Saturday: Tigers at Rockies

Kelly returns to third base, with Alex Avila heading to the bench. I would guess we’ll see Avila back behind the plate for Justin Verlander’s outing tomorrow, but we’ll see. With Kelly in, he returns to the second spot in the lineup, with everyone else shifted back down to their usual spots. Magglio gets the night off, with Andy Dirks getting a start.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Don Kelly, 3B
  3. Brennan Boesch, RF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, C
  6. Andy Dirks, LF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Ryan Raburn, 2B
  9. Phil Coke, P


  1. Carlos Gonzalez, CF
  2. Chris Nelson, 2B
  3. Todd Helton, 1B
  4. Troy Tulowitzki, SS
  5. Ty Wigginton, 3B
  6. Ryan Spilborghs, RF
  7. Charlie Blackmon, LF
  8. Chris Iannetta, C
  9. Ubaldo Jimenez, P



Sizemore, Santiago, Monroe,Infante, Ledezma,Thames even Gallarraga were cut or benched and most of them proved detroit wrong Why Raburn can fail once and again and keep his post? Worth has been far better than him in the field and at bat but he is losing playing time, he woul be better playing in aaa than warming the bench while raburn shows tha stubborness of the under 500 manager

Another reason I hate interleague play. American league teams can’t pt there best team on the field in national league parks. Like tonight we can’t have our 3rd/4th best hitter in there.

Boy was that terrific strategybto walk the bases loaded and pitch to Jimenez. Just pitch for gods sake. I am already sick of this game

HELP! Did anyone see this play better than I did or hear what the announcers may have said? Why didn’t Raburn complete the double play that would have ended that inning? As a result Coke threw 8 balls in a row and their pitcher gets a hit.

I know I am so frustrated by this game already I barely can stand watching it.

He was safe

Last night I thought he was, but tonight I don’t think so?

Boy getting thrown out at home that is painful. Atleast Peralta didn’t totally waste our chance.

Come on, fans. I know everybody picks on Raburn but I would really like to know if he could have completed that double play.

Probably not the ball wasn’t hit real hard.

Phil you can’t walk the pitcher, and now the lead off guy.

Sure beats going for the miracle throw and giving away bases.
What is it with our guys and there pitchers AB’s? Just not Perry with the problems.

I’m not absolving Coke of anything. He just doesn’t seem to have the best control tonight.

Miguel that was one lazy AB with Boesch on 2nd. QUALITY

Cabrera is making me sick. That first pitch krappe is ridiculous. There was a RISP. Look for a better pitch, Cabby.

Well it loks as though the indiands and the twins are going to win

Can’t even stand watching this and I am sick of complaining.

Not sure I think it is as bad as last night but still not a great fan of the strike zone tonight. Very national league favorable umpiring crew.

Who is in thierd for Lamont?

God three runners thrown out at home in two days, my head hurts.

I’m beginning to wonder if Ordonez is ever going to come back. And Jackson just can’t seem to do much with a runner on base.

I think Maggs I going to be fine.

Well Rios just hit a three run homer so not only did the indians and twins win probably the white soxs are also going to win. We have got to put something together here.

And just like that Boesch grounds into a doube play.

He wasn’t only out at second he was out by a nice little chunk. I ? Telling you these calls by these umps are bull crap. ITS BEEN BIASED FOR 2 DAYS NOW AND I AM BLODDY WELBTIRE D OF IT!

Its been a heck of a long time since cabrera has come through on anything! He has bee horrible.

Ya know Miguel isn’t going good wen raburn has more rbi’s in the last week. Maybe he needs to give miggy a day off and play Martinez at first. Am I crazy?

Took my wife out on a very nice date and didn’t see the game. Got home in time to see the highlights and player/manager interviews. From that, I gained the impression that we had missed opportunities, had some more questionable thirdbase coaching and that Coke may have been squeezed by the umpire. How accurate was my impression?
Seems to me there has been more controversial thirdbase coaching than you should see in an entire season, and we haven’t even reached the halfway point. Is Lamont running guys into outs because he assumes a man on third with none out won’t be driven home?
Also seems to me that there is an awful lot of talk about “this ballpark”. How about we just play our normal game and stop psyching ourselves out? How about that, Jim? I know you blame your failure in Colorado on “this ballpark” but there’s no need to pass it down to your current team, eleven years later.

Astute comments about the SOC.
Can’thelp but notice Sizemore is a lot more relaxed playing for the A’s.
Is Miggs behaving differently lately? Definitely seems on edge and to me a feigned bravado that is coming across badly.

“On edge” is a good description, Dave. Something appears different, but I’m not going to even try to guess what, if anything, is going on. He has been on the receiving end of some very questionable umpiring lately.

Well, I was working at the Michigan High School school Boys’ Baseball State Championships(which was a blast) and saw better umpires at those games than the MLB games.
Had to shut it off during the 7th inning and go to bed after a long day but had a feeling Tigers’ were not going to be able to pick this game up.They leave so many runners on base.
Allso I agree with Rich that Leland needs to kerp his mouth shut about Coors Field. Just about every team plays there and some manage to win. No reason for us not to.

Miguel Cabrera is doing his job as usual . He among the top 10 in most categories.
The problems are:Leyland who insist on playing Raburn. The fault of the lostgame is his. he failed the doubleplay. He must hit like Dave Kingman to justify his post there.
Lamont , the poster child for a human stop signal that sent Magglio into the slaughterhouse and again failed this year once and again.
Raburn who was tradeable last year. Teh Dodgers wanted him. Now it is time to release him in the same way mo mor valuable players than him were released or traded.Jurjens, Sizemore, Infante, Thames,

“(Third-base coach) Gene (Lamont) would probably say that with no outs, he’d like that one back,” Leyland said. “To me, though, he’s the best third-base coach in the league.” And to me, my wife is the best wife in the world and I own the best truck ever assembled. Duh. Too much controversy surrounding a thirdbase coach. You think a former thirdbaseman might have a better handle on this job? Not to name names……………….
Nobody asked why Raburn didn’t try to complete the doubleplay?
We’ll need to win 2 of these 6 road games and get back home at 40-35. Anything more is a bonus.
Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

amen to your previous post Rich…quit looking for excuses to lose
sorry, but i need to rant for a bit
I used to coach H.S. football and we had a very poor playing field. Rain didn’t drain well, our soccer team used the same field so it was always tore up pretty good. We used to laugh when opposing teams would warm up because you could see then complaining to each other about the condition. Our head coach used to say “they are looking for a excuse to lose”, which was usually the case. And remember it only takes one person to start spreading the seed of negativity.
I was saying the same thing last year with all the injury excuses. Everyday I kept hearing how hard it was to win without Maggs, Inge or Guillen etc… I keep looking at the Twins year in and year out lose studs like Mauer, Morneau, and Nathan but yet they keep contending for the division. Listen, I know its hard to lose important parts of your lineup but you have to keep plugging along if you expect to be a winning club. If you have an injured player, then understand what the replacement player and revised team excels at, and coach to their strengths. I believe that the premier managers like Gardenhire and Larussa (losing a cy young calibre pitcher like Adam Wainright) understand this and get their teams to continue marching on until they are healthy again.
I hate to sound so negative because I am pleased with the season so far. I was just getting irritated the past couple of nights with all the talk about “this stadium”

Well, he’s used five relievers in the two games with Verlander going today. Didn’t use up the pen, that’s for sure. On a humorous note, I expect the high altitude will eliminate Verlander’s slider and curveball, but he should be able to pump 110 mph fastballs up there.
To be fair, I remember only one real rant from Alan Trammell during his stint as Detroit manager. It concerned, you guessed it, “this ballpark.” 2005.

To be fair, isn’t it Rod and Mario who keep talking about the ballpark??? Now I think Leyland may of mentioned he felt he didn’t do a good job here, but our announcers that keep talking about it.
Now I am going to go on and on about how I hate interleague play. Today we don’t get to have our hottest hitter in the game. How can that be a level playing field?

Hey can Victor play 2nd?

That’s only because you hear Rod and Mario for three hours and Leyland for four minutes. Read his comments.

Ouch! Lazy taqg by Peralta on the overthrow. We could’ve had him.

I/ve been down on MCab for awhile now. I don’t like what I am seeing. The non-celebration the bad 1st pitch outs. The inabiliuty to drive the big runs in. The look of disinterest and nonchalance. I’m concerned. Perhaps when this court case is put to rest he’ll perk up?

I agree, he has had some pretty weak outs lately. It seems he isn’t hitting for a ton of extra base power lately, lots of walks with a few singles here and there. And just as I say it he hits a double? I don’t know if he is tired or distracted but he just seems a little off?

Is it me or is this a tight strike zone today?

Not trying to start anything but you bitch about the ump’s strike zone every day.

Actually I wasn’t bithcing I thought it was tight both ways, I was asking a question. And over the last cuple of days I wasn’t the only one on here questioning the umping. I think Ihad company! But if I can’t come on here and state an opinion or ask a question, we’ll then I just won’t come on. I don’t sit here and conplain at nauseum about Leyland, Raburn oe Lamont. So I gather from your comment it is okay to complain as long as it is about something that is in vogue

Sure don’t want to jinx JV today but he is looking as though he is almost inhittable these days. I’ve long thought we had something very special here and if there is one guy that should be untouchable it certainly would be him.
Before this game is out I wouldn;t be surprised if he got his 1st hit too!

You did it, jinx


Wiington is a pretty good guy to have on your club. Honest effort, decent hitter and a serious ballplayer. He sure tagged JV on that drive.

Jinxed him again!!! Better lay off now.

The inability of being able to get that bunt down could come back to haunt.
3 run lead means little and especially with so far to go in the game.

Was Boesch fault ?

No I meant when JV looked so helpless trying to get one down

Ya know I would have PH for JV there in the 8th. I know he wants the CG but there is far more to be gained by taking him out with the kind of lead we have than by leaving him in.
There will be a whack of folks (including JL and JV) to disagree but you avoid wear and tear, you avoid a great outing deterioating, you avoid an accident or injury.

JL perhaps is trying to keep his bullpen , overused, for LA. But you are right

He ended the slide with the spikes up. It was his size that caused it or was sending a message?

Whoa—Jhonny made a real nice play on that but it looked to me like we got away with one there.
BTW, I thought we had the inside track on Venezuelean players. How did we not get this Gonzlaez? Nice player–real nice.

I really dislike how Cabrera did not celebrate Boesch’s 10th HR. I mean hitting another one right after Brenan did is completely disrepectful and shows how poor of a teamate he is.

Okay okay guys. Gk doesn’t b_t_h about the strike zone “every day” and we already know that Gary Cederstrom’s crew, he of the phantom third strike on Damon in Atlanta last June, is not a good one. ‘Nuff said on that?
There is always a key hit in a blowout and I thought Andy Dirks had it today. That was a game changer. Meanwhile, Avila continues to get it done with a man on third and less than two out. I have the impression he’s picking up a lot from Martinez. At any rate, it would appear that Victor and Alex should hold a clinic for the rest of the team on how to get this important job done.
If Cabby had hustled more and Peralta hadn’t taken the throw in a lazy fashion, we could have had two putouts today on errant pickoff throws. Maybe we should put that in the playbook.
We had a good turnout of Tiger fans this weekend, but the Rockies sold a ton of tickets for this series. I don’t think that was because Detroit was in town.
Verlander is scary good these days. He’s starting Saturday night in Detroit and I’m expecting a sellout crowd. Unfortunately, it appears that Justin is going to go another season without a hit, unless we get to the World Series or JL uses him for a pinch hitter. Which one is less likely?

Well Rich, on the one hand you have no chance of seeing Justin pinch hit this year or any other year for that matter. On the other, a World Series appearance this year and Justin getting a hit in it is, lets face it, fairly long odds….. but definitely better than 0%. I know……. It was a rhetorical question.

I missed Saturday and Sunday’s games and could not bare to watch most of Friday, that game was horrible. Sounds like JV was in the zone again, looking good for 20 wins this year, keeps this up we can seriously talk Cy Young for him. How was the experiment with Alex at 3rd? Any insight if that hurt the team or helped? I’ll have to read the box scores to see how he did offensively. I did hear Cabby had a homerun this weekend. I don’t want to pick on the guy, all of the guys will have dry spells, but the way he is carrying himself at times is concerning. I hope he works through it, both for him as a person and for the team. Of course we all may be reading way too much into this, we don’t know what is going on in his life – maybe his life is the best it has been and he is just frustrated that he isn’t getting the pitches to hit. One of the burdens of being a most feared batter.

Let’s get this next series guys…

Oh, and forgot to add, hope all you Dad’s on the blog enjoyed your father’s day. We spent ours at the Cincinnati Reds vs Toronto Blue Jays game. I love baseball but still more fun watching a team you care about winning and losing. I was pretty impartial though I rooted for the Jays to make my hubby happy. They lost – not sure the last time he saw the Jays win in person. Probably my impression, but the feel of the ballpark and the fans just did not seem as into it as at the Tigers. I am way too biased though on that one.

Thanks for the comments everyone. It catches me up as I had other commitments this weekend.
To all the Dads, hope you enjoyed Father’s Day as I did spending the day with my son at a car show. We did see the first inning and then I got home to see the last inning. My comment is when Justin starts a game just give him the ball and say it is your 9 innings🙂 Nice stat about our 70 game start over the last 3 years. Also, about the “excuses” I am frustrated watching Miguel.
Who are the best hitters in baseball right now? How do they act? My vote on interleague play….No. I am a fan of the pitcher having to hit. Not a fan of the DH.

Brandon Inge is not rehabbing at an exciting pace in Toledo. He was oh for four again with a pair of Ks.
I would think it would be a bit difficult getting back into the lineup with Kelly contributin as he has and at the same time, providing a #2 hitter as opposed to someone at the bottom of the lineup.

and all that great Kelly defense – pysch! we need brandon back – and batting .250+ with power

Interesting interview, on a couple of perspectives, with Jim Tracy.
Nice comments to hear about JV and our club.
Also, what a class act this gentleman is. That is the way to conduct a post-game interview, and after a loss?
Certainly a study in contrasts with our “beloved” SOC.

IMO Minimum for Inge is .250 + power to have that job.
Kelly swings from the left side: advantage Kelly
Kelly runs better
Kelly can bunt
Granted, Inge is far superior as a 3rd baseman. He will give his pitchers some outs Kelly can’t.
Keep in mind though Inge has around 2000 assists in 8000 innings at 3rd. That is only around 2 ground balls agame on average.
As to getting Avila and Martinez in the lineup I heard it mentioned that Cab should not play 3rd because he could dive for a ball and hurt himself???
Is the ground harder down the 3rd base line than i is at the other hot corner down the 1st base line?

Postgame manager’s comments: I’ve seen a large number of these from the other clubs, and ours is the only one I’ve seen that doesn’t use a pressroom. We get a cranky old man sitting in his cramped office with microphones stuck in his face, is eating sometimes, obviously doesn’t want to answer questions, and comes across looking pretty ridiculous, if I can be honest. Leyland has the worst PR of any manager I’ve seen in a long time.
Cabrera playing thirdbase: I have no doubt he can do it, but don’t think I’d bother with it for these six games. Putting Victor on firstbase also weakens that position. We hit just fine in Colorado but gave up too many runs and hurt our own chances with questionable coaching decisions. I see it as a good opportunity to rest Avila a little bit. I’m afraid he’ll wear down in the second half while we’re trying to avoid that annual collapse. Alex had caught a ton of ballgames.

How about the news that the Indians have fired their hitting coach, Jon Nunnaly. They’ve hired ex-Tiger Bruce Fields. Apparently Manny Acta was not happy about some of his guys being in prolonged slumps, some of which have lasted for 2-3 months. My goodness, we’ve had guys in slumps for two to three years! According to the Plain Dealer, some of the Tribe was not real happy to see him go. Wonder if our Tigers would voice the same opinion if Lloyd were axed?

C’mon Dan, everyone knows the first base line is softer because of all the traffic🙂 Speaking of all the traffic, it can be tougher than playing 3rd. Go ask Albert, he is out 4-6 weeks from a collison with a runner. The Dodgers have a tough pitcher going tonight.. Will Penny be heads or tails tonight?

Ed, I think some of our guys would say they’re sorry to see Lloyd go and the rest would offer no comment. Have to bear in mind, however, that about the only Tigers who ever get asked (or answer) questions are Inge, Avila, Boesch, and Kelly. The others seem to keep a pretty low profile. From what I see, anyway.

Those 4 you mention are pretty well spoken.
BTW, I agree about the rest for Avila. My response is more to the “creativity” angle that JL has imposed upon himself. There were other options other than radical ones. Also, playing Avila at 3rd also weakens 2 positions. Catcher and 3rd.
Ideally you could rest him tonight, Wednesday or both really.
I am fortunate to be able to get the broadcast for today and tomorrow on Rogers Sportsnet out west here.

True about the creativity angle. It was a shock that he even tried Avila at third. On that subject, I would have thought JL would have given Victor a few more starts at firstbase and let Cabby DH a little. Miguel has been DH exactly one time. I haven’t checked the LA pitchers, but giving Avila tonight and Wednesday off, followed by the day off, is a good opportunity to give him a mini-AS break. For all of JL’s celebrated resting of players, he still seems to end up in the second half with a weary bunch of guys.

1. Austin Jackson CF
2. Casper Wells, LF
3. Magglio Ordonez, RF
4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
5. Victor Martinez, C
6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
7. Ryan Raburn, 2B
8. Danny Worth, 3B

While I agree that this is agood time to get Magglio in and Wells (if you have him on the 25 man then you have to play him some), I don’t think the lineup is the best it could be. I’d rather see Worth batting 2nd, Peralta batting 3rd (with Maggs 6TH)Wells 7th and Raburn 8th.
Raburn is starting to get his bat on the bal—This would sove a problem if he can hit. He’s not been horrible defensively at 2nd.
I like Peralta 3rd because it takes a little pressure of Magglio, Peralta can run better than Magglio and Peralta just might benefit from a temporary elevation in the order as reward for his production thus far.

I would like Justin Verlander to study the hitting tapes of Hank Aguirre.

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