Magglio up, Gonzalez down, Wilk remains

The roster move to make room for Magglio Ordonez’s return was never really a question. The Tigers had an extra reliever in the bullpen that they didn’t need after getting out of Texas in fair shape. The reliever that was headed out, however, might have been a surprise.

Adam Wilk came up a week ago as a fill-in reliever once David Purcey went on paternity leave. It could’ve just been for a day. It might be a while now.

Though Enrique Gonzalez was a veteran long reliever who could warm up in a hurry and eat innings, the Tigers see a chance for Wilk to learn the ropes of relief up in the big leagues. Thus, the Tigers outrighted Gonzalez to Triple-A Toledo to make room for Ordonez, and kept Wilk up.

That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s here for the long haul. Brad Thomas will begin his Minor League rehab assignment at Triple-A Toledo on Tuesday, and there’s nothing clear yet how that will shake out. But Wilk has an opportunity.

“He’s done OK,” manager Jim Leyland said. “He’s ideally probably a left-handed long guy, to break him in the right way. Probably not necessarily good for the team, but probably good for him. He’s an ideal left-handed long guy if you get behind early. It’s not because you don’t like him, but because that’s how he can get some experience with a little less pressure on him.”

Leyland noted that it’s the way they broke in Charlie Furbush. Now, Furbush has the opportunity for some other situations as a third lefty reliever behind David Purcey and Daniel Schlereth, who retired his first hitter and walked another in the eighth inning before Miguel Olivo homered off Joaquin Benoit’s first pitch.

“Left-handed relief pitchers cannot walk left-handed hitters,” Leyland said.

He said it was a general philosophy, rather than directed at anyone in particular. Still, it was clear what he meant.


First order of business is Maggs. If he can come back and hit with authority (and IMO that is the proverbial BIG IF) it would really pick up the team.
Dirks is not hitting that well anyway so at this point they can afford to take him out and move Boesch to LF.
I suspect Leyland will weigh the additional RHB in the lineup against Cobb and may well play Santiago again at 2nd though I bet Raburn will play.
The non catch by Ramon was very important, especially at the time, but I don’t think this team was gonna win this one regardless

A real conundrum building up right now. Let’s see how it all plays out.

Miguel is 16th in Bat Avg, 15th in Homers and 20th in RBIs.

Inquiring minds want to know!

I feel that Boesch and Avila are going to have to come up real big in the upcoming series with the Indians. We’re facing nothing but RHP the next 5 games so we really need our LHB (kelly too) to put the pressure on.
I would imagine Dirks might get a start or two but realistically we are gonna see Maggs.
I don’t see much PT for Wells and I would hope that Raburn will get a chance to play but if he stinks the joint up we will see Ramon some more.
It’s time boys. To step up to the plate,figuratively and literally.

In an odd sense, I believe the most important bat over the next week is Miggy’s. While never really silenced when comparatively speaking, his bat has been rather quiet over the past few days. of coursw, when your’e walked all of the time it’s difficult to get the big hit. But if you get him going like Miggy along with the lefty’s, we should be OK. Maggs would be a bonus, if he approaches anywhere close to his potential.

I was trying to say like the Miggy we know.

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If I were DD I would not automatically terminate any discussions re MCab.
We can’t keep him forever. He could bring in multiple pieces needed to to put this team at or near the elite level.
He is an exceptional talent but when will the next bomb come? Will it be the kind that is over the fence or over the top?
I am not suggesting anything this summer but in the long run you have to be aware of contract renewal, diminishing production, perceived value and physical condition.

Too early to be thinking along those lines with Cabby, in my opinion. He’s in his prime, and he gets people in the seats. He’s the MLB equivalent of a franchise player.

Cab is an accident waiting to happen. Whether in life or on the field.
He is also not in the best physical condition as a baseball player.
I’m only saying you do not close the door to discussion. Though I can tell you f the Rockies offered me Tulo and, say Blackmon today, I’d be all over it. And MCab would love the rarified air there wouldn’t he? It would be interesting to see him hitting in a smaller ballpark.

you talk like you know cabby! My guess is you don’t know him.

What do you base the “accident waiting to happen” on? Yeah, he’s had issues with alcohol, but so have many other MLB players and he’s getting help. “Not in the best physical condition as a baseball player”? Why don’t you ask Avila and Magglio what they think about that statement. I know they would both disagree. I’m sure you know about as much about Cabby as we all know about you, so I’ll believe what those who actually know him say.

I agree with this.But Tigers do need more experience in the Bullpen I think Valverde isn’t giving them the experience because he knows how to clear out the pressure were, these Rookies 1 year pros don’t know really how to say “I gave up a hit let’s just put that behind me and focus on getting this hitter out or turn a double pay” I think this Padres Guy Mike Adams I believe would be a perfect fit for the Tigers Bullpen because we have someone to count on in the 7th or 8th inning and not have a good chance of losing the lead and maybe the game. -Alex Kulas

Trading away a premier hitter in his prime would be suicide on the season. Cabrera demands more respect than any other AL hitter as seen by his IBB’s and unintentional IBB’s. His numbers after the 7th inning are phenomenal and is quickly becoming known as Motown’s Mr. Clutch. Don’t get me wrong I am all for the Tigers doing whatever it takes to get to the promised land but…..We have mainly young talent on our team and still tied for first place in the central. Barring a Herschel Walkeresque trade(sorry to jump sports but you get the point) with someone that sets us up for many years to come Miggs isn’t going anywhere. Everyone slumps in the bigs on occasion but yesterday MCab went 1 for 1 with 3 walks and 2 runs scored. Oh and did you see his routine pop fly that went out the yard at US celluar. The guy is money and if Maggs can find his stroke watch out world.

When Leyland says “Left-handed relief pitchers cannot walk left-handed hitters,” everybody knows he’s talking about Schlereth. He can throw Daniel under the bus all he wants, but I see this as a personnel issue. Schlereth is not ready for the role they want to use him in, namely LH relief specialist. He doesn’t get enough work in that role and, in my mind, should be honing his game in Toledo. I think most of your good LH specialists are more experienced pitchers who can sit for days on end and still be able to throw strikes. I also think it grinds Leyland’s gears when his “by the book” strategies don’t work out. Makes him look bad. Between Furbush and Purcey, we should have someone ready for a situation everyday. If not, acquire one. Again.

i imagine it does “grind a manager’s gears” when he tries to put a player in a position to succeed and he fails. manager has done his job, but the player hasn’t. the season is all about finding out who can get the job done on a consistent basis, and hopefully not letting many winnable games slip away in the process.

Well, here is some discussion worthy stuff. If Maggs wants to hit with power he should grow out his hair. Do you all remember that Maybin and Miller were “untouchable”? We (Dan) talk about Miggy because we watch him play every day. He looks tired and overweight. Rich, I agrre with you on Schlereth, I said it a few threads back, you can not come in and walk someone. How many are smoaked (what a name) right at the fielder (Prince). Greg, are you out for the summer? Go Tigers! –Dave

Hey Dave,
First day off. Feel like a million dollars. I look forward to Maggs first ab. Just want to see if he can drive the ball. I’m not ready to throw Miggy under the bus yet. Would be shocked to see Brad Thomas back with the Tigers in lieu of our young leftys. Virgina Cavaliers try to win their Super Regional at 4 today.

Maggs Has done his time in Detroit and now I think he is out of Gas and I think we need to put him up in the Trade Block and see if we get any bitters. WE NEED PITCHING! MAINLY in the BULLPEN I think The one guy from the Padres is a good fit we have a solid Closer and Middle and maybe Setup guy who can have a 80% Chance of not blown the game like we have trouble doing.We should be in first about 3 games ahead but It’s the Stupid Bullpen that’s killing us like They always say Defence wins championships.Also,I can see earlier our Bat’s weren’t doing any thing like Jackson,Johnny,Aliva,Inge,Brandon. But Half of these guys I just said are doing we they should be doing getting hot because of the weather change.We Need Bullpen and Maybe a good solid Lead off Clean up hitter cause Jackson isn’t really getting the Job done of “Getting to a big lead early”. -Alex Kulas

The $64 question about Miggs is how many $$$ Mr I is going to throw next year pretty much knowing he is going to run a loss despite the strong fan base.
Real difficult to pay 2 players $41.1m in 2012 without increasing the current $107m salary budget. Carlos and Maggs are obviously gone and a lot more hope and dreaming coming into play with the rookies.

No bus for Miggy. Only reality. He is an immensely valuable commodity. But, you renew that contract then you essentialy have him for life. Not sure how long the shelpf life will be for him.
He is so valuable he could fill 2 and quite possibly 3 holes in your roster. But not if he becomes damaged goods.
I like the dude, am also disappointed in the man, but I am “always a Tiger” and would always consider making the team better. He’s not going anywhere. Not to another team nor in the path of an oncoming bus.
He is the best thing that has happened to the Tigers since Verlander.
But would I convince myself that he is the best player in the game simply because he is on our team? No. Would I treat him like him like he is the best player in the game and give him special privileges? No
Would I trade him to IMPROVE the team and give Detroit a solid chance at getting into the playoffs? Yes—-if I was sure I knew what I was doing.
Not trying to create angst or upset anyone.
All things must pass.

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