Tuesday: Tigers vs. Indians

Magglio Ordonez is not in the starting lineup. Andy Dirks gets the start in left field, as Jim Leyland tries to get him out of his June skid, with Brennan Boesch shifting over to right. I’m guessing this is part of Jim Leyland’s plan for mixing in four outfielders among three spots. I’m also guessing he won’t say much at all about it.

Leyland said that he plans on playing Ordonez in the other two games of this series. He chose this one to rest him in part to get another left-handed bat (Dirks) in the lineup against Cleveland starter Justin Masterson, who’s allowing a .194 average to right-handed hitters.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Don Kelly, 3B
  3. Brennan Boesch, RF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Andy Dirks, LF
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Ramon Santiago, SS
  9. Ryan Raburn, 2B

P: Justin Verlander


  1. Grady Sizemore, DH
  2. Carlos Santana, C
  3. Michael Brantley, CF
  4. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
  5. Shin-Soo Choo, RF
  6. Orlando Cabrera, 2B
  7. Travis Buck, LF
  8. Matt LaPorta, 1B
  9. Jack Hannahan, 3B

P: Justin Masterson


Not real excited about this lineup. Would like to see Maggs get the start again? I don’t know!

It’s a shame maggs cant play 2nd base. Oh well maybe we’ll put our 2nd baseman out in left as a defensive replacement in the 6th inning instead.

Why does Jim still feel the need to play Raburn anywhere? Unless he wants to get a few laughs watching him play defense.

His offense (of late) will give you a little chuckle as well…

The only thing that could justify having Raburn playing anywhere in the Majors is that he must have some dirt on Jim. That is the only way possible. His defense is horrible and his .200 avg is stinking up downtown Detroit. I never liked him and never will. So what if he has one clutch hit per month. Polanco is very missed in the number 2 hole.

,Hard to believe JL is putting the square peg in the round hole again. Raburn?
Man do we ever need a 2nd baseman. Someone mentioned Rhymes—he is hitting in Toledo, but we need a stalwart infielder added to this squad. We are below average at every infield position. I do give credit to Peralta for his sure handedness.

Well, I’m ticked off already.

Here’s a bit of trivia. How can Ramon be credited with a triple on a walk-off hit that scores a guy from 1st base?
Technically in that situation he would have had to reach 3rd base before VMart scored. VMart is painfully slow but that just did not happen. Theoretically it should have been ruled a double.
As I said: Trivia!

Watching a replay of Ramon’s walk off hit last night, I noticed that he was very near to catching VMart. I have little doubt he was at 3B before Victor scored.

I think it’s a matter of which base would he have been standing on if not for a walk-off situation.

Say you hit a walk-off home run that scores the winning run from third base – it wouldn’t be ruled a single just because the game was won at the moment that baserunner crossed home. The batter is entitled to their appropriate hitting stat, right?

I will give Raburn some credit for hanging in there on DPs. He has done that pretty well so far. He’s not so great at knowing how to cover bases (1st or 2nd) properly though.

Well watching the mlb network and Dan Dickerson was on talking about why Maggs was out, appearently Masterson is very hard on righties. But Magglio of other years would of been in there regardless.

Is this the same Raburn that was called a scrub by a SF writer and all the Detroit fans were ticked off? 😉

Funny how a lot of folks complained about Raburn in LF saying 2B was a better position for him. Now they’re complaining that he’s not a good 2B either. Is there a position he CAN play at this level? (and don’t say 3B, because he’s even worse there) Reminds me how everyone said he’d hit better if he only played more. How’s that worked out?😉

Glad to see Andy Dirks in the line-up!

There are 5 outfielders. Boesch, Maggs, Jack, Dirks, and Wells!


Wells > Dirks

jack = jackson. my b. wells > dirks is true – however i think dirks > raburn too. doubt we could get shit for raburn tho. going to the game tonight. hope we win.

Well now that I know Maggs is not playing I am going fishing as the bluegills will be on their beds. Are you kidding me? You are talking righty lefty again, SOC? Add another different line up to the list. Come on Justin, you will need a shut out.

2ndbase is a better position for Raburn than leftfield and I stand by that. If he’s going to play, 2ndbase is the place for him. If he’s going to play. Said that all along. Okay, continue with the mutiny. 🙂

Let me remind everyone again that down the stretch in 2009, while Cabrera was out getting drunk with the enemy, while Leyland was resting people and starting untested rookies in crucial games, while Aubrey Huff was hitting .183 in his rhinestone rally thong, Ryan Raburn had a big second half and was our entire offense in the final game of the regular season, the one we needed to win just to GET to game 163. If you have a problem with him playing, take it up with Leyland. Raburn’s a real person, not a wrestling villian or Wile E. Coyote. You folks need to back off.

Rich, I’m sorry if you feel Ryan Raburn is unjustifiably lambasted here and in most other media outlets. Truth of the matter in baseball when your useful life seems to run its course, fans, media, and baseball itself can be downright cruel. I don’t have anything against RR as a human being just never liked the guy as a player. His defense has been suspect at ALL positions he has played. His DEAD bat revives in July usually but we Tiger fans are ravenous for a winner and see the man as a wasted roster spot on a team on the verge of greatness.

That being said, I pull for any and or all players the don the Olde English D. I and everyone else here just wants the team to win. Mr Raburn looks lost at the plate right now coupled with his atrocious defense I believe he is doing more harm than good right now.

Can’t believe it also Dave that Maggs is sitting. I will give the SOC the benefit of the doubt that Maggs isn’t feeling right for tonight. Apart from Boesch (though crazily only against lefties) none of the other outfielders come even close to hitting 300 regardless of the matchup.
Whilst I am on matchups, the comments by the SOC that lefties have to get lefties out intrigued me. Is anyone aware of any studies that have been made on the success rate of this as it has driven me nuts how often it has led to the pen falling apart in an inning.
I am probably going to over simplify this but going to a lefty typically just increases your chance statistically of an out from around 70% (.300) to 80% (.200).
The SOC and no doubt many other managers rarely do the matchups in the final two innings switching middle innings relievers who are usually more unreliable and typically the least experienced and more fragile pitchers in your bullpen. My gut feel is these guys typically have a bad day around 30% of the time, and more so if your name is Brad or Daniel required to get only one out. Knowing you are needed just for one out no doubt increases the bad day or failure rate. Unless your righty middle reliever absolutely stinks against a lefty, it just seems logical for him to keep going if he has started the inning pitching well.

Sure would love to attend this game. This is that perfect day in June…..dry, just slightly cool air, the deepest blue sky without a cloud in sight, and the sun is hot. Perfect day in Michigan, perfect day for a ballgame. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

MCab making 1st pitch outs is getting old. This guy can also hit when being selective so why not?

Any criticism of MCab generally inflames people but he is not helping out when the starter is in trouble in the 1st inning and he hacks at the 1st pitch.

He is in the fourth spot to put the ball in play as he said in an interview.Fourth post is not for selective batters.

And as Reggie Jackson said to tony Armas, nobody remenber if yo so 200 times in a season as long as yo hit 40 hr and ans have 100 rbis

We need our offense to perk up again. They have been unresourceful lately and with our pitching they need to step up.

Happy to say wishing Maggs was coming in after walking Victor in the 3rd and Dirks delivers!!
I agree with you Dan Miggs hasn’t looked 100% lately, but he has a crazy .397 career average and .733 slugging on first pitch swings.

Cabrera was signed to a new contract on the condition of him not playing in Venezuela. Playing winter baseball helped him to keep his shape

Rich I agree with you completely regarding Ryan. While I am frustrated as heck with him right now, I have a real hard time giving up on him. I have beeb at far too many games over the last few years where he was the man and the only guy who was coming through consistently. At the game right now and he is getting booed a lot. People need to back off or he is going to get so screwed up he may never come out of it.

The offense needs to pick it up. 3 runs can be one swing of the bat.

not tonight!

I would imagine that JL is a bit tempted to PH for Dirks here. He might feel this could be a good place to run Maggs in but the problem with that is that we NEED the defense in the next 2 innings.

Time to bring Worth and Peralta in. Maybe even Wells though I feel pretty good about Boesch out there these days.

Will he get back in the 9th?

OCab has always been a pest. Darn.

I have to give credit to JL tonight for those defensive changes. He was doing his part to shrink the field a little bit for JV.

Funny night to end the season run of having an extra base hit with the 11 singles.

That’s for sure. I was at the game and it didn’t even dawn on me till the 8th inning, kinda bummed but was more concerned about the no hit bid at the time

Justin-credible! He was just awesome and leave it to thank dirty skank orlano cabrera to break it up????

Some chatter about Avila playing 3rd in interleague play. If you are willing to do something that radical why not play MCab there and have VMart play 1st?
They both hae played those positions a fair amount in the major leagues.

BTW, if they played Avila there, I’m sure the guy would be just fine.

At least we are getting out of the mindset that ONLY Inge can handle that job.

This will sound overly dramatic, but you’re witnessing greatness here. You don’t see this very often. As Verlander walked off the mound in the 3rd inning, my wife and I looked at each other and I said “Here we go again.” The man is that dominant. I’ll agree with Mario when he said he was glad the bloop by Santana in the 9th didn’t break up the no-hitter. At least Cabrera got a clean single. I’m thinking JV might start pitching in sold out ballparks soon. It’s got to make it easier for a manager because JL knew last night that he could use more relievers than he normally might, with JV up next.
Nice catch at the fence by Jackson and he seemed to be taking over more ground as the game progressed. I liked that. Dirks had a good evening, so that all worked out very well. When you’re going good…………..
I’d like to see Avila take a turn or two at thirdbase. I don’t like interleague but this would make it more interesting. It’s not like Mickey Stanley going to shortstop after all, since Avila was a thirdbaseman. I think Alex can hold it down for a bit over the next week.

So we’re rolling now. Must be team chemistry:-) Was thrilled to see my guy Ramon come through with the walk off last night. He is so low key it’s almost like he’s at a loss as how to act the hero in that situation. I was thinking about that triple ruling and decided that a double might have been more accurate. My logic is that had there not been a need for a throw to the plate he would have been thrown out trying to make third. On the other hand, there was a need for the throw to the plate, so we’ll take the triple…… Sorry to hear all the negative talk about Ryan Raburn. Pretty mean spirited in my mind. I’ll still pull for the guy.
Regarding Magg’s return and Inge’s eventual return, you have to wonder how this will effect the team dynamic/chemistry. The young guys stepped up. Time will tell. I’m still a big Ordonez supporter. He will, however, need to hit big time to justify playing and I believe he will. I was wondering what folks would think about going with 14 position players and 11 pitchers. Sounds crazy but case in point would be Justin’s CY bid this year and the other 4 starters beginning to look like work horses all capable of pitching late into games. The BP would remain well rested. I’m not a fan of burning up relievers on one batter. Let the relievers pitch. JL could send down Schlereth. He only gives Daniel a batter once in a while anyway. What help is that? Maybe Schlereth would benefit from more work in Toledo. You could be vulnerable in extra inning games but again, only if you burn relievers on one or even two batters.
I like both Wells and Dirks a lot. If one has to be sent down it’s not the end of the world for either. They will get their chance. Magglio was paid the big bucks to play and this might be his last year as a Tiger. Let him hit. When Inge returns I assume Worth goes back down? Would there even be a need to send either Dirks or Wells back down?
You could make a strong case for Alex Avila being the Tiger MVP to this point. His defensive play has been near perfect and his bat has been a huge plus. His bat has kept him in the lineup I think more than JL could have hoped for. VMart has benefited by not having to be called on to catch against LHP. Alex’s success has in effect forced Maggs to play in the field if he is going to be in the lineup. Not necessarily a bad problem for JL to have.
JV incredible. A joy to watch. We are witnessing greatness Rich. While you could make a case for Alex MVP, I think the strongest case could be made for Justin. He has come into his own and seems to have really matured in character He literally carries the team on his back every outing this year. They know it and he understands it and he’s learned to keep it all in perspective.
Early on I didn’t think this team was going anywhere. Now I think they have the makings of a championship season. Lot of ball to play yet.

Great that Dirks had the kind of game at the dish that he did. But, they do have to get Magglio in there to see what he is able to do. My feeling is that Magglio may not be able to do enough. Age is catching up fast to him.

Leyland isn’t saying much about the size of his brain when he says he has been “wracking” it to come up with “creative” solutions to the upcoming interleague play. Why have Avila playing 3rd when you need him to catch against NL teams. Cab has played almost 400 games at 3rd, Victor almost 150 at 1st.
This way you still have Avila catching.
Ideal? No, certainly not.
I think seeing Avila play a little 3rd would be a gas, but to not consider the above scenario is not really “wracking your brain”.

Maggs is back!!!!!

Only brought home 6 fish but I told my daughter after the 3rd one she caught that she must put the worm on her hook!! She is the one that called me when we were in Vegas when Justin threw his 1st no hitter. She called me when he threw his second when we came home from Traverse City. How cool if he threw his 3rd when we out on the lake! Looks like someone must have talked to Dirks to restore his confidence. Grady stuck out 4 times? We are in 1st place! I will be watching tomorrow. Go Raburn-4 for 4………..–Dave

Brandon is already at the park taking grounders so you know he’s well on his way to recovery. This is the conundrum which Leland wll have to deal with.

My fear is that Brandon THINKS he’s well on his way to recovery. If he’s truly healthy, I would expect to see more of the old Inge, even if it’s that .237 hitter with a little pop in his bat. I don’t think that either he nor Leyland has handled his health issues properly over the years.
Your idea re an 11 man bullpen makes some sense, Marty. They’d never in a million years do it, but it makes some sense. I agree that a pitcher who’s obviously throwing well shouldn’t be pulled just because a “situation” arises.

On Ramone’s triple/double – the guys on tv that night were saying double then I see the next day it was ruled a triple. When VMart got mobbed at the plate though Ramone seemed to be already at Lamont so I guess I can see the triple ruling.

On Raburn – I tend to be always looking at the glass half full and always see the potential in all. That said I have about 10% confidence in him when he comes to the plate in clutch situations. It is nothing against him as a person, but he just is not getting it done like his potential in the past has shown. Sure he hit a grand slam, which was terrific and I was loving Ryan that day, but when he came up with bases loaded again and struck out, I about wrote that script on that. His consistency is not there and that is my frustration in management playing guys that just aren’t getting it done. Obviously all these guys are talented or they wouldn’t be there, but when they don’t perform to their potential then they need to find it or the coaches need to put the guys out there that have it at that time.

Leyland looked like a genius last night for playing Dirks over Maggs – nicely done Andy!

This is the year when you really see the team in transition. With basically Maggs and Inge all that’s left from the 2006 team(Verlander too), you now are witnessing the remaking of the Tigers.
Hopefully Maggs will contribute this one last time, and I don’t expect Guillen will make any significant contribution. My hero Inge is going to be a platoon player with Kelly, and really would not surprise me if it continued into next season. Third base is waiting on Nick Casta however you spell his last name. We are becoming slowly a younger team, built around dominant starting pitching. I really see second base as the one position to try to upgrade through a signing or a trade. Of course, if you believe in the remainder of your offensive talent, second base could be manned by Worth. I have never discounted Santiago either. Rayburn is a part of the past. I guess that I have never gotten past the concept that when a player puts on the old English D, that he is a super star in my book. I still miss Bonderman and Maroth. And I’ll never forget the game when I was at Comerica in 2002, that Shane Halter hit the first homer ever over straight center field. So yes, Inge’s better days are gone, but Dan, you can’t take those memories away from me.
And yes, Verlander might have the most God given talent of a pitcher in the last 50 years. Go Tigers.

Wouldn’t ever do that Greg.
Memories are a huge part of what makes us Tiger fans to begin with.
Hank Aguirre and his windup.
Dick McAuliffe’s unusual batting stance (which taught me how to get my own bat on the ball with 2 strikes!)
Rocky Colavito pointing his bat straight out at the pitcher.
Listening to Ernie and when you heard the ball was hit out to center field and you just knew it would be caught because Mickey Stanley was out there. Mickey and his motorcycles and McLain and his guns and gangsters.
Tram & Sweet Lou, Paw Paw Maxwell, Senor Smoke, Roof Top Thompson, The Bird, the inimitable Stormin’ Norman.
And Mr Tiger gliding into the corner and whirling around and nailing Aparicio out at 2nd.
I will even put Ingie on that visual memory list with the way he goes into the stands and makes outs out of foul balls.

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