Magglio hopes to rejoin Tigers Thursday

Magglio Ordonez said Tuesday afternoon that unless something changes for the worse, he hopes to return to action for the Tigers when they return home Thursday.

Ordonez, who has been on the 15-day disabled list for the past four weeks with weakness in his right ankle, has been on a rehab assignment with Triple-A Toledo since last Friday. Originally, the Tigers left open the possibility that he could return for this week’s series at Texas. But while Ordonez said Tuesday his ankle feels good, he wants to feel right at the plate when he comes back up.

“I think I’m driving the ball really good,” Ordonez said. “Every time that I hit it, I’m hitting the ball with authority. But I’ve got to get the timing, see a lot of pitches.”

He didn’t feel right when he began the season, and it resulted in a slow start at the plate. Now, he said, he’s able to push off the ankle and get a lot of lower body strength in his swing. It’s not only a stronger swing, but a quicker one in his opinion.

“More drive and quick,” Ordonez said. “Because the power’s always going to be there. The quickness is a process. That’s why I was hitting so many ground balls, because everything was upper body, no drive.”

Ordonez played nine innings in right field on Tuesday, going 1-for-4 at the plate with a hard-hit ground ball through the left side in the opening inning. He grounded out to third, struck out on a called third strike around the outside corner and popped out to second. The numbers put him at 6-for-21 on his rehab assignment. He said after the game that his swing felt good.

Ordonez also made caught two fly balls in right and moved around well without any signs of difficulty.

“I didn’t see any health problems, and that’s why he’s here,” Mud Hens manager Phil Nevin said. “He’s taking his swings. He’s getting his cuts in. We’re not looking for results. It’s about the swings, how he feels.”

Ordonez is scheduled to play nine innings in right field again Wednesday. The Tigers haven’t officially announced anything past that, but manager Jim Leyland has said more than once they’re going to rely on Ordonez for the word on when he feels ready.

Ordonez is hoping that’ll be Thursday.

“The ankle is fine,” he said. “I just need to play nine innings and get used to playing every day and go from there, see what happens.”


Not sure if this will post but RP got away with one that inning!!

MCab has big numbers but I sure seem to think he has left a lot of important runners so far this season. More K’s than I would have thought too.

He can’t do it every time. He’s hitting close to .500 with risp after the 7th inning.

When we get Ordonez back Leyland should start starting Boesch in left every day and Maggs in right at least 6 times a week, and if Maggs misses one of those days Wells will go in for him, Raburn is no good, he dosen’t have a defensive position and he can’t hit the ball at all. We need to release him trade, (whick we probably can’t because nobody would want him) or send him down for the minors for a while.

Last two games everyone has at least one hit.

Not Cab.

Yes you are right about not being able to do it every time but it is the quality of At Bats that I am noticing. There was a time that in critical situations he looked in control the whole At Bat. It seems like he is not as focuseed as he was in the past. I know that sounds a bit spoiled and perhaps I am. I still think he has yet to be as dominant as he can be.

Cabrera is third in Al in RBI. second in OPS.Second in OBP.And 462 with risp

OK—OK. I hear you.

Nice to see the hitters making contact. makes all the difference in the world.

Hey guys, what the Tigers are doing on this road trip is outstanding. We may look back on this as the best stretch of the entire season, but I hope there’s more to come. So far, they’ve addressed winning divisional games and playing better on the road. So far. The only bad things tonight were the number left on base, but there were a ton of runners on base. Also Lamont sending Worth home in the 4th inning. I like the aggressiveness, but having your man thrown out by ten feet is never good.
Although he may shut us down entirely, I’m looking forward to watching Ogando tomorrow night.

I would imagine it will be Wilk to go if Maggs comes back Thursday. Gonzalez will be the appointed sacrificial lamb and Wilk weill get the work hed needs in Toledo.
It will be an interesting and critical decision for JL to mete out playing time for his OFers. Shame to keep Wells around only for defensive purposes, he needs to get more ABs to develop. Dirks as well. Maggs can’t DH with VMart there.
A trade could help out here but it seems a bit too early for that to happen.

Leyland has said more than once this year he thinks he can rotate four outfielders among three spots. He just has a different group of four now with Dirks. I expect Wilk will be the return move for Magglio, unless Leyland decides he needs the extra reliever for some reason.

good game again guys – I like that Leyland got Schlereth back out there in a game where if need be we could afford a few runs, less pressure. Dirks saved him in that terrific play to end the game. I don’t see the use in keeping Gonzalez, I’d rather see Schlereth pitch than him, I have zero confidence in the one, about 20% confidence in the other…

It will be interesting with Maggs back – cannot take Boesch out of the line up right now, he is finding his stroke again and his speed and defense is good, better than the other utility outfielders we have. I like Casper and Andy but if Maggs can retun then they are back to late game defensive replacements. If Maggs can’t cut it when he returns, then he and Inge will start seeing more time on the bench, they have to contribute this year and not be kept in the lineup because in the past they were contributors. I am a huge emotional fan and hate to see my favorites wane in their skills, but the reality is the team needs to win and we need to win with the guys who can perform now. I am still holding out hope though that Magg’s bat can return.

Fun to watch all that hitting – crazy hitting the last few days.

Cabrera spoils the fans being so good, especially in late game situations that we expect it all the time. Everyone around the team talks about how smart of the hitter he is and how he will often tell someone what pitch he will get his next at bat. Early in games, he will at times look bad as he did in his first at bat Tuesday, but he usually gets them back later on.

Sound like Maggs has kept himself out of the Texas series trying to make sure he feels right. It is a tough call as to who goes down between Dirks and Wells. Boesch hits left handers so well that he stays in the lineup everyday while he is on another hot streak. Maggs will need a day off every four days or so with all the upcoming games. That may lead to keeping the left handed hitting Dirks and resting Maggs against the RH pitchers. It is nice to have quality depth on the 40 man roster.

Winning streaks and 38 hits in two days sure is fun.

It’s not difficult to rotate four outfielders into the lineup, but we’ll have five if you count Kelly and Raburn as infielders. Plenty of clubs have carried five outfielders, but one guy could get shorted on the playing time. It’s a nice problem to have, as we’re seeing our OF group continue to show that they can play up here. When interleague play arrives, we’ll need those bodies for the road games. Looks to me like Wilk goes down, or one of the pitchers at the least. We don’t need 13. If it is an outfielder that gets sent out, it won’t be for long.

Granted I have old eyes, but this light gray print in the reply box is irritating. Is there an option to change that if we create an account?

no comment

So does anyone remember when Boras was telling the MLB that his client was like top notch healthy? Obviously a lie – Maggs hasn’t been right this year. My question is, when will MLB teams stop believing boras? Do they have a choice? IDK but he seems like such a scumbag i’d put him up there with bonds.

Boras is a lawyer and a spin doctor. It’s his job, like a politician. Why would anyone ever believe either? I think what happened is that the Tigers signed Ordonez to the amount of money the club wanted to pay, and it was a pay cut for Maggs. I don’t think they foresaw the improvement their young outfielders would make, and that’s on management. Management has also proven time and again that they are not good at assessing injuries. Be that as it may, Ordonez is here, he’s going to get playing time, and them’s the facts at this point in time. If he can’t get it done, we can only hope that management recognizes it sooner rather than later. There’s no need to stick an ineffective Ordonez out there day after day because we have other options now. I’m taking the wait and see approach.

Guess who’s hitting coach got fired today? The Texas Rangers got fed up. Can you believe it? It’s true. Look out for a little vengeance tonight. I’m sure the firing will probably light a fire under their behinds. Hope Coke brings his best. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!

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