Turner, Martinez headed to All-Star Futures Game

Tigers prospects Jacob Turner and Francisco Martinez have been teammates all season at Double-A Erie, but they’ll be on opposing sides in two weeks at Chase Field in Phoenix. They’ll represent the Detroit organization at this year’s XM All-Star Futures Game.

Barring any changes, it’ll mark the first time since 2007 that the Tigers have had two players participate. Detroit didn’t have anyone last year; Andy Oliver was selected, but was promoted to the Majors in late June, leaving Wilkin Ramirez as the lone Detroit representative.

Turner will be part of the pitching staff on the U.S. Team, while Martinez will take his skills at third base to the World squad. Both entered the year on Tigers top prospect lists and on an aggressive track of advancement, which placed them among the younger players in the Eastern League at age 20. Both have had their share of growing pains with the SeaWolves, but both have put up the recent performances that backed up their lofty reports.

Of the two, Turner has had the most regard nationally, ever since the Tigers made him their top pick in the 2009 Draft. After splitting his first pro season last year between Class A West Michigan and Lakeland, the Tigers promoted him to Erie to start the season, testing him in a more hitter-friendly league. So far, he has turned in a performance that has meant much more than wins and losses.

While Turner’s victory last week against Portland was a relatively rare one, improving his record to 2-1, his 2.94 ERA ranks just outside the Eastern League top 10. He has averaged more than six innings per start, tossing 79 2/3 innings over his 12 outings, while limiting opponents to 65 hits. His 1.09 WHIP ratio ranks him fifth in the league, scattering 21 walks while striking out 64 batters.

The Tigers could look to limit Turner’s innings down the stretch in his second pro year, having just turned 20, but an inning or so of work over the All-Star break won’t be an obstacle.

Martinez will turn 21 on Sept. 1, but the native Venezuelan is in his fourth pro season. And after a slow start at Erie, his numbers show he’s catching onto the pitching there. His .294 average on the season includes a .341 average (28-for-82) in June with two homers and 18 RBIs after batting .333 in May. He had three straight three-hit games last week.

Martinez’s seven home runs are one shy of his total over his previous three seasons combined. He has 17 errors in 59 games at third.

Major League Baseball, along with with the Major League Baseball Scouting Bureau, MLB.com, Baseball America, USA Baseball and the 30 Major League Baseball clubs, selected the 25-man rosters for each club. Each organization is represented, and the World Team features players from 12 countries and territories. Players from all full-season Minor Leagues were eligible to participate.

Seventy-nine Major League All-Stars have come out of the Futures Game, including a record 38 last year. Tigers All-Stars Miguel Cabrera, Justin Verlander and Jose Valverde all took part in the Futures Game, as did potential Tiger All-Star Victor Martinez.


Speaking of Riggleman, or more precisely, his replacement—Rich can you put in a good word to the Nats management for Lloyd McLendon?
I think he would make the most excellent, awesome, dedicated, reliable, honest, respected, intelligent and knowledeable manager possible. And please emphasize he is IMMEDIATELY available and would take a drastic cut in pay.
(Tongue firmly in cheek)

C’mon Dave Dombrowski. Fis this team. You have 5 (count’em) of the top 15 hitters in Bat Avg in the AL. You have arguably the best pitcher in the game as your ace.
What you don’t have is a 2nd baseman.
You absolutely do NOT have a 2nd baseman.
You don’t win in baseball without a 2nd baseman.
Get us one–one who does not strike out, who never gives away At Bats and who is a clutch hitter.
Oh yeah–you already gave him away 2 years ago.

polanco was done -> he’s a DL magnet now who’s batting isn’t the same. I’m glad we don’t pay him 6mil a year

In other words Dave, YOU OWE US ONE!

Good one, Dan, on Lloyd. I was thinking of giving them Leyland. 🙂 Seriously though, I think Mac can probably manage a ballclub about as well as anybody, but the Nats will probably stick with one of their own for the duration of this season. Don’t mean to wear the subject out, but Riggleman was making $600k per season. We pay………how much?
I hear the Phillies will give us Chase Utley if we bail Urbina out of jail.

I’ll miss Danny Worth. Sure hope he makes it up to the bigs again.

dang ya’ll love whining on these boards all day. Aren’t we on 1 game out of first? C’mon now I remember when the season was over after the July 4th weekend. I think Dave and Jim were trying to cover 2B by having Sizemore (bust), Rhymes (bust?), Carlos (sigh) and even Raburn out there. Were they idiots for thinking 1 of those 4 would be you’re NEEDED 2B? I don’t think so….but then again i don’t have jim/dave and/or love whining.

*hate ^^

Quick, who played 2B for the World Series champions last year? The key to success for the Tigers, like every other team is pitching, pitching, pitching. Coke’s 1-7 record and Penny’s last 4 starts should concern you more than Raburn/Santiago.

agreed with pitching is key to success….but also timely hitting

Coke has 2.34 run support. He would need to be Bob Gibson to win. He have been better ,until last week when Raburn ruined his game and era,than Scherzer, 9.54 run support.

Don’t forget the defense!

I did say we need pitching. I also said we need a LHP starter. I have also said I don’t think Brad Penny is good enough.
But, we have treaded water so far. We acquire another solid bat (a guy who has a glove as well) is more important to solidifying the infield and keeping runners moving on the base paths. BTW, the only guy who had a viable shot at 2B was Sizemore, and he is nowhere near the caliber of individual (that dombrowsk let through his fingers without compensation for) of Polanco. Polanco was as close to a leader this team had.
It’is better to whine proactively than reactively. Think about that a little bit. How many whiners will you be hearing at the end of the year if the wheels fall off again?
It is far better to let management know that the product they are foisting on the fans right now has been recognized as being insufficient. There have been too many fans that were willing to accept, the Neifis, the Jacques, the Chefs, the Andersons, the Everetts and Lairds in the past.
There are fans that also know being a Game behind (or ahead) now is not nearly good enough and that the other divisonal rivals will overtake this team if it stays as it is.
I love the game of baseball and have alwasy loved the Tigers. A true fan has the right to be objective and to worry about the direction of the team they follow.To call someone a whiner is simplistic. I want my team to win. I want them to show the baseball world they are a proud and talented team. I don’t want their manager and general mangager pretending everything will be OK with the status quo. They’ve proven in many ways that doesn’t work over the last 4 years.

Laird was good -> great defense and he was running our pitching staff in 2009. Polanco just snapped a 0-15 skid, has spent good time on the DL (i THINK), and is being overpaid (3 yrs/$18M)…I hope ya’ll aren’t forgetting JV needs to get paid soon. Peralta’s bat is enough of a step up from the aforementioned santiago and everett….that our infield should be batting on par or better than in recent years. Not to mention AVILA…..so how are we still upset with the infield’s offensive ability?

Our problem is INGE had a horrible first half, and i think his track record suggests a .270+ BA (with power) from Inge in the second half.

With that said, i’m not oppose to looking for a 2B via a trade, but not at the expense of a) our bullpen or b) our young starting pitching (read: furbush, oliver, turner).

Maybe whining was harsh -> but c’mon we’re pretty much atop the Al Central, won a bunch of series (until this last road trip) and have reinforcements (e.g. Carlos, Maggs, Perry, Inge, and trade deadline player TBD) coming (assuming 50% of them pan out we’re still looking ok).

Secondbase? I hear there’s a pretty solid one in Atlanta, that Omar Infante guy.
Sorry, that was whining. From now on, all my posts will say “Go Tigers!”

sigh….who we traded for jaques jones and then released jones. Rich, looking back you think we should have ‘discarded’ Omar or Santiago?

Santiago wouldn’t have brought Jones, and Infante for Jones did look like a good deal at the time, but only because JL wasn’t going to use Omar much anyway. At that point, we’d already gone though the entire “why doesn’t JL play Infante more” thing. What we’ve seen over the years is just a repeating saga, and is why many of us aren’t very optimistic.

honestly- i never thought OMAR any good except to hit a fast ball every once in a while.

Go Tigers!

You would have to go to Miami to see Omar Infante.

Oh great, now we’ve got drive-by corrections. 🙂

Scherzer and Porcello concern me more than anything and in that order.

yet both are young, have shown the ability to snap back into form and aren’t getting paid huge bucks….

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