Keeping track of rehabbing Hens

Lots of moves in game for Jim Leyland in Wednesday’s win. Lots of player movement, actual and potential, to track after the game.

The one move the Tigers did announce Wednesday was the return of Ryan Perry. He’ll be recalled Friday from Triple-A Toledo; Adam Wilk was optioned out to make room. Leyland had been cautious for the last few weeks to emphasize that they needed to know Perry was really pitching well, getting hitters out on pitches in the strike zone rather than getting Triple-A hitters to chase. That apparently was taking shape, and the Tigers’ need for right-handed middle relief wasn’t diminishing.

The move that wasn’t announced was the pending return of Brandon Inge from his rehab assignment, but that appears close as well. While it isn’t clear whether Inge will play in Thursday’s game for the Hens while the Tigers enjoy their off-day, he told the Toledo Blade he plans to be back in Detroit on Friday when the homestand begins. Supporting that were the comments of Leyland, who said Wednesday morning he would expect a move on Inge fairly soon and has a plan on how to fit him back in.

Then there’s Brad Thomas, who could be on his final steps of rehab. He pitched two innings the other night, and he’s scheduled to go two innings again Thursday or Friday.


I got to watch the end of the game. I also kept saying to throw the splitter but did not see it. The talk at the sports bar was it looked like a Jones/Rodney save. I am impressed with Don Kelly. Could he be the 3rd baseman of the future? Even this year? I say send Raburn down and call up Rhymes and then play the same line up for a few weeks. I know it is a big if but……Maggilo is back! Go Tigers! Oh, GK, you can complain about the stike zone anytime, it seems so inconsistent these days but the hitters still must know this and swing the bat! –Dave

Don Kelly is not the 3B of the future. He is a very good, older, utility player. I like him a lot. Would like to see Leyland use him more at 3B this year to keep Inge from getting comfortable and start swinging for the fences. Raburn cannot be sent down. Rhymes is a singles hitter. He would be fine if the big boys are hitting, but when Inge and to an extent Jackson are in the lineup for their gloves, it is hard to burn another out.
I am anxious to see if Ryan Perry got the message. Adam WIlk looked good, I think he has a chance to stick full time as a long reliever.

Oops I was wrong. Raburn does have an option left.

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