Inge reinstated from DL, Worth optioned

The question about Brandon Inge’s return from the disabled list (as mentioned in last post) didn’t last long. The Tigers announced this morning that Inge is being recalled from his minor-league rehab assignment and activated from the 15-day DL today. Danny Worth is optioned to Triple-A Toledo to make roster room.

There had been some question whether Inge might get in one more game with the Mud Hens to get ready for his return. And while Jim Leyland said Wednesday he assumed something would happen with Inge in the near future, there was nothing more announced before the Tigers headed back east Wednesday night. Today’s move means Inge will not rehab with the Hens tonight.

No news about Inge’s role accompanied the transaction. Leyland said Wednesday he has a plan with Inge, and that team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski is believed to be on board, but cautioned that it wasn’t final yet.


Thanks Portwinelad for the comments. Rich, I see the Nats are .500. Interesting match ups this weekend. Cleveland at San Fran and Washington goes to the south side of Chicago. Arizona come in hot to the motor city. Worth must feel like a yo yo. Dan, do you feel like something big is in the works?

I think Worth played well. He has the glove of a major leaguer. His bat needs work. Who gets sent down when Brad Thomas is ready (which I guess is coming soon)? I think maybe send Furbush down to stretch him out to start if needed. If Coke goes into the bullpen, I would rather see Furbush start than Oliver, at this time.

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DB, I don’t think so. Granted I have become jaded over the years, but I think it is just a little early to expect something “big”. The Tigers prefer the status quo when it comes to their core players.
They will want to see Inge come back and hope that he is miraculously “fixed”.
While I know the Tigers need a dramatic upgrade at 3rd soon, I do think Brandon can pull a minor miracle out of his hat if he is played fairly (that means that Kelly gets time there too). IMO Brandon should not be GIVEN a permanent position. He is not a superstar. I think he will play better and make solid contributions if he is pushed a bit and not handed that job.
I think Leyland has simply grown accustomed to pencilling him in there every day.
Kelly’s play has shown that you can afford to give Inge some time off—let’s not forget the youthful face belies the wear and tear on the rest of his body. He will benefit from not being forced to grind it out every single day.
As I have said before, I think the real problem is at 2nd base. We fix that with a positive solution and the team can win, THIS YEAR, with Inge/Kelly (and of course, reliable pitching).
Long term I don’t see a a prospect in the system so it looks like they might need to pursue a FA or trade.

Catching up on a previous post, the attendance at Dodger Stadium yesterday was announced at 30,000? That’s impossible. The place was practically empty. Listening to Vin Scully is always good. I remember the Tigers visit there in 2005 and Vin was relating facts about various Tiger players that even I didn’t know. Then there was yesterday’s description of the 1944 Dodgers as “hopelessly and haplessly finishing 42 games out of first place.” The man can turn a phrase. It’s not much of an advantage of interleague play, however. Anyone with an MLB.TV or Extra Innings subscription can listen to Scully anytime they want.
If we’re trying to win the division, why would we replace Furbush with Brad Thomas? I don’t envision Coke going to the bullpen. Regarding Inge, I’d really like to platoon him with Kelly. Brandon can get ABs against lefty pitching and be the late inning defensive replacement. You don’t lose all that much defense with Kelly at third and he’s just a better hitter than Inge. We have plenty of personnel to cover Kelly’s former utility work. Thirdbaseman of the future? That guy is in the minors right now.

Attaboy Jim. Teach your underlings that the Bid Bad Wolf Media doesn’t deserve a respectful answer and should be treated with disdain:
“Tigers hitting coach Lloyd McClendon, a former big-league manager himself, said he believes Leyland when he says he doesn’t feel the pressure of a lame-duck season.

“I’ve always said, I’ve never seen anyone prepare for a ballgame the way he does,” McClendon said. “I would say there is no way he feels any pressure.

“The toughest part of the job is answering the questions from you guys. The easiest part is dealing with players and going out to win baseball games. In that respect, I guarantee you he doesn’t miss a beat.”

Now that our 2nd baseman of the future is gone (Sizemore), I was thinking that might be the “big” thing in the works to win this season and beyond. If Coke had Max’s run support. I think Coke has done well for a 5th started. Is Penny our 2nd? I would like to see Furbush get a start to shake up the order of our rotation. Rich, I saw the end of the game and could not believe all the empty seats behind home plate. 30,000 paid but 25,000 were corporate seats.

If the toughest part of managing is answering media questions, I’m in the wrong business. Seems that anyone can pull of this managing gig if that’s the case. Let me suggest to a manager that has such self-imposed struggles with questions; how about a sense of humor? It’s not hard to disarm folks with some friendly humor, and it goes a lot further than snapping and grinding your teeth. You bring this on yourself, Jim. We only see what you choose to show us, and it ain’t pretty. If I’m the manager and I see Trevor Thompson walking towards me with a microphone, I’m already laughing anyway. Lighten up, Jim. You act like a man who’s afraid of being found out. Believe it or not, people actually WANT to like you.
In related psychological baseball news, if I’m Brandon Inge, I don’t want that story about the limo ride to get out. It can be taken two ways, if you know what I mean.

For what it’s worth, Major League veterans on Minor League rehab can travel through alternate transportation separate from the team bus. Carlos Guillen did that last summer when he was rehabbing with the Hens during a Syracuse-Buffalo trip. I don’t think he went the limo route, though.

Brad Thomas is coming back and I suspect a lefty reliever will go. If we use Furbush for 1 batter (yesterday) what good is he really doing? I’d rather see him used as a starter. And the thing about Coke, he has pitched well but he has not won. That is the fact. He has pitched well enough to lose by a run. Put him back in the bullpen with Al A and an effect Benoit and then you have a srength.
Agree with much of the comments about Inge. I want him to do well, but he needs to be pushed. That limo story was weird. Why would Rhymes talk about it?

I asked Leyland after the game whether Furbush would’ve been for one batter only if he had gotten the out. He indicated it wasn’t a certainty. So it’s conceivable Furbush could’ve stayed in pitched to Thames if he was leading off the next inning as opposed to coming up with runners on. Also, keep in mind that Schlereth wasn’t available after pitching the previous couple days, so the lefty vs. lefty guy wasn’t available.

Keep up the good work Jason! I really like it when you interact on the blog. Go Tigers

Gonna have to find that limo story!!
I like Schlereth better than Thomas but Schlereth has to throw strikes. Period.
I have a sneaky suspicion JL is not a Schlereth fan and vice versa.. Kinda wonder how long he’ll be around.
I would think other clubs might have need for a LHP reliever—-they are always needed. Man if you throw left-handed and can walk to the mound you are pretty much guaranteed a big league job somewhere.

What kind of manager is Riggleman?

A retired one, apparently. Crazy to think, though, that Riggleman feels he had to go this route at age 58 for not getting a meeting on his option. Leyland is managing in his contract year at 66 — no option, no nothing.

I admit it’s a radical move by Riggleman, but the two situations are different. Riggleman was on one year contracts and had just now started to receive improved personnel after having to manage basically minor leaguers. He wanted some clarification of his role going forward. Leyland is on the second season of a two year deal with a GM that may himself not be brought back. Leyland was extended mid-season two years ago, almost to the day. Finally, 66 is retirement age.

Ask Cubs fans what they think of how Riggleman handled their pitchers. (see: wood, kerry and prior, mark) I can see why Nationals mgmt would be leery to offer him a new contract.

Well, I like him and am sorry to see him go. After winning 11 of 12 and getting the Nats over .500 for the first time since probably 2005, he wanted to know about the option on his contract. Guess he didn’t like the response.

Riggleman had been on one year contracts at Washington, his option had been discussed “a couple of times” and he requested to discuss it again with GM Mike Rizzo when they arrived in Chicago for the White Sox series.. According to Jim, the request to discuss it was denied again and he felt he wasn’t wanted. He also made it quite clear that he would never accept a one year contract in the future.

Mr I had better not do anything stupid.
We are all waiting, and dearly hoping that the SOC can reverse having his teams fall back post all star break which all his teams have done the past 11 seasons including the 97 WS Marlins.
Jim was 47 when he last had a team improving in the second half. The 90-92 Pirates are the only 3 teams in 19 seasons that improved post break but all 3 were bundled out in the first round despite winning 96, 98 & 95 games.

With Barry Bond it was harder to lose than to win

If Leyland and the Tigers can win the division this season, my JL complaints are at an end. Simple as that. This is not a popularity contest. It’s about results.

Detroit left go Polanco for the hope of Sizemore, who is batting like a big leaguer with A’s. But Worth who has been like Don kelly a reality must wait for a 200 batter to retire with dignity. Good move

Leyland is driving me nuts with all these stupid lineups. This division is ripe for the taking and he keeps putting out lineups with 2 .200 hitters leading off like last week with Wells and Rayburn batting 1,2. Ya they won but cmon. Why not move up some of the guys who are hitting? How about batting Peralta 2nd against lefties and Avila against righties. I wish someone woud challenge Leyand or Dombrowski on Rayburn getting so much playing time. He stinks. What do they see in this guy?
Getting rid of Polanco left such a huge hole on this team.
How does Boesch feel when he’s hitting good and left out of the lineup? What does a starting pitcher think when he sees Leyland’s lineups?
Leyland has got to go. What is his rational for these crazy managing moves?
Opposing managers must laugh sometimes when they see the lineup card.

You took the words right out of my mouth. I’m still pissed about Polanco and I am sick of Rayburn and his inability to field. Inge has been sub-par and I am not confident in his return. I was iffy about Magglio’s return and he has yet to produce. With the optioning of Worth and getting less of Boesch’s power, I’m questioning Leyland’s logic.

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