When two triples happen to Tigers catchers

Our Tigers associate reporter, Chris Vannini, has the story on Alex Avila’s two-triple night. Here’s the rundown on the feat, courtesy of baseball-reference.com:

  • It’s the third time since at least 1919 that a Tigers catcher has had two triples in a game. Brad Ausmus was the last to do it, that one coming July 6, 1999. Lance Parrish was the other, doing it Sept. 27, 1980. Both games were at Tiger Stadium, and both were against the Yankees.
  • The last Tigers player at any position to have two triples in a game was Curtis Granderson. He had four of them in a Detroit uniform, the last of them at Texas on Aug. 18, 2008.
  • Avila is just the 18th Major League catcher with at a two-triple game, and just the third in the last 10 years.


Way to go AA!

I find it interesting that Inge has sat so much. I might have to take back my thoughts on Leyland playing him just out of obligation. Few people want to see a guy struggle, especially a guy that bleeds Tiger blue. I feel for the guy, but eventually if he can’t produce he can’t play. Can’t imagine what is going through his mind though. The same will be with Maggs and he comes back and can’t hit with enough authority.

In the other post someone said Brennan is still swinging uppercut – I noticed that too. He is connecting now but don’t think he changed his swing, just his timing maybe or something. Not going to question it when it is working right now.

Keep rolling guys – so fun to watch Verlander

Papa Grande takes entertainment to a whole different level – would love to see him in the clubhouse!

You do know he is on the Ingery list don’t you?
I think BB’s swing has levelled out a bit. He still has the uppercut on some pitches but he has flattened out the pitches hig and away allowing him to go to LF on occassion.. If I were Leyland I would not tamper with him in the batting order just because Maggs is coming back. Breenan seems to be affected by “events” as much just going 0 for 5.
The event of the All Star game last year is an example. He was red hot right up to the break and then stone cold as soon as he came back to play. He is young and quite intelligent so I suspect he might be the type to over-think himself into a funk. Leave him be.

Tiger Girl, Inge has mononucleosis and is on the 15-day DL, although it may be much longer before he’s able to play. And when he does come back, JL needs to use the same criteria he just explained regarding Ordonez.
I see Boesch’s swing the same as you, Dan. He began driving the ball the other way near the end of ST and changed my mind about him pretty quickly. One other comment I’d been meaning to make on Boesch: even during his May hitting doldrums, at no time did he look as lost as he did during the second half of last season. There’s real improvement here. Fielding and baserunning-wise too.

Good points on Boesch.
What I have noticed most is his head is staying down more through his swing. When he was flailing away last year, his head was coming off. That is why he was under those high pitches and stopped hitting the ball the other way. He has such a lanky frame that he needs to use that to his advantage and smack the ball from foul line to foul line. My opinion of him has done a 180 since last fall. I was definitely a Raburn over Boesch person in the offseason. But not anymore. BB has to keep playing.
They are on a nice little roll. They need to take care of Seatle this weekend and make a statement with Cleveland next week and pass them before they hit the road for Interleague play.
Of course, as the run continues so does the inevitable contract extentions for the Pittsburgh mafia.
We can’t have everything we want.
Go Tigers.
— Bob (in Toronto … not the Bob who was ripping on Santiago last week)

Difference I’ve noticed in Boesch is that he has shortened his swing to handle inside pitches. In the past he would be tied up by inside pitches, now he is pulling them. If you look at when he hit his HR’s last year they were more from gap to gap.

Thanks guys, not sure how I missed that announcement. I really was surprised no one was talking about his benching, silly me!

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