Magglio homers for Hens

Magglio Ordonez homered for the first time in his Minor League rehab assignment Friday night, delivering a two-run shot in the third inning for Triple-A Toledo against Gwinnett. It was the second extra-base hit of the rehab stint for Ordonez, who also walked twice. He improved to 7-for-28 (.250) in eight games for the Mud Hens.


Jim Leyland’s comment after looking at video of Scherzer:
“I didn’t know what I was going to see, but I know what I saw,” Leyland said. “I thought I was going to see something, but saw something else. Then I saw what I was looking for.
“So you can call this the old see-saw.” (from Tom Gage)
Hey Mitch Albom, maybe your next play should be about this guy. It’s better than my idea for a “Leyland Sez” calendar.

How about the reporter that asked the SOC about the boo’s at Raburn Thursday night? No negative questions after a win he said. Just like we booed Grilli, it is still not right. I would sit Raburn for a long time. Give Worth the chance. We sure need Maggs to hit. Yes, Miggy looks tired. He looks like he doesn’t even run hard when he gets a hit. Maybe he is too heavy. One other thought, have you ever heard of a safety squeeze? And, how many times can a few of our hitters stand there like the house by the side of the road? Let’s make it an exciting game today. Go Tigers! –Dave

I know the numbers don’t support the statement but I have said that I felt Miggy is not on the top of his game. The numbers are there but it’s the way he is making his outs, and when, that concerns me.
I feel he could be walking wounded. Perhaps tired, perhaps carrying too much weight (a good point). But t could also have something to do with the perpetual DUI incident. It never seems to go away and when it comes back it carries revelations that are more upsetting. This could be getting under the skin of MCab.
I hope it is nothing more serious than this.

Jackson CF,
Kelly 3B,
Boesch RF,
Cabrera 1B,
Martinez DH,
Dirks LF,
Peralta SS,
Avila C,
Santiago 2B

While there is a valid argument to batting avila 8th I would much prefer to see the lineup present itself more formidably to the starting pitcher by switching up Dirks
and Alex. I also think it would be a respecatable gesture by his manager to bat him higher in the lineup.

BTW—Curtis just hit an upper decker against the Tribe to put the Yanks up 2-0 in the 7th.

Curtis now tied for the lead in HRs with Bautista with 20!!
No wonder we all loved this guy when he was here. The austerity period that Illitch went through with getting rid of Curtis, Polanco and others really hurt this team.

I like AJ and I think he will be (and already is) good for this team. But, we should never have let Curtis Granderson out of our clutches.

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