Magglio taking a few more days in Toledo

Magglio Ordonez feels healthy, including with his right ankle, but he doesn’t feel his timing at the plate. So he’s going to take a few more days in Toledo on his rehab assignment.

The news was first reported by John Wagner of the Toledo Blade, who talked with Nevin Wednesday afternoon and checked it with Magglio. Ordonez confirmed the news a few minutes later.

It’s a change of plans from Tuesday, when he was hoping he could be back for the start of the Tigers homestand Thursday. But it’s also an admission he isn’t where he wants to be hittingwise when he gets back up, and that he doesn’t want to go through the same struggles he had earlier.

“He did come in today and admitted that he needs a few more days here,” Mud Hens Phil Nevin said. “He understands what it means to be a team guy, and he knows that he needs to be right when he goes up there. And he said to me after the game that he’s starting to feel better each time he goes to the plate, more comfortable.”

Ordonez played all nine innings for the Mud Hens Wednesday night, going 1-for-5 against the Gwinnett Braves. That leaves him at 7-for-26 through six games for the Hens. He’ll play nine innings again Thursday, Friday and Saturday before taking Sunday off.

“Monday, I’ll be in Detroit,” Ordonez said.

It isn’t a health setback that pushed him back, he said. It’s a timing issue.

“To see more pitches, get more at-bats,” Ordonez said. “If you see, I don’t even have 100 at-bats in the big leagues. I need to get more at-bats.”

His night at the plate Wednesday was a decent example why. He struck out swinging at a high fastball from G-Braves starter Todd Richmond in the third inning before facing harder stuff in the seventh from Anthony Varvaro. After fouling back a 95 mph fastball and taking a breaking ball that caught the strike zone, Ordonez went to a shorter swinging and got one of his quietly productive hits, an opposite-field line drive that moved Max St. Pierre to third base with two outs.

“The fact that with two strikes, he was protecting the plate on a 95 mph fastball out over the plate and he drove it to right field, that’s vintage Magglio when he’s going good,” Nevin said. “And that was nice to see. He feels good. That’s the important part.”

Ordonez pulled another fastball an inning later, a well-struck ground ball up the middle, but Julio Lugo played him that direction and ranged to his left for the out.

It’s the overall timing Ordonez is trying to find, he said, not just on a particular pitch. He said he has been making adjustments with each at-bat.

“It’s coming. It’s coming along,” Ordonez said of his timing after the game. “It’s going to take playing every day.”


Gotta give Maggs credit for this decision. I suppose he could have been politely asked to take a little extra time but I have the feeling he is taking this very seriously.
I’m not sure how this will allwork out but I really don’t see the upside in both Wells and Dirks not getting enough ABs. I like them both and feel tht wells will be ready for prime time very soon. I think the club shoul hang onto him. Dirks is keeper too. not often you find a guy who can run that well and get all the other jobs done too.
Too bad Wells couldn’t play 3rd eh!!??

Good decision.

Yeah, I like what I’m hearing. Maggs is a proud guy and .183 isn’t going to sit well with him. Like many of you, I’m enjoying the increased athleticism and enthusiasm we’re getting from the younger guys, and their time is definitely coming. I think it was Monday night that Peralta, at 28, was the oldest player on the field for us. The old guard is moving on.

Forgot to mention, Dirks is a no-brainer for pinch running for Maggs then taking his place in the outfield for late defense. One good reason to keep him up here.

I’d be very disappointed if Dirks was sent down. I believe it will be Adam Wilk, and if not him then Dan Schlereth that gets sent down when Magglio returns. Santos went down to clear space for Coke, so there are 13 pitchers including four lefty relievers at the moment.

But Magglio will play when he gets back, and if he can return to the form he was in when he hit the DL in 2010, he’s a better option than any other OF’er the Tigers have. He was on pace for .300/ .378 OBP, 20 HR, and 100 RBI. Neither Dirks, nor Boesch, nor Raburn, nor Wells can touch that stat line. Not a dozen players in all of MLB did last year. The Tigers are really struggling in the 3 hole (notwithstanding Boesch’s career night), over .100 points below league average OPS. That spot ahead of Miggy needs to have a solid OBP.

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Nice to get the extra base hit stat out of the way so early!!

Think of it another way – Wells and Dirks can both go back to Toledo (meaning they have options). If you keep both of them and Maggs, you will be stunting both of their development. Although I really like Wells, I think a month in Toledo playing every day would help him. As a right hander, he would lose more ABs than DIrks when Maggs returns.

Well Don Kelly cancelled out his homer, with that terrible throw to home plate. He cost this team two runs probably.

I guess not many expected a sweep in Texas. Ogando wasn’t as sharp as he was in Detroit, but still plenty effective.
I see what I perceive as a scheduling advantage this year. We start the second half at home against Chicago, and I’m hoping that will grab the team’s attention more than opening in Cleveland did last season. Perhaps they’ll come back ready to play this time around.

No Rich I didn’t expect them to sweep either, (I always hope though). What I did have a problem with was the effort, those middle innings I had a real problem with what looked like effort to me. They started out working counts, getting Ogando’s pitch count up even though there was little success in getting any hits. Well then they got themselves into lazy at bats, and confusing play in the field. That I didn’t appreciate.
Why is it that every time I log in this site is just a little bit different?? Can’t log in from my I-Pad at all for some reason??? Granted I am not tech savy!

The problem with Billy Martin is that he’s his own worst enemy.
“Not while I’M alive he’s not!!!!”
— Jim Northrup

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Memories of Jim Northrup:
From my seat above homeplate in Tiger Stadium, watching him rip a line drive homer to the opposite field in July of 1966, against Cleveland.
The stiff way he trotted in from the outfield, arms flexed at his sides, in direct contrast to Mickey Stanley’s athletic lope.
The game winning hit he had in game four of the 1972 playoffs against Oakland.
Signing my scorebook.
The Triple.
Missing weeks of play in 1967 with the mumps, of all things.
Mayo Smith not writing his name into the lineup one night because the .235 hitting Northrup was “horse—-” then changing his mind because he thought the other guy (Wayne Comer) “would be even more horse—-.” And Northrup went out and hit two grand slams in the game.
Getting drilled in the back of the head in Oakland and rising from the dirt to charge the pitcher.
Being about as entertaining a color analyst as you could ever hope to hear.
Being one of the boys on that magical ’68 club.
He was my second favorite Tiger, behind Norm Cash. Kaline, of course, was on a whole different level.

Rich, thanks for sharing. I was 11 in 1968 and the Tigers and baseball were what life was all about. Didn’t the Grey Fox wear #30 and chaged it to #5?

I meant changed to #5

That’s correct, Dave, good memory.

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I’m glad i listened to the game last night and didn’t have to watch the poor defense. I guess that’s what happens when you are fielding these youngsters. shucks. We should be able to beat this Seattle team.

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