Inge to go on rehab with Mud Hens

While the Tigers are out west for Interleague Play over the next week, Brandon Inge will be on the road for International League play (see what I did there) with the Mud Hens in Louisville and Columbus. The Tigers confirmed Thursday morning that Inge is headed out on a Minor League rehab assignment.

Inge, who went on the 15-day DL two weeks ago with mono, had said earlier in the week that he wanted to come back as soon as he was ready. He’s eligible to come off the DL on Friday, but he said he thought better of it once he picked up his activity level beyond batting practice and infield work.

“I know usually I want to come back as fast as I can, and I still do,” Inge said. “But after working out the first two days, I realized I need to go, because it’s different. It’s like once you have to do something physical, it’s a different type of tired. I think I need to let my body get back into the daily grind.”

In other words, Inge needs to get into baseball shape again. He’ll serve as the designated hitter tonight at Louisville and then start playing at third base. The plan is for him to play six games.

Meanwhile, it sounds like Jim Leyland will be following through on his idea to use Alex Avila at third base with the Tigers to help survive the next week without the DH. Leyland said he’s considering starting Avila at third Friday night at Colorado.


I’d be interested in hearing comments re keeping Avila behind the plate, moving Cab to 3rd and playing Victor at 1st. As I mentioned the later 2 have played hundreds of games between them at hose respective positions.

I don’t think MCab has the range to play 3B. Besides, do you really want your star player diving for line drives down the LF line? He’s such a competitor that you know he would, and could quite possibly get injured. I think 1B is the best place for him, and he’s very good at it. I don’t really like the idea of moving guys around anyway. If they’re a catcher, keep them there. If they’re a 1B, keep them there. If you need to fill a position, bring up a guy from AAA or go out and acquire somebody. Shuffling guys around is never good, in my opinion.

This is a stop gap alternative to JL idea of playiang Alex at 3rd.
Not a long term plan.
But wouldn’t it be interesting if that would work as a long term plan?
Suddenly you have the DH spot open up for Magglio.
I know, Cab can’t play 3rd. But a bigger problem is the fact he probably would say he won’t play 3rd.
FOUR years ago DD realized thee was a problem of production at 3rd base. Hence Cabrera. In 2011 we still have the same problem. (Sorry Greg)
That being said, I think the bigger problem is at 2B. I would not be surprised to see Brandon Inge come back and crank up his game a couple of notches if we can stay in this race. Even I subscribe to Hope & Dream at times.
Speaking of 2nd basemen, there are a couple that might be available. Young would do an adequate job there and would be a very positive influence on this team. Aaron Hill has really struggled this year in Toronto. But this guy can play and he can hit. Maybe a change of scenerey? Mike Aviles is battling things in the minors. I always thought he was a tough out.

I don’t know – did the Tigers acquire Cabrera because of a lack of productioin at 3B, or was it because they had a chance to get a very big bat? Not many guys are going to be big hitters and give you solid defense at 3B. You usually get one or the other. As a result, 3B is the least represented position in the hall of fame, if I recall correctly.

how do you kow he would say he won’t play 3B? That is an absurd comment.

1. Cabrera will be playing 1B, that is not going to change.
2. I like the idea of Avila moving to 3B in the future (like a couple years from now). THe Tigers have drafted a lot of catchers, some with high ceilings. If Avilia keeps hitting, it may be beneficial to consider him at 3B to save his legs in a couple years. He might get a look at 3B during inter league play, but is not ready to take the position over now.
3. Aviles cannot make KC’s roster…. Aaron Hill would be a good addition, if he is available and healthy. Rhymes is doing well in AAA, he could come up if needed.

Just a quick comment. The future at third is Castellanos. The Tigers paid a 19 year old big bucks. Avilia is the catcher of the present and future for this team. Hey Dan? Do you think Inge would make a good manager?


About Inge, I’m going to go (for now) on the assumption that his horrendous start was caused by illness. I tried not to do it, but still found myself saying several times that “Inge would have had that one” and that’s nothing against Don Kelly. He’s filled in admirably.
The Avila at thirdbase thing will be interesting to watch, but he’s the Detroit catcher for years to come. He’s very good back there. Look at how quickly he fixed his problem with passed balls/wild pitches. Remember that? If you put Cabrera at third, you weaken two positions. Victor can certainly play firstbase, but he only holds his own over there.
Seconbase? One can salivate over acquiring Micheal Young. Barring that, the situation has changed and Rhymes should perhaps be given a second look. If Jackson and Ordonez are hitting, we can use Rhymes under those circumstances.

I should have said long-term means THIS season. Not just for the odd interleague game.
Castellanos in 2013 or Martinez in 2012 are the future–for sure.
My comments are less only slightly less absurd then some of the double talk we hear from Jim Leyland.
Greg, I think he probbly would. Many catchers have a deeper understanding of the game and he would benefit from that experience. He is well respected among his peers and in the baseball community. He’s intelligent, philanthropic and active in the community.
You might not believe this but I was an Inge supporter when it was not fashionable to be one. I was touting his skills as a an overlooked 3B man when I noticed how many more balls he was able to get to than the top guns like ARod, MCab, Ramirez, Wright, Chavez etc. He was also putting some offensive numbers up in those days.
I like Brandon but realistically, those days are gone.

BTW, if anyone believes that
MCab doesn’t call the shots they are deluding themselves.

Alex has come such a long way over the past year, he has been a true bright spot for our team and he seems to have so much more confidence out there at and behind the plate. I worry about playing him at 3rd. I know we need his bat, maybe he’ll play half the game and then Kelly will come in as a defensive replacement I am guessing, but that defeats the purpose of having his bat in there in the first place.

I don’t think the mono thing affected Brandon on his hitting but I hope I am wrong. It doesn’t explain last year, unless last year was still leftover problems from his knees. Love Brandon but at this point am not expecting much more from him. Just like everyday I Hope I hear Guillen is ready to come back and healthy as a horse – I am not holding my breath and have given in to the thought that I have likely seen all that I will see of him. That way if he does come back and can produce I can be overwhelmed with happiness.

Unless you have had mono you don’t know what it is like: I was a frosh in college and had it first semester right at midterms (1963), and was fortunate and only missed 2 weeks of classes. I was warned by the Dr that a recurrence would be more severe and fortunately DID not have a recurrence. However, I do not wish mono on my worst enemy because it takes everything out of you. This was my experience only, but until I was diagnosed, I couldn’t stay awake nor eat anything because of lack of appetite and just plain ,no strength. I realize and want to point out that this is just my experience and happened almost 50 years ago.
I do believe Inge needs to be careful and not try to return too soon, and baseball is so much more demanding then everyday activities.

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