Sparky’s ceremony set for 12:45 Sunday

Waiting on a final list of former players expected to attend, but the Tigers announced that the Sparky Anderson #11 retirement ceremony on Sunday will start at 12:45 p.m. ET ahead of the 1:05 game time. His three children and their spouses will be there, as well two grandchildren and one nephew. Owner Mike Ilitch and team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski will also take part, representing the team.

Dan Dickerson will emcee the ceremonies.

The Tigers will also start selling the Sparky Anderson memorial patch at the Tigers retail shops at the ballpark. Price is $11, with proceeds going to CATCH, the charity Sparky founded in 1987 to help improve quality of life for kids receiving care at Children’s Hospital of Michigan and Henry Ford Hospital.


Sparky, now there was a personality. I remember all the rookies coming up that would be superstars. I am so tempted to make the drive from GR on Sunday. Go Tigers!

The only thing that could have made this better besides Sparky being here to see it and recieve it himself. Would be for the Tigers and the Reds to play a home and home series and do it in both ballparks!

Wow–Peralta came through in spades there. So close to 2 more!
I am semi-officially worried about AA though. He’s been prone lately. We need that short sweet swing to start making contact again.

Two more.No way. With Coke pitching there is a 2 run rule .

Magglio, oh ee oh.

Despite the SOC’s best lineups, Peralta and Avila have saved his bacon typically from the 7th and 8th spots with their 83 RBI’s.
Miggs is hitting .415/.543 for RISP, but this happens a mere 65 AB’s from his 257 total.
Martinez is also hitting .389/.422 for RISP, but he likewise has had only 54 AB’s from his 220 total.
Peralta, for comparison has had 69 AB’s RISP from a total 238. Avila
57 AB’s RISP from his 203 total.
Clearly, our first three AB’s ahead of Miggs and Victor have collectively stunk shown by:
#1 – OBP of .303 (12th of 14; AL Average .347)
#2 – OBP .327 (8th of 14; AL Avge .323)
#3 – OBP .312 (11th of 14; AL Avge .347)

Bottom of 3rd 1st and 2nd nobody down 2-0 count. We have STOMP on theis guy NOW.
Too many times this year we have let these opportunities fizzle.

That was not so much a stomp as it was a soft-shoe. I’ll take it and I’m sure Coke will too..
I am officially worried about Alex now.

Raburn again and again

Release Raburn

That’s what happens when you dont “do the stomp”. It can let the other team think they are still in the game. And now the y are. No comment on Raburn.

Well I will say “What’s the point JL?”

Comment on Casper Wells. I have noticed that he is really adept at staying back on the breaking ball and slow stuff. Instead of giving up and getteing beat he is able to reload his swing and still make solid contact. That’s a a nice ability to have for a hitter.

good work Perry. Now call Furbush to do the job

Get another starter. When he’s good, they can’t get runs. When they hit, he can’t pitch.

Before raburn´s error , he was on track

Nate Robertson all over again.

I’ve been saying this all year: put Coke in the pen where he belongs, both physically and mentally.
Get another starter. If Furbush can do the job, great. I don’t think Oliver can. If he can’t, go get another one somewhere.

Raburn: No comment.

OK Casper got robbed. Now we have to make something out of the middle of the order. If Ordonez gets on you obviously PR for him.
I am picking Alex Avila for delivering he big blow tdonight.

Magglio has his mojo back.

That Leyland is one smart dude. I guess he knows when he shouldn’t waste a runner eh?
Too many DPs Miguel.

Coke until tonight had little run support, however his now 4.32 ERA (AL 3.93 SP avge) also hides the fact he has now 8 unearned runs with all other Tig starters a combined 7 unearned runs. Coke has also only thrown 15% of the total IP.
Coke is either extremely unlucky or just doesn’t have the mental toughness to make it as a starter.

I knew that was goinna happen. After Pena missed that previous fastball.
I have no earlthly idea why thew would keep trying to sneak fastballs by this guy. It made absolutley no sense at all. I figured if they threw another they woul pay.
That was plain stupid and since I blame Leyland for just about everything I’ll blame this one on him too. He’s gotta let his pitcher know the scoop. Either a trip to the mound or a signal to Avila.

If we lose, and I am presuming we will, this will be one darn ugly loss.
I still can’t believe they were throwing Pena fastballs.

I stand corrected—apparently that dinger was hit off a slider. Why didn’t he throw him another fastball!!!!

Raburn due up to leadoff the 9th. If we are still 1 run down when that happens I would be stunned if they don’t PH for him. Actually I’d be stunned either way.

Benoit to shut the door? Makes sense and you gotta hope for a ground ball but too often he spills gas all over the place.

I must say that was sweet but I also think Gibby made a bad decision there with his cleanup hitter.
No way do I let Raburn hit against Putz—no way.

I don’t let Austin up against Putz either.
there is now way he will likely even hit the ball

OK BB–time to be a hero and make some of these fans a memory for a lifetime.

What a bummer!

Well this one was rather painful. The error by Raburn, the failure to STOMP and a bid pitch to a one dimensional hitter.
Get to work Dombrowski the 2B problem is not going to resolve itself.

Outplayed and outmanaged,

How ironic. JL complains about not having the DH in Colorado and LA, Arizona gets a DH in Detroit, and their DH beats the Tigers with 2 RBI’s, one a game-winning homer. Meanwhile, Coke is given a 4-0 lead and a 6-3 lead but can’t hold it. It surely does not look good for Coke as a starter. Perry throws a wild pitch with a runner on 3rd to allow Arizona to tie the game. Leyland changes his carved-in-stone relief set-up by allowing Purcey to pitch the 8th instead of Benoit. Raburn’s error scores. I think Duke may have been the weak link in their rotation. Now the Tigers have to face tougher pitchers?

Leyland said the hit to Raburn was a rocket and it was a tough error. I don’t agree, but that’s what he said. I think your man has to make that play. That and the Coke failure to cover first were the big plays of the game in my mind. The rest of it may have worked itself out if we make those two plays. It’s obvious that JL has no intention of replacing Raburn, so we’re screwed on that one.
I don’t know, guys. I don’t see this team accomplishing much of anything, trades or not. Not a good feeling when it’s still June. I think we’ve already blown it. I don’t look at things like where we are in the current standings, I look at what I see on the field. What I see doesn’t inspire much confidence.

Let’s not forget that we had a 4-0 lead with two outs and none on in that inning if Raburn starts the doubleplay. Instead, they get three runs, cause Coke to throw a ton of extra pitches, and change the complexion of the game. That was a huge error. Inexcusable.

Good teams find ways to win the close ones.
Bad teams find ways to lose them.
And yes there will always be excuses.

I actually feel the Tigers owe it to Phil Coke to put him in th ebull pen. They are beating his and their headss against the wall when they keep him in the rotation. Put him where his confidence has impact.

Coke’s reactions tonight told me he needs to be in the pen. This isn’t working, and I’m probably the last to admit it.
Likewise, I think I’m the last one to jump off Raburn’s bandwagon, and I can envision it now, rolling empty up a hill, pulled by a single horse with drooping head, disappearing into the sunset. Either Santiago or Rhymes or any number of 2ndbasemen out there can do better. JL is trying to “get Raburn going” but at what cost? If Ryan improves in the second half of a season that’s gone, is JL vindicated for his confidence in him? That’s a rhetorical question.

Is that a record??? 3 blown saves yet still get the win?
Rich, I have also long been a Raburn fan but have to admit I silently got off the wagon the past month or so.
I also now firmly hold the view never ever compromise on defense unless the guy can hit over 300 for all situations and all season long. Square pegs and round holes keeps coming up involving players so far removed from naturals it ain’t funny.

At this point, Raburn could use a change of scenery. Someone might want him out there.

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