Wednesday: Tigers vs. Indians

Maggio replaces Dirks in the sixth spot against Carmona, whose lefty-righty splits aren’t nearly as big as those of Justin Masterson. Jhonny Peralta returns to short, while Ramon Santiago shuffles over to second base.

Interesting comments from Jim Leyland today on Ryan Raburn, whose struggles have seemingly taken him from starting second baseman status to a platoon partner with Santiago. He talked about Raburn with a hint that the Tigers’ patience may be running low.

“I think you just ride it out until you make some kind of decision — play him more, play him less, whatever,” Leyland said. “I mean, we hit extra, we do all the things that everybody else does, so there’s no secret formula for it. Just keep working at it and hope he catches fire. If he doesn’t, you play somebody else.

“What I’ve seen up to now, I’ve seen some [signs] where you get pretty optimistic, and then you have a setback. It’s like the old two steps forward, one back once in a while, it seems like. But he hasn’t been taking that many steps forward, quite truthfully. Hopefully he will.”


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Don Kelly, 3B
  3. Brennan Boesch, LF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Magglio Ordonez, RF
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  9. Ramon Santiago, 2B

P: Brad Penny


  1. Grady Sizemore, CF
  2. Carlos Santana, 1B
  3. Michael Brantley, LF
  4. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
  5. Shin-Soo Choo, RF
  6. Matt LaPorta, DH
  7. Orlando Cabrera, 2B
  8. Jack Hannahan, 3B
  9. Lou Marson, C

P: Fausto Carmona


I like this line up. Maybe “brother” is not so stubborn.

I like the lineup as well. Days are coming when we sees catcher hitting at the top of the order. Carmona is hurting right now so… Eat em up Tigers!

hmmm yea not a bad lineup if i do say so myself. And i’m not going to lie – i’m happy the way jim is talking about the rugburn situation

Seems to be a little more urgency from JL so far this season. He’s not waiting around as long to pull the plug on things. No time for an extension, I’d say. Win…..or else? I’ll take Santiago at secondbase over Raburn any day of the week. Ramon just has more tools.

Amen Brother!

Alex gets promoted in the lineup.

Brad Penny doesn’t throw a no-hitter.

Will MCab pick it this series?

Hey Pup. I noticed your post on the other subject.
I was going to bring that point up ythe other day as I noticed the morose look on his face when VMart went over to him afte scoring.
I thought immediately that he was stewing about his own K to lead off the inning and felt what a selfish giant he was. Refrained from mentioning it as it was only a glimpse of him and perhaps I din’t have enough “evidence” to criticize him for it.
Now I see that I was right.
I am concerned over MCab’s highly inflated opinion of himself as it manifests itself in this interactions both on an off the field.
I like him but I don’t like his behaviours very much.

He has some emotional issues imo. Couldn’t let go of that K. It was eating at him. Those are issues he needs to work on. Gotta remember the camera is always on him, as MLB Network pointed that out. Must have had a bad day. Just got to move on and don’t look back

Hope he’s not drinking again. It turns him into another person.

How exactly do you know this?

How do I know what? What part of the remarks are you asking me about?

I may be on a “get Cabrera” here but why would he not have scored on that 2 out double by VMart?

We are notorious for letting starters off the hook when in trouble in the 1st. C’Mon Alex—let’s do this one right!

Avila is our MVP so far this season.

3 runs may not be enough with the way Penny is being hit tonight.
They are getting some pretty good swings and they could easily have had 4 runs in these 1st 2 innings.

I wondered if there had been some fallout following the SOC’s outburst following the frustrating road trip against the Bosox and Pirates, culminating in Rick’s pulled complete game. He has been quick to pull the trigger on just about everything not involving Miggs and JV.
Is Worth Ramon’s understudy?

For Greg:

“Wouldn’t ever do that Greg.
Memories are a huge part of what makes us Tiger fans to begin with.
Hank Aguirre and his windup.
Dick McAuliffe’s unusual batting stance (which taught me how to get my own bat on the ball with 2 strikes!)
Rocky Colavito pointing his bat straight out at the pitcher.
Listening to Ernie and when you heard the ball was hit out to center field and you just knew it would be caught because Mickey Stanley was out there. Mickey and his motorcycles and McLain and his guns and gangsters.
Tram & Sweet Lou, Paw Paw Maxwell, Senor Smoke, Roof Top Thompson, The Bird, the inimitable Stormin’ Norman.
And Mr Tiger gliding into the corner and whirling around and nailing Aparicio out at 2nd.
I will even put Ingie on that visual memory list with the way he goes into the stands and makes outs out of foul balls.

Did you hear Leland refering to the return of Ingie. Ingie…..what does that tell ‘ya.

Oooooh—-So close by Avila down the LF line. The guy is a machine.

How many guys have we left stranded?

Way too much 2 strike hitting going on.
JL!!!! Takes Penny out?

I totally agree with this one.

Penny didn’t look good from the get go, especially when he had to meet with Avila to get the signs again. Huh?

JL is managing like it matters. That’s nice to see.

Good baseball. Had to sacrifice there and it paid off.
Now it’s time for MCab to do something meaningful.

Have not seen Penny that much but was not impressed tonight. One more comment and then back to the game. Miggy has a 3-1 count with a duck on the pond and grounds out to short. He needs to sit and rest and reflect and……..let’s knock Fausta outa herea.

LaPorta seems to hit us.

Careful Charlie..Careful

Impressive K by Furbush on LaPorta. Very impressive.

Too bad he still screwed up. Our pitchers have gotten aheadof batters all night but can’t put anyone away. Hence the 11 hits in five innings. It is about 9:22 right now the game last night was almost over. A tale of 2 nights

Penny was aweful.

Let’s hope schlereth stays in the strike zone.

At the game, this is painful and incredibly slow. Start of the game looked rather promising but geez.

It may sound a bit reactionary but Penny may be more valuable to us as trade bait. I bet the Yankees would love to have this guy.
Not sure we could get Curtis back for him though!!!!

Man, we need to get the old Miguel back again.

Those of you at home several of our players seem to be having words with the ump. Is the strike zone jacked or what? They seem ticked off?

Jhonny is due. We need a blast here in the 8th.

We can blame this one on Penny. I could tell from the gitgo he was gonna get hammered.

This one is on Penny, but there have bee several glares, following players and many discussions and disagreements with thehome plate ump. Our the tigers complaints justified?

It appeared that the strike zone grew as the game dragged on. Not surprising. Gk, you’re at the game using your handheld, then?
Okay, here it is. Penny is driving me nuts. I realize he’s our #5 starter even though he’s in the #2 slot, but I can’t stand to watch him. Everything about him is slow and deliberate. I’d hate having to play behind this guy. I don’t see how you can be effective while pitching at that pace, and he’s not being effective. It’s like a bullpen start every fifth game. Unfortunately, I don’t see who could replace him.
We had some chances but it wasn’t our night. We’d been getting breaks but tonight they went against us. A number of line drives caught and would be basehits barely foul. I hope we can go at a brisker pace tomorrow.
Cabrera, even in a slump, is better than most hitters, but we need him to go on a tear. I’m assuming it’s just a slump. Unless he’s caught Inge’s mononucleosis. It does happen., you know its bead when the yankess and the red soxs games get over before ours and there was a lot of scoring in NY tonight. My question regarding the strike zone really had more to do with the reaction of our players. I wonder if the rotation needs to be adjusted during the allstar break? I really thought that we would win the game tonight, the matchup, how we had been playing versus them, and how the game started. A real disapointment to me.

These Tigers have hung in there an put the team into 1st place in Mid-June. That is an accomplishment given the weaknesses in the roster.
The baton is now in David Dombrowski’s hands. He has to be clever and he has to beat the other GMs to the punch. A couple of key trades here can provide the necessary ingredients.
A 1st place team deserves a 1st rate GM. Go for it. Don’t wait till next year (I’m gettin’ older everyd day!)

I’m not gonna touch the mono thing!!!

Penny and Coke are beginning to look like weak links in the rotation. Peralta is in a real slump- 7 runners left on base in tonight’s game alone. And you are all correct. Cabrera is just not hitting very well.

Penny yes, but I don’t see how you can call Coke a weak link. JL might want to leave Phil in the game a little longer. 82 pitches?

When (or if) I reach the Pearly Gates, the first question I’ll want answered is “why does Trevor Thompson persist in asking Jim Leyland about momentum?” My second question will be “why is Trevor Thompson………..?”
Dan, you’ve got a twisted mind. 😉

Brad Penny must be thinking about his December wedding to the DWTS babe. Bonderman could have done just as well. Does that make me a SOC? I’ve been called a Crumudgeon for a long time.


Yes I think Penny is slow and I am not that impressed but blame him? We score 3 in the first and our 4th run was a gift. I think we swung at too many balls and then we took a pitch and it was called a strike. The Ump looked like he called low strikes. I think in Carmona’s last outing he walked 6 Yankees. We did not come thru with the big hit. Nobody. Let’s see what the boys are made of. Cleveland can not come to our house and take the series. Go Tigers! –Dave

The strike zone at the end was amazingly low in my opinion. The strikes to Dirks seemed low, but then even lower for long-legged Kelly. I was waiting for Fox Track to prove me wrong but didn’t see it.

Let’s get them today boys

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