Magglio: “I’m ready to play baseball”

Magglio Ordonez didn’t have a whole of time to talk Monday, but he took a couple minutes before batting practice to talk with reporters. He gave the impression that the last few games at Triple-A Toledo, extra games he took in his rehab assignment to find his timing at the plate, definitely made a difference in how he feels coming back to face major league pitching.

“I played a few games in the minor leagues,” Ordonez said. “I saw a lot of pitches. I played nine innings. So I think I’m ready. I’m going to play baseball and see what happens.”

The ankle, he reiterated, is no longer an issue.

“It’s way different,” he said. “It’s stronger. I don’t feel any pain. I don’t feel any discomfort. I’m ready to play baseball.”

As for batting sixth in the Tigers order, rather than third, Ordonez indicated that was a plan in the works before he went out on rehab, and that manager Jim Leyland prepared him ahead of time.

“Skip talked to me before I left,” Ordonez said, “and he told me that I was going to probably bat sixth. But it’s no different. Just going to try to do my best and try to produce.”


I like the lineup. That’s a good move. It just flows better this way.

I think they are right tos send AJ on that play. That was a no hop laser right on the money, that kind of throw does not happen like that often.
Lots of fly balls off Coke so far—hope he can keep them in the park.
Even though my head tells me things are near the end for Maggs my heart is pulling for him.

Boesch looks like he is slipping back to bad habit land. C’mon Brennan get it together again.

Sure beats trotting him out there in the 3 hole every night.

Well although I don’t mind that they sended Jackson it sure is depressing to squander those kind of opportunities. Maagglio had a nice first ab and was robbed of a hit ojn a very hard hit ball.

Well we’ve left 4 on in 2 innings. Familiar territory.

Uggghhh. I thought Austin was turning the corner on the 3rd strike watch with runners on.
This game is starting to smell.

You know, I said I could live with Rugburn in LF after the Tigers chose not to pursue Carl Crawford. Now, I don’t know if I can live with him at all.

I thought that was a pretty tough error myself? I don’t know. Well is Phil going to be the tough luck pitcher again tonight, the guy gets absolutely no run support!

I think Mario needs his eyes checked. He got a little too excited aboutb that avila flyout in the 4th. Granted it waas hit hard but geez, he gets me all excited

E4—I agree. Not much about Raburn that resembles a ballplayer these days. The tongue out looks about as foolish as some of the defense and strikeouts we have seen this year.

We are going to win this game. Just keep telling yourself that.

All these stranded runners? Phil maybe needs to pay them off for run support!

Seriously Cobb is not that good!

Why do they have anyone warming up? Phil is fine here and a low pitch count

VMart has really been clutch this year for us. Magglio couldn’t hit the ball much harder in his 2 ABs. Tough breaks.

Oh my did Maggs just get robbed again? He must just be shaking his head. Both times he hit the ball with authority! Good sign.

Avila is gonna tattoo one here in the 6th.

From your mouth to the baseball gods ear

Wrong again!
Bringing in a southpaw to face Kelly. Smart move by a smart manager.
I don’t think JL will PH for Kelly so let’s hope he digs in and slaps one on the green somewhere.

Wrong again!

More stranded runners yikes!

Shoot. I like the way Danny Worth stands in there though. Hit the ball on the button.
Let’s hope this one doesn’t end ub a heartbreaker.

Kinda suprised he took Phil out after 82 pitches unless he was noticing something that I didn’t?

I don’t like this move. I think JL is overmanaging here.

Oh Danny major f-up there!!!! Hope you don’t cost us this one!

I think I would leave AA in he is your best opportunity for a strikeout don’t ya think??

The overmanaging continues. Now he brings in a rookie with the bases full?
This is ridiculous.
JL is on a roll and he is going lose this game.

Oh boy I don’t think he was out at home?

Unless he got that first tag in there I don’t know but I will take it

Ruggiano never touched home. After the slide , he went back to touch the home . He sold himself out. Great blocking by Avila, with stress in the first A.

Man we got away with absolute murder on that play. It was so bad it makes you feel you almost want to say to the ump that he was safe I didn’t get him.
That was brutal.
I love it!

But JL looks like a genius because of a mistake.
Why put Q in against Upton when Coke just struck out their big guy Longoria? With nobody on?

Then he brings in a rookie to pitch under that pressure. Leyland got lucky—real lucky.

Good for Coke

I wish I had as much confidence as everyone else seems to have with Benoit. Too many 2 strike hits. Oh!!! and now Damon too.

Great. Another hit–and another with 2 strikes. Get a break like we did last inning and we can’t take advantage.
If we ever needed a DP it would be now.
Not a a Benoit fan am I.

Meanwhile in NY Cleveland is ahead 1-0 in the top of the 9th

With two lefties on deck. Why not Purcey or Furbush?

Boy phil coudnt buy a win! 3.57 era and only 1 win. Either he gets no run support and or the pen blows it for him? Unreal reminds me of obertson in 2006 and 2007! Poor phil

Or A-Jax with his 17 QS for nothing
.He has won his post in the rotation

Well now we need some guys to hit the baseball, get a couple runs and then not let the Rays hit anything to left field.

Big shock RAmon striking out

Here come Raburn. If I criticize him real hard maybe he will do something good.

Maybe not.

Can anybody fill me in on the logic behind putting santiago in at 2nd and moving Raburn to left?
I’m not gettin’ it. Seems to me we would be far better off with Boesch (defensively and offensively) than Raburn. I hope no one hits a line drive out there.
Boesch was due up in the 9th.

I was wondering about the same thing, I mean taking. Boesch out? Raburn is certianly not better than Brennen offensively or defensively. Don’t get it at all

Pitching options will be interesting if it goes extra innings.

Oh boy–we better win this one in the 9th. Don’t really have anyone reliable left to throw tonight. Schlereth has no control and Purcey hasn’t earned his stripes yet. Historically, Purcey has had command issues as well.
We have had some huge breaks/gifts tonight. A team absolutely has to be able to take advantage of these when they are given.
Nice heads up play by Peralta.
They were right to steal against Valverde. Sean Casey could get a jump on Jose.

I have very mixed feelings about sending Valverde out there for the 10th. Probably not a good idea.

Better not. He’s strictly a 1 inning guy. Almost ruined his arm last year.

I just can’t stand this anymore. My God, do we have anyone who can knock in a run?


Whoa—that’s what rookies do! 3 Ks-ouch. I consider Austin a rookie (offensively anyway).
Purcey coming in. I’m pretty ticked off at our hitters tonight. Damiliar territory.

Damon rarely did anything for us when it mattered. Just like aubry huff

Another break in the 10th. It’s time to do something with these opportunities.
Keep the game out of leyland’s hands and somebody just yard one.

Come on big boys

Guess who’s playing 2nd base tomorrow!

That is the Kyle we know

Amen and a real unlikely hero tonight.

Great victory–very questionable managing.

The SOC showed us his masterstokes.
Just have to shake your head and count your lucky stars.

Kinda surprised ramon has never had a walk off before? Even though he has been driving me nuts this year I feel like I’ve seen him do it before?

Absolutely. Phil Coke = no support, offensively or defensively. The ball rolls under Boesch’s glove for a double. The ball goes over Raburn’s glove, a TB man safe at first. The ball hops into Worth’s chest and over his shoulder for an error. The batters leave 12 runners stranded on base, 7 in scoring position. Their fastest runner Jackson is cut down at the plate on a sac fly. Benoit blows another save.
The Tigers got some breaks- the Magglio to Alex DP was highly questionable. Coke caught one runner off base. Alex gunned down 2 stealers at 2nd and another at 3rd. And then Santiago comes through with a triple to win it. I am sure he will hit even better as soon as the Tigers trade him just like Infante, Sizemore, Joyce, Damon, etc, etc. Who did I forget?
So Coke goes home with no win after 6.1 innings of 4-hits, 3 strikeouts, and no walks. Another no luck but bad luck night.

It looked like we were going to play that one until we found a way to lose it. The Rays are concluding a horrendous road trip and it showed tonight. They did everything they could to hand us the game. They didn’t look like themselves.
I figured the only person who knew if the guy was out at the plate was Avila, but he didn’t seem to know for sure either. At any rate, that’s the time for a manager to get run, and Maddon didn’t disappoint. Also on that play, Maggs had put his hands out as if he didn’t see the ball. Did he momentarily lose it or was that one heck of a clever deke? The dude’s throws are accurate, that’s a fact.
JL’s moves tonight were, at best, puzzling. Good thing nobody asked him to explain any of them. Removing Coke was a head scratcher, but the really crazy move was removing Boesch and replacing him in left with Raburn……….for DEFENSE??? Unless Boesch had an injury, that move just looks plain stupid. I support Raburn, but the man can’t play outfield. Simple as that. Is JL watching the same games we are? Boesch has passed Raburn by in outfield skills. Does he not see that?
I’m glad Lamont didn’t stop Victor at third, although Victor was going home anyway. It was a good decision to send Jackson on the fly to Upton, and this time BJ executed the play. Yesterday, Guttierez did not and AJ would have been safe. The bottom line, to quote Herman Edwards, is “you play to win the game.”
All this and I didn’t mention my main man Santiago. Good job, Ramon. Succeed or fail, you always get a top notch effort from him.

Smething is going to have to give on this team before the trade deadline. Wells, Dirks and Ordonez in the field present a situation of uncofortability. I think they need to Dirks and Wells playing time. A trip to the minors perhaps for Dirks but theoretically they could use that LHB out there. Wells seems better equipped to stay in the bigs with reduced playing time. Not ideal, especially for him.
Ordonez is not gonna cut it in the field. He looked painfully slow to me and we can’t afford the bloop singles and singles turning into doubles. If he hits then perhaps some team could use him as DH.
We need more speed and defense in the outfield.
Not sure why the club was so determined to sign him knowing he had a serious joint injury and given his age. As soon as they signed VMart, Maggs, in my mind, was redundant.
It will be critical how this situation is handled. It will also give us a premonition of what they intend to do about 2nd base. Raburn is an average ball player. We need better than average at 2nd base. I hope they are not going to go through the ruse of waiting for Guillen as a solution. Granted, he is a better aalternative than Raburn but this injury to him is going to continue to haunt even if comes back.
They can rely on Kelly to admirably fill in for Inge. But neither one of those players are a viable solution for that position either.
DD has his work cut out for him.
I would suggest he listen to any interest regarding Ordonez and be willing to trade Andy Oliver.
We can get through this year with our current personnel. But I sure hope that is not their plan .

From a Dave B to a Dave B, statman, wondering about how many different line ups the SOC has put out there? Ha ha. I wanted to comment during the game but do not like to so I don’t know how many will read this. Jason, I like your blog and for any typo’s, we know what you meant! We need a new manager at the trade deadline but now that we have a winning record……..Of all the moves last night, Raburn in left with Dirks on the bench? I see one need on the field, a second baseman for the future. Congrats Ramon! Go Tigers! –Dave

Andy Oliver might bring some help for this season, but I can’t see a team acquiring Ordonez and giving us a player in return that will help us this season. That wouldn’t make much sense. Regarding mid-season acquisitions, all I can say is:
Aubrey Huff
Jarod Washburn
Neifi Perez
Matt Stairs
Kyle Farnsworth
Even Sean Casey didn’t help us that much in 2006.
All of these guys were run out there by JL everyday as if they were Babe By God Ruth and they all contributed mightily to second half collapses.

Sean Casey was the best hitter in the post season for the Tigers in 2006. A strained calf hurt him in the WS, but he was a fine pickup. Here are some other mid season acquisitions by DD:
Placido Polanco
Bonderman, Carlos Pena and Frankly German
Roman Colon and Zach Minor (for Farnsworth)

I seriously doubt we will trade Oliver. And Maggs isn’t going anywhere. Why is it we need to make a move now that we are playing well (2nd best record since mid May, behind only BoSOx)

Then DD has to do better.
Don’t forget Jhonny Peralta was a mid-season acquisition too.
Washburn was a very good idea. Not sure why he flamed out unless he was damaged goods. In which case I go back to my point:
DD has to do better.

It is true that trading Ordonez might not help this season. At least not directly. But, freeing up the roster to keep Dirks and Wells going might be helpful in itself.
I hope Maggglio can come back and get involved in run production. He can be one of the more consistent forces we have. Guys like Peralta and Boesch get into longer periods of bad habits.
As to Dirks, well, he has lost confidence IMO. Too many easy outs and he doesn’t “look” like he did when he first came up. He could be a real cog in this machine if he plays like I think he can.

Actually, that was my point too, Dan. I can’t have much confidence in transactions because DD/JL are still here.
You know, I tried to remember who we picked up last season and forgot Peralta. Man, old age. That one was okay, although the intended purpose was to cover for Inge, which didn’t happen of course. Washburn should have been a good deal, yes, but it still wasn’t. Bad luck has something to do with these too. In my mind right now, we may do just as well with a return of, say, Will Rhymes, as far as obtaining an infusion. Anyway, it’s no secret how I feel about the hoopla surrounding the Trade Deadline, dead being the key word. I think many Gms feel undue pressure to make a deal, any deal.

On your next post there, I think Dirks has a future, absolutely.

I missed most the game, so did not see Magg’s at bats, but hear he hit it well with out the results – I’ll take that for now. Had his throw not been dead on, the play wouldn’t have been close enough to make a bad call on. Alex has been doing a tremendous job at blocking that plate, he seems to get how to do it without getting hurt, at least I hope so. We get plenty of breaks for and against us, part of the human element of baseball until they review the plays with replay. Huge running errors on the Ray’s – that double up (can only guess they were stealing third?) and that overslide of a steal attempt.

How fun to watch walk off’s – watching the guys jump around like 10 year olds is just about the best thing to watch, almost makes you think they might go to Dairy Queen after for a cone! Way to go Ramone, nicely done. And watching VMart was painful as he chugged around but give him credit, he got there when he needed to, and boy was he pumped. Cannot wait to play the Tribe – looking forward to first place on our own.

Who is pumping up Dirks if seems to be down? How much confidence can he have if he sees Raburn go to LF late in the game? What did Ryan do against the RHP late in the game? SOC, doesn’t that go against your righty, lefty stratedgy? As for DD, he has done good and bad. What do you all think? More good than bad? We are competing every year. Let’s go Maggs, veteran leadership. We are not trading you. We do not want a DEADline. Remember Doyle Alexander? Teams give it away for one year instead of for the future. Go Tigers! –Dave

Hope Maggs gets ahold of one tonight.

Lot of talk out there today about trading Maggs. Morosi at Fox has a piece on it. Ordonez is a 10 and 5 man so would have to approve the trade. After getting the deal done in December, it doesn’t seem likely that they’d trade him now. I guess anything can happen, but it doesn’t seem he wanted to return to Detroit just to get traded, nor does it seem liikely that we signed him as a trading chip.

Lots of talk on MLB Network about Miggy sitting on the bench after Ramon got the runner in. I noticed that myself. Leland was asked about it but he said Miggy was just as excited as everyone in the clubhouse. The MLB guys said it looks bad when your #1 guy doesn’t join in at homeplate to celebrate the win.
He was said to be sulking about his being rung up. I suppose there is a tremendos amout of competitive juices flowing betwrrn the guys, but Cabby has to put that away and celebrate a fantastic and very lucky win.

pardon my spelling.

I missed that, and am glad I did, sulk at your locker, high five your teammate for a job well done.

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