree with that statement except for the fact he probably won’t ever get his head on straight he is not a good baseball player and has shown this year both in the outfield as well as infield. If you can’t field your position well you have no right to be on a major league team. He is the worst fielder on the team by far with punching balls out of the ballpark for homeruns that should Have been caught and screwing up taylor made double plays that could have probably led us to winning the game. this is ridiculous, he needs to go

Leyland always says he’s fielding the best players that will win games. Simply not true. Santiago needs the lion’s share of the time there as of now. I think we can all agree that Raburn has had way too many chances. Come on, Leyland and DD. The season’s almost half over.

With Raburn in the lineup, obviously Leyland isn’t fielding the best team to win. Raburn is all thumbs in the field. His head is elsewhere when on the base paths. And at the plate he’s in another world. Stats verify he lacks the skills to play at this level, especially for a whole season. Face it. He just hasn’t got his head together. Why are we holding this guy’s hand like a lost and fragile child, pretending he’s going to turn things around tomorrow? It’s all in his head and it isn’t going to clear up over night.

The season is slipping away, inning by inning, as I write. Just DFA Raburn and chalk him up as a sunk cost. Seriously, at least put him on the DL and treat him for anxiety disorder like Willis.

raburn is a bust. what a waste of time and ABs.

Jim Leyland is a darn fool for continuing to run him out there.

Who is the only Tiger to start the last 4 games?? Ryan Raburn.

Fire Leyand and DFA Raburn

Some really good points here. One being waiting for him to produce. If the Tigers wait for the real Ryan Raburn to show up they will still be disappointed when he does. Ryan Raburn is not a .300, 100RBI, 25 HR guy. And he will always cost you ballgames in the field and on the bases..
There just is not enough upside for all the attention and opportunities he gets from managmenent.

We’re targeting the #9 hitter again while the entire club runs toward the dysfunctional side. Why? Because the Raburn issue is symbolic of Leyland’s managing. Ryan does his best, I’m sure, but it’s painfully obvious he’s not getting it done. JL ignores that and pushes on. He doesn’t seem to care that the boos directed at him are instead raining down on Raburn. This is how you treat a favorite, Jim?
This is not like the Adam Dunn case in Chicago where they’re paying him millions.
This is not like the 2009 Ordonez case where there were outside events at work, but you had to figure Maggs would finally come around.
This is not like the Sheffield case, who at least had a near Hall of Fame track record.
This is not even like the Inge case, who could at least play some defense.
It is similar to the Boesch case of last season.
It is……….totally crazy.
It is good to know that this is my last season with Leyland. One of us won’t be here next year.

DFA…not a chance. could be sent to minors…seems likely if he doesn’t show signs of life at the plate between now and All-Star break. despite poor seasons from he and Inge, team is still in the thick of it. so putting it in perspective, these are not fatal flaws in the roster. bigger problem imo is still the bullpen. poor performance there is an instant game changer. expecting Tigers to get another vet bullpen arm and 2b before trade deadline.

Read an article about Leyland saying Furbush is a starter—something about being wrong about him as a reliever.
This is obviously a prelude to him starting in place of Coke next week.
Or, I suppose it could mean he might get sent down.
I think we need a GOOD LHP in the pen. Schlereth is wild, Purcey is average at best and furbush is a an untested rookie who presents better as a starter. Our pen has been unsettled. Look for Coke to go back and stabilize the situation.

I read that too and came to the same conclusion. I’d like to give that a try. I also think Schlereth would benefit greatly from a stint in the minors. Perhaps Brad Thomas replaces him.
No one has asked why Purcey was pitching to Pena last night? Seems like you’d bring on Benoit, use Valverde in the 9th, then settle in for the extra innings if need be. I guess Raburn does create a good distraction from other issues.

Raburn cost us the the game yesterday. If he makes that play at second its two out, no one on base and still 4 – 0 Tigers, Instead its two on one out, D-backs go onto score 3 runs cutting the lead to 4 – 3. Another lose blamed on poor managing.

It is the Hope & Dream Philosophy to the extreme. JL is hoping that Raburn can hit with enough OBP and power to justify him as a regular. He is dreaming that Raburn will find a comfort level defensively at 2B. If these things happen then JL looks like a genius.
When they don’t happen, JL looks like he has again wasted a lot of time and lost a number of ball games that might have ended up in the W column.
Pup mentioned she is more worried about Porcello and Scherzer. I worry about them but Evan is right in saying they are young. They have obvious talent and they will figure things out. My worry is more a general one; the rotation as a whole. The other 4 starters have to provide some sort of consistency in their collective starts. We have to win more than half their starts. They have to pick each other up and become stoppers in their own right.
At times when the team plays poorly we get a bit disconsolate but always look foward to JV pitching soon again.
I see sriters are now saying things like he is inhittable and that you can put a W in the books when his turn comes up.
This is foolish.
JV will not be infallible and there will be times when his team fails to provide him with enough runs to win a game. That’s inevitable. And unfair to put that kind of expectation on JV.

BTW, excellent point on Purcey throwing to Pena. I’m not sold on Purcey whatsoever. (Watched him play as a Blue Jay.)

Another point, MLB infielders are pretty much expected to be able to catch bullets.
The ball Raburn booted was hit hard but it wasn’t one that should have handcuffed anybody.

Lets face it folks JL is ramming Raburn down our throats. He cannot honestly believe that one day a light will come on and Raburn becomes a mmajor league ballplayer. Its embarrassing to watch this man flair away at subpar pitching and make the most average play a disaster night after night. Dombrowski needs to share the blame on this one. I t was he in his infinite wisdom decide to sign him to 2 year extention. DD also was quoted recently as saying that RR is a quality major league ballplayer. HUH?Do these guys watch the same game as we do?Obviously not, but its not too late guys. Get rid of this clown and find us a legitimate major league player. How bout Orlando Hudson? It would be worth a try and would not cost us an arm and a leg.Just sayin

According to the rules only one run was undeserved. But , we now that an average player woulfd have done a double play. And to have that kind of lousy defense can take out of the game a pitcher. Even Edwin Jackson, who dealed with the same kind of low run support with 15 qs and nothing to show for them,and who has more experience would have break under the pressure.Raburn is the only one beside the manager who inked him and Inge in the lineup

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