Verlander likely out for All-Star start

If you were wondering how the rotation works out for Justin Verlander and his chances to pitch in (or start) the All-Star Game, the answer probably came today. Jim Leyland said this afternoon that he’ll keep his rotation in order through the All-Star break. That would (barring a postponement or something like that) put his starts this coming Saturday, the following Thursday, then Tuesday and Sunday in the final week before the break. And that would leave Verlander ineligible to pitch in the All-Star Game two days later. Thursday’s off-day is the last day off before the break, so there are no other situations in which the rotation would be shuffled.

Leyland didn’t talk about the all-star part.

“Our rotation will fall in line the rest of the way,” Leyland said.

Verlander said the right things about it. He also said having pitched in a couple All-Star Games already makes a difference in that.

“I’m not sure I’m going anyway,” Verlander said. “If I were to be selected and I pitch the last game (beforehand), I’ve had the opportunity. I’ve pitched in a couple. That’s personal, and that’s not what this game is about. It’s about winning baseball games for this team. My job is helping this team win games. Give some other guys a chance.”


Would you expect anything else from Leyland?

I know the game has changed but I have to think that JV would consider it an honour and a challenge to start that game.

If I saw Leyland adjust his rotation so JV could get personal accolades then I’d be pissed at Leyland. I consider it nothing that JV pitches in a game where MAURER starts over AVILA. But of course everybody is going to second guess Jim.

I wouldn’t expect to jeopardize JV—the fact is there is a day off a a simple adjustment could keep JV on his perfect storm shcedule of pitching every 5th day.
Not a big deal.

Looks like a mismatch early on here. Kershaw looks tough. Penny is going to have to pitch a good game this time.

Raburn is one nightmare of a ballplayer for a manager.

Maybe, but he should have been squeezed in by the pitcher.

I think JL had Furbush and Wilk throwing earlier because he planned to PH for Penny if we put a couple of men on in the 5th. It’s possible Rod and Mario missed that.

Even though Schlereth has a decen tERA, I have a feeling that he is not one of JL’s favourites. Doesn’t throw enough strikes and loses LHB too much.

It’s ironic that, after all the talk of our pitchers having to hit, it’s THEIR pitchers who are doing all the offensive damage against us. That is just so………….Tigers, you know?

I was thinking the same thing last night.

Penny is one mean guy on that mound. Pitched pretty good tonight–wonder what’s up with his knee?

Pitchers must luv Tiger cards like last nights all righty matchup where they are pretty much guaranteed a good outing if they aren’t roughed up early.
The SOC has at least benched underperforming contract players some of the time but gets carried away particularly against lefty pitching. Boesch the past week is hitting .417 with .345 against lefties this season from 58 AB’s.
Inge clearly needs more time at Toledo with his horrid .190 from 21 AB’s with only 4 singles, 7 SO’s and no BB’s.

sigh. last night that Kershaw guy impressed me – and for that matter i wasn’t upset at penny for his performance either. I guess I don’t know who to be pissed at cuz we only had men in scoring position 3 times – ugh. And i agree Inge needs to stay downstairs until he can hit MINOR LEAGUE stuff at least.

The problem is, Inge can’t stay down there forever. There will have to be a decision soon. My guess is he’s once more come back too soon.
Quite a pickoff last night on Raburn. Their catcher and Uribe did everything but announce it over the PA, but neither Raburn or Lamont or anyone in the Detroit dugout caught it. And as usual, Raburn also saved a run by making a nice play on a grounder in the hole later. He giveth and taketh with such consistency, it’s amazing. Somebody should write a book. Or a song.

Alter the rotation so Verlander can pitch in the All Star game? Leyland wouldn’t alter his rotation when a DIVISION was on the line, so if he does it to get JV into the AS game, he should be fired on the spot. The AS game is a joke anyway. I don’t even watch it most years. Like the players, I take a week off from baseball.

Yeah, why don’t we start Figaro so Justin can start the All Star game. I used to like it to watch our players but when the game ended in a tie……………Well, I wonder what different line up the SOC will use tonight? Why did Boesch sit? I saw that Schlereth walked 3 batters? I guess Penny did ok. Kershaw is tough on the mound and the lucky guy also gets to bat.

Boesch wasn’t playing because he bats left handed

You guys are missing the point. It’s not the rotation–it’s the number of days between starts.If JV is pitching with this degree of excellence on a defined interval then keep that interval.
As to the All Start start, big deal, everyone concerned is right, manager, player and fans. The game itself is a non-issue.

IF, and I qualify the word IF, it is an honour that JV wanted then he should be given the opportunity. He has expressed otherwise and that’s fine. I just don’t like the dictatorial responses from Leyland whenever queried by media.

If you move him up a day before the break, he will have the same five-day rest break after the all-star break.

Either way, he has five days off coming.

Historically, he is great all the time, but lights-out during the day. Let him pitch the day before the break, miss the ASG, and then pitch the first game after, on four days rest.

I’d rather he pitch 18 innings in the world series than two innings in the ASG.

By the way, Josh Beckett and his 1.86 ERA would likely start the ASG, Verlander or not. I doubt the all star game managers look at xFIP.

Well, that got some conversation going. He could pitch the 1st inning. Not that he is going to throw 130 pitches It used to be an honor to start the ASG. There were no closer in that era either. My point about Boesch was does he always sit against LHP. We needed his bat last night.

I was going to post something similar to Chris G. Since I see the AS game as nothing more than a vacation, it comes as no surprise that I’d like to see JV start the Sunday then open the White Sox series on Friday night, July 15. Open the second half with the top of the rotation and go from there. And there’s probably only a snowball’s chance that Leyland would do that. Of course, I haven’t mapped out the second half matchups on the schedule. That could change things.
Boesch also didn’t start because some of these other guys, like Wells, need to get some PT. Ordonez has to play if he’s going to be here. It appears to me that JL is doing the proper thing in this regard. Where he’s not doing the proper thing is having no patience for repeat questions. He snapped at John Keating, of all people, last night for daring to ask about Cabrera getting a much needed day off. Sure, Jim had already explained his reasoning (which is sound) to others, but there’s no point in being abrupt about one more request.
By the way, the $100 fine for tipping your cap is not in effect when talking about Kershaw’s performance last night. 🙂

I just spoke with my son on the phone and mentioned how Leland doesn’t like interleague play very much. My son’s reply: “Leland doesn’t like anything, Mom.”

I would guess either Peralta or Raburn will get a day off today.

My guess would be Peralta, because JL never does the logical thing. Raburn should sit permanently, but it will never happen. Whatever happened to Ryan being on a short leash? I guess tha one HR fixed everything!

Great answer by your son Pup!
I have not met a lot of Tiger fans who really like JL much. I ran into two different gropups of people from Michigan over the winter down south, and bot groups seemed to despise him.
Small sample I admit, but my guess is that his detractors outnumber his supporters.

Anyone earning millions each year that can’t display plain old human decency when asked a few simple, never loaded or personal questions for a few minutes each day has long past their use by date.
Imagine his responses if you thrust a mic in front of him right after the buzzer the way other games require from players these days.

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