Tuesday: Tigers at Dodgers

Sorry about not blogging the lineup yesterday. Got caught up in notes. Anyway, as Jim Leyland said yesterday, Miguel Cabrera is off tonight. It also appears this is the game Magglio will have off for this series. Jhonny Peralta is also off against Chad Billingsley.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Don Kelly, 3B
  3. Brennan Boesch, RF
  4. Victor Martinez, 1B
  5. Andy Dirks, LF
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Ryan Raburn, 2B
  8. Ramon Santiago, SS
  9. Max Scherzer, P


  1. Dee Gordon, SS
  2. Juan Uribe, 3B
  3. Andre Ethier, RF
  4. Matt Kemp, CF
  5. James Loney, 1B
  6. Aaron Miles, 2B
  7. A.J. Ellis, C
  8. Tony Gwynn Jr., LF
  9. Chad Billingsley, P



One broadcaster says yesterday about Raburn going to third after the double: nice running. What lack of fundamentals. You never run to third with a grounder between second and third until the ball is out of the infield. The SS had play in third but Uribe played worst than Raburn and was not covering third. He did not attempt to go to third when the LF lost control of the ball and then picked off in third. Dodgers wanted him last year , he was 4 for 10 after the double.Trade him to LA .
Cabrera is 351, 7 hr and 20 rbis in the last 31 games. But sometimes , the number look as they were lying , pitchers dont fear him now

Pitchers named GGD maybe, but MLB pitchers fear him. Or do they intentionally walk him for kicks?

I thought it was nice base running myself. Probably accidental though.
If the ball is slowly hit and the momentum of the shortstop is carrying him toward the throw at 1st you will not see a throw to 3rd very often.
Now getting picked off was pretty bad. Raburn has never been, and will never be, a good base runner.
Some guys love the game, they know all facets of the game. They can anticpate and they can ascertain things on the fly. Dirks is like that–Raburn is not. Raburn is one of those guys that can hithe ball a long way, has good bat speed, and a strong arm. Those are the boundaries of his baseball acumen.. He’s a good redneck country ballplayer.
Keen baseball intellect? No.
If Dombrowski is able to scoop a good 2nd baseman (I will grudgingly accept Inge and Kelly for the balance of this year at 3rd), then Raburn is a guy that has to go. I am hoping that some team will want a veteran hitter like Magglio too.. We still could use a solid LHP in the rotation. I don’t think Coke is the answer there and a guy like Vargas fro Seattle would be a good pickup that would alow Coke to stabilize the pen and eliminate the uncertainty we have with Schlereth or Wilk.

“A good redneck country ballplayer” You do come up with them, Dan. 🙂 It was probably you that likened Matt Stairs to a beer league softball player, wasn’t it? You should see Matt over here at Washington now, at 42 years old. He really looks the part. Funny thing, I drop everything I’m doing to watch him pinch hit.
It could come down to having to choose between trading for offense or for pitching, as far as what we have to give up in exchange. Myself, I’m not sure Penny is going to hold up, and I have more concerns there than with Coke.
How about we win this one tonight? How about we win both of them?

I have concerns about Penny for sure. He is one pitcher who absolutely needs antother 2 MPH on his fastball to get by.
Coke to me would be more valuable in the pen. That is his mind set and psyche I believe. True, he has not been supported properly in his starts

Nate Robertson never had run support either, even when he was good. He’s the one who started the “Gum Time” thing and it almost always worked except when he pitched. Well, now I’m getting sentimental hearing Thames in his interview and hearing about Justin having lunch with Marcusd and Bondo. I think Penny is decent but you definitely got to put up runs for him. Scherzer is a concern for me. Please, take my anxiety away, Max. Go Tigers!!!!!

Saw a video on MLIVE.com about some players who were asked would portray them in a movie. Max Scherzer wasn’t one of those asked but if you ask me, Woody Harrelson could do that role justice!
Let’s hope Max has a good game for us today.

Woody would do him proud!

Good Ol’ Matt Stairs. I hope he’s doing OK

Miguel can probably use a night off although I’ll miss him at first. He’s very alert at 1st base and it seems like his body is just in the right place to block a base hit. Has the quickest hands and makes things look so easy for a big guy.
Has anyone else notices how much weight Rod has lost? Looks like he’s dropped at least 30 to 40 pounds.

We need our young LHBs to have a game out there tonight.

Inge had a god game tonight. A pair of dingers to this point.

This pitcher is from Defiance, OH. Went to cheerleading camp there when I was a junior in HS. Our teachers were cheerleaders from MSU. Dinky little town.

Left handed batter and he is almost on second.Great .

Man, Max is all over the map. I have never seen a guy with a winning % like this who absolutely loses touch with how to pitch. His release points are all over, his balance, mechanics everything just seems to be erratic.
Avila keeps showing he is one of the most detemined backstops in the game. No way was he going to allow what should have been an easy out to go awry. Fabulous play.

Inge getting only 2 of the 3 hits against a tough righty is a nice turnaround in fortunes. Wonder how much going from hitting cleanup to 2nd helped.
Man the Tig hitters are cold.

I like Don Kelly hitting after Austin. Can’t say the same for Brandon.

No way you want to bat Brandon 2nd.
We Tiger fans have had to witness another one of those potentially big innings just fizzle away. Happens far too often.
Not happy with Avila’s ABs tonight and I am a big Avila fan.

Raburn is right, he was out at second. Took his hand off the bag. Ump missed it.

I have thought many of the same things about our starters. Coke has all and all pitched well as a starter and so has Penny. What I think the problem is, at least for me, Verlander has spoiled us this season. Because he has put it together so beautifully, no one can compare. Even a 9 game winner Sherzer.

Miserable hitting for the Tigers…..again.

What kind of road trip is this? It’s starting to give me the blues. We look pathetic.

This is what we got for Curtis Granderson.

This game ia another loss unless the Tiger bats wake up big time. I think JL’s crying about interleague play with no DH has infected the whole team. They just seem to think they can’t win without a DH in the line-up. They did well other years under the same conditions.



I’m just disgusted with the way this team evaporates.
Avila walked that last inning but he had another bad AB and should have K’d again.
can we take advantage/ No. Mr franchise politely hits into a bases loaded DP.
We have a team that can be great then overnight become a team that looks like you can ohly dream when they will be able to win a game again.
Scherzer was off tonight. He gets discombobulated and can’t locate. Can’t put hitters away when he gets 2 strikes.
Our hitters just seem to lose it on the road.

1 stinkin’ run against a starter who is taken out in the 6th with that many pitches?
This team needs a proven RBI, clutch hitter. you simply can’t afford so many guys to go to sleep all at the same time.
I don’t even want to start on my feelings about MCab.

Now 6-1. I’m going to do what I very seldom ever do. Give up. It’s late. Goodnight Mrs. Kalabash, whoever you are.

We really need Porcello to pitch a great game tomorrow. Our definition of successful road trips now means we win at least 1 game. Not good enough.

We shouldn’t be losing these games. And the way they lose makes it embarrassing to be a fan of this outfit. Nearly halfway though the season and we’re going to be four games over .500. Four? This is the first time I’ve ever thought that Leyland could actually be fired. They go out and get Martinez and Benoit, have one of the best hitters in baseball and one of the best pitchers, have gotten surprisingly good performances from guys like Boesch and Alburquerque, have avoided injury issues, but still are taking dead aim on yet another .500 season.
Funny how people are still talking about Cleveland when the Twins pullng within six games of us already. You’d think the season ended at the AS break……….oh, wait a minute, it usually does.

Fed up! Goodnight,

Right now this team is playing like they are not a team.
Give me a power hitting LHB 1st baseman and a front of the rotation southpaw for MCab.

Pretty pathetic. Another game where the hitting sucked and we struck out an alarming rate.
I sure like that Hawkesworth for LA. Good o’l Canadian boy!
Another poor roadtrip and another of our perpetually periodic analyses of JL’s managing.
I will give him the fact that we do not have a superb team. That we are lacking a blow you down LHP starter and good, dependable RHP (and LHP) in the pen.
That we do not have a championship caliber 3rd or 2nd sacker. But JL teams always prove to be mediocre, even when the present themselves as better than that. We need more consistency and less belligerence. More fundamentals and less favortism. More speed and less reliance on the HR in a non HR friendly ballpark.

If I am a player on that team I don’t take an attitude that I am gonna win one for my manager to the field with me. I think it is more like “I’m gonna show that SOC that he can’t treat me like that”.

The morning after the morning after…….
I was not suggesting Inge in the #2, just that he had gone poorly at the #4 spot at Toledo with 4 singles and 1 in 3 SO’s.He is moved to the #2 spot and suddenly gets 2 homers with no strikeouts at the #2 spot against a righty with good stats.
To show how much a revolving door the #2 position has been, Kelly has had the most AB’s with a mere 62 of the 292 total.
The more I think about it, the SOC has made plenty more dumber moves than move Inge to #2. Inge is at least more likely to swing for contact than flailing away for the stands.

Couldn’t stay up to watch it all and glad I did not. Hitting has gone in the tank the last few nights which means we can’t afford to give up anything.
You know, I thought something was different about Rod, that must be it.
Those darn Twinkies, you just knew they wouldn’t stay in the cellar forever. The Tribe has really let the rest of the division back in it. We are very fortunate Cleveland has been losing too, we now will have very interesting division play if it stays this way with everyone bunched up together.

anyone going to Sundays’ game with Sparky’s tribute? I am not but wish I could, am glad it is when Gibby and Tram are visiting.

Good pitching beats good hitting every time. What kind of approach to our hitters take when it is a pitcher that have not seen? I wonder how many different line ups Boston has used? Oh yeah, they have a great player at every position. Question of the day, what is the line up going to be?

Just read the play by play. Did Dirks strike out twice in key situations? Should we have bunted? Did AJ stike out with runners on 1st and 2nd and no outs? Miguel up with the sacks full and grounds into a dp. Did he swing at the 1st pitch? Inquiring minds want to know. Why did Cleveland fire their hitting coach. Did Texas fire theirs? Thanks. Go Tigers, come on Ricky! –Dave

Leyland has used 60 different batting orders in 74 games. For random comparison, Tampa Bay has used 59, the Red Sox 47, and the Yankees 38. Our most used batting order has been used 4 (four) times.
And he wonders why people question his daily lineups? He’s using more batting orders than last year when the team was devasted by injuries.

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