Thursday: Tigers vs. Indians

Leyland said he was weighing whether to catch Alex Avila or use him at DH. He opted for the DH spot. Combine that with another Leyland point, that he’s weighing whether to start Avila at third base on Friday, and it’s possible he’ll get back-to-back games at a position other than catcher.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Don Kelly, 3B
  3. Brennan Boesch, LF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, C
  6. Magglio Ordonez, RF
  7. Alex Avila, DH
  8. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  9. Ryan Raburn, 2B

P: Max Scherzer


  1. Grady Sizemore, DH
  2. Carlos Santana, C
  3. Michael Brantley, CF
  4. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
  5. Shin-Soo Choo, RF
  6. Matt LaPorta, 1B
  7. Travis Buck, LF
  8. Cord Phelps, 2B
  9. Adam Everett, 3B


Our pure RHB really have to contribute today. Peralta has floundered a bit lately, Cab is not pounding the ball, Ordonez is finding his way again, Raburn, well we know what he is and is not doing and AJ has to get on base.
If we can get even a couple of these guys going then maybe we can take this series.

Who is pitching for Cleveland? How many runs have we scored in the last 4 games? Max, I looked af the film or tapes, I saw what I needed to see, so saw their bats off and strike em out. I predict 2 runs for the Indians. 7 for the Tigers. Raburn will not strike out today.

Mitch Talbot is throwing for the Tribe.
I like your prediction and hope your are spot on about Max.
He’s a bit of an enigma. Good stuff, intelligent, competitor. Gets into a funk with some mechanical issue and fixes it himself.
I think the thing to be concerned about Max is his delivery. A bit like Zumaya in that respect. Violent, complicated delivery. I guess it is easy (and misplaced) to compare him to JV who is so rhythmic and smooth. Max is perhaps more prone to hurting himself.
I really like him though and we were quite fortunate to get him.

I like Max too, I think he’ll work through his issues soon.
Maggs had some good solid hits yesterday, I hope it is the tip of the iceberg for him.

after I post I see they are already ahead after a triple based on an error by Raburn. Did not see it, just on gameday. Not the way to start a game. Oh, and then another triple – ok, I may have really spoke to soon . Come on Max, settle down and get the first inning out of the way, you should be able to count on our offense for a few runs to cover a few bad pitches, right?

Rod Allen was right on about pitching to Choo. Did not seem like the prudent thing to do. They teed off on Max.
He had better cut down on the fly ball ratio or these Indians will be leaving the yard today.

From what I’ve observed so far, Magglio is swinging the bat pretty good. Not much puck luck yet.

Raburn has received many more chances to succeed this year than the average player and continues to fall flat. DD & JL need to make a decision on him, and soon. He’s not helping the club at all (except for a HR for every 20 K’s or so). Can’t field, can’t hit. Either send him to AAA (where a real hitting coach might actually be able to help him) or release him.

You are kidding Maggs has hit everything pretty hard, he isn’t finding a single hole. But I like what I have seen.

I’m happy he’s making contact and not popping up like he did before going on the DL. As long as he keeps making solid contact, good things will happen.

Memo to Rod Allen:

Adrian Gonzalez has 60 (Count ’em) RBIs

Ya know I miss typed there about Magglio. I have liked what I have seen so far. He he squared everything up and can’t. Find a single hole. But I am encouraged for sure.

I hope Magglio can start finding the gap. If he does then I suspect they will need to do something with Dirks or Wells.

Memo to Rod Allen:
Avila is NOT catching today.

Memo to Rod Allen:

This is June….not May!

I am pretty confident in this statement. If we are going to win this game we have to do so against the starter. There pen is great and ours stinks most of the time. It looks as though bothpitchers are settling in. Just as I type this Peralta homers

Nice job Ryan, guess your ears have been burning with all the talk about you. Had to make up for the error and you did.

We have had the starter on the rocks many times this year but often fail to stomp down on them, thus giving them time to settle in.

Scherzer is throwing too many connsecutive fastballs.

Threw 7 4 seam fastballs to brantley. Got away with murder.
I hope they are taking note n the dugout.

Actually Maggs’ last 2 ABs were not so good.
I hope Max can squeeze out 2 more innings.

That’s better Max—mix ’em up. When you can get strikes with them —use them.

That dude should be out for not evev attempting. To get out of the way. Max is loosing it

Throw it at his chin. Seems like we can not hit a fly ball with a man on 3rd, then my score of 7-2 would be good and pull Raburn as he has not stuck out.

Then suddenly, loses it!
Again, I agree with Leyland here taking out Max. Q is due for a bad outing. He does worry me in that he can have trouble with the strike zone, however, I’m confident he won’t give up a bunch of runs.

The real test will be next inning. Top of the lineup coming up and 3 LHB and 2 switchers. I suspect we will see Daniel Schlereth.

I think the bullpen has been very good lately. Benoit went quite a few games with out giveing up a run and Papa Grande…….Lookin good!

Live in royal oak, rain coming down crazy hard at my house. Doesn’t look like it is raining that hard at the park? And really windy

We win 6-2. First place! SOC for President🙂 Raburn is his running mate as he did not stike out and hit a big fly.

I know I am probably crying sour grapes, but you got to give Maggs all the ab’s he can get. Can you imagine the pressure on him? Put him out for five games in a row, and if he can’t contribute, make him an honorary Tiger for life, and go with Wells and Derks.


For sure. Maggs has to be given enough time to provide a substantial indication of what his contributions are going to be.
I don’t like Maggs in RF but wise use of pinch runner/defensive replacements will somewhat mitigate that concern if he hits.

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