For Verlander, third no-hitter looks more when than if

Ok, be honest: How many of you at this point believe Justin Verlander won’t throw another no-hitter this season?

The more outings he pitches like Tuesday, the more the expectation builds. At the same time, the longer he goes without another one, the more anticipation builds that his next outing might be the one.

Now that Verlander has again looked like he had no-hit stuff, his outings are shaping up to be a very interesting part of summer.

Verlander was asked whether he expects to throw another one.

“The way I’ve been answering questions, I would have to say yeah,” Verlander said. “But this is a funny game. You look at some of the pitchers that have come through the Major Leagues, some of the outstanding Hall of Fame pitchers that have never thrown a no-hitter. There’s a lot of things that have to go in your favor. You have to get lucky. I would like to say I’m able to, but things have to be on my side.”

Alex Avila wasn’t as sure as his teammates that Verlander was going to pitch a no-hitter Tuesday. But short of outrighting saying it, Avila sounded quite confident Tuesday.

“He’s got the stuff,” Avila said. “He’s got the preparation that goes into his starts. It’s all there. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that he’s been close so many times this year.”


JV looked great last night – went down there n sat near the LF foul pole. Was just glad not to see any bullpen clowns get tossed into the game.

oh man, he was in the groove last night. He brings a level of interest unlike any other player on this team. I am at the point of wanted to DVR any start I might miss of his in case something special happens.

Way to take game 1 against the Tribe. Let’s end this series in first place alone guys!

I started mine in the 3rd inning. Even then he looked on a mission and was plowing them down. Also, I still have his no-no in Toronto on there, too. While FS Detroit usually gives a replay later in the night or early morning, it is an edited version and you miss alot.

I am with you Tiger Girl, I should record all of the JV starts. He must have read my post because with the line up the SOC threw out there I told him to throw a shut out. Now if only a few others in Tiger uniforms would read our comments🙂

DB, I’m still trying to figure out the SOC reference to the Skipper. Call me dense, I guess. Son of a …….?Screwy old coot? Same ‘ol cr*p? Probably not even close, but you gotta give me some better clues.

isn’t coaching easy when you’re SOC (sitting on the couch!)

Stubborn old coot

Stubborn old coot is correct. The moniker was invented on this blog by………..other stubborn old coots.🙂 It can be used in real anger or also in a kind of fond exasperation, as you might with an irritating family member. “Oh, you stubborn old coot.”

Yeah Rcih, I guess we will have to start calling Jl “brother Jimmy”!

Family members don’t point out dyslexia problems!!!! “Sorry Rcih”

Just a great story on the main site about 6-year old Victor Jose Martinez. It didn’t seem to show up readily, at least not yet, so here’s a link:
I always get a kick out of Victor’s postgame comments because you can see him watching Victor Jose out of the corner of his eye.

I used to be a coach and no, it is not easy. Wouldn’t that be sotc? Statman also likes to call hem the SOC. By the way, nice picture Mr. Byrne! Ah yes, the memories. Man, could Ron LeFlore run! Go Tigers! –Dave

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