Ryan Raburn and track records

Teammates congratulate Ryan Raburn (Getty Images)If you read the site — not the blog, the Tigers site — you might have seen the Tigers notes from last Sunday on Ryan Raburn’s slow start and how it compares to previous seasons, especially last year and the similarity of his batting average to this year day to day.

After Raburn hit a grand slam this Sunday to help beat the White Sox, Jim Leyland went to the comparison himself.

“Check what he was hitting last year in May,” Leyland said. “I’m not sure, but I don’t think it was real good. I said the other day I think he’s starting to come around, and I believe it.”

Chronologically, he’s right. As mentioned in last Sunday’s notes, Raburn owned a .186 average on May 29 of last year thanks to a 1-for-22 slump. His .195 average on May 29 this year doesn’t look quite so bad in comparison.

The difference is the number of at-bats. He’s pretty much going at double of last year’s pace on playing time through two months, and he’ll obviously keep that up if he’s playing close to every day at second base. Thus, he has had more opportunity to break out of his slow start this year compared to last.

The Tigers are hoping this is the start of that. He has five straight one-hit games, which have raised his average above the Mendoza line to .201 on the year. As of June 5 last year, he was batting .179. He didn’t top .200 until late June, and he didn’t really heat up until after that. His strikeout pace last year was a little slower than it has been so far in 2011.


So that is the mark of a successful player in the manager’s mind? It’s OK to hit sub .200 in the first two months of the year?

Kathy, glad you are ok. I live in Caledonia and we were supposed to get that storm but it went just south. Greg, we were in N. Michigan for our 33rd anniversary and got to watch the end of Saturday’s game at Little River Casino. My wife has about 3 years left of teaching but all the politics going on….. Well we both enjoyed watching JV. Did you all see him get squeezed on the 3rd stike but the next pitch the guy was called out. I do not usually watch the SOC’s interviews but the “doubleheader” was priceless! As for Raburn, I would rather have a player start slow and finish strong. Take a hint from that SOC. Summer has finally arrived in West Michigan and let’s have fun watching the boys. Go Tigers! –Dave

You missed a doozy, Dave. Hundreds of homes just around me are smashed. We have thousands and thousands of trees uprooted. The workers from out of state even said they have never seen anything like it.
On a positive note, the power is on and so is my cable, THANK GOODNESS:)

Listened to the game last night and could hardly believe all those HR’S. The Tigers are hot right now. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Raburn hit a grandslam and Santiago went his usual O’fer whatever. Any comments Dan?

Yeah. It’s great Raburn finaly put on a good swing. Hopefully it continues, as I say, once every 6 or 7 games.
Ramon got a chance to play his favourite (and arguably the 2nd most demanding ) position and played flawlessly out there. He didn’t get a ht and didn’t look very good at the plate. He still deserves to be treated better than he has been. He is not a great hitter but he gives you an honest effort out there, always.
I have never said he is an answer to our infield problem. Only that he has been under utilized and over-looked.
Raburn wondus a game. I do not think he is the next 2nd baseman for the Tigers for the next couple of years. I hope I am wrong.

Yeah. It’s great Raburn finaly put on a good swing. Hopefully it continues, as I say, once every 6 or 7 games.
Ramon got a chance to play his favourite (and arguably the 2nd most demanding ) position and played flawlessly out there. He didn’t get a ht and didn’t look very good at the plate. He still deserves to be treated better than he has been. He is not a great hitter but he gives you an honest effort out there, always.
I have never said he is an answer to our infield problem. Only that he has been under utilized and over-looked.
Raburn wondus a game. I do not think he is the next 2nd baseman for the Tigers for the next couple of years. I hope I am proven wrong.

Honestly, i’m not a fan of anyone who is leaving ducks on the pond – and they’ve all been doing it from time to time, lately. Ramon’s defense is light years ahead of Rugburn’s – however, I just ate my 8th .25$ coney from A&W because of rugburn. How do ya’ll feel about Magg’s (possible) return tonight?

Magglio won’t be back until at least Tuesday. He wanted one more day with the Hens to get his timing down at the plate.

I loved the grand slam, but am not going to let one game dictate my thoughts of Raburn playing. Ask me a month from now, if he has hit 5 more home runs and cut down his terrible at bats then I can get on board with him maybe. He has 3 errors in 39 games played, Ramon has 0 errors in 17 games played. comparing these guys is comparing apples to oranges – Ramon is a “tablesetter” as Rod calls them, Raburn is supposed to clear the table with his power. One is terrible at fielding, the other is not. Do you give up the fielding for the occasional power? Glad I am not the manager and can armchair it all I like!

Nice wins this weekend – fun stuff when they win games ain’t it?

I made my Raburn comments yesterday before the game and he made me look good for this one day. I think you keep him in there for now and see what happens. He’s having better ABs this past week and that’s a fact. If you get 15 homers from your secondbaseman in the second half of the season, that’s big. It will take some patience for sure.
Looks like Maggs is due back possibly tomorrow night. We need a big bat so I’m hoping he’s it. If not, we’ll need to make a deal, possibly for a thirdbaseman. Kelly’s defense is fine but it remains to be seen how he’d hit on an everyday basis.
After the Twins swept the Royals in KC this weekend, they are ten games behind us. They’ve been ten games behind us at least a couple of times much later in the season and have caught us. Don’t count them out.

Congratulations to the newest Tigers and their cubs!!!

(David Purcey and wife had a boy and a girl)

Ryan Raburn is turning into Brandon Inge. I don’t mean that as a compliment. I’m sick of hearing about his “late season heroics”. Jason is dead on noting that holds little water since he’s got neary double the at bats. Raburn is a utility player. That is it. When you can go 1-for-5 in a game and your average IMPROVES? That’s all I need to know. If they are serious about winning this division, and it is certainly winnable as the Indians are slowly turning back into the Indians, they need their “everyday” 2nd baseman to not being a dual liability.

And also: This is me counting out the Twins. They’re done. Sweeping the Royals with a broken line up and horrific bullpen doesn’t strike fear in me.

This past winter I was happy to hear that Ryan Raburn

Rayburn can’t field and the Tigers have too many Designated hitters, which basically makes him useless when he doesn’t hit. The Tigers act like Rayburn can be a starter. He can barely catch a fly ball in the outfield. I don’t care if he hit .300 plus after the all-star break one year when the Tigers were out of the playoff chase.

Why would anyone complain about Santiago. He’s a utility guy who does a good job for what he’s supposed to be. Similar to Kelly, you expect those guys to spell your team and hit .250 or so.

Well, let’s stick to the facts. In 2009, Raburn also had a big second half while the Tigers were IN the playoff chase. In fact, on the final day of the season when we needed a win just to get into game 163, Raburn led off and homered in his first two ABs. That’s a clutch performance, whether anyone likes Raburn or not. Facts are facts.

I like Ryan Raburn and was glad he was getting a shot at the left field job. In April with approx 100 ABs, he had a .250 ave. 4 homers and 14 rbis which projects to 20+hrs and 70-90 rbis for the full season. Of the OFs on the roster at the start of the season he is our best chance at getting some pop from a corner outfielder. Unfortunately, his April 8 BB and 35 K projects out to over 200 strikeouts for the season. Also, he was already being shuttled to second base in late April.
Meanwhile, Brennan Boesch hit .320 in April in almost as many ABs and we had Maggs needing some PT in right, too. For Ryan, May turned into a total disaster. His ABs dropped to around 60.
June brought Ryan and us games against the White Sox. His career numbers against the Pale Hose include 9 homers and 39 rbis and a .320+ ave. JL knows he is a Sox killer and he has some good numbers against all our central division foes except the Twins. He has a five game hitting streak and now just needs to get two or three games in the next ten games where he gets multiple hits. Since we are in a pennant chase and RR absolutely rakes the Sox, let’s not push him under the bus.

On an unrelated but important question:
Austin Jackson, CF 8th round, Yankees are usually amomg tha last to pick ,if the pick at all.trade
Don Kelly, 3B 8th round.Trade
Brennan Boesch, RF 3th round
Miguel Cabrera, 1B Non drafted. Trade for a couple of first round picks
Victor Martinez, DH Non drafted. FA
Andy Dirks, LF 8th round
Jhonny Peralta, SS Non drafted. Trade
Alex Avila, C 5th
Ryan Raburn, 2B 8th, Inge second
Verlander . first round SECOND PICK???. Someone believe a certain Bush was better than him
Scherzer. 11th pick. Trade
Porcello, 29 th pick thanks to Boras
Penny 5th round. FA
Nota single first pick has ever been inducted into th HoF. 1965 first draft.

What’s the important question…..?

Scott Sizemore called up and Kouzmanoff sent packing.

Max Scherzer has to figure out how to pitch better with 2 strikes. His last 3 games he has not been able to put guys away like he should be able too. With Avila back there you can pretty much throw anything and he will stop it.

Our 7-8-9 guys today all have displayed power this year.

When Griffey becomes eligible that will change.

Scherzer drives me nuts. He just serves up 2 strike pitches instead of bearing down. Combine that with a comple lack of facility when it comes to anything other than throwing the ball to the catcerh (i.e. tosses to 1st, out of position after throwing ). He constatnly gets himself into trouble.
They need to make him understand there is more to be a pitcher than throwing the ball home.
Leadoff single should never have happened. Scherzer so far out of position and his body won’t allow him to catch the ball even if it were hit right to him.
He is not long for this game and I am offically worried about him.

Scherzer is a mess right now. I hope Leyland has the sense to take him out before the Rangers overtake us.
I would have him on a very short leash, even in the 5th.

Playing in this ballpark means a 5 run lead is not a comfortable one.
Ordonez 1 x 5 with 3 Ks tonight.

Maggs should take a couple of more days.

I think I might hesitate to break up the combination that’s been working lately. This is a nice little roll we’re on and we’ve avoided bad streaks lately. It’s nice having those younger legs out there. That’s just me; JL will stick Maggs right back in the middle of things, although how you move a hitter down in the order who just got five hits and two homers is the question.
5 over .500 is our high water mark so far, and Cleveland’s lead is virtually gone now. Now’s the time to take control of the race. Regarding the Twins, they can make up ten games in two weeks if we go into another tailspin. Just saying.
It’s fun right now.

Lot of people are counting the Twins out. When they are 20 games behind I’ll feel comfortable.

Boy, sure is nice to see our hitters enjoy playing in that bandbox. Boesch getting hot would be a treat right now. Dirks is a bit up and down but I get the feeling that he is the type to learn from every up and down too. Could he be that elusive LFer that the team has been looking for for years now?

Some of the “language” I am hearing makes me think the club is buying some time with Maggs. There has been talk of him not being ready yet (apparently in his own words) and something about his “timing”.
I suspect they will try to coax him to stay down a little longer or he will come up and see very light duty.
He does not have a perfect fit on this team in my opinion. It is trade season almost and there might be a team interested in a veteran presence with a solid background. I’m just sayin’.
What we do need though is a hard hitting 2B or 3B, Perhaps we can hope & dream with Worth/Kelly/Inge and Raburn, but we would be better off securing a dependable, proven bat for one of those positions.
I don’t think we can count on Guillen. Things have gone quiet regarding him——-again.
Sclereth is a hair away from getting in the doghouse with JL. Leyland doesn’t take much guff from players and you can bet he saw that mouth going, on his trip to the mound. I agree with him yanking Schlereth. The message has to be that he needs his relievers to throw strikes. If Dan can’t throw strikes with a big lead in the 9th then what can you expect from him in a tie game in the middle or late innings?
Worth looks very confident.

Schlereth is in a bad spot. He’s not dependable for tight situations and he doesn’t get enough opportunities for…uh…non-tight situations. He might benefit from some time at Toledo, get some work in. Wilk could stick around for awhile. Daniel has potential but he’s not there yet. It’s kind of strange that there are this many long relief opportunities for Furbush, but it sure has worked out so far.
Speaking of strange, Raburn’s defense is better than his offense lately. I do think we may shop around for a thirdbaseman. I don’t expect Guillen to return.

Best thing I saw today———-that smile on Brennan Boesch’s face again.

My daughter was so excited for the Boesch homerun in the first inning, she was already asleep for the 2nd one, she would have had a heart attack! Fun game last night – not fun seeing us almost blow a lead but those games are fun to watch once in a while – lots of action. How does the guy feel when there are 18 hits and he got zero that night? Max has really struggled after having such a terrific start to the season, but I expect him to figure it out and be fine.

Watch out Tribe, here we come…

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Great game but did not see the end. It really bothers me when a relief pitcher comes in and walks the first batter he faces. Interesting stuff regarding Maggs and Carlos. I really like Dirks. He has earned the job IMHO. He can play defense! Let’s keep talking about how the Tigers can not hit home runs! –Dave

Did anyone read “five way of looking at Ryan Raburn” above? Nice little piece.

Max has to be the luckiest pitcher going with his 7-2 record starkly contrasting his 4.68 ERA.
Love how it has been a real team effort the past week.
It is increasingly looking like the division race will be amongst the three usual suspects. The Twins have played only 21 games at home to 38 on the road which includes all there east coast games apart from a make up game in NY. There final 5 series are against KC twice, Indians twice and Seattle. Healthy, a 17-4 finish again is not beyond them.

This group of Tigers has gelled as a team. Hate to see any of them sent down. Only want Maggs back if he can drive the ball. If not, stay there and practce. We are winning!!! Go Tigers!!!!!

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